ugh i love books

It wasn’t the distance that scared her. She was scared of the idea that he’ll find someone better in between their distance apart.
—  This is killing me.


Me: "not as much as reading Empire of Storms.”

yes I told her my witch nickname so she’d write it in my book


vfd boys + character posters

“When we drive away in secret, you’ll be a volunteer; so don’t scream when we take you: the world is quiet here.”

Some nights I fall asleep with my heart racing with my love for you and other nights I fall asleep with my heart breaking because I know you don’t feel the same.
—  love me back?

Here’s a Digger lock screen I just made lmao reblog if you like or use 💕

happy 3 years to this blog! it’s so fun talking to all of you, and now we’re at 20k and i can’t believe it. let’s be real, this blog will always be active, i will probs be posting quotes for the next 50 yrs. if you have headcanons, theories, little things that excite you, hmu @ doctorsolace.

when things get tough, think of camp half-blood. safe, fun, surrounded by friends and adventure, with the perfect temperature, sitting on the pier at the lake waiting for capture the flag to start.

stay safe out there, demigods!

favorite books read in 2015: Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

“Have you ever asked yourself, do monsters make war, or does war make monsters?”


“The one person that’s got it figured out in this family is Cole. You know, he sits on that can and he takes his dump, and he’s super happy.”

Films (re)watched in 2015: This Is Where I Leave You (2014), dir. Shawn Levy

I don’t have to be in love to know you’re the only person I want to kiss me awake for the rest of my life. You’re the only one I want to travel with, aside from my friends and family. You’re the only one I want to buy a house with, make mistakes with, fall in love with.
—  he reminds me of gasoline (via fraagmented)
  • What she says: I'm Fine
  • What she means: Why would The 5th Wave movie completely take away all of the dynamic Ben Parish had? His motivation he received when he left his sister? Defending & protecting Sammy? Making and completing a difficult plan to fulfill his promise to Sammy? Being a successful squad leader despite the pressure? Overcoming the label of "weak and runner" to become the strongest leader and protector in the novel? Why demote such a character to 'the boy Cassie had a crush on in high-school'?

“You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. And then you meet one person and your life is changed forever.”

Love & Other Drugs (2010) dir. Edward Zwick