ugh i just need to get this out i have so many gripes about our educational system

i dont understand why students continue to be so overwhelmed by tests/projects/essays

why cant we just learn for the sake of learning in a nice, relaxed, quiet environment? why cant we learn about topical issues instead of having the same information rehashed back at us with bigger words thrown into the mix and maybe a little more information? why do we test how well you can memorize something instead of how well you’ve learned the topic? we keep being told that “you will use this everyday for the rest of your life” when asked why we need to learn about parabolas and proofs

then we’re told to be active and take part in multiple after school clubs. we’re told to keep our grades high, to not complain about our work load. we’re told to get a healthy amount of sleep on top of this, and then are tsked at when we happen to fall asleep in class. but we were just up late trying to finish that essay, or maybe drama company ran late last night(hell week, anyone?). maybe we were studying for that test we know we’re going to fail.

the fact that students are stressed to a point where they dont get enough sleep, cant focus in class, or are surrounded by peers who only know how to anger those around them(and the teacher threatens to do something, but never acts upon it) both confuses and frustrates me on such a high level.

why arent teachers monitored better? students are told to speak up, but then their voices are cast aside when they attempt to report a teacher, or an act of bullying they witnessed in the halls. even parents who come are just told their child is acting out, or that they’ll do something about it, but never do.

school would be a better place if it was more focused on the well being of its students