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Family Meetings (Tony Stark!Dad x Reader)

Request: Hiya! Can I have a request where the reader is about 18-19 years old, and her mom married Tony when she was 16 and she’s really close to him bc she’s never had a fatherly influence before and he’s really protective over her bc hes determined to be the best fatherly influence to her. And she brings her boyfriend home for the first time to meet her family (her mom, dad and the Avengers) and its kinda cute and funny and everyone loves her boyfriend and yeah, thank you so much! I love u & ur writing

Words: 2, 372

Warnings: None! 

Tags: @annadier @happelu970 @shamvictoria11 

I haven’t posted an imagine in what seems like forever, ugh blame school and work and me being tired all the damn time. I hope you lovely people enjoy this slightly humorous imagine! 

“On a scale from one to Australia, how dangerous are we talking?” 

“Oh it tops the scale, it’s gotta be Australia level dangerous. We got two legged kicking kangaroos, perilous spiders, and the koalas may look cute but they have long claws and sharp teeth that will destroy you in less than a second.” 

“Kicking kangaroos?” He raised an eyebrow, and even in the dimly lit car you could see him fighting a smirk. “Really, Y/n?” 

“Yes really. Trust me, his name is Clint and he will kick you with both legs! At the same time!” 

“You’ve seen him do this?” His laughter filled the car and even though you had been dating for a little over a year, it still made your chest feel tight and fluttery. A blush tinting at your cheeks as he looked over at you, you twisted your lips in attempt to keep a straight face. You failed. 

“Several times.” Your voice waved as you held back a laugh long enough to speak. “Once he went out to dinner, by himself because apparently we annoy him so much that he needs to have alone time like five times a day, but anyway. He brought home this huge box of chicken tenders, with an extra side of ranch and you do not mess with Clint and his chicken tenders and ranch, so he wrote his name in really big bold letters on the box when he got home before he went to take a shower.”

“This isn’t gonna end well, is it?” He laughed softly, and by the look of your face as you tried to hold back giggles, he knew the end of this story was going to be good. 

“When he came back to get the remainder of his food, in nothing but a t-shirt and boxers with his face on it, he found Thor next to an empty box of what used to be Clint’s food. Crumbs were everywhere around the box and the ranch was completely gone, Thor was putting the final bite of chicken tenders in his mouth when Clint walked in. Clint was furious, his face was turning the purple shade of his shirt and I shit you not, he flew at Thor and jumped so high with both legs stuck out, his feet slammed against Thor’s chest!” 

You had to pause as you tried to contain your laughter for the final part of your story, he was laughing with you but he was also mainly focused on your face as you giggled. It made his own heart race a little too fast and his chest feel tight and fluttery. It made him fall even more in love with you as your nose scrunched and your eyes were squinted so tightly that a tear rolled down your cheek. 

“H-he went flying backwards, his body still in the same position with both legs stuck out in front of him and his face scrunched up. Thor didn’t even move an inch, he just watched and finished chewing the chicken, he didn’t even react to getting kangaroo kicked in the chest by half naked Clint. Clint ended up sprawled out on the kitchen floor like halfway across the room because he hit Thor with all his weight and it turned on him, sending him flying through the air. He just laid on the floor for like twenty minutes, and Thor just went about his night, as if nothing had happened.” 

“That sounds amazing.” He giggled like a maniac and you joined in, a hand covering your mouth as you laughed and tears rolled down your cheek several more times. His laughter combined with your laughter, was one of your favorite sounds. 

Minutes passed before either one of you calmed down enough to realize you still had a dinner to go to. 

“We could just ditch-” 

“Babe.” He looked over at you with a sly smile and you shrugged your shoulders. “We’re not ditching, we’re going to go in there and I’m going to meet the family you never shut up about. Okay?” 

“Okay, I guess.” You pouted, turning to look at him with a forced pout and pleading eyes. This was your first boyfriend you had ever brought home to your mom, step-dad and Avenger family. 

He reached over and squeezed your hand in his, you squeezed back tightly. You were glad he was finally meeting your family, but at the same time, they could be a bit…intense. 

“It’ll be fine, babe.” You looked over at him, a giggly feeling taking over your stomach as you admired his sparkling eyes that calmed your nerves and made you blush. 

You used your free hand and caressed his cheek softly, tilting your head as you looked at him for a moment. 

“Oh I really hope you don’t die.” 

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tbh chyler leigh is the best representation of a glow up i’ve ever seen in my life. like she went through so much shit early on, but now she’s finally being recognized for her talent and people are falling in love with her because of how loving and sweet she is. also she seems to somehow be getting more beautiful every day??? but damn we really don’t deserve her.

Moonbyul staring at Solar: gosh she’s so pretty. look at her. my solar. actual angel kim yong sun. so talented. so wonderful. yeba’s the best, i love her so much.

Solar staring at Moonbyul: ah shit she’s looking at me again ugh this girl close your damn eyes before I get lost in them! nope too late its happening!! fix it solar FIX IT stare somewhere else ANYWHERE else…..NOT AT HER LIPS!!!! omg i hate u byul yi

Me staring at both of them: *nodding in approval*

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in the heights !!

musical theater meme

Listened to It | wtf is that | LOVE IT | meh | um…hate it | heard of it | yes!!

Rate: 1000

Favorite Lyric: “No no no no no no no no no noooooo” “If I win the lottery you’ll never see me again.” “Damn we only joking, stay broke then.”

Favorite Song: Ugh I love them all so much. 96,000 is my favorite jam. Sunrise the sweetest one that doesn’t make me cry.

Favorite Character: Vanessa always and forever

Best Moment: Usnavi struggling SO HARD with the damn champagne like. ‘How do you get this gold shit off’ may be the best line ever sung in a musical.

Something that makes me angry: ‘Usnavi Help Me’. USNAVI WHY U NOT HELPING HER

Gives me the chills: All of Breathe and Alabanza.

Overall opinions: In The Heights is hands down my favorite Musical. It’s such a small window into the world of these characters and yet it makes you so attached to all of them and they’re all so well thought out and amazing and I can talk about them for 3 days, pls feel free to hit me up if you would like for me to rant to yu about this show forever.

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You know what i would like to see you writing one day? 👀 rated M hot college teacher! Jungkook fallen in love with his student but she's bad at his subject so he "helps/tutors" her and jacks himself under the table which leads to more,maybe? Askdjhg

HOT DAMN OH MY GOD. I like the way you think. I very much do. 

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ok so can i talk abt soyous song for goblin like that shit made me cry i dont even watch goblin n soyou got me having feelings for it like why did she go IN & pull my heart out?! omg and DASOMs collab w that cutie 40 i love it she sounds so angelic😍

lmao yesssss that’s soyou for you, i love her ost too! i love all the goblin osts tbh lol i’m way too obsessed with this drama ugh, i wish her song was longer though. Dasom’s song is good too omg! i was so not expecting slow r&b from her lol but yeah it’s very nice and cute and soothing and i’m so proud of her because she really outdid herself, she improved so much! i didn’t know 40 before but damn the man can sing, looove his voice. 


“You’re going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton.

Sleep well.”


Why was it Emison NEVER developed any further THIS season.

Alison showed so much vulnerability to ring Emily. She didn’t even want to say anything much to her, just hear her voice.

And yes, I know what you’re thinking, she’s going on another emison rant? Yes, I am. Because I find it so damn stupid that Emily can just date other people after her first love comes back from the dead, reveals she used to have feelings for Emily and then they kiss and it’s forgotten about?

I find it hard to believe that they would just abandon Emison altogether. Like, it’s the most shipped couple on the flipping show, what the hell! Maybe they’re saving it for last or maybe they’re just DICKHEADS and won’t find the goodness in their crumpled up hearts to actually put Emison together.

Rant over.

Natalie reads Absolution - Chapter 2

For you, carmillaboostein.<3

  • Omg, the title is ‘Submission’
  • Oh God, the angst.
  • I can’t deal with how well you write, dammit!
  • “When Laura woke up, when she flashed her that look of disgust, it hit her all at once.” No, no no, Carmilla, let me hug you.
  • She’s gonna tell her. I CAN’T TAKE THIS
  • Nope, I can’t take this unconditional display of love from Danny.
  • Carmilla being so worried

  • Ugh, I feel so conflicted about this. It’s so wrong, but so right.
  • They’re so CLOSE.
  • Carm, you are way too smug.
  • Danny, my baby. Oh, it hurts so much. DAMN YOU LYNDSAY.
  • Like I said, SO INTENSE.
  • “And I don’t think I want to.” *screaming*
  • It’s so hot. It’s so wrong. I am so torn.
  • top!Laura. *heart eyes*
  • I’m so weak.