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omg can you please write a sequel/ part 2 to that supercorp fic you just posted where Lena finds out Kara is supergirl?!? It was so great but now I'm stressing that Lena doesn't react well. Only if you've got time of course :) also I love how you write supercorp in general, it's amazing and feels so on point

i have a fever & im hacking up a lung: this is, in my humble opinion, the time when my writing ability rly soars. rly comes into its strengths. rly just,,, fucjin rocks. enjoy, ur welcome :))

kara has been waiting, and hoping - and stress eating her way through the kids menu - and more hoping, beyond the normal bounds of hope, that lena will turn up for the dinner date they’d set up before… before all that “i’m an alien blah blah specifically supergirl blah blah blah” stuff.

kara shoves her hand into her bowl of fries, pats around to find one as she checks the long row of windows and the two doors for any sign of lena. her face falls when all she encounters is the cool ceramic feeling of betrayal. and no lena.

she flags down a waiter.

“can i get another of the fries, please?”

he looks at her like he knows she’s already eaten her way through six of them. or maybe like he knows she’s been stood up. it makes her feel worse - slump back in her chair and try to keep from feeling like her heart is being crushed kind of worse - and he nods hurriedly and scurries away into the kitchen.

she pulls out her phone, taps on the second contact, aaalex.

>if after three hours someone hasn’t shown up to a dinner….

>u got stood up
>or they’re dead

kara rolls her eyes. then has a minor panic because, well, lena is kind of a magnet for attempted murder. she strains her ears to listen for lena but it’s futile this close to the ground, this close to so many people.

>lenas fine
>dont break the restaurant or ur phone

kara blinks down at her phone.

>have you been playing with the telepath drugs

>no lol i learned my lesson. i just figured she’s the only one u have been going on dates with so…

kara glares down at her phone, taps the CALL button with furious precision.

“we aren’t dating, alex. they’re friend dates. dates between friends.”


“and also i have been on plenty of dates lately!”

“sure,” alex allows, but kara suspects she’s only half listening.

“they’re not dates,” she mutters. “but she did stand me up.”

“yeah i know. you put your “date between friends” in my calendar so i was kind of surprised when she marched herself into my office tonight. she signed everything.“ alex waits for a moment. kara says nothing, just stubbornly munches through the fries the waiter puts in front of her. she’s relieved to hear lena is actually okay, and that she signed, but it’s all overshadowed by the fact that lena isn’t here, with her, eating something kara can’t pronounce and gushing about the science she’s been working on and the way she smiles when kara orders seconds and tries to pay and alex is talking again. "not sure what kind of damage control thats worth, if any. i mean, she’s a luthor. but i told j'onn not to even think about wiping her. or, i thought it really loudly.”

kara sighs.

“as is my right as a big sister, i get to tell you you’re an idiot,” alex says, far more mildly than kara expected. or deserved, really. “so what the hell happened? i thought we’d at least talk about it before you told her.”

“it wasn’t something i could deny. maybe i could’ve,” kara mutters, “if it weren’t for my too expressive face.”

“the too expressive face,” alex agrees unhappily. “you got us in a lot of trouble with that.”

kara rolls her eyes. “sorry twelve years late?” she offers and alex hums her thanks. “plus m'gann said hi. like she knew me, you know? she didn’t know someone was with me, it’s not her fault, but yeah. lena knew. i could see it. and then we were at her place and i realised she just knew i was an al- a foreigner,” she corrects, looking around the mostly empty restaurant, “and not supergirl,”

“hold up. she let you into her place knowing you’re an alien?”


“huh, okay.”


“no, nothing. let me guess, you told her.”

“dramatic reveal and all.”

“and this was…”

“last night.” kara checks her watch, lifts her hand to get the bill. she grimaces when she sees how expensive it is to eat her way through her feelings. but hey, if she’s going all out, what’s a little more? “can i get two of your pizzas takeaway and also four brownies? please.”

the waiter looks ill at the request but kara is too upset to care that she’s eaten way too much tonight. by human standards. she could still eat.

“alex, you still there?”


“are you free tonight?”

“nope.” she pops the ‘p’ with some relish. “day off tomorrow, maggie and i are taking our bikes down the coast, remember?”

“right, right.” kara hands over her card to the waiter, signs the bill he brings over. “what do i do?”

“about lena?”

“no, about the state of affairs in, ugh i can’t be bothered,” she mutters. “yes, about lena.”

“um. well, she hasn’t tried to kill you yet so…talk to her?” kara hears her step out into an echoing room - the parking lot, she guesses, and alex’s car beeps. “hold on, i’ll switch you to my hands free,”

“no, no, it’s okay. drive safe and have fun tomorrow.”

“we will. and i love you.”

“love you too.”


“hi, jess.”

“kara!” jess smiles over at her. “late night for everyone, hmm?”

“yeah, what are you doing here? it’s midnight, you should be home.”

“i’m just finishing up some work, i have the week off from tomorrow,” she explains. “do you want to see miss luthor?”

her phone buzzes on the side and jess glances up at kara after reading the message.

“let me guess, she’s not in.” jess gives her an awkward smile and kara closes her eyes, nods. “of course,” she says quietly. “okay, well,” she swallows around the thick feeling of tears and sets the brownies on the counter. “um. these are for her. or you. have a good night bye have a fun week,” she says very quickly and almost runs back to the elevator.

it dings open in seconds and kara rushes in, leans back against the wall of it. she holds herself together as much as she can, can’t really help sniffling but she can excuse that on a cold. she stares over at the shut box doors of the elevator and knows the second she gets home she’s going flying.


she wonders if she still has her aunts suit. she doesn’t feel like reds and blues tonight, wants to fly without the expectation that comes with her suit.


the suit, alex tells her, was quarantined.

kara shoves herself into some old jeans and a deep blue sweater and jumps into the sky. when she’s higher than the tallest building, she rolls onto her back and floats, staring up at the sky.

winn is still in the DEO headquarters. she doesn’t fly down, but she hears him typing away and watching some show on his second monitor. he’s been working late a lot lately. she doesn’t know if something is wrong or if it’s more guardian business but she misses him. she’d text him an invite, or ask him about a game night, only she left her phone at home.

james is on the phone to lucy when she flies overhead and they’re over but he still sounds adoring when he speaks to her, and happy.

alex is - doing things no sister needs to hear.


lena’s voice is small and kara jerks, almost rolls into the path of a bat, before she detects the slight slight whine of a voicemail.

“i know it’s late, you’re probably asleep, i just wanted to talk and,”

kara lands with a slight thump on lena’s office balcony and lena turns. the slight stutter of her heart comes not when she sees kara’s face, but her body. or, clothes.


she ends her voicemail, steps over to unlock the door.

“hi. i wasn’t - i was flying, i heard you.”

“oh.” lena’s fingers twitch. she folds her arms. “i signed everything.”

“yeah. alex told me.”

“i apologise for missing dinner.”

kara takes a step back, shakes her head. lena looks nervous the moment she frowns and it rips at kara. she takes another step back.

“you didn’t miss it. you stood me up.” lena doesn’t say anything. “why - what does it change?” she asks. “how am i different?” she tries to keep the frustration from her voice but whatever, she’s upset that her best friend is all wonky over this, fight her about it.

“you’re supergirl.”



“if you say a luthor i’m going to scream,” kara tells her, and lena’s teeth click closed around that exact phrase. “i’ve been telling you for months that i don’t care about that.”

“that’s from before i knew,”

“but i knew!” kara cries. “i knew, and i meant it, and i still mean it, and i just want,” she stutters to a stop, lifts a hand to her eyes. she’s not wearing her glasses so she just covers them with a hand and slowly drags it away when she’s contained again. “i’m sorry i didn’t tell you. i didn’t want things to change. i didn’t,” the reason, or a reason, occurs to her and she sags a little. it’s selfish but lena deserves to know. “i didn’t want you to leave me,” she tells her, in a small voice.

lena has been very quiet and still as kara spoke and now she nods. “i am sorry about tonight. sometimes, i do things like that. when someone’s upset me.” she rolls her eyes delicately. “i’ve been told it’s a defence. throw someone off balance so i feel we’re on equal terms again.” her eyes are dark, cool. “i didn’t know. that you were an alien. i keep thinking and thinking, and i keep picking out all these instances and i just,” she shakes her head. “i can’t believe i didn’t know. i don’t like that i didn’t know.”

“i’m sorry.”

lena nods. “i can’t promise everything will be as it was before.”

kara nods as well. things - this, them - have changed and nothing goes back to how it was before a shift like that. as much as something might look the same, it never is.

“but i can tell you that in a month, there is a restaurant opening. i have four tickets, i would like for you to take one.” kara blinks at her. lena doesn’t smile but she does soften, a little. “i can’t tell how this is going to go, which is freaking me out a little and in a week i’m sure i’m gong to do something drastic,” she says with an edge of warning.

“i’ll be ready,” kara promises.

“good. all i can really say is that i will still want you to be around in a months time.” kara feels herself light up at the words. they’re not ‘i’m not leaving you’ or 'i’m not sending you away’ but they’re pretty damn close. “and i don’t know how i feel about this, i don’t know when I’ll figure it out, but i already miss my friend kara.” kara nods her agreement. she can feel a lena sized hole opening up inside her the longer lena speaks, making herself clear that there is going to be a distance, a time for them to figure this out. she’s sure it’ll be a good thing; she’s equally sure it’ll hurt like hell.

“tomorrow is too soon to hang out, right?” kara checks. “it’s just, alex is away and winn is busy and,” she holds up her hands, shakes her head. “no, nevermind, too soon.”

it grows a little awkward - lena thanks her for the brownies, declines when kara offers to fly her home.

but the next morning, kara opens her front door to lena’s driver, a box of cookies and a small pot of yellow flowers and a note with just a short message.

'our lives are filled with tomorrow’s. this one isn’t ours, but perhaps the next one will be. enjoy your day x’

kara tucks it between the photo frame on her bedside table and the lamp and brings the flower pot with her to the couch. she sets up her next season and pulls the pot into her lap, wraps an arm around it. she pats the pot fondly, sends a photo of herself with it to lena, and settles in.

BTS Reacts: You Wanting Cuddles

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon would come into the room and see y/n sitting on the bed scrolling through her phone, he would sit down next to her and let out a sigh. Tired after a long day when he suddenly felt y/n cuddle up next to him and throw his arm around her shoulders. “What are you doing? You want cuddles right now? I’m so tired it’s been a long day. Oh it just was long, a lot of stuff happened but I’m glad to be home with you now. And you’ve fallen asleep that’s why you’re not responding.

Kim Seokjin

Seokjin would be in the kitchen cooking like always when y/n walked up and back hugged him, he was surprised but continued cooking. "I want cuddles!” She would whine. “And we can cuddle after food. I’m very hungry and you will be too if we cuddle. C'mon princess let’s eat and THEN we’ll cuddle. Don’t I get a kiss for cooking?”

Min Yoongi

Yoongi would be asleep, tired after staying up all night in his studio. Y/n would come in after coming back from the gym and have a shower, when she got out she would see him still asleep. She would change into some sweats and climb in next to him, causing him to stir and wake up and glare at her. “Seriously? You woke me up just to cuddle? I swear you are a koala. But I love you.”

Jung Hoseok

Hobi would be dancing when y/n got bored and decided to annoy her boyfriend until he payed attention to her. She would wrap her arms around him waist and cling to him while he tried to dance but it was hard. “You’re in a cuddly mood now? This morning you didn’t want to cuddle at all and NOW you want my love? Ugh fine jagi, you’re lucky that I’m so in love with you.”

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung was just like y/n, wanting cuddles 24/7. Earlier y/n had to leave for work and couldn’t cuddle so that made Tae grumpy. All day he was playing overwatch with Jungkook and when y/n came home she wanted cuddles. Sitting on his lap and wrapping her legs around his waist while he played. “Sorry Jungkook, it’s really hard with y/n clinging to me. You’re the one who brushed me off this morning so you can wait kitten.”

Park Jimin

Jimin was like a koala and constantly hanging off y/n. She wasn’t find of the constant wanting to cuddle but would be happy when she was in a good mood and want cuddles too. Jimin was sitting on the couch on his phone when y/n walked over and cuddled up next to him, he wrapped his arm around her and smiled. “I know you would give in to my charms sooner or later. Did you just–Did you just boop me nose? You’re way too cute to not be cuddled. Can I get a kiss too?”

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook never really knew how to be the big spoon so when y/n asked him “Can you cuddle me?” He kind of awkwardly laid there with her in his arms. They would be on the couch and Jungkook wasn’t sure if he should sleep too. In the end he would fall asleep and wake up with her laying on his chest while little snores left her mouth. “You’re so beautiful, how did I even get this lucky? I love your smile, your laugh, I just love you y/n.”


Can we just talk about the way Naveen looks at Tiana?!?!?!!

Especially at the part when she’s dancing during Mama Odie’s solo number. It’s the first time he’s ever seen her completely happy and FREE instead of stressing about work and constantly being tied down by her worries about how she’s going to achieve her goal. He sees a more carefree side to her, and you can tell in that moment while he’s staring at her dancing that he suddenly realizes that he absolutely loves seeing her so happy. That she, more than anyone, DESERVES to be happy. And that because of that he’s going to do anything and everything to make sure that she will get what she’s worked so hard for because her happiness is now the most important thing in the world to him. Like idk these two always just give me a lot of feelings their relationship is so beautiful Aggghhffsdxe@$%fgccfft:$!ewrcf!##!! *CRIES* 😭😭😭

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celebrities who have never interacted with taylor swift in their lives: ugh taylor swift is so fake and such a horrible person. her music sucks, she doesn’t work hard for anything in her life. she’s just incredibly lucky

celebrities who have interacted with taylor swift (either once or more than once): taylor is such an amazing person. she’s a terrific singer-songwriter, a great friend. she treats everyone like she’s known them forever. she is super nice. she’s worked her ass off to build her career. i love her. 

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The R.F.A + V and Saeran (especially saeran bc <3) reacting to MC falling asleep on/against them

Hello :) Mod Saeran here bringing joy and happiness to all of the fandom :) NOT GOING TO LET THOSE RUDE ANONS GET TO ME. >:O

This is really fluffy and cute * I HAVEN’T WROTE FLUFFY AND CUTE IN A WHILE *


-It was a beautiful winter morning, the air was chilly, the snow gave the surroundings a beautiful white blanket. You thought the day couldn’t get better BUT IT FREAKING DID.

-The director called Zen that rehearsals were cancelled because the theater was way too cold to practice in.

-It’s been awhile since Zen stayed home so expect tons of kisses and cuddles C:

-You guys decided to cook breakfast together and he was so happy :’)

-When you were getting the flour and eggs to start mixing….. this man….. was…. ABOUT TO START WAR IN HIS KITCHEN….

-He grabbed a handful of flour and just threw it at you :O


       ~Zen: My angel just had to match the weather outside you look like a beautiful snow prince-

       *You threw flour back at him and it was a FLOUR FIGHT

      * You were mad because it didn’t even notice on his beautiful white hair ( I LOVE THIS MAN’S RAT TAIL IDGAF WHAT YOU SAY OR THINK )

      *So you decided you needed to be extra

      *He saw that you were pondering…… he was trying to figure out what you were thinking…. TILL HE SAW YOU REACHING FOR THE EGG

    ~ Zen: babe…. Princess…. PLEASE NO.

    ~ (Y/N): I swear to your beautiful voice if you don’t clean up this mess while I shower i will throw this at you

      *He laughed because you were trying to be mad but your whole face was covered in flour LOL

-He promised to clean up and when he finished he saw you sitting on the couch hair wet and wearing his shirt

-He loved moments like this he went over to you grabbed a blanket and pulled you closer to him C: but…. minutes later YOU FELL ASLEEP



-he felt so touched that you thought he was comfortable enough to sleep on

-He rubbed your shoulder so lightly that it felt like he was touching a delicate snowflake

-He whispered to you that he loved you so much and he thanked you for making him a better person

-He sang a beautiful lullaby that would of put Snow White to shame :’) he was absolutely in love with you.

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  • mom: let me know what stresses you out so I can help you with it. even if I'm contributing to it, just let me know.
  • me: okay, well, sometimes you yell at me and it makes me upset, because you always blame me for it and I'm not allowed to disagree with you or else it's all my fault.
  • me: that's not what I'm saying.
  • mom: YES IT IS.
  • me: .....anyway
some newlywed rubiam sound p good don't u think

•"holy shit we’re married"
“holy shit you’re right"

•liam and ruby were always the ones to roll their eyes at the posts online like “so glad to spend the rest of my life with my best friend” like how corny can u get but what did they do as soon as they were engaged? post the same damn things smh

•"i want a divorce so i can marry you again"

•one night ruby wakes up to find liam staring at her and she’s like ??? and he whispers back “i woke up and remembered you’re my wife and got too excited and now i can’t sleep” what a NERD

•at their wedding he trips on something and goes down hard and immediately looks at ruby and goes “even after we’re married i’m still falling for you darlin ;)’” she threatens divorce

•ruby is such a covers hoarder it’s ridiculous so when they get married she’s like “now you’re stuck with me so i can steal the covers all i want” so liam starts playing the game of how many blankets can i add in the night before she gets too hot and stops stealing them. her record is 12.

•once you have pneumonia you’re more susceptible to getting it again so liam who catches pneumonia again on the 3rd day of their honeymoon and ruby who goes out of her mind with worry because she’ll be damned if she’s a widow at 23

•alternately ruby and liam enjoying their honeymoon so much they stay an extra few days because who’s gonna stop em?? you want me to come into work sorry i’m across the country can’t do it. they led a revolution let them have this.

•the do not disturb card stays on their door the whole time they’re on their honeymoon

•vida gets mad at them because “really??? you’re going on a tropical vacation just to have sex in your hotel room the whole time? what the hell you can have sex here. at least go have sex on the beach or something”

•chubs tells them “if you come home pregnant i’m going to make fun of you for being a stereotype the rest of your life” and ruby’s just like “that’s fair”

•eventually it’s ruby who makes them go back home because she misses their dog

•they’re OBNOXIOUS about the whole “this is my WIFE ruby because we’re married and i love her and she’s my WIFE” thing

•once he calls her Mrs Stewart he’s like…ugh no that makes me think of my mom so it has to be ruby stewart when they’re tryna be cute

•like don’t get me wrong he still loves mrs stewart it’s lit just not when they’re being romantic it’s hard to go down on someone right after thinking about your mom it’s kind of a mood killer

•"ooh babe you had a crush on me that’s so embarrassing"
“we’re married”

•okay so i headcanon that after the camps are liberated liam works for a company that finds homes for kids whose parents didn’t want them back/were killed/ can’t be found/ etc and when he brings up kids with ruby she’s like “you work with kids all day aren’t u tired of children wtf”

•one time liam has to go to some government meeting that was supposed to end at a certain time and he’s asked to stay later and his response is “no, our agreement was 6 o'clock, my wife has dinner ready and i hate it here. Goodbye.”

•their texts are a compilation of funny dog videos and 3 word questions only they can decipher

•one time on ruby’s day off she hears liam leave in the morning, raises an eyebrow, looks at the clock on the wall and counts the seconds before the door opens again and he runs back in because he forgot to kiss her goodbye

OITNB Season 5 Review

The Good
- Flaritza had so many iconic lines and they’re the absolute bestest friends, I loved them so much!
- Red was delightful, I’m constantly surprised by how well written her character is and how Kate Mulgrew is still able to infuse her character with this manic energy that is just hella enjoyable. I’m excited to see where she’ll go in Season 6, because her development is always amazing.
- Alex and Piper were 500% better than any season. Piper is a lot stronger than before, with a more introspective and balanced feeling to herself, while still having the same flaws as previous seasons. The pair overall works a lot better when they aren’t the spotlight pair and are able to just BE a couple. That proposal and the leadup with Piper’s mom and the tattoos were the best.
- Those flashbacks with the tattoos were the strongest flashbacks this season. I just wish all the flashbacks were this integral to the characters and story. (Watson’s flashback also kinda fits, but it wasn’t quite as strong)
- Taystee (Danielle Brooks) deserves all the awards. That was MVP this season. She had such a strong hols on the plot and kinda slips into that lead role that Piper vacated. It works extremely well.
- The focus of the season was so tight that (narrative filler withstanding) everything felt important.
- The amount of monolgues this season was brilliant. As an actor, I always love a well written monologue that is able to convey strong character. These come up soooo much, giving characters like Soso, Nicky, and Piper some of their strongest material. Suzanne also kills it with her monolgues, Uzo is brilliant.
- Daya gets the strongest development and ugh I’m feeling really bad for her, but I’m also glad she’s ignoring her mother and making her own choice. Also happy that the baby will be safe.
- Some characters like Sophia and Soso aren’t big players, but their actions and the power of their actors made them fantastic. Soso has a myriad of powerful moments and I’m just amazed.
- That finale with them all in the pool was spectacular.
- Caputo is still a very strong character.
- There are some brief little looks into the other charavters of the world, with looks into Maria’s boyfriend and Taystee’s daughter. I love these moments. They work so well.
- Gloria and Maria are still very strong characters, so I hope they get to keep growing.
- The stripper moment with the guard was iconic.

The Bad:
- The Nazis and The Methheads. Although they have some interesting moments, they were overall just narrative fluff. They were around for weird comedy and filler.
-A lot of the season has some filler plots. The bits with the methheads, the bits with Pennsatucky’s trial, some other plotlines.
- The flashbacks also tended to lack necessity. Many of them, while interesting, are extremely superfluous to the characters, either telling us information we could guess or that could easily be explained in dialogue.
- The balance of comedy and drama this season is extremely poor. Although it is extremely funny and dramatic, a lot of times we are subject to forced comedy to try and break away from the heavy drama. Stupid shit like the Nazis and the methheads plus the weird sexual harassment is done very poorly.
- This is more of a worry for the future than anything. The fact that everyone is being separated could prove to be a problem next season, so hopefully this all works out. I have faith.
- I don’t like Aleida. Her scenes just sorta suck this season.
- Sister Ingalls might be very dead/dying and I’m worried.

The Problematic:
- Piscatella’s backstory basically just being about how he’s sadistic cause he’s gay. He just gets too psychotic as the season progresses and begins to feel too inhuman. He does provide some of Red’s most interesting development, whoch I love, so he gets a bit of a pass.
- All the moments were the girls sexually harass the guards that are played for laughs. There are good dramatic moments of this, but a lot of the time it just feels awkward and disgusting to watch.
- Coates. That punkass rapist still around and it’s still hella messy.

Overall: Done messily, but the ambition of the season and the strength of it’s actors pull it through. It is an extremely strong season with a few low points, but the season presented enough brilliance to make up for it’s flaws.

Thanks for reading, you guys are cool.

Make Yourself at Home

So, we all know I’m the worst human in existence. I commissioned Elena (aka the amazing @purgatoryjar) several months ago, and have only just got around to adding them to the fic itself and also, you know, posting them here for everybody to ooh and ahh over. Because, honestly, LOOK. Ugh. So there’s a lot more where this came from. And all the credit and love to Elena for all her splendid work!

I cannot thank you enough!

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Fic: I Am My Brother’s Keeper ( Part 1 of 4)

By: @rarity-kasket

2.6k words, G-rated

Being the son of Harry Potter isn’t easy and being the brother of James Sirius “Golden Boy” Potter doesn’t make it any better. However, as obnoxious as his brother can be, Albus wouldn’t trade him for the world. When Albus accidentally stumbles upon a secret, it threatens to break apart his already complicated and messy relationship with James.

Special thanks to @abradystrix and @autumn-of-ilvermorny being lovely human beings and beta’ing for me. If you are not following them, please flock to their awesome blogs.

Click for Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Winter of 2020

As Albus writes his Muggle Studies essay in the Great Hall, a presence looms over him. It’s James, grinning widely with a chess set tucked under his arms. Albus spares him the briefest of glances before resuming his homework.

“I thought you went home,” Albus says.

James shakes his head, casually taking a seat at the Slytherin table.

“Change of plans, I decided to stay for the holiday.” Albus looks up from his essay as if James has grown two heads. “You don’t have to look so shocked, Al.”

“Do Mum and Dad know that you’re not coming home for Christmas?”

James waves a hand at Albus, dismissively

“I owled them days ago to let them know that I’m keeping you company as you serve out your time. You know,  for almost destroying life as we know it and ushering in a new age of Dark Magic.”

“Ha. Really funny James.” Albus says dryly as he picks up his quill and begins to write once more.

“Anyways, they were fine with it,” James says, before placing his case on the table. “How about a game of wizard chess?”

“If you haven’t noticed, I’m in the middle of an essay.”

“It can wait. You have all of the break to work on it. Live a little.” Albus stops scrawling on his parchment to look up at James suspiciously. He is met with his brother’s impenetrable grin.

“We haven’t played wizard chess together since before Hogwarts.”  Albus says. It’s been ages.

“So? What is your point?”

“So, I don’t trust it. There’s probably stink pellets or belching powder hidden away in that case.  That’s what you do.  You’re James Sirius Potter.” Albus flinches as James opens his case to reveal an ordinary chess set. James smirks smugly.

“While I appreciate that you regard me as the Prankster King–”

“That’s not what I said.” Albus interrupts.

“It was implied. However, I am seriously asking, nay,  imploring you to play wizard chess with me.” James says as he begins to set up the board. Albus sighs as he puts away his homework. James’s triumphant grin does not go unnoticed.

“I’ll play on one condition, I want information.”

“Spoken like a true Slytherin.”

“Riddle me this: we haven’t played chess together in years. Why now?” Albus watches as James’s expression grows uncomfortable, his eyes flickering away as he plays with a chess piece. It seems strange to see James so hesitant.

“I should have done this earlier, but I just didn’t know what to say after–” There is a long pause. Albus sits patiently, waiting for James to gather his thoughts. “But–I keep thinking about Craig Bowker. I keep thinking about him and you and Scorpius on the Quidditch pitch that night. And maybe I haven’t been a good brother to you lately. And I know I make fun of you all the time. I keep thinking about that night because, it could have been you, Al. I couldn’t imagine a universe where I’m not bugging the shit out of you.  A universe where we’re not brothers. And I don’t want to. I guess what I am saying is that–I’ve really missed you.”

Albus stares at his brother, paralyzed by James’s confession. Slowly, something starts to mend inside of him, like water filling in the empty spaces of a glass. Something that he didn’t realize needed fixing.

He is swirling with emotions. Doubt. Hope. Regret. Love. Albus swallows thickly. There is so much he wants to say to James.

That James is right; he hasn’t been a good brother. He should have been there. That, for the longest time, Albus has been angry with James. He’s still angry. And despite how angry he is,  despite how obnoxious and pig-headed and self-centered James is… Albus couldn’t imagine a universe where he didn’t have James as a brother either.

Instead, Albus says, “We used to be so close.”

The weight of the world is in those words.

James nudges the board towards Albus.

Suddenly, this is no longer a mere game of chess. This is a second chance.

A subtle smile tugs on Albus’s lips as he reaches across the board to grab a white chess piece.

“Do you still play black?” James grins.

“Duh. Always.”

The present, Spring of 2025

“Would you like some help with the dishes Mrs. Potter?”  Scorpius offers, after they all finish dinner.

Harry and Teddy retreat into the living room to discuss Teddy’s recent research trip to the Americas.

Ginny gives Scorpius a grateful smile. “Oh no, Scorpius. I’m sure that James or Albus would like to volunteer instead.”

“Ugh. Mum! Teddy just got back, and I wanna hear all about his trip. If Scorpius has so graciously offered to help with the dishes, who am I to deny him that pleasure?” James grins wickedly, wrapping an arm around Scorpius’s shoulder.

Rolling her eyes, Ginny shifts her gaze to Albus, who purposely avoids her eyes. He has no interest in doing dishes. Ginny sighs.

“Actually, help would be lovely Scorpius. Would you dry the dishes for me?”

“Nothing would make me happier!” Scorpius chirps, following Mrs. Potter into the kitchen.

Albus stands by the table, observing them quietly.  His mum and Scorpius work in perfect sync, washing and drying dishes. From where Albus stands, he gets the perfect view of Scorpius leaning against the counter, charming a rag to dry the dishes. With a soft smile, warmth and fondness light Scorpius’s steely eyes as he chats idly with his mum. He looks so happy, so natural and at home in the Potter household.

“Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more pathetic…” Albus flinches as James disrupts his train of thought. An irritated scowl etches itself onto Albus’s features.

“What are you talking about?”

A slow and smug grin unfurls on James’s lips as his eyes gleam with mischief.

“Oh dearest brother, you know exactly what I am referring to.”

Albus follows James’s gaze to the kitchen. Specifically, a certain blond standing in the kitchen.

“I thought you were joining Teddy and Dad in the living room.”

“Don’t try to change the subject. We are talking about what’s going on between you and a certain flatmate.” James says.

“Nothing is going on.”

“That’s exactly the problem Albus. ”

Much to Albus’s annoyance, James tucks his younger brother’s head between his elbow and ruffles his hair.

“I can help,” Surprisingly, James is sincere when he says this.


Definitely not.

“Seriously, let me help you. You need me to help you.” James finally lets him go.

“What does that mean?” Albus scoffs. In response, James raises an eyebrow at his brother.

“I’ve seen you in action. No offense Albus, but you’re absolutely rubbish. A lost cause.”

“I’m offended.”

“I said no offense.”

“News flash James, prefacing a sentence with ‘no offense’ does not make it any less offensive.”

“Point taken.” James says.

Albus sighs. “I’m not discussing this with you.”

“Why not? Awww, is somebody embarrassed?” James coos before pinching Albus’s cheek.

“James, stop touching me!!” Albus huffs, swatting him away.

“Can’t you two get along for five minutes? What exactly is going on here?” Ginny asks with an amused grin. Scorpius stands next to her, holding a bowl of strawberries and ginger biscuits that Harry had baked earlier. He looks just as amused as Ginny. Albus feels his cheeks tinge red.

“Nothing!” Both James and Albus shout. Ginny glances between the two boys, suspicious. When she doesn’t find any evidence of wrongdoing, she sighs.

“Well then, James, help Scorpius take the strawberries and biscuits out to Teddy and your father.” When James groans, she adds, “Do you really expect Scorpius to do all the work around here? He’s our guest. The living room is a few feet away. Trust me, it won’t kill you to be a little helpful around here.”

“Guest? Seriously? Scorpius might as well be your third son.”

Albus nearly chokes on air when he hears this.

“Keep talking, and I might consider adopting Scorpius to replace my eldest son.”

James objects with “You wouldn’t dare. We all know that I’m your favorite.”

“James.” Ginny groans.

“Hey!” Albus interjects.

“I would like to point out that you didn’t deny it. It’s okay, mum. It’ll be our little secret.” James says, winking.

“James Sirius Potter! Living room now!”

“Can’t stay out of trouble for five minutes, can you, Jamie?” Teddy resurfaces, taking a strawberry slice and popping it in his mouth as he ruffles James’s hair. The tips of James’s ears grow red as he tries to dodge Teddy’s hand.

“Ugh, Teddy, you’re ruining my hair!” James groans.

“It was already messy before I even touched it. What do you care anyway? Hot date tonight?” Teddy grins, and James’s face grows redder.

Watching Teddy harass James brings a wide grin to Albus’s face. It’s fun to watch. Teddy, the only person in the world that can get under James’s skin, has a soft spot in Albus’s heart.

“I could,” James grumbles.

Scorpius interrupts.

“I hope you don’t mind Teddy, but I wanted to hear more about your adventures in America. Did you really attend a lecture given by Newt Scamander?” Scorpius asks, his eyes sparkling with curiosity. Albus can’t help but shake his head at his best friend’s typical nerdiness.

“Yeah, he gave a lecture on the mating habits of the Thunderbird. And afterward, he signed my latest edition of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. I have my copy with me if you want to look at it.”

“Would I ever! Incredible! The mating habits of the Thunderbird? I’m intrigued. What did he have to say?” Scorpius asks.

Later that evening, Albus and Scorpius return to their flat together.

“I really enjoy this Sunday dinner tradition. I thought tonight went stupendously! What do you think?”  Scorpius asks Albus, smiling warmly as he peels off his jacket and hangs it on the coat rack. Albus shrugs in response before plopping down on their sofa. He tells himself not to get too comfortable there.

“I think Mum is ready to adopt you and trade in James and me.” This makes Scorpius’s smile grow brighter. Albus watches Scorpius knock off his shoes before joining him on the sofa.

“Teddy is splendiferous! I can’t believe that he met Newt Scamander! And he gets to travel and work with all of these cool magical beasts! How long is he here for?”

“Two weeks, so don’t get too attached to him. He’s staying at James’s flat until he leaves for Romania to study dragons with Uncle Charlie.”  Albus says as he slips off his own socks and shoes.

“Merlin’s beard! That’s fantastic!” Scorpius says with awe and adoration.

“Should I be worried that you might replace me with Teddy?” Albus laughs as Scorpius ducks his head in embarrassment.

“No one could ever replace you, Albus. Sure, Teddy is amazing, but you–” Scorpius says quietly before he falters.  

Albus wonders what Scorpius was going to say before he stopped himself. He never gets to ask because a roar of their fireplace interrupts them.

“Hello, Scorpius. Hello, Albus.” Rose greets them, stepping out of their heart. Despite having traveled by floo, she looks practically untouched by the soot. She dusts one of her shoulders off, but Albus thinks that she only does it out of formality. “I’m glad that I caught you. How was dinner?” She asks before making herself comfortable in a chair.

“Nice of you to drop by, Rose,” Scorpius says. “It went swimmingly actually. Teddy is back in town, and Harry made his famous biscuits. You should join us next Saturday.”

“Thanks for the invitation, but it seems like a Potter exclusive tradition. I would hate to intrude.”

“Scorpius goes to them, and he’s not a Potter.” Albus points out.

“It’s only a matter of time,” Rose says, smirking at Albus, who blanches at her comment. Scorpius laughs it off.

“Yeah, I think Mrs. Potter plans to adopt me as her third son.” He jokes. “So, how are things? Chudley Cannon practices?”

“Practices are great, and I think with me on the team, we have a real shot at the Quidditch Cup this year.” Albus snorts at this.

“Rose, it’s the Chudley Cannons. They never win. No one understands why you went to them when you could have had your pick of the league.”

“Yes, and you’re talking to the greatest Chaser of this generation. We’re going to win the cup this year,” Rose says, puffing out her chest proudly.

“How is Yann?” Scorpius asks.

Albus sees her thinking before her confidence fades, and she sinks into her chair.

Weird. It’s not a typical response from the ever confident Rose Granger-Weasley.

“He finally asked me out,” she says.

Both Scorpius and Albus sit up a little more in their seats.

“That’s great!” Scorpius exclaims.

At the same time, Rose says, “I turned him down.”

“You did?” Scorpius asks, and Rose shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly.

“I did.”

“But you really liked him.”

“It’s not going to work out.” She says flippantly. It confuses Albus. “After all, I foresee potential awkwardness with us being on rival Quidditch teams.”

“Yeah right,” Albus snorts. Rose narrows her eyes at Albus and cocks her head to the side.

“What does that mean?” Rose baits, raising a finely shaped eyebrow.

“It means that you do this all the time. It’s the same excuse with every guy. ”

“I find it so ironic that you of all people are giving me romantic advice when you have never had a date in your life.” Rose shoots back, and Albus looks down at his lap, red-faced.

Sensing the start of tension,  Scorpius redirects their conversation to light chatter. They talk about dinner, the Muggle University that Albus now attends, and Scorpius latest adventure working at St. Mungo’s. When it gets late, Rose floos back to her own flat.

”I’m tired. I’m going to bed.” Albus stands and yawns. “Are you staying up to study?”

“Yep, they have me in the Magical Bugs and Diseases ward tomorrow. So I’m going to do a little reading to brush up on dragon pox.” Scorpius replies, pulling a thick medical textbook into his lap. Albus quirks an eyebrow.

“Light reading? Scorpius, this is a huge textbook about magical illnesses.”

“I know, I never get sick of reading it,” Scorpius says before he bursts into laughter.

Albus rolls his eyes at the pun. “I walked right into that one.” He says flatly.


“Don’t stay up too late, even uber geeks like you need their beauty rest. And actually try to make it to your bed tonight.” Albus smirks as Scorpius’s cheeks grow warm and pink.

“I’ve only fallen asleep on the sofa once or twice.”

“Or five or six times.” Albus teases as he retreats towards the hallway. “Night, Scorpius.”

“Goodnight, Albus.”

When Albus wakes later that night, he gathers the blanket from his bed before drifting into the living room.

Scorpius is asleep on their sofa once more, limbs dangling off the side and his face pressed in a book. Albus smiles before he carefully extracts the book from under Scorpius’s cheek and tosses a thick blanket over him.

Albus gently brushes a few stray strands of hair from Scorpius’s face. The strands are feathery soft against the tips of his fingers.

He thinks about his conversation with James earlier that evening.

“James is right. I’m a lost cause,” Albus says quietly.

He could think of a thousand reasons of why Scorpius and he wouldn’t work. A thousand ways that he would screw this up. He isn’t as kind as Scorpius. Or as confident as Rose. Or as perfect as James.

“You’re going to make someone very happy one day,” Albus whispers quietly.

Maybe not him, but someone more deserving.

“Goodnight, Scorpius,” Albus says before he retires to his bed.

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"I’m begging you.” Chlonath? :3c

For the lovely @lunian <3

“I’m begging you,” Chloe growled, stomping her foot.

“I don’t think you understand what begging is,” Nathaniel replied dryly without looking up from his work.

“Well…I don’t think you understand what your face is!”


“Ugh! Kurtzberg, please! Obviously I’m desperate because I’m standing here and talking to you. Just help me out!”

Nathaniel eyed her for a moment before standing and sliding his tablet into his messenger bag. “No.”

“Why not?” she pouted, following him out into the hall.

“You’ve been nothing but awful to me the past six years. Why in the world would I do anything for you?”

“Because I happen to know that my father is looking for someone to do a block-wide mural to boost tourism and he would absolutely hire my recommendation,” Chloe replied with a smug smile.

Nathaniel stopped and turned to her. “Are you lying?”

“I can call him right now.”

He sighed, looking up at the ceiling. “Fine. I’ll be your escort for Prince Ali’s whatever it is.”

“Oh, thank you!” Chloe bounced and grabbed his shoulder. “You won’t regret it. I’ll send a stylist to your place this afternoon.”

“A stylist?”

“Ta-ta,” she said, walking away. “Talk to you soon!”

“What just happened?” Nathaniel asked, watching her retreat.

Once she was safely outside, Chloe pulled out her phone. “Hey, Daddy! I decided we’re going to be doing a block-wide mural for tourism and I’ve got your artist already picked out and everything…”

Prompt List :)

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Nothing is more important.

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Prompt.. Not very original but it came to mind. Dramionarry + first time kisses

Her first kiss with Harry had been technically an accident. 

They had been playing spin the bottle with some other Gryffindors in the common room during their sixth year and they had been unfortunate enough for the bottle to point in their direction. She and Harry? They were practically siblings! 

Or so had she thought.

No one else thought much of the kiss, not even Ron, as they all knew the nature of hers and Harry’s relationship and after all it was just a simple peck on the lips, right? 

But Hermione had noticed the way Harry’s green eyes had widened in silent realization when their lips touched, a confirmation that he too had felt what she felt. It barely lasted a second, but Hermione had spent many nights thinking about it. And it wasn’t until years later, after the war and their other relationships had ended, that they were able to relive that fleeting spark of feelings that had started thanks to a silly muggle game.

Draco’s and Harry’s kiss was next, less of an accident and more of a drunken stupor during the best Bachelor’s party either of them had ever attended. Ron was marrying Pansy and the two men had seen more and more of each other every day, until all the tension and furtive glances and snide remarks exploded into a crash of lips and tongues that found them panting against each other in the coat’s room of a fancy club.

Hermione hadn’t been jealous per se, it’s not like she and Harry were together or anything. They had just been there for each other a few times, still figuring out what it all meant.  But he had told her nonetheless, not wanting to keep secrets from her best friend and possible…girlfriend?

It took a while for her to accept Draco as part of their group, an oftentimes interesting and perpetually infuriating part of their group, but Harry had kept them both close, hanging out with one, then the other, then together, as if weighing his options for days on end, constantly comparing Hermione to Draco, Draco to Hermione, until she’d had enough.

She burst unannounced through the Malfoy’s Floo, knowing Harry was currently there probably writing his ‘pros and cons’ list, but she came face to face with Draco and no one else.

Harry had left to see Teddy hours ago according to him, and Hermione had all the pent up rage and rehearsed speech busting inside of her, so she started yelling at the Slytherin for lack of a better outlet.

To her surprise, he was just as angry as she was and had planned to tell Harry as much.

They ended up spending the afternoon together, talking trash about Harry but discussing the wonderful things, too. They both knew they were technically rivals for Harry’s love, but their jabs at each other started lacking any real malice after the fourth or fifth glass of expensive wine.

“I can’t believe I’m up against you, what does Harry see in you anyway?”

“I could ask the same question,”

“You’re not even good-looking,”

“You’re not even funny,”

“I bet you’re not even a good kisser,”

“I bet you want to find out,”

She couldn’t remember who said what or who leaned in first, it could have been either, it could have been both, but the feeling of something igniting in her chest was most definitely shared as Draco reached and wrapped his arms around her like he never wanted to let go.

The Floo roared to life but it took them a while to notice, only breaking apart when tentative footsteps came closer.

Harry James Potter had the most self-satisfied, indulgent, and smug grin she had ever seen in her whole life and that came from someone who had just snogged Draco Malfoy.

“I guess my plan worked.”

musingsofanintp  asked:

Hi Tumblr Mom! I started following your blog recently and absolutely LOVE IT! However, my writing tends to be more action and fantasy with focuses on building friendship and all that jazz rather than romance. I was wondering if you knew of any fantasy writers and/or editors on tumblr that I could also follow? Thank you for your time and have a great day!!

*snorts* ah, for the time when my blog wasn’t known for just the porn. I also write and edit those things. My degree was actually in sci-fi and fantasy (among other things) it’s just no one ever asks me about them :P

as for some good writers I think you can follow, @deadcatwithaflamethrower‘s book Ashlesha came out last year (which I helped edit) and she’s working on the second one just now and I’m on the edge of my seat. Her fanfic output as well is utterly prolific, I’ve never known an author who can write as much as she does in such a short time. 

@finnglas is another editor/writer friend who doesn’t write exclusively for romance but tends to have similar experiences to me as we’ve been been around the romance genre for a fair while. 

@ariaste‘s books are going to be fab when they go to print soon, the first one being  The Last Queens Of Nuryevet in 2018 and you should definitely watch out for that. When I read it as a beta file I was just, ugh, blown away, and I’m still utterly in love with the steampunk world she has for her other story which I really hope gets bought up soon.

@jeneelestrange doesn’t post a lot of her work but the few things I’ve seen of it make me vibrate with want for more of it.

Also @ the author of Curse Breaker by Kheldar. L. Barnes, if you can remind me of your url so I can add you into this, cause I am really enjoying your work right now. That’d be fab.

I’m likely forgetting a lot of people, but yea, those are the people I interact with the most re: writing outside of the romance genre and I think they’re worth watching for the future.

A Rose By Any Other Name (Part Five)

ICYMI: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

Harry Styles AU

Warnings: Angst? Smut coming next chapter!

Harry woke up the next morning to the sound of whispering and the clang of plates. He feel asleep almost immediately after Fiona left him on the couch. He wasn’t really sure what that kiss meant. It seemed as if she was rejecting him when she said, “Gemma is my friend.” But then she kissed him with so much hunger he wasn’t quite sure anymore. He slowly opened his eyes and waited a little for them to adjust to the sun. When he looked over the top of the couch he could see Gemma’s blonde hair in a bun standing over the stove cooking something and Fiona was looking for something in the fridge. She was wearing a bath robe so he assumed she just got out of the shower. But then he noticed how short the robe was and how she was bending over in the fridge. If she just leaned over a little further than…

“Oi, mornin’ sunshine!” Gemma practically shouted over to him. It made Harry jump and his heart race, he was afraid he had been caught, but he was pretty sure Gemma would’ve said something else had she known. Harry just grunted in response. When Fiona turned around she was holding an apple. She smiled at him when she saw he was awake. He clumsily picked his shirt off the floor and pulled it on over his head. When he looked back over, Fiona was still looking at him this time with a smirk on her face. God, she could be so confusing.

Fiona took a bite of her apple as she excused herself to go get dressed until it was just Gemma and Harry in the kitchen.

“How are you?” He asked leaning his back against the kitchen counter and crossing his arms across his chest. He decided to rip off the band aid and jump right into the conversation he knew she didn’t want to have.

“’M good. I thought a lot last night and called Chris this morning, he’s gonna come over and we’re going to talk some things out.” She seemed like a completely different person than the one he saw last night.

“Let me know how it goes, my offer still stands you know.” He joked. She rolled her eyes and went back to her breakfast.

When Harry got home, Niall was in the kitchen with a big grin on his face and a coffee mug in his hand.

“The good ol’ walk o’ shame.” He whistled out into the apartment.

“Not what you think, Gemma came home early and made me sleep on the couch.” Harry replied as he took his shoes off and walked into the kitchen.

“Seriously? Dude that makes me feel so much better.” Harry turned to Niall questioningly.

“I thought you were out there getting lucky with the hot new roommate while I was home alone wanking, really hurts a guys ego y’know?” Harry couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, but knowing Niall, he probably wasn’t.

“Oh fuck off.”  Harry pour some of the left over coffee from the coffee pot in to his favorite mug before walking out of the kitchen to sit on the couch in the living room. He debated whether or not to tell Niall what transpired with him and Fiona last night but he wasn’t completely sure himself. And he knew if he did say something Niall would only continue to make cheeky comments when he was around them. Harry pulled out his phone to check some social media accounts and keep himself preoccupied. He wanted so badly to text Fiona and see if they could talk, but he didn’t want to come off as desperate. He only then realized he didn’t even have her number and he wasn’t about to ask Gemma for it.

As the day went on, Fiona and Gemma left work at 5 and started making their way home. They were walking side by side in comfortable silence when Gemma’s phone rang.

“Hey babe,” She answered. Fiona could tell it was Chris on the other by the way Gemma was blushing. Fiona had only met Chris a couple of times and he seemed nice. When she finally got the whole story it turned out him and Gemma were both in the wrong about the fight. Fiona wasn’t exactly sure why it exploded into something so big, but she didn’t want to push it by asking.

She zoned out the rest of the way home. Gemma was chatting on her phone while Fiona walked quietly by her side.

Fiona had spent most of the work day thinking about Harry. She was beginning to like him, but she also didn’t want to anything to go wrong with Gemma. If they got into a fight they would still have their lease for another year. She didn’t want to move out and she couldn’t afford a place on her own.

She decided at noon that he wasn’t worth the risks. But by 5, she started questioning herself again. Maybe Gemma wouldn’t care? I mean, yeah, it would be weird if he was to stay the night but it’s the same for you when Chris stayed over. Fiona was so caught up in her own thoughts she didn’t even notice Gemma was off the phone.

“So, I know this is gonna make me sound like a bitch and the worst roommate ever but…” Gemma trailed off while playing with her hair, “do you think you could stay somewhere else tonight? I really want to work things out with Chris and I think we’ll only be able to talk if it’s just us.”

Fiona raised her eyebrows, “Talk? Is that what their calling it now a days?” Gemma bumped her with her elbow, but the look on her face told Fiona she was right.

“Ugh, fine. Go have sex and be with someone you love while I’m out here looking for a place to stay.” Fiona replied sarcastically.

She felt a big wet kiss on her cheek.

“I knew I made a good decision becoming your roommate.”

Fiona just rolled her eyes while also wracking her brain on friends she could call to crash on their couch. She didn’t know many people in the area. She didn’t want to tell Gemma that though because she loved seeing her roommate so happy again. Many of her friends moved away after college. She was worried a little but decided to text everyone she knew in the area.

Fiona hadn’t heard back from anyone by the time she got to the gym. She decided she would just work out for a bit, shower, and then maybe start to worry about where she was sleeping tonight.

She decided to start with cardio today as she got on the treadmill. She had only been running for a few minutes when she saw someone walking her way. She didn’t dare to make eye contact, because every time she did, she always had some creepy guy hitting on her. Usually Gemma was there to get her out of awkward situations but it was just her today. She stared intensely at the television set in front of her.

The person was still standing there so she decided her workout was done, turning off the machine and walking off to exchange a few words with the stranger. Except it wasn’t a stranger at all.

She took out her ear phones.

“Didn’t think ya heard me! I was callin’ your name but you were in such a trance I didn’t want ya to fall.” It was that Irish accent that she knew only vaguely.

“Hey, sorry I kind of have a habit of zoning out while running.” She stepped off the treadmill to talk to him.

“’M ‘ere with Harry.” Fiona’s heart jumped when she heard his name. Niall pointed to other side of the gym where Harry was indeed at. He was lifting weights when she made eye contact with him in the mirror that lined the wall in front of him. He looked away soon after. Strange, Fiona thought. She expected him to be the one to greet her right away not Niall.

She still hadn’t said anything so Niall kept talking, “Told me not to bother you, but that’s just rude, innit?”

“Yeah…” She agreed. Harry seemed fine this morning but now he was ignoring her? She really didn’t have the time or energy to deal with him if he was planning on being so dramatic.

“Are you staying for a while? Come join us! I’m a great spotter!” Niall said while he not so discreetly looked her up and down.

Across the gym Harry could see Niall was still chatting up Fiona. She didn’t look interested but he was also a little jealous. What was Niall saying to her? He wouldn’t say anything stupid, would he? What if he asked her out? Harry came to the gym to get his mind off of her, but he noticed her as soon as he walked in. He thought if he just stayed on one side until she left he wouldn’t have to confront her. But of course Niall spotted her and ran right over, ignoring Harry’s pleas to leave her alone.  Harry could see she was thinking hard while she was running and he was wondering if she was thinking about him. Probably not.

He lifted the weights one more time and placed them down. As much as he didn’t want to see her right now, he knew it would be rude not to at least say hello. Not to mention Gemma and his mother would have his ass if they knew he didn’t at least acknowledge her.

He grabbed the towel he bought with him and wiped his face before placing it on his shoulder and walked towards them.

When he finally reached Fiona and Niall, he offered them both a small smile. Niall gave him a strong pat on the shoulder, “There he is! He’s always such a downer at the gym, you should see him. Headphones in, all serious, never wants to chat.”

Harry just looked at Niall; he was embarrassed and starting to remember why he went to the gym by himself.

Fiona was chuckling when she looked down at her phone, Harry could tell she was trying to make some excuse in her head to leave.

“’ave to be somewhere?” Harry finally spoke.

“Uh, no actually. Trying to find a place to stay tonight, Gemma kind of kicked me out for the night.” She smiled but Harry could tell she was actually worried. When he looked to Niall he knew what was going to happen next, but before he could say anything, Niall was already asking, “You can stay with us! Right, Harry?” He looked over to Harry and then back to Fiona in a split second, “It’ll be fine!”

Niall seemed to answer for him. Fiona was looking at Harry waiting for him to take back the offer but this is what he wanted all morning; some alone time with her to talk things out.

“Yeah, it would be our pleasure.” Harry turned to Fiona and smiled. She was sweating and didn’t have any make up but still looked as beautiful as ever.

“Well I still have to shower so if you guys want to finish-“

“We have a shower! I was done anyway!” Niall interrupted her. Honestly, Harry thought he’d do a little more today but the thought of her naked in his shower made him want to end his work out now too.

Fiona followed the boys in her own car. She had never been to their apartment but it was a nice place, definitely a bachelor’s pad. There were beer bottles still on the coffee table, and it smelled of expensive cologne; they even had a Pulp Fiction poster on the wall.

“Showers through here; shampoo , soap and everything, s’all in there.”

“Thanks.” She shut the bathroom door behind her and locked it; she’d be lying if she’d say she didn’t want to ask Harry to join her. She usually would’ve made a comment just to see how he’d react, but not today. He seemed so stand offish at the gym she really didn’t want to push him.

While Fiona was in the shower Niall sat on his couch strumming his guitar. Harry was right next to him pretending to watch tv but all the time was thinking about how she was just in the other room, completely naked and in his shower. He really wished Niall had plans tonight.

“Did ya fuck her?” Niall asked as he was still playing a tune on his guitar. He didn’t even bother to look up at Harry but had a knowing smile on his face.

“What, no.” Harry was shocked he would even ask that.

“That bad was it?” Harry finally figured out why Niall asked her to stay over, he could tell there was tension between the two of you and he always loved a good laugh.

“No, it was-nothing, nothing happened.” Harry had to correct himself.

“What? Did she kick you out afterwards? Is that why you’re so butt hurt?” Niall was still sitting there laughing. Harry just threw a pillow at him.

It was quiet for a while until Niall finally asked,”What’s her tits look like?”

Harry reached over and punched him on the arm, but Niall was still sitting there laughing.

The bathroom door opened and Fiona stepped out. She was in her sweatpants and a white Pink Floyd tshirt, this one was smaller and tighter than her Rolling Stones shirt from yesterday, and he could definitely tell she wasn’t wearing a bra.

By the way Niall was looking at her, he could tell too. She still had her bag in her hand as she walked out and placed it by the couch. She sat on the other end, away from both Niall and Harry. She just sat there watching whatever tv show was on. The two boys sat silently on the other end of the couch just staring at her. Fiona definitely noticed, but kept pretending to watch tv anyway.

Harry gave Niall a look that said, “Fuck off.” And at first Niall didn’t move, but then he seemed to finally give up when he stood up without a word and went to his room, shutting the door behind him.

It was now just Harry and Fiona, sitting at opposite ends of the couch. He wasn’t really sure what to say to start the conversation so he just went with, “Good shower, innit?”

Fiona looked at him like he had three heads.

“Very nice.” She smiled. She quickly added, “thanks for letting me stay here, I don’t know a lot of people in the area and I really didn’t want to spend money on a hotel room.”

Good, Harry thought, this way going somewhere.

“Can we talk?” Harry asked her finally.

She looked over his shoulder to Niall’s door. He had the same idea as her; Niall was definitely against the door trying to listen.

“We can talk in my room.” Fiona nodded her head and followed him off the couch and down the hall.

Part Six


1st Group Picture

Made new friends with an awesome Scaramouche and DJ Stylbator! Rod and I actually saw her progress pictures that someone posted in the Fanime group. Our goal was to run into her at Fanime but Jess and Dave actually come up to us instead when they saw Rod’s armor from far away! Then we started nerding out about Samurai Jack and planned a meetup the next day because they weren’t in costume that day. It was so much fun! 

@mocktugboat as Samurai Jack

@kaleidraws as Scaramouche

@djkvesper as DJ Stylbator 


2nd Group Picture

We found Mona! Here’s how we met:

Went to a different fabric store with Rod because it’s bigger and we couldn’t find what we needed. While we were getting fabric cut, the older lady working there asked what we were making. We showed her pictures of Samurai Jack and Ashi, she said people come in all the time for cosplay and she thinks it’s amazing. Mona, the older black lady she knows behind us overhears and we start talking.

Mona: “You guys make cosplays?“ 
Me: "Yes, do you?" 
Mona: "Yeah, I make costumes for my kids and husband. The older one doesn’t like it as much though. We go to Comic Con, Fanime, etc. I’m making Overwatch for me, my husband and two boys. I have pictures here.”
Me: “Omg, that’s amazing! Family goals.” ❤️
Rod: “Ugh, this is my first time working with armor. That looks awesome!”
Me: “He’s making the Samurai Jack armor and I’m doing Ashi." 
Mona: "OMGGG I love Samurai Jack! I was going to do that but I don’t know how to make her one shoulder top go over my fat body.”
Me: “Aaaw." 
Mona: "No because my boobs are big!”
Me: “Does your husband make stuff too?”
Mona: “No, he just gives me money.”
Me and Rod: 
Mona: “You guys going to Fanime?”
Me: “Yeah! We’ll look for you." 
Mona: "Oh, they called my number to cut fabric. Nice meeting you, I’m Mona." 
Rod: "You too! I’m Rod.”
Me: “Nice meeting you too! I’m Kaylyn.”

Forget being a soccer mom or dance mom. I’m going to be a cosplay mom. We love you Mona! ❤️

Truth or dare?


Here I am as promised with the truth or dare fics. All the squads get together to play a game of truth or dare and well, things get interesting 

I really hope you like it!!


“Let’s play a game!” Elias said “Let’s all play truth or dare”

“Truth or dare? What are we, 12?” Sana said rolling her eyes

“Well your boyfriend certainly is” Adam said teasing Yousef

“Hey!” he said offended

“I mean…they’re kind of right…”Sana said biting her lip

“But they don’t need to know that, Sana” Yousef said shaking her head

“Yes, please let’s play! This is so boring” Vilde said excited

It was Mutta’s birthday and they were all at his house, the Balloon Squad, the girl squad and the boy squad.  A lot had happened since Eva’s birthday party. Yousef and Sana were now dating and happier than ever. Vilde and Magnus had broken up but were still friends. Eventually William had come back to London and Noora had decided to stay in Oslo. It had been difficult at first but she was completely over him now.

“I pass” Sana said “That game is stupid”

“Come oooooon Sana!” Yousef said “Please?”

“Ah, fine, let’s play”

They all sat down forming a circle. Adam grabbed a bottle from the table and placed it on the middle of the circle.

“Okay this is how it works. I’ll spin the bottle and in whoever it stops they have to choose between truth or dare and then they spin the bottle to find the next one and so on…”

“Yes, Adam, I think we all know how to play” Mikael, who was sitting by him, said

“Okay, whatever” Adam said acting offending

“Oh, don’t be mad” Mikael chuckled putting his arm around Adam’s shoulder “You explained it very well”

Adam shoved his arm off and stuck out his tongue at him playfully.

“I’ll start” he then said spinning the bottle. “Oh, look who’s the first one, this is karma”

The bottle had, in fact, stopped right in front of Sana who was shaking her head.

“Okay Sana, truth or dare?” Adam asked

“Truth” Sana sighed

“Let me think…well we all know that your boyfriend is the biggest dork in the existence”

“Yes, that’s truth. Now I spin the bottle right?”

“That wasn’t my question” Adam said “My question is…tell us a dorky thing you’ve done regarding Yousef”

“I’ve never done anything like that” Sana said crossing her arms on her chest

“That’s a lie, what about the flowers and the leaves?” Elias asked

“Elias, shut up” Sana said glaring at him

“Sana, you have to be sincere. What’s with the flowers and the leaves?” Adam insisted

“I may…have kept some flowers Yousef gave me one day” Sana said looking at the floor

“You did?” Yousef asked shocked

“And the grass leaves that you threw at her!!” Elias said laughing “I saw them on her room”

“Awwww babe, you’re the cutest” Yousef said hugging Sana

“I hate you both” Sana said looking at Adam and Elias while everyone laughed “Okay, it’s enough, it’s my turn”

Sana span the bottle and it landed on Isak

“Okay, best bud, truth or dare?”

Truth” he said

“Chicken” Even said coughing making Isak glare at him

“This is the moment of the truth Isak, I’ve waiting for this moment for so long” Sana said “Who’s better at biology, me or you?”

Isak squinted his eyes at her, his lips forming a line

“I don’t hear you Isabel” she said

“You…you’re better than me at biology”

“Thank you for stating the facts” she said smiling

It was Isak’s turn to spin the bottle

“Magnus, truth or dare?” Isak asked


“Oh come on! You’re all so boring!” Elias said

“Elias let the boy pick whatever he wants” Sana spat at him still mad for what he had done

“Okay Magnus, I’m going to ask you the same question you asked me once. Out of all the boys here, who would you do first?”

“Even” Magnus said without hesitating

“Yaaaas bitches” Even said throwing his fist in the air

“I knew you were in love with my boyfriend” Isak said

“Oh baby, you know I only have eyes for you” Even said kissing Isak’s cheek

“Magnus, spin the bottle before we all die of sweetness” Jonas said shaking his head

Magnus did as he was told and the bottle landed on Mahdi

“Truth or dare?”

“Well, I want to say truth but I’m scared Elias is going to come at me” he said

“You know you’re my favorite Mahdi” Elias said

“Anyway, I pick dare”

“I dare you to…call your mom and tell her you’re in prison”

“What??? No dude, not cool, you know my mom is very stressed” Mahdi said

“Come on, it’s a dare, you have to”

“Ugh…fine” Mahdi said as he grabbed his phone

Two minutes and a lot of yelling later, Mahdi convinced his mother that it had been all a joke. He was definitely not going to get waffles as breakfast the following morning.

“Elias, truth or dare?” Mahdi said after spinning the bottle

“Dare, 100% dare” Elias said

“Well…let me think”

Elias, who had developed a huge crush on Noora for the past few months, and who was now sitting right beside her titled his head trying to point at her so Mahdi would dare him to kiss her.

“Are you okay?” Mutta asked “Does your neck hurt or something?”

“Yes, Mutta, thanks, that’s exactly it” Elias said rolling his eyes

“Okay, I dare you to post a hideous picture of you on instagram” Mahdi finally said

“Seriously dude? That’s your dare?” Elias asked shaking his head

“Come on Elias, it’s an easy dare”

“Exactly…” Elias whispered “Whatever, I’ll do it”

He took out his phone and made a weird expression as he took a selfie. He blushed when he realized that Noora was looking at him while he had been posing. He cleared his throat and span the bottle.

“Even, my man, truth or dare and don’t be a chicken”

“Dare” Even said

“I dare you to…” Elias thought for a moment and chuckled when the question came to his mind “I dare you to say something bad about Baz Luhrman’s movies”

“WHAT? HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME?” Even yelled being the extra boy he was.

Isak laughed at him and high fived Elias.

“I’m sorry Even but you must, it’s the rules of the game”

“Fine…may be he is…sometimes…a little bit…just a little bit…extravagant…BUT THAT’S WHAT MAKES HIM UNIQUE!”

“Hmm, what do you say guys, do we accept that answer?” Elias asked the group

“Oh poor boy he’s about to cry” Vilde laughed

“Fine, Even, you can spin the bottle”


Everyone laughed at Even and watched the bottle as it span.

“Oh Mutta, truth or dare?”


“That’s right…well…I dare you to kiss the prettiest girl in the room. And notice how I charitably said girl and not person because let’s face it, I’d smoke all you bitches” Even said

Mutta blushed instantly, he never thought that the first time he’d kiss the girl he liked would be because of a dare. He took a deep breath and kissed the girl who was sitting right next to him. Chris was shocked at first but immediately kissed him back while everyone cheered them

“Wooooooow! Boy get in there!!” Elias laughed clapping his hands, he had known that Mutta had had a crushed on Chris since he met her.

They pulled apart and Mutta was too embarrassed to look at her so he span the bottle, which ironically landed in Chris.

“Uh..truth or dare?” he said in a low voice

“Dare” Chris said biting her lip

“I dare you to…”

“Oh, you dare me to kiss you? Okay, fine” Chris said as she grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him in for a kiss

“Get a room!!” Eva yelled at them

“Okay, okay, we’ll continue later” Chris said as she pulled apart from Mutta.

She span the bottle and it landed on Jonas

“Jonas, truth or dare?”

“I’m going to pick truth”

“What is the best sex you’ve ever had?”

“I have to say Eva” Jonas said

“Yas bitch!” Eva said high fiving Jonas

He span the bottle and it landed precisely on Eva

“Eva truth or dare?”


“Same question”

“Oh Jonas, you know I’m going to say you. When we broke up? Epic!”

“She’s lying” Isak said coughing as Even had done before

The balloon squad boys looked at them trying to figure out what they were talking about.

“Long story” Eva said as she span the bottle “Oh, Yossi, truth or dare?”

“I’m going to say truth because I’m afraid of you” Yousef said

“Okay this is just to make fun of you so name the worst flirty techniques you’ve used on Sana”

“I threw grass at her” Yousef said blushing

“And he stole my ball, and he taught me how to peel carrots and then said that he wanted to have 12 kids, and he passed by me like really close when the kitchen is like super big and…” Sana started to count

“Well it work, didn’t it?” Yousef said raising his eyebrows at her

“Uh, I guess you could say that”

“You love me” Yousef said

“I kind of do yeah” Sana smiled

“Ugh, disgusting, Yousef spin the bottle” Elias said

“Noora, truth or dare?” he said as the bottle landed on her


“Oh, brave. I dare you to kiss whoever you want in this room”

Before anyone could try to guess who she was kissing, she looked at her side, placed her hands around Elias’ neck and kissed him slowly. Just as Elias reacted and was about to kiss her back she pulled apart and smirked at him leaving the boy completely shook.

“Elias are you okay? Do you need a doctor or something?” Adam laughed

Elias just blushed and showed a thumbs up at his friend.

Noora chuckled and span the bottle which landed on Vilde

“I pick dare, I’m brave too, you can ask me to kiss someone even if it’s a girl” Vilde said before Noora could even ask her

“Uh, okay fine…I dare you to kiss…Eva”

“Easy” Vilde said as she approached Eva and kissed her.

Eva kissed her back but after a moment she pulled apart leaving Vilde almost begging for more.

“Vilde, you have to spin the bottle” Eva said laughing when she didn’t move

“Yes, yes, of course, I know that” Vilde did as she was told and the bottle pointed at Mikael “Truth or dare?”

“Dare” Mikael said

“Well as you and Adam are the only ones left, I dare you to kiss him”

“What? No! Why?”

“It’s okay Mikael, there’s nothing wrong about kissing people from your same sex, doesn’t make you gay, look at me and Eva” Vilde said smiling

“I’m not kissing Adam”

“It’s fine, leave them alone, if he doesn’t want to do it” Adam said trying to hide the fact that he was slightly hurt

“It’s not that I don’t want to…I mean, I don’t have anything against…I mean…” Mikael tried to explain “Ugh, fine I’ll do it”

“Are you sure?” Adam asked

“Yes, whatever let’s do this”

Adam licked his lips nervously as he leaned closer to Mikael who was looking back and forth between his eyes and his lips. Just as only few inches kept them apart Adam closed his eyes, moment that Mikael took to stand up.

“I’m sorry, I can’t” he said running towards the door and getting out of the house

“Mikael wait!” Adam said chasing him

Mikael was pacing in the yard of Mutta’s house when Adam found him.


“I’m sorry Adam, I just can’t, I can’t” Mikael said freaking out

“It’s okay, hey, it’s okay, I get that you don’t want to”

“No you don’t get it”

“Yes I do…”

“No! You don’t get it. I want to kiss you Adam and that’s precisely the problem. I want to kiss you but I couldn’t because I knew that it wouldn’t mean anything to you and I can’t deal with that and…”

Mikael stopped talking as Adam’s lips crashed onto his. Adam cupped Mikael’s face with his hand, his thumb brushing tenderly his skin. It was a short but intense kiss that made Mikael’s body shake.

“This, Mikael, means the world to me, you mean the world to me” Adam whispered as he pulled apart

Mikael blinked trying to process his words but his attention was caught by people clapping their hands. They both look at the door and saw everybody standing there, cheering them.

“It was about time boooooys!!!!” Elias yelled

Mikael and Adam blushed as they followed everyone back in there, this time, hand in hand.


The game was over now. Mutta and Chris had disappeared long time ago, same with Elias and Noora. Isak and Even were cuddling on a couch talking to Adam and Mikael who were still holding hands. Eva and Vilde were dancing to some poppy music and sporadically making out. Mahdi had gone to his house to try to explain everything to his mom. Jonas and Magnus just stood on a corner awkwardly in silence. And Sana and Yousef? Well, they were standing outside the house contemplating the sky.

“It’s been a good day” Yousef said as he put his arms around Sana, her back against his chest

“It definitely has” she said.



could you maybe write balloon squad and the girl squad playing spin the bottle/truth or dare, while sana already dates yousef and everyone teases them about it (especially yousef and his bad flirting skills), elias impatiently tries to always get noora so he can somehow show her he likes her and eva pinning over adam while he’s 100% oblivious and just keeps acting with mikael like an old married couple until she just gives up and teases them about it the whole time?

i have a mikadam prompt : their first kiss with lots of angst and happiness at the same time? like they’re scared because they’ve never felt about anyone like this before but happy that the other one feels the same way? does that make sense? you can do with this idea whatever you want :-)

This is probably not what you wanted but I hope you like it!!

Thanks for reading!!!♥

PS: Even’s dare is from the perks of being a wallflower


There’s a lot of pressure, as anyone has pressure in their life, but it’s a bit different. You’ve got more judgments, more opinions, when you’re in something successful and you’re on that pedestal. You’ve got to continue to be really strong and march to the beat of your own drum, and not look at yourself on the Internet or look at an article and go, “Ugh, I didn’t mean that!” or look at a piece of work you did and wonder why they used that take. You’ve just got to live your life and not live it as if it were too different from anyone else’s.