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This is just a thought but it would be a great oneshot or reaction or something. What if Jumin had to put down Elizabeth 3rd because she got sick (I cried when I thought about this I want to know how you feel about this)

This legit triggered me so much because I love my dog so much that I spent a week crying thinking about that one day I need to say goodbye…. well here we go T_T WARNING: This may be OOC because I know Jumin just sees Elizabeth as a cat after he puts his emotional stability on MC but whatever just enjoy (Jumin POV) (for my animal lovers please listen to this fucking song so we can die together ) * ill let y'all know when to play the song* 

Ugh. Each and every single day I recieve more and more paperwork. No matter how many hours I put into my job, I will always need more. I picked up the 649 page proposal that Assistant Kang left on my desk so I can look over it. I gave a deep sigh knowing I was going to be late going home again. Well there is nothing I can do. I must do what I can so I can support my family.

I was already on page 443 before I heard a knock on the door. I perked my head up “Who is it? Im busy. It better be important for it to demand my attention” I scowled.  The door slowly opened and Assistant Kang popped her head out. I motioned for her to come in “What is it Assistant Kang? Do I need to over look more papers? If so, just leave it on that chair” I sighed pointing at the chair with four piles of paperwork. She walked closer to me and cleared her through “Have you checked your phone Mr. Han? (Y/N) just called the office” she said with a bit of shakiness in her voice. I reached into my pocket to see that my phone was left on silent. I put the volume on high and I was shock to see I had 23 missed calls from (y/n), 12 missed called from Yoosung, and 3 missed calls from Saeyoung. Hmm. I was getting ready to go through my voice mail to see what the fuss was about before Assistant Kang interrupted my thoughts “Mr. Han you need to leave. Now.” she commanded. I gave her a puzzled look but then my wife barged into my office screaming. She panted and caught her breath “Jumin, Elizabeth is dying!” she shouted. My heart stopped and I got up and ran to my wife “What did you say!” I shouted back. My wife looked me into my eyes and I notice she had tear stains on her cheek. She grabbed my hand and dragged me outside to where Saeyoung was. She pushed me inside and Saeyoung drove to the speed of light to Yoosungs hospital. 

I ran helplessly through the hospital doors and went to the second floor. I noticed Yoosung outside of room 8 looking down at his clipboard. I ran to him and kneeled down in front of “What happened! I thought removing the tumor would guarantee Elizabeth 3rd life! What the fuck did you do! What did you do to my Elizabeth” I screeched while I shook his shoulders. He looked into my eyes and then pull me in for a hug “Im sorry Jumin okay I’m sorry! I warned you that with her age she might not make a full recovery. It’s even a miracle that she’s been alive for this long. She’s been bleeding internally and she doesn’t want to let go yet. She’s waiting for you Jumin. Im sorry… but its time..” he whimpered. I got up from the floor and started to pull on my hair trying to focus on a different pain “IM NOT READY FUCK IM NOT!! HOW CAN I SAY GOODBYE TO SOMEONE WHO SAVED ME HUH!! HOW CAN I LET HER DIE WHEN SHE HELPED ME LIVE!”I shouted while kicking a nearby trashcan. I couldn’t breath and I just fell on the floor screaming Elizabeths name. My wife and Saeyoung helped me back up to my feet and they gave me a drink of water. I breathed in heavily and then went to Yoosung to take me to Elizabeth. I told my wife and Saeyoung that I want to say goodbye by myself and they respected my wishes. 

I entered the little room and I heard painful meows coming from my sweet Elizabeth. It hurt like hell seeing her in agony. I am her owner and I will forever be her owner. I am the one that holds the power to ease her from pain. However, it meant that I must go through life without having Elizabeth 3rd greeting me at the door. I breathed in heavily and nodded at Yoosung so he can get everything ready. I signed my heart away and the assistants and Yoosung were gracious enough to give me one last time alone with her. I got the nearest chair and I sat down right by her side.  *play the song so we both can die*

I took her paw into my hand and I already felt my tears escaping my eyes “I knew this day would eventually come but I always hoped it would be many years from now. I remember the first time I settled you into my home. I was a bit distant with you because I didnt know how to take care of a cat. So I just bought you high end pet food and hoped for the best. You were really patient with me because it did took me a while to know how to properly raise you. Its funny to say but we sure did get into many fights but at the end of the day I couldn’t get mad at you. You were always there meowing happily when I got home. It felt nice having someone excited to see me. You know something my sweet Elizabeth, I really cherish the time we had together. I just wished I could of spent so many more hours with you. I wish I could repay you for everything that you have done for me. You gave me a feeling of having a home and you always listened to me when I rabbled on so many idiotic nonsense. You gave me a chance to learn to express my emotions. You were there when my own blood wasn’t. It just kills me that I need to say goodbye to you Elizabeth. You are my hardest goodbye because I know people see you as a cat, but I saw you as my child. You brought life to my dull life. It kills me seeing you in pain Elizabeth. You don’t deserve to leave this world like this but just know ill be here till your last breath. I know life will be hard without having someone to welcome me home but you can let go now Elizabeth. Im ready to do this on my own and I’m going to miss you so much. I love you so much Elizabeth. You can let go now” I whispered. I leaned down and kissed her paw gently. I got up and hugged her and I notice she raised her head gently and licked some of my tears away. She purred and she laid her back down. I continue holding her paw till I noticed she stopped breathing. More tears were falling down my face and it was so hard to breathe. 

Wait for me at the rainbow bridge Elizabeth 3rd. 

I’ll be there to find you soon. 

Have fun with V. 


If I were with you, our moments would be few
But I’d spend each one with you


Tablo’s out here spitting poetry once again damn. I love him so much!! Gallant’s and Eric’s voices are too good ughh they both have this light tone but still different styles, they fit so well in the song. I’ve been waiting for this collab and ahhhh it’s amazing ugh just pure good music!!


I just want to say that this man right here is really the love of my life. He deserves the world, everything. He has taught me so much that i view myself way different in the best way & that i feel different as a person. He’s been the best supporter, lover, backbone i have ever had in my 21 years living on this earth & being in a serious relationship. His outlook on life is mind blowing and the talent he has is amazing. The meaning behind his songs lyrics are so breathtaking. Ugh man it’s one of the best things i’ve experienced. I just wanted to take the time out and point him out to yall since i’m always talking about my pop. There’s so much i want to say but i shall say the rest in person lol. Well i love you D, you’ll probably see this maybe idk but just know i love you so much and i want the best for you.

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how would they react if they see you freestyling to Ed Sheeran's Shape of You? c:

I absolutely love this song ^^ 

Jinhwan: He’d dance along like no one was watching

Bobby: He’d get down and join in adding some random “Yos and yeahs” in too 

B.I: “That’s my girlllll” 

Junhoe: “Ugh I can do it so much better” of course he wouldn’t mean it, it’s just him being him

Donghyuk: “kekeke not bad baby” 

Yunhyeong: He’d be cooking and he’d start dancing as soon as he hears you (gif below is mine free to use)

Chanwoo: He’s your biggest fan *Round of applause* *standing ovation*

I don’t have you here with me but at least I have a memory
—  Ariana Grande (via @electricaldreams)
“Golden Evening”  ~  James Sirius x reader

“I really love “I Promise” it’s so fucking cute!!! :) Could you maybe write something alike it again, with James Sirius X Neville’s Hufflepuff daughter? :3″ ~Anon

Aww!! Thank you so much!! I loved writing that piece! I’m sorry that this one took forever. I had made an audio part to go with it, but it won’t let me attach it… UGH! So much for singing a song and editing it😂 (this is a really good cover though, so i definitely recommend listening to it while reading:

Again, I’m really sorry it took me so long! I don’t know how I’m getting so far behind on requests! Thank you for sending this in! i loved it, and I hope you enjoy!


The prefects bathroom was the perfect place to be on a night like this one. It was quiet and empty, just how y/n liked it. She turned on the water to the giant bath, along with the bubbles and foam, taking in the flowery scents. She folded her clothes and put them in a neat pile, and after the water shut off, she jumped in and swam around in the bubbles.

Her laughs echoed in the huge lavatory, as did the drips of water from the leaky faucets. Hearing the sounds bouncing back to her against the stone walls gave her an idea. And, since Moaning Myrtle wasn’t there to “keep her company”, she didn’t have to think twice on putting it into play. She took a deep breath, hummed a tone, and started to sing.

As y/n sang nonsense, she remembered the first time she’d helped her father in their flower garden. Not only did he love dancing and the subject of Herbology, but also teaching his daughter about these simple joys through music. There was never a moment when they weren’t reciting a certain song while gardening, even during her advanced Herbology lessons. Out of habit (really just because she thought about the tune), she changed the key of her hums and started to sing “All in the Golden Afternoon” as she used her magic to make the echoes of her own voice into harmonies.

It was peaceful, just being alone with happy thoughts and tunes running through her mind. The room only being lit by torches and candles helped with that peacefulness.

The door creaked open. However, y/n wasn’t startled. She knew exactly who it was.

“What is it with you and that song?”

James Sirius sat down on the edge of the swimming pool sized bath with a questioning grin, half expecting her to freak out that he just walked in on her in the bath.

Y/n giggled. “I happen to like it. It was a bit part of my childhood.”

“Where’d your dad even get it from?” James asked.

She shrugged, unnoticeable because of the bubbles. “Some muggle ‘movie’ thing from the 50’s.”

“I love movies!”

“You know what movies are?”

He smirked. “Yeah. My dad grew up with muggles, remember?”

“Oh yeah!”

“So,” James continued, changing the subject, “are we not going to discuss the fact that I just barged in here while you were singing in the bath?”

Y/n’s giggles formed into laughs. “Well, I did give you the password, so it was a bit expected.”

Biting his lip, he chuckled nervously. “Yeah…”

She swam up to the edge where James Sirius was sitting. “You alright?”

He nodded.

“You sure?”

A smile appeared on his face. “Yes.” he said. “I’m sure.” His happy tone became more serious. “So you’re not mad?”

Y/n shook her head. “No, silly!”

“Okay, good.”

There was an awkward silence.

“Ummm…” he started again. “I’ll step out so you can get dressed.”

After James Sirius left the bathroom, y/n got out of the bath, dried herself off, and got dressed into her pajamas. She put her hair up in a messy bun and walked out into the hall. James was by the door waiting for her.


She smiled at him. “Hey!”

They walked down the long hallway together. It was strangely quiet between the two of them.

Y/n broke the silence. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah… yeah… I’m fine.” James stammered.

As they walked, she slipped her hand into his. James eyed their hands before interlocking his fingers with hers. Y/n’s heart paced. She didn’t expect her ‘move’ to go any further.

She didn’t know what to say. “Ummm…” Before she could think of anything, she looked up to see her father in front of her.

“Hello, dear! James!”

Y/n looked to the floor. “This is embarrassing.” she mumbled.

Professor Longbottom chuckled. “What is?”


“Well,” he concluded, “I’m going to go plan tomorrow’s lesson. You two go have some fun.” He walked past the two students, giving y/n a wink before turning the corner to his office.

James gave her a warm smile before leading the way to the Hufflepuff dormitories. They stopped once more in front of the entrance. He tucked a strand of y/n’s hair behind her ear. Y/n bit her lip as she smiled nervously at him.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” he whispered.

She nodded. “Okay.”

He leaned closer to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Y/n was really giggly, which made James laugh a bit.

“By the way,” he added, “you sing really pretty.”

“Thank you.”

“Maybe you could sing that song for my during Herbology tomorrow?”

A cheesy grin appeared on her face. “I’d love to.”

“Thought you would. Maybe we could find a way to watch that movie.” he winked.

Teddy came through and pushed the two apart. “Excuse me!” he joked.

The two laughed.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, y/n.”

before being pulled into the Hufflepuff common room by Teddy, y/n waved to James Sirius, still wearing that cheesy grin. “Bye!”

As she sat down on the sofa, she couldn’t help to think that James had planned all of this. But, she didn’t care. It seemed sweet to her.

Tomorrow couldn’t come fast enough.

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What are you looking forward to the most in the remake?

Ugh, that’s such a hard one to answer. On the one hand, I really want to see all those iconic scenes we love from the original, like the ballroom, and when he gives her the library, and “Be Our Guest” (which they’ve only given us the tiniest glimpses of!). I really want to see the tavern scene and Gaston’s song, and the sneak peek of it only increased my anticipation because it’s just so much fun.

But on the other hand, I’m particularly psyched to find out what this adaptation will bring to the table that’s new. I know we’re getting more backstory for both Belle and the Beast, we’re getting three new songs, we’re getting more scenes developing their relationship because it’s just a longer movie. And that’s really exciting. I love these characters, and I will take any excuse to spend more time with them and find out more about them.

I think I most want to hear “Evermore” in context, because it’s already probably the most heart-wrenching moment of the story, and a big turning point for the Beast’s character–the audience knows now that he really has learned to love selflessly. And that’s so important to me. And also I know I need to bring a box of kleenex to the theater with me, because that is probably the part that will make me weep the most. I’m so glad that the Beast is getting a song of his own, and this is a perfect place for it.

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SAME! 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Ugh I love BS&T so much, I think it’s my favorite title song by them and I could have lasted on that comeback alone for at least a year honestly but they just keep giving and giving and its all so good!!! I’m so overwhelmed 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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Hello Hello!!! Could you please tell me the artists you listen to? I love the songs you use on IG and what not! I prefer female artists but if there's male artists you really love too, please tell me! Ugh just give me your whole library <3 thank you so so much have a wonderful day !

There are so many! Goodness, I could be here all night. Hm, in the interest of not getting carpal tunnel from typing a list ten pages long (and also because I am exhausted and my eyes are rebelling against the whole idea of being open at this point) I’m going to try to be a little bit brief. But we’ll see. Brevity and I are not well acquainted. 
First off I might as well just link you to a few playlist type things I’ve put on here in the past: X , X , X , X , X

As far as specifically female artists my favourite has been, is now, and probably always will be Laura Marling. She just fills the void for me in a way nobody else quite can. 
Other favourites include (but are not limited to): Daughter, Adna, Waxahatchee, A Fine Frenzy, Frankie Cosmos, Joni Mitchell, Patty Griffin, The Staves, Karen O, Brandi Carlile, Regina Spektor, Luluc…I’m positive that I’m forgetting a lot but that’s all my brain can conjure up at the moment. Sorry I didn’t get to this question sooner! I hope any of that was what you were looking for! :)

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Music asks 3 and 4?

3. “A song tied to a specific moment in your life.”

A lot of the music that I am attached to are for key moments for my life. But one in particular is So Long Goodbye by the band 10 Years. It reminds me alot of the relationship between me and my mom. I love the song so much, loved it before she died too. But afterwards, it kinda struck a cord and ugh yeah.

4. ‘a song that is not sung in your native language.”

I’m assuming that you’ve all seen the second Cheetah Girl movie. I was obbsessed with the Cheetah Girls growing up. There is this song called  A La Nanita Nana that is performed and I love it so, so much. I dont know the english words for it but it’s just so pretty. Just in case you want to hear it here is the video

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I was tagged by @this-amaranthine-heart Thanks Mon! :)

relationship status: Very single, very sad about it, very impatient for someone to cuddle

lipstick or chapstick: neither, I guess, I don’t really wear makeup and i only use chapstick if i need to. 

last song I listened to: “Waving Through A Window” from the musical Dear Evan Hansen. AKA, my entire life. This song is like my brain in a nutshell and I’m obsessed with it and how normal and ok it makes my struggles with anxiety feel just to hear them in a song like this. Literally I just listened to it again for the sole purpose of being able to list it here and talk about how much i love it and every song from Dear Evan Hansen ugh so good so good go listen to it everyone please

Top 3 characters: Hermione Granger, Temperance Brennan, Benedick Hobbes (yes, I’m still trash)

Top 3 ships: Overall, it continues to be Ron/Hermione, Brennan/Booth, and Beadick. Though bonus round in honor of femslash february: Ginny Weasley/Luna Lovegood, Toltzmann from Ghostbusters 2016, and currently the webseries F/F ship I’m most invested in is Agatha/Gemma from The Uncanny Upshurs? Yeah. (I ship so much femslash this was so hard to decide on like I didn’t even mention Winterking or Annabel Lee/Lenore or Emliot or anything gah why)

I shall tag @cacophonyofolives @captainswan618 @hideous-ideas-of-a-young-girl and whoever else wants to do this! :)

Tagged by: @rickylloverao3! Thank you so much dear! :3 :3 :3 *loads of hugs and love*

Currently in love with… One Show: UGH! I can’t choose just ONE! XP The Walking Dead and BBC’s Sherlock!!! :)

Two performers: Hmmm… Norman Reedus and Benedict Cumberbatch! :3

 Three songs: Melanie Martinez : The Show, Sia : The Whisperer and BABYMETAL : Doki Doki Morning!

 Four operas/books/plays: The tales of Edgar Allan Poe, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly and so so so sooooo many more!!! :) I adore books so much!

 Five foods: Chinese/Japanes/Vietnamese ASIAN food :D, Sardines, Cereal, Watermelon and Pumpkin Pie. 

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I love the song “Nobody Needs to Know” from the Last Five Years. 

It’s so fucking self-destructive. In my mind he’s telling us “look, I’m doing a shitty thing, but look how terrible my relationship is! There are reasons!” and he’s trying SO HARD to justify it, but in the end he’s just trying to escape the mess he and Kathy have made of their relationship, and escape the whole world and ugh it just hurts so good.

Plus there is a verse that is punctuated by these strong piano chords and they are like physical blows that I can practically feel.


It is an absolute travesty that this movie bombed in theatres. I loved it, and I still do. I think this was the first Disney movie I tried to make a character to wedge into the plot. So much creativity, fantastic characters, unique designs, and just. Ugh. So good you guys. Go watch it if you haven’t, seriously. It’s one of the few Disney movies I’ve purchased for Blu-ray.