ugh i laugh everytime

NCT Dream Reaction: You having a panic attack *trigger warning*

anon asked: Nct dream reaction to you having a panic attack because you see one of your old bullies (I was remembering one time I started to shake and tear up while I was presenting because my bully was laughing and whispering Everytime I stuttered ugh I hated it he also made fun of my hair because it’s poofy and curly) 

 I hope everything is alright now! I love curly hair so I don’t understand why they acted that way, I’m so sorry! 💕 

 If you have panic attacks and reading stuff on that makes you uncomfortable or paid attacks trigger you, I wouldn’t advise you reading under the cut <3

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Deep cover in Venice

okay sidenote but i watched kingsman: the golden circle last night with sam and tell me if i’m wrong but….was elton john not the real hero of that movie?