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Diner Date [Pt 1] (Ward Meachum/Reader)

Hey guys! It’s been so long since I’ve posted, I’m so sorry! Now I’m back with more fandoms than ever! This will be a 3 part series with the reader working somewhere in Rand and having known Ward since they were kids. This is pre Danny coming back, so I guess it’s also pre Iron Fist in general. Hope this series and the upcoming Daredevil fics are enough to make up for my hiatus. Enjoy!

I used the fifth prompt from this post, so thank you @serving-inspiration!

Also, these people liked my post saying that this would be the next fanfiction I posted, so I’m tagging them in it <3 @sosese @ladybella-l @decaffeinatedeaglefart @mzqueentina (hope y’all don’t mind)

Warnings: Talk of death, self depreciation, neck massages, lots of food, almost kissing, coffee, and swearing.


Words: 1549

Waaaaaarrrrrd,” you groan, slumping further down into the chair in front of said man. He had been ignoring you all day— your calls, the receptionist’s calls that you had her make for you, your interrupting a small meeting of his— and you weren’t having it.

“Look, (Y/N), I’m busy. You’ve wasted enough time in my schedule today, I just want to get this all done so I can relax. Then, I can give you some attention. Alright?” He raises an eyebrow on you, the look in his eyes screaming I won’t take no for an answer. You groan yet again, rolling your eyes as far back as you could get them.

“Ugh, kill me.” This catches his attention and you see the corners of his lips pull up slightly.

“…What’s wrong now?”

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Ok so, it’s ok that you don’t like tomedd. It’s totally chill my dude. You can like and dislike whatever you want. 

But hey, I put in the bio that this is blog haves Tomedd.

So you have the choice to read that, see it’s not your type of stuff and just leave. No need to leave some unnecessary message in this inbox with cringy bleach jokes and caps lock yelling or whatever. You can just leave and not bother anyone and waste my time, my friend. I’m not mad or anything just like meh. 

Just keep this in mind, if you see something you dislike then just let it be dude, don’t send unnecessary messages to the people who like Tomedd or any kinds of stuff. They are not doing anything wrong, just drawning stuff they like and that makes them happy. Unless they’re shoving it in people’s faces and yelling “SHIP THIS CAUSE ITS THE BEEESSSSTTTT” or “UGH THIS SHOULD BE CANON SO I’LL HARASS THE CREATORS TO MAKE IT CANON”  like yeah in that case they should stop. But in my case and many other people’s cases, we just draw for fun and for the others who enjoy it like us. It’s all fun and no one’s getting hurt. 

So yeah. If you don’t like ship art or blogs or whatever who aren’t doing anything wrong, just leave them alone and go on with your day without wasting someone’s time. 

I hope you have a good day my friend :)

oh and if this is a joke, nice my dude. thanks for wasting my time

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"boyfriend does my makeup challenge" with GOM+Taiga and their GF

[This is the first scenario I’m writing after our long break so I hope it’s okay]


Akashi watched as you made your unique intro for your new YouTube video. You then introduced Akashi as he smiled and waved at the camera. “And today, we’re going to do a challenge that a lot of you has been requesting.” You grinned, “The boyfriend does my makeup challenge!” 

You gestured to the table in front of you. On top of that table were different brands of makeup products. “As you can see, I’ve prepared all my favorite makeup products in front of us so that Seijuro could pick.” You smiled at him. When you told him to begin, you were actually kinda nervous but after seeing his calm face, you started to relax. Akashi was being serious while he applied your makeup, making sure he did correctly and perfectly.

After a few more minutes, he smiled in satisfaction “Done.” You raised a challenging eyebrow at him and took your mirror. You were more than surprise to see your makeup perfectly done. Damn, it was even better than your everyday makeup look. You were impressed and praised him before you ended your video. Little did you know that he hired professional makeup artists to teach him beforehand. 


It took you MONTHS of begging for him to agree to do this challenge. You even had to bribe him with the authority to kiss you anytime, anywhere for the next 6 months. You were really against this but since all your subscribers were requesting you to do this challenge, you didn’t want to let them down.

But the moment he grabbed your mascara, you immediately regretted everything. He stared at it as if it was a math problem and applied it to your….cheeks. “Aho!” you screamed in shock. “What?” He asked. “What the hell are you doing?” He shrugged, “Putting makeup on you.” Your mouth dropped as he continued to grab a makeup product and applied it to the wrong area. You continued to scold him but he just kept making fun of you. You shook your head and laughed. “My boyfriend is hopeless.”

You were actually hesitating if you should publish the video or not. “Ugh, I can’t let this go to waste.” In the end, that video had the most views and likes. People commented on how adorable the both of you were together and some even recognize Aomine for being one of the Generation of Miracles. At the end of the day, you don’t regret anything.


Being the adorable dork that he is, he just kept blushing especially when you introduced him as your boyfriend. Convincing him to do the challenge was pretty easy, just bat an eyelash and pout and boom you have him right where you want him. Though there were times when he tried to run away while you were preparing your camera. Luckily, you thought of it ahead of time and asked for Riko’s help.

When you told him to start, his hands were shaking as he tried to apply some makeup on you. Surprisingly, he was actually very serious. Aside from his shaking hands in the beginning, he eventually relaxed. Though you couldn’t help but tease him so there were times when you suddenly smiled at him, making him lose concentration and blush.

When he silently said that he was finish, you grabbed a mirror and your mouth dropped, “What.. the… fuck?” Kagami’s eyes widened at your response and started panicking, “You don’t like it?” You shook your head, “Like it? I love it! Taiga, how did you know how to put makeup on?!” Kagami blushed and smiled. You were honestly surprised at the way he put on your makeup. You smirked, “Okay guys so that was it for this challenge! Give this video a thumbs up if you like it. If this video gets forty thousand likes, we’ll be doing a ‘Girlfriend does Boyfriend’s makeup challenge’’!” Kagami’s eyes widened, “W-what?!” And within a few days, there were already more than a 40,000 likes. “Oh Taiga~ The camera is waiting~”


His eyes sparkled the moment you mentioned the challenge to him. He was jumping with excitement. While you were preparing the camera, Kise was pacing back and forth thinking of beauty tricks that he could use. Being a model, he has seen his makeup artist apply makeup on him dozens of times and even see other makeup artists apply to other models. 

Once everything was set, Kise was already prepared and thought of the best look for you. He was slightly serious while putting on your makeup but there were times when the both of you would laugh and Kise even gave you a peck before applying any lip products.

After publishing the video, it became viral almost immediately. People loved your relationship together and hoped that the both of you wouldn’t break-up. Some were even jealous because you were dating a model and one of the Generation of Miracles. You smiled as you read all the comments. There were a few negative comments but you didn’t even care. You knew they were just jealous.


Kuroko was keeping a blank face after you told him about the challenge and even when you started filming. You looked at him with a big smile, “Are you ready, Tetsuya?” He nodded, “I’m sorry ______-chan if this ends up horribly.” You grinned and gave him a peck, whispering, “I don’t care.”

He calmly applied you makeup. He wasn’t as good as Kise and Akashi but he definitely wasn’t as horrible as Aomine. He was calm and collected and kept a straight face the whole time.You couldn’t help but adore him as he hid his struggle. When he was finish, he tilted his head to the side and asked if it was okay.

When you looked at the mirror, you couldn’t help the grin that overcame your face. It was a bit messed up but for you, it was perfect. You ended the video with a smile. But when you started editing, your eyes twitched. “Even in camera, he’s unnoticeable.”


[Sorry if this is shorter than the others]

“No.” Midorima answered for the nth time. You pouted, “Oh c’mon, I’ll… uhm…bring my lucky item with me for a whole month.” He was quiet for a moment before saying, “Fine. But its not because I want to. I just don’t want to experience bad luck everytime I’m with you since you don’t bring your lucky item.”

You smirked, “Whatever Tsun.” You started preparing your camera and makeup while Midorima was shifting uncomfortably behind you. If you were honest, he was even worse than Aomine. He didn’t know how to put your makeup on, plus he was nowhere near joking around. He was quietly mumbling, “Why am I doing this, nanodayo?”  Though in the end, you couldn’t help but laugh at how adorable the little carrot was.


“Eh? I can’t use this for your lips?” He asked, tilting his head to the side as he pointed to a candy that could change your lip color. You shook you head, laughing. Murasakibara knew nothing when it comes to makeup and he would usually just smell the product and comment on how delicious the smell was on your lip products, “No wonder your lips always taste sweet ______-chin”

You blushed and told him to stop saying stuff like that and just put on some makeup on you. He responded with a yawn, “But ______-chin is pretty even without makeup.” That caused you to blush even more, “Atsushi, you told me that you would do it.” Murasakibara continued to stare at the makeup products before finally lifting your concealer and tried to apply it on to your face. It was messy and he was being lazy but you couldn’t blame him. He was only doing this because you promised to buy him more food.

After you edited, you were hesitating in putting the video up but once you saw your fans demanding for the video, you just sighed and published it. You didn’t even have the chance to see and reply to comments because Murasakibara was already dragging you around town to look for the best candy shop.

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‪I’ve been tired the whole day and extra sleepy bc of my medicine and fact is I still am BUT now that I’m able to, I can’t sleep fml‬ 😫

Man, I’m so confused with life. I don’t know what specific area I wanna major in for college. I’m here doing my general ed classes so far and I really love working alongside children + helping them, it really makes my day. Mainly because I work with a variety of kids from autistic, special needs, non English speaking etc. I guess I’m just lost at possible occupations for my future, I don’t wanna waste my time UGH.


So I decided that since we have so many trolls who seem to have become quite the presence on our ships, I would write a little fanfic just for them, based on all they’ve told us. Hope it’s what you all had in mind when you decided to harass us! (Disclaimer: this is completely satirical, in case it wasn’t obvious) :)

Maks woke up, feeling a woman’s body pressed tightly against his. He couldn’t see her through the sleep still blurring his vision, but he could tell by the size of her breasts that it was JLo. Just then, JLo rolled over, smiling up at Maks. “So,” she asked, “Want to go to a club or something?”

“Sorry, can’t,” Maks replied hurriedly as he hopped out of bed, pulling on his jeans. “I have to go meet Devin at the beach. She’s bikini modeling today, and you know how much I love to watch that.” Without giving JLo a second glance, Maks dashed out of the apartment.

After stopping by Alina’s house for some quick morning sex, Maks made it to the beach. Just as he kissed Devin hello, his phone rang. “Damn,” he grumbled, fishing around in his pocket. “Hi, Lizzie.”

“Maks!” Lizzie exclaimed. “Listen, I know you’ll hate this, but the show wants you and Meryl to rehearse a bit today down at the studio. I think you have to go.”

“Now?” Maks whined. “But she doesn’t even have big boobs! What a waste of my day!”

“I know, I’m sorry, but you have a contract,” Lizzie sighed.

“Fine.” Maks slammed his thumb into the end button, immediately dialing Meryl.

“Maks? What do you want?” Meryl spat.

“Well, Lizzie says the producers are making us rehearse together today, so we have to get to the studio.” Maks rolled his eyes.

“Seriously?” Meryl whined. “But I was just about to sleep with Fedor before going down to the rink to sit around waiting for Charlie to break up with Tanith! Can’t we do it some other time?”

“I wish.”

“Ugh, fine. But I just want to let you know I hate being around you. It makes my skin crawl.”

“Oh, trust me,” Maks replied. “The feeling is mutual.”

“Okay. Don’t forget to pretend we’re in love when we get there just to screw with people. I don’t know why, but I love doing it.”

“Me, too,” Maks said. “But do you mind if I swing by Peta’s before I get there? I haven’t slept with anyone in like an hour, I don’t think I can go any longer.”

“Okay,” Meryl replied. “Actually, that gives me time to swing by Eddy’s after I get done with Fedor. See you in an hour.”

“See you. Don’t forget we have to match to convince random people we’re in love for no apparent reason.”

“I won’t. I can’t wait until this is over and we never have to see each other again.”

Maks smiled at the thought. “Me, too.”