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Taken for Granted (pt 2)

A/N: I’ll go back to texts in the next part, it just didn’t fit with this part. Want part 3?? LET ME KNOW!

P.s. probably won’t be too active till like next week.

Part 1

You had always been close to the guys…well at least six of them. You had worked as an intern at BigHit when the guys were trainees and eventually debuted. However, you moved onto a bigger and better job, but still managed to stay good friends with the group. You somehow ended up at JYP in hopes of being a manager one day. But you were still one of their treasured friends, and they valued your input towards the group.

You don’t know when the feelings started. Well to be completely honest, you didn’t even realize you had these feelings for Namjoon. But what Hoseok said was true. You were always shy around him, but somehow making him happy became important to you. You noticed all the subtle things about him and studied him like a book unconsciously. Before you knew it, you knew all the things he loved and all the things he resented.

But he became increasingly cold towards you. He never really treated you like the other boys, who were always open and friendly with you. And maybe that’s why you fell for him. Because you had to figure him out and he was always on your mind. He became your favorite puzzle to solve and once it was solved, it became your hobby making sure the puzzle stayed whole and beautiful.

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lately when girls flirt with me i get little flutters inside but i’m not willing to let myself explore these feelings because i live in the middle of the bible belt (((:


anonymous asked: my “across time and space they will always find each other” pairing
➪ ziley


Summary: After Bucky comes to your aid in a moment of panic you extend an invitation to family dinner. Neither of you could have foreseen how this small act of kindness would alter you, and your life, forever.

Warnings: Mentions of, and a situation set up for, being attacked by a man. Swearing, I can’t NOT.
Word Count: 905
Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Author’s Note: Hello my Freaky Darlings!  This fic has been sitting in my drafts for too long and I feel like I need to post it otherwise I’ll never get the drive to finish.  I’m not sure how many parts it will have, as the story continues to evolve as I explore the Reader.  

The chapters will be released once a week and will be of varying lengths. I’m going for quality over quantity, my dudes.

I had three wonderful people helping and encouraging me, it’s because of them that this is ever getting posted. Thank you @the-pri-experience @tatortot2701 and @bxckytrxsh for your support, you are all so lovely xo

After the shift you’d had at the hospital today, the last thing you wanted to do was stop for groceries. The crowded aisles, the long lines, the unpacking at home; none of these things sounded as good as Netflix and wine. Normally you’d put it off and order delivery but the fact that your entire family would be staying at your house this weekend meant it was a necessity.  God knows how much food your brothers could tuck back…

With a sigh, you pulled into a parking stall and made your way inside the store. It was getting late, your brother Jordan would give you the ‘disappointed face’ if he knew you were running errands alone: his fiancée Karen had been attacked a couple years ago while walking through a parkade after hours. With that thought, you hurriedly weaved through the aisles stocking up on snacks and the basics, like eggs and bread. The store was practically deserted so you were able to navigate around with ease: which was good because holiday hours meant it was closing early. You and another woman were the last two out before they locked the doors.

Night had fallen while you were inside and the parking lot had an ominous feeling about it. You and the other lady gave each other nervous glances and hurriedly made your way to your cars. You were really regretting your lazy morning and wished you had just done the shopping before work.

The other woman only had a few bags and was done well before you, but you were relieved to see that she sat in her car on the phone while you unloaded your full cart. Your nerves had your mind racing, and all the details of Karen’s attack were flooding your brain, amping up your anxiety. The hair on your arms was standing on end and your gut was telling you to hustle. Before you could finish packing the trunk and return your cart, the other shopper finished her phone call and started to drive away.

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Okay but imagine, not a ‘reunited’ Shield in the sense of a faction on a single brand, but instead, the Big Dog, the Architect and the Lunatic Fringe brought together by their shared complete lack of fucks left to give about anything or anyone else, showing up all over Raw and Smackdown and wreaking havoc, just for the hell of it.

Think about it.

Dean and all the shit with AJ and Ellsworth? Fuck Smackdown. Seth being screwed over by the Authority and Roman getting booed wherever he goes? Fuck Raw and fuck the WWE Universe too. Let’s fuck shit up. 

Sierra. Hotel. India. Echo. Lima. Delta.


Let me share with you why I love this movie so much. Unironically. Like, I think t his movie is awesome. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was my fucking show. I watched it all the time. Back when you had to actually know when shows came on the tv to watch them. This was my freaking show. I had bed sheets. I had toys. I STILL have some of the toys. I still watch Might Morphin’ Power Rangers the Movie because it’s awesome and I love every second of that freaking movie that makes no damn sense. I remember how emotional I was when Tommy lost his powers but then came back as the White Ranger.

So, this movie. Ugh. I love this movie. Every reference. Every cameo. When “Go Go Power Rangers” started freaking playing I felt like a fucking kid again.

I just. I have a lot of feelings okay. Don’t mind me. I’ll just be over here being emotional about a kids television show from my child hood and the awesome reboot movie.


Okay so - I thought my clinical rotations would mark a new start with a lot of room for improvements, healthy eating, and focussing on my health. 

Well. Not. 
I haven’t set foot in a gym in weeks. I haven’t done any ‘heavy’ exercising in maybe even 2 months. I have been giving in a LOT to cravings of any kind. I weigh about 63kg now, highest in 4 years, and my body image and confidence has plummeted. 

I keep telling myself ‘I need to change this’ and when I have the chance, I don’t. And I’m kind of sick of it. So I’m telling you guys because maybe that gives me some kind of urgency, the feeling that I have people who know about it and want me to succeed. 

So there you go. And I’ll go and work on it. 

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spoby snippets: "I don't have the flu, I'll be fine"

“I don’t have the flu, I’ll be fine.” Spencer grumbled as she dug through the closet, looking for something to wear to work.

Toby knew his wife too well to believe that she was fine. He could sense that she was feeling under the weather after she slept through two of her alarms. Waking up late was something that Spencer never did, even on her days off. But Toby knew that she was too stubborn to admit to feeling sick.

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I’ll Be There - Part 2

|Part 1| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6| |Part 7| |Part 8| |Part 9| |Part 10| |Part 11| |Part 12| |Part 13| |Part 14| |Part 15| |Epilogue|

Member: Hoseok 

Genre: Angst/Fluff 

Word Count: 2764

Summary: You and Hoseok are best friends and just like any story that starts like this, nothing good ever happens. One night when Hoseok is in his drunken state, he says some things that make you reconsider how much worth you actually have in his life.

A/N: to be quite honest, I feel like this part is kind of messy. I do have something planned for the next part so hopefully it will be better there. Enjoy Xx 

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“Mmm… shut up!” You turn around in your bed and feel for your phone to turn off the alarm. Once you find it you notice that it’s not your alarm that ringing, someone is calling you. Not minding who it is you pick it up.

“Hello?” Your voice is muffled as your stick your face into the mattress.

“Y/N! Where are you! Do you realize what time of the day it is?” Why do people always greet you with a loud tone?

“Huh?” You rub your eyes and look at the caller ID. Boss. Oh shit.

“Y/N! It’s 11:30 pm! Do you know how late you are? I’ve told you so many times that you must always come to work on time! This is not good work etiquette! Do you know how much work you have to do for me? This work isn’t going to get itself done —” You sit up and look for your bag, but it’s nowhere to be seen. Wait. This isn’t my room. This…isn’t even my house? What - Ah. Right.

“I’m really sorry Mr. Lee, but something suddenly came up and I won’t be able to make it to work today. I promise I’ll stay for overtime tomorrow and even come early, but I really can’t work around what happened last night. I’m so sorry.” You explain to your boss, while leaving out the part where your best friend got crazily drunk and couldn’t even function properly because of heartbreak.

“You better keep your word Ms. Y/N. I won’t let you off that easily and make that overtime for the next two days.”

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sorry for all the negativity. i just got off the phone with one of my aunts and basically the reason why CPS/police aren’t doing anything is because they don’t have a lot of the same experiences i do as my mom’s kid to be able to say firsthand all the things she’s doing to my brother and has done to me, so

we basically said we’d organize to all go together so i can talk about my experiences with a worker in person as opposed to over the phone/etc to overcome by trauma and fears with social workers to get my brother out of there.

i just want him to be okay and not have to suffer like i did. that’s all i can ask for. ugh. 

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okay so i know that isaac is hispanic, i'm also hispanic so i'm vvvvvvvvvvv happy you made him a latino, but every time i think of him i think of reece king ????? also will you ever write a story where the two main characters aren't both white ? not that i'm hating white people are cool i just love poc not trying to hate at all you're amazing i love you


because that is a legit question to ask

I am SO beyond guilty of that, having white protagonists, and only having background characters be diverse??? (and I don’t represent a lot of female characters either, and these are all things that I wasn’t really on a level where I was aware of until probably a few
Months ago) I am very aware of this as of late.

I’m both apologetic and super bummed that I started all these stories so long ago, because I can say that l was honestly??? Super blind back then to this issue of representation, and unaware that there is literally a very tiny tiny small pool of diversity even in LGBTQ books??? I PROMISE I am going to do much much better??? I think I got a comment in Taste of Ash that was like, “wow I’m so happy Anna is portrayed as a black woman and the most beautiful girl in town because her physical description reminds me of me” and that was the first time I honestly paid attention and understood how important that is??? To relate to another character on that level???
I have never really clarified anyone’s race in Wicked Boy yet because I legit can’t??? Picture??? These fucking characters???? Except I have always seen Isaac as hispanic, and AGAIN I’m v v sorry about this???

Obviously I need to recognize and grow and acknowledge that this is very important for future writings
And I was honestly going to have Miles be Hispanic as well???? But Idk guys help me out here bc I would really like for Wicked Boy to show some improvement and positive portrayals

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Sorry to bother you but I'm a big girl but with very small boobs and I'm not sure why but I always feel really self conscious about them, probably because loads of big girls talk about how much they love their chest and I just feel awful and just ugh??

I have felt that way a lot. I’m smaller on top and for a long time I felt very insecure about it. The biggest thing that helped me, and maybe it will help you, is to try not to compare yourself to other women. There are literally MILLIONS of ways to be beautiful, and the more I have focused on that the more I was able to cherish the more unique aspects of myself. 

Sometimes I still struggle with that, and thats okay!

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First of all, I’d like to apologize for not posting for so long - I’m sick again and I’m just not in a good place in general. I know a lot of you are expecting ‘King and Queen’ and I feel really shitty that I can’t deliver it to y’all. I’m working on things little by but it’s not the pace i want to work in. UGH, okay, rant over. I’ll try to post more of these one shot thingies in the meantime…


“Did ya ever have to kill a man?” The question made you stop folding laundry for a long moment, before you resumed the daily task as if nothing had happened. Daryl watched you from the couch, curious, waiting for you to answer the question.

“Yes I have, “ The Southern accent was still adoring your speech, even if you hadn’t been home in almost four years. Lifting your saddened (colour) eyes up, you looked straight at him “Have you?”

“A couple.” He shrugged. Silence fell on the room again, “Are you scared?”

“Should I be?” You stopped working, giving him a cheeky smile, “If I say I am will ya protect me like a knight in shinnin’ armor?” He rolled his eyes, cracking a small smile of his own “I’m a big girl, and I can take care of ma self just fine thank ya.” You trailed his movements as he stood up and lazily walked over to you.

“I’ll keep my eye out for ya just in case.” He said.

“Back at ya.”

Requests are opened! <3

Scene: I have been reading Marvel fanfiction (Stony, Hawksilver/whatever you wanna call them, Stucky) for the past sixteen hours straight (what is this sleep you speak of?) and I've been laughing hysterically (causing coughing and crying) at them all.
  • Me: *goes outside to take out the trash*
  • Me: *screams from all the pent up feels I've been feeling*
  • Sister: *nervous laughter* What?
  • Me: *yelling as I walk to the trash can* Marvel has ruined my life!
  • Her: How?
  • Me: By releasing that STUPID movie--
  • Her: --with stupid Pietro Maximoff? And stupid Hawkeye? And the stupid cast being absolute nerds?
  • Me: *pride intensifies*

okay so i’ve suddenly gotten a lot busier (read: prepping for a con this coming weekend) and ive had like -0 time to write but the upside is that suddenly my inspiration has increased like tenfold???? so long story short next time i start whining about feeling writers block and out of it and bleh and ugh and whine, tell me to take a goddamn break and do something else for literally just TWO DAYS. and then i’ll be drowning in love for writing again

My 2 weeks in a pregnancy scare

After sex: 

During the week start feeling nauseous:

External image

“ahahaha~ probably just over ate or something”

So damn tired:

External image

“I have been working a lot this week”

Man Im so HUNGrY!:

External image

“Might as well enjoy it! I never have time to eat anyway ^^”

Owwww my boobs are sore:

External image

“My period is coming~ ugh”

/Watches tv/:

External image

“…t-the m-m-marathon?”

Tries to rationalize:

External image

“I know our method wasnt the safest, but we were on time with everything”

/sits and watches teen mom/ 16 & pregnant/:

External image

“I feel so sorry for these girls~ this will never be me~ ahaha”

/turns channel/:

External image


/hears something thats sounds EXACTLY like what im going through/:

External image

me: there’s no way im pregnant… not possible…. okay possible, but not to me…“

Goes to google:

External image

"oh my god im pregnant. No. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

/starts thinking about my life/:

External image

“I was only a sophmore in college. I’m almost finished…. what am i going to do about school… my mom is going to murder me… where can i find a job..what will their father say… where am i going to live? what what what what what what..”

/Has realization/: 

External image

“I can just take a pregnancy test! fucking duh!”

/takes pregnancy test/:

External image


/still has irrational fear of being pregnant/:

External image

“Sometimes those test are wrong… oh my god…”

/waiting for my period/:

“please hurry the fuck up…. omg”

/finally gets my period. A DAY EARLY/:





menstrual cups!:

/When I get off my period/:

“sex? ahahahaha!" 

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who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite

Celes was honestly always one of my favorite. I love pretty much everything about her. Her bitchy, selfish behaviour that is the result of years where she fought alone to get everything she has, her unapologetic attitude, her cleverness and determination, and the more complicated, more human side of her that is still here somewhere, and that she probably doesn’t really kno what to do of.

I miss her.  I miss the time where this serie was able to make this kind of character without the narrative trying to paint them as the most despicable being ever.

Put a fictional character in my ask

Make It Work (Pt.3) // Wonwoo

“Good relationships don’t just happen. They take time, patience, and two people who truly want to be together.” -Unknown.

Genre: fluff, neighbor! & best friend!wonwoo
Word count:  2.2k

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 /

You went through your bag and took out your textbook and pen when you heard someone in front of you clear their throat. You looked up and was surprised to see Soeun standing in front of you.

“Hi,” she smiled.

Your brows furrowed, confused as to why she was talking to you and watched as she took a seat on the chair beside you.

“Sorry I ran away yesterday. I got…kind of surprised.”


“I realized that it was insensitive of me to ask you about someone else. I honestly wanted to make friends with you. I just didn’t know what else to talk about.”

You blinked, trying to process what she just said. Did she say she wanted to make friends with you? You heard her right…right?

Just then, the bell rang, prompting everyone to go back in the room and to their seats. Soeun looked back just in time to see the teacher walk in.

“Let’s eat lunch together if you want?”

You glanced at the teacher then back to her. “Uh, okay?”

“Great,” she smiled and walked back to her seat.

Your eyes followed her until she took her seat at the front. She looked back at you and smiled, giving you a little wave. You nodded and smiled back and turned your attention to the teacher in front. Well, it looks like you now have a lunch mate and maybe, just maybe, a new friend.

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