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 okay watched the new shadowhunters episode and all i want to say right now is pROTECT LIGHTWOOD SIBLINGS AT ALL COSTS FOR FUCK’S SAKE

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{chocolat anon} Weel, like i said, here I am again to request something for Ennoshita (he deserves more love tbh), maybe a date at a theme park with his rather shy s/o? Thank you so much<3

Yes, thank you, I agree completely ♡  Some Ennoshita love coming right up! This is kinda a first date type thing, FYI.

Every so often Ennoshita’s hand brushed theirs. He wanted to hold their hand, he really did, but every time he worked up the courage to reach for it, they’d ball it into a fist or reach to brush their hair out of their eyes, and that quickly he lost his nerve. He’d almost begun to worry that it was something he was doing wrong, but every time he glanced at them there was a soft flush across their cheeks. Every so often they looked over at him with the softest smile, and with the warmth that bubbled in his chest he could only imagine what their hand in his would feel like.

“So what do you want to ride next?” He asked to squelch the butterflies, scanning the nearby rides. “That one?” He pointed to the nearest ride, a roller coaster with the highest hill in the park. They paused just long enough before nodding to show their hesitance. “We don’t have to.” He said quickly.

“No, It’s fine.” They nodded resolutely, already moving to get in line. He wasn’t entirely convinced, but he followed right behind them. Up close, the ride looked even more intimidating, and he was just about to suggest that they find something tamer when their turn came up and they stepped forward. He eyed the first hill warily as soon as the lap bar came down, and when he glanced over at them their expression matched what he imagined his own looked like. 

The ride jerked into motion, and he heard their gasp as he felt them stiffen beside him. “You okay?” His brow crinkled. It was entirely too late to turn back now. They nodded mutely, and at the look on their face he took a deep breath and grabbed their hand just as the car reached the top of the hill. He wasn’t sure which of them screeched louder on the descent, but their hand squeezed tight in his felt every bit as small and warm and perfect as it looked. By the time the ride pulled back into the station he was gasping for breath, but when they leaned against him briefly it all caught in his throat.

“That was terrifying.” They said with a weak smile, and he sighed, returning the grin easily.

“I think I want to ride the teacups next.” He agreed. They got off the ride, but their hand stayed firmly in his. As he wove their fingers together he shifted just a little bit closer. He decided that today had turned out to be pretty much perfect.

Just when I get back into the swing of things
I get sick. I recently caught a nasty bug that
has been going around my town. So please
bear with me when it comes to basically
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Hi, I'm a relatively new fan and I just found your tumblr. I love ugh and I read on tumblr that it's about cocaine. Is that confirmed or just an assumption? Also if it is about cocaine the line "taking over my life a second time" confuses me. Was Matty an addict/ had an issue with cocaine? I'm not judging! Just trying to understand the songs meaning. Thank you. Ps I understand if you dont wanna answer this but it would be nice if you would still post this so I know you got it xx

matty talks about the meaning of ugh in this interview x

Gian’s birthday is still 2 hours away here in California, but happy birthday to my love, gianluca Ginoble. You’re the baby of the group and you’re cute and handsome and have an amazing voice and perfect eyes and a perfect smile and and and and and ugh you’re just so perfect. I love you, Gianluca, with all my heart.

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I'm so confused rn:( who are 5sos dating rn? I know Luke is dating Arzaylea but supposedly calum is dating Nia Lovelis and ugh I'm just so confused

don’t worry abt it


Tobias + beating up people who threaten Tris

Am I the only one obsessed with how the ML Staff took time to animate Chat Noir’s breathing? I mean, they could’ve thought, “Oyeah, everyone’s focusing on Marinette in this scene, even Chat Noir himself, so let’s just have HER move, and maybe throw in a few blinks for Chat Noir and call it a day.“


Okay, so they actually do make people breathe all the time, but I think I especially noticed it in this scene because you can see his whole torso for more than one second, and the breathing looks so natural and UGH I just love the attention to detail.