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You said you knew what was wrong with me. Prove it.

  • Emma: When… when you take out your heart… how does it feel?
  • Regina: Not so different. It’s just that my emotions aren’t as strong as when it’s inside my chest.
  • Emma: Uh-huh. That’s how it felt when Hades took mine and I had it with me. But… how about when Robin had yours? You know, when he kept it away from Zelena?
  • Regina: Same thing, I guess. Why?
  • Emma: It’s just…
  • Regina: Emma?
  • Emma: When you took my heart…
  • Regina: Emma you’re scaring me. What’s wrong?
  • Emma: Nothing.
  • Regina: Lying.
  • Emma: When you took my heart, I felt... I felt even more. Does that make sense? It’s like all the walls came down and I felt free. When you held it, I felt safe and warm and… and loved. So much loved. It’s outside of my chest but I felt it beating twice as fast. It’s like it was telling me, “This is it, Emma. This…”
  • Regina:
  • Emma: "This is home."

Favourite Emma Swan’s outfits (part 1)

Let’s Talk About...


(Another headcanon because I’m trash for beautiful CS headcanons. Set after this Underworld mess. Prepare for fluff…As you are probably starting to tell, the #CanWeTalkAboutCaptainSwan project is fluff central) Enjoy, shipmates!!!

It was a perfect August afternoon in Storybrooke. Warm air, featherlight cool breeze. Killian and Emma were taking advantage of the beautiful weather, spending the afternoon outside on the hammock Killian built. Henry was with Regina for the weekend, so it was just the two (well, technically, three) of them. Emma was leaning snugly against Killian’s chest, her head resting against his shoulder. His arms wound protectively around her, coming to rest atop her swollen tummy. She was napping peacefully in his hold, something she did often, these days. He loved when she laid her head against his shoulder, because it made it easy for him to nuzzle his nose into her soft hair, or drop small kisses on her forehead, both of which he was doing now. Suddenly, the sun returned from its hiding place behind a cloud, casting a new blanket of warmth over them. Wanting their little one to enjoy it more, (and also because there was nothing more beautiful to him right now than Emma’s bare tummy) Killian carefully pulled Emma’s shirt upwards, loving the way her creamy skin looked with the sunlight hitting it. He rubbed her belly gently with his fingers, but removed his hooked arm, as he didn’t want the cold metal against her bare skin to wake her. 

He kissed her forehead again, his mind wandering back, as it did almost daily, to when she told him that they were expecting a baby. His heart (although it was only half of a heart) had never felt more full. Emma had gasped and cradled his face when tears formed in his eyes at the news. It was a jarring feeling, having his world, which had revolved solely around Emma, suddenly be revolving around two people. His people. His family. His wife and his child. He loved the sound of all of it, a pure symphony to his ears. 

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When Emma and Audrey were in the back of the police car and the killer was just standing in the road to make the car crash :

When they crashed and the killer killed the cop and then disappeared : 

When the killer appeared suddenly and opened the door to the police car and gave them the keys : 

When they escape and they’re being fucking looked for by the police because they’re “suspects” :

When Noah and Brooke leave the hospital even after Emma and Audrey told them not to : 

When Emma invited the killer to the theater and they guarded the doors and I knew damn well the killer was already there in the theater : 

When Brooke got stabbed : 

When Brooke got stabbed I had just said right before it that it was Kieran and he was RIGHT THERE ‘helping’ her :

When Audrey disappeared : 

When the ‘movie’ of all the murders started playing and I saw Brooke and Noah’s reactions : 

When Emma acted all bad ass and dodged the killer while looking for Audrey and shot at him : 

When Emma found Audrey and Kieran called her :

When Emma said she couldn’t tell Kieran where she was because she had to be alone when she found Audrey :


When Eli showed up, stabbed, and told Emma Kieran did it and they were arguing back and forth about who the real killer was : 

When Kieran said “Don’t worry Emma you’ll feel safe again” but the killer had just told her she’d never feel safe again on the phone : 

When Kieran admitted to being the killer, Piper’s lover, and just went full fucking psycho : 

When Emma and Audrey teamed up and fucked up his game long enough for Emma to run and hide and Kieran grabbed Audrey and acted like he’d kill her : 

When he was looking for Emma with Audrey and they both teamed up on his ass again and got the gun from him and Audrey threw that damn chain around his bitch ass and held him there while Emma held the gun : 

When Emma decided not to kill him : 

When the cops showed up and arrested Kieran : 

When everything seemed fine again at the end and then Kieran gets that fucking phone call from someone asking “who said you could wear my mask” :

When you realize you have to wait for season 3 now : 

I don’t think I’ve ever been more in love with Emma Swan than when I saw her in that sweet flower crown, holding hands with her beautiful mother and dancing with her pirate prince. More of that please. More sweet fairytale moments for the woman who never thought she’d have any of it.