ugh i love jason todd so much

not to be dramatic or anything but nobody will ever love me as much as jason todd loved his birth mother who he knew for literally like an hour

this woman sold him out to the joker and stood there and smoked a cigarette while watching the joker beat her son nearly to death and did literally nothing to stop it, barely even shows any remorse, and jason still uses the last of his strength to drag himself across the floor to untie her and shields her from the bomb blast with his own body and some of y'all still have the nuts to say jason is a bad person im sorry but y'all can eat my entire ass

She's the one (Jason Todd x Reader)

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Anon: Please do a Jason Todd x reader where Jason tells the reader he loves her for the first time (make it super angst but ending with fluff)

Warning: Fluff, Angst, in love Jay Birb, Cursing, Anxiety, kissie kiss

A/N: Ugh, I’m getting so many requests! I love it! I love this prompt you gave, I reaaaalllyyyy love Jay Birb Todd and just the thought of him being in love is just ugh, it’s adorable. Thank you so much!

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Jason paced around his room, running his fingers through his hair. He stopped in the middle of his room. You had gotten kicked out of your apartment a few months ago, so Jason offered to let you stay at his place since there was a spare room. He sighed heavily, rubbing his hands together. Once he heard the front door open, his head perked up before he walked out. He made his way down the hall, taking in the beautiful woman by the door, a greeting smile shoots across his face.

“Hey, how was work?” Jason asked, sliding his hands into his pants pockets.

“It was okay, I’m exhausted for sure. Jake nearly broke his leg trying to fix the light at front desk” You explained, tossing the house keys on a nearby shelf by the door.

“Really? I never liked that guy, he was always an ass” Jason chuckled, grabbing some water and handing it to you.

“So, how was your day? Brucie didn’t have any missions for you?” You asked.

After you moved in with Jason he had told you he was the red hood. He made it seem like he was the president or something. You still joke with him about it sometimes, okay all the time.

“Oh, nah. I never get missions from Bruce anymore. I’m just that badass” Jason joked, though it was true. Jason was pretty badass. You weren’t a superhero yourself but if you had to, you could land a few hard hits. “I doubt that he’s not calling because you’re too badass, he probably has the other bird boys doing some work” You stated, opening your bottle of water and taking a big gulp of the water. “I don’t know. I kind of miss doing stuff with them, of course someone would always get seriously hurt. Whether we’re on a mission or not” Jason pointed out as he looked at the clock.

“Hey, you uh. Wanna go get some food?” Jason asked with a bit shaky voice.

“Yeah, sure. Where at?” You asked, glancing at the time while pulling your bag over your shoulder.

“There’s that burger place down the street that just opened. I think its called Big Belly Burger or something” Jason chuckled at the name as he stood up, slipped his shoes on and grabbed his wallet.

“Sure! Sounds nice” You smiled wide at him,

You and Jason just got to the fast food place. Jason told you to go sit while he ordered them food. You happily obliged and found a booth seat in the corner. You slid into the booth, setting your bag on the table and watched your handsome roommate order you guys food. You didn’t want to admit it but you had a major crush on him. You were 50.50 on if he liked you back. You never wanted to ask cause that could ruin things between you guys. You didn’t want that, so you waited. If he didn’t like you then so be it. You could move on that way.

Jason came over about five minuted later with two large empty cups. He handed you one, smiled and walked over to the soda fountain. He pushed his cup softly against the ice handle and waited for the ice to fill half his cup. You did the same and getting some Root Beer for your drink. He just got plain Lemonade. You always found it adorable that he choice to drink juice over soda, even if you paid for him to get soda. After a few minutes of awkward silence. The employee called out yours and Jason’s order number.

Jason’s head shot over at the counter. “I’ll get it” His strong hands loosened it’s grip around the cup as he stood up. He dragged himself to the pick up counter, grabbed the tray. Thanked the employee and walked back. He softly set the tray of food down as he lowered himself into the booth. His attention went straight to you, staring, taking in the sight of the love of his life. He had never felt like how he did for you with anyone. It kept him awake at night. It distracted him from missions and work. He needed to confess, his heart ached just at the thought of you. It was eating him alive.

“Y/N,” Jason started, shifting his attention towards the table, trying not to make eye contact with you. “I need to tell you something.” He looked at you under his lashes, fidgeting with the hem of his sweat shirt. His heart began pounding at his chest, anxiety rushed through him as his muscles got stiff. You realized how nervous and tense he was. “What’s wrong, Jason?” You asked, looking at him with great concern.

Jason inhaled heavily, keeping in his breath for a few seconds before releasing. “Here goes,” He murmured to himself. “I like you, a lot.” He started, looking back down at the table before talking again. “I have for a long long time now. I..” He struggled to get words out as his throat began to close up. “I think I’m in love with you. You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life. You’ve always been there for me. You have the most,” He looked at your Y/E/C orbs, staring intently. “Beautiful eyes. I understand if you don’t feel the same, it’s completely fine”

You hung onto every word that fell from his lips. You sat in complete shock. You would have never thought he had feelings for you. You always dreamed of it but you didn’t think it would become a reality. Before Jason could say anymore. You shuffled onto your feet, leaning over the table and pressing your lips softly against his lips. Jason eyes widen in surprise, it took him a second to realize what was happening. When he did. He placed a hand on your cheek, rubbing circles with his thumb as he kissed back softly. You pulled away, leaning your forehead against his.

A toothly grin began to grow across your face. “I’ve been waiting so long for that” Your grin turned into a smile as he smiled back at you. Jason crashed his lips against yours, pulling away immediately but keeping his forehead on yours.

“I love you, Y/N” Jason admitted,

“I love you too, Jaybird” You replied, placing your hand on the hand that was on the table.

Anon: EEEEEE!!! I’M FINALLY DONE WITH THIS. I’m so so sooooo sorry this took so long to do. I apologize to the person who requested this for there not being much angst, once I got done I realized I didn’t incorporate the angst, I’m so sorry! I hope you like it anyways!

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True Love - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: Jason x Reader with the song true love by P!nk 😊? (requested by anon)

“God! I hate you so much!” You cried out in frustration. He was so obnoxious and frustrations and … and sexy. UGH! You wanted to slap and kiss him at the same time.

“The feelings mutual, missy” Red Hood shot back.

“If you hadn’t knocked that dude out we would be ten steps ahead by now!” You argued.

“No one’s forcing you to stay, [Y/N]. There’s the door. If you’re so unhappy with how I work then fucking leave!” He ordered pointed towards the door. You crossed your arms over your chest, despite everything, despite how much he pushes all your buttons he was your partner in this. You couldn’t do this without him.

“Let’s just finish the job alright?” You grumbled pushing past him.

The two of you worked relatively peacefully (peacefully for the two of you at least) for a while but it was only a matter of time before you started bickering again.

“God why do you always rub me the wrong way! You’re so frustrating!”

“Please, you love me and you know it.” He said teasingly. Your eyes widened and your cheeks reddened into a deep blush. You couldn’t help your panicked response. I mean clearly you didn’t love him, you could barely stand to even be in his presence.

“Pft. As if - I would never … could never! Honestly I’m a bit insulted that you - I mean, quite frankly, how do I know you’re not in love me hmmm?” You stuttered.

“I was just joking.” He said giving you a strange look. “My question is: why aren’t you?”

“I am joking!” You tried to backpedal but Jason saw right through you. He had this excellent but inconvenient talent of knowing exactly when you were lying to him. You were caught but the trouble was you weren’t sure what to say. You weren’t even all that entirely sure how you felt about him.

“I hate every single stupid word you say and sometimes I just wanna slap you in your whole god damn face but … there’s no one quite like you, Jason. Given the choice of a quiet night in alone or hanging out with you I think I would chose you every time.” You admitted, not willing to meet his face. You vaguely heard him take off his helmet and sit down beside you.

“You like me?” He asked incredulously.

“Yeah, I mean, you’re constantly pushing my buttons and sometimes I almost feel like I hate you but I know I push yours too. And if I’m being honest life would kind of suck without you.” You continued. Jason smiled brightly and brought you into a tight hug and ruffled your hair. You tried pushing him away from you but he held you firm in his arms.

“Awww you like me!” He continued ruffling your hair. Finally you pushed him away and you crossed your arms over your chest.

“I regret telling you anything.” You said turning away from him. His hand went to your shoulders to turn you around. When you did Jason suddenly pulled you into a deep kiss. You melted into his kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck and encouraged him to continue. His arms snaked around your waist as he pulled you flush against him.

“Do you regret it now?” He whispered against your lips.

“A little less.” You answered with a smile pulling him back to meet your lips.