ugh i love denim

when you hear about maroon 5’s new album:

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when it comes out:

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when you listen to most of it and hear how different it is:

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when you finally hear the song denim jacket (and also realize that it’s about blake):

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God damn Adam is looking good lately

Adam looks good every second of every day, but these past two weeks have been incredible!!

Exhibit A: Adam Bahanna (he looks so fricking amazing ugh I love him)

Exhibit B: KROQ Adam Hann (ugh I love his little belly his pleather (?) pants the ripped denim jacket his $$$$ YSL boots his stance dude he’s got bit feet ;) ugh)

Exhibit 3: The Suit (only Adam could pull off converse with a suit)

Exhibit 4: RED!!!!!!

Exhibit 5: GREEN!!!!! And blue shoes!!!

Exhibit 6: This satin baby blue bomber jacket for a baby boy