ugh i just have a lot of feelings about these two

a non-exhaustive list of things that destroyed me in The Summer Palace (SPOILERS!!):

- Damen taking a moment just to look at Laurent before Laurent knows he’s there and feeling silly-nervous about seeing him again UGH

- the revelation that Damen’s ‘IT’S JUST A FLESH WOUND’ bullshit really was just bullshit and that stab wound kind of nearly killed him, like goddamnit Damen you are the worst narrator ever, I stopped worrying about the stab wound because you were just like ‘teehee, Laurent will HAVE to be nice to me while I’m recovering from being Mildly Stabbed :D’



- ‘there was delight in seeing Laurent explore himself, a young man who was sweet, teasing, at times unexpectedly earnest. Having made the decision to let Damen in, Laurent had not gone back on it. When the walls went up, it was with Damen inside them.’ can I gift CS Pacat a bouquet of roses/my undying gratitude/the deeds to my house/my firstborn/etc just for this line ALONE, I could actually cry

- Laurent pledging his love and loyalty for Damen to the statue of Damen’s mother, like how fucking Pure and Beautiful is that, and THEN saying they should visit Auguste’s statue/grave at Arles UUGGHHHHHHHHHH


- was there literally any part of the bath scene that didn’t kill me

- such a complete and utter reversal of the original bath scene in book 1

- Laurent attending Damen, doing everything he’s told, being more gentle than Damen ever thought he could be, tenderly washing the scars on Damen’s back, ‘healing something he hadn’t known needed to be healed’ HONESTLY JUST FUCK ME UP

- ‘You didn’t know how afraid I was of you?’

‘Of me? Or of yourself?’

‘Of what was happening between us.’ SCREAM


- Laurent is learning wrestling!! from! Nikandros!!!!! I hope that is one of the forthcoming short stories I really do

- ‘‘The truth is you’re very sweet, aren’t you,’ said Damen’ SOBS

- they just walk around naked for a while??? amazing

- I’m not even going into the SWEET SCHMOOPY LOVEMAKING, like don’t even get me started


- someone knocking on the door when they are immediately post-coitus and Damen being like oH HERE WE GO because he knows exactly what Laurent is going to do 

- Damen’s retinue FINALLY showing up at the end, like how fucking far behind did he leave them, he and Laurent accomplished quite a bit in the time it took them to catch up

- it was perfect

- and I am dead


“I should thank you for working so hard to make up with Tenzin. After all, it got me closer to you.”  

I will never not ship Kyalin. There’s something about mature romances that just get to me. With these two in particular. Imagine the tender gazes, the slow brushing away a strand of hair, healing hands on tired muscles. Although they never interacted much in the show, I feel these two could have a lot together. 

So much. 

and also I think Kya would be all flirtation and puns and Lin would be so sincere and quietly romantic ugh

Okay we all know that Yoongi is not a tactile person. Everyone knows that he likes his personal space, he doesn’t touch people often; he’s an observer. In an interview, I saw that someone asked him if that would change if he were to be dating someone, and naturally, he said no. But here’s my thing. Doesn’t that make every touch that much more important?

As much as he may grumble and whine about people touching him, he’s made it quite clear whenever he genuinely doesn’t want to be touched and isn’t afraid to remove himself from the situation as smoothly as possible. He doesn’t touch people just for the camera’s sake, he chooses to do so out of his own free will. Doesn’t that show how much he cares about Jimin? How he lets this goofball get away with so much?

Sure, he’s complaining but he’s clearly not truly bothered. We all know that if Yoongi said the word, Jimin would let him go faster than he could probably process what happened all because Jimin loves and respects his hyung. Jimin understands Yoongi’s limitations and strives to make him as happy as possible without overstepping his boundaries while at the same time showering his hyung with love and affection. 

At the end of the day, care and affection are shown uniquely based on the couple and I think that’s beautiful. They don’t need to be like Taehyung and Jungkook who can’t not touch for more than a couple of minutes, they have small gestures that mean the world because of the simple fact that Yoongi isn’t free with his touch, and that makes it so much more meaningful. 

It just makes me so happy to see both so comfortable around each other both on and off camera. They both need and deserve so much and knowing that they do have people who understand and give them what they need makes me so happy for them. 

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wait what's wrong with the ones that won for jumin, like I understand for the "I'm not gay" one but I don't understand for the other one, "you know this won't be the only thing that's wrapped with a red ribbon tonight", I genuinely don't get that one, (sorry if this is like a dumb thing to ask, I just really can't understand it)

it’s a reference to his second bad end, which I just… ugh I have a lot of feelings about that. I don’t think it’s fair that the other characters have cute, romantic things or a witty, in-character joke, but Jumin’s two are a gay joke and a reference to one of his bad ends? I don’t want to get into why I dislike that bad end so much, but in short it’s reducing Jumin’s character to something he’s not. it’s just kind of upsetting, because I always feel like Jumin gets the short end of the stick.

and he wouldn’t say that while giving you chocolate on Valentine’s day!!!

 I just have a lot of emotions about Jean Valjean. I love him so much as a character, and I think he’s strangely underappreciated.The thing that’s really special about him is that he’s a guy who constantly has to make an EFFORT to try to do the right thing, the selfless thing. He’s not just a complete saint, everything is a choice for him. He uses his strength to help people and defend people and show mercy whenever he can, but he’s not above dirty fighting if it’s for the right reasons, and he’s certainly not above lying.

I think, if the role’s not in the hands of the right actor, he can come across as bland, too perfect, but with the right guy in the role, it’s amazing to see the character evolve over the course of the musical. Ugh, I just really feel that there aren’t enough heroes who are so strong but so caring, who’s not afraid to show emotion, who resists taking revenge. It’s so refreshing to see in this world of Dark and Gritty action movies.

I had to be around a lot of weight loss/exercise talk this weekend, but this is a topic that inevitably just comes up in adult company and anyway I want to dieeee

Like I don’t even want to be thin anymore. I think I used to want to be thin? Idk. I don’t give a shit.

Is a want to stop feeling so fucking awful and sick every time I don’t eat every two hours or whatever. And I want to stop having probably food/hunger triggered migraines. And I want to stop feeling so fucking judged and I want my mom to stop spinning wild theories about how being fat probably puts undue stress on my kidneys because she just pulled that out of your ass.

I want to stop hearing this story about how you eat less, maybe exercise a little and then you miraculously become thin and healthy and you never backslide anywhere and it’s fucking puppies and rainbows. Just no.

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hey idk if this'll be helpful but I legally changed my name two years ago and I'm starting the process to change it again. most people have been ok about it and the ones that aren't I keep telling myself that's a reflection on them and not me. it sucks having to go through the legal process again but I got through it last time and I'll get through it again. and if you want to change your name at any point in the future you'll get through it too. you've got this.

that really helps and makes me feel a lot better. i talked to my mom who is the most supportive person in the world and she told me that if i needed to the only person stopping me from changing it again is me so like…if that’s what i need to do then i’ll get through it somehow. and the people who would criticize or doubt me for it are probably people i don’t need in my life anyway??

ugh it just sucks second guessing yourself, you know. i hope you’re doing okay and ily <3

TFA fic: in the place that’s made of old relations

Written for the cruel, cruel anon who left this in my inbox:

I’m having a lot of feels about Force ghost Anakin communicating to Rey while she’s left on Jakku (since she was 5??? Idk if that’s true???) and using the Tatooine religion you’ve talked a lot about to sort of help her and make her feel a little less alone (especially if she’s his granddaughter I feel like there would be some sort of familial obligation)

This will all be radically AU in two weeks, so enjoy it now I guess. I tried to write it so it would work whether Leia or Luke is her parent.

Warning for some frank discussion of menstruation (because can you just imagine how awful that would be, for a girl growing up alone - luckily her Granddad is from Tatooine, where they learn the facts of life young and have zero cultural taboos around talking about them).

in the place that’s made of old relations

The first time she met him, Rey thought the world was ending.

She’d been out in the desert, exploring. Looking for…something. Someone. She didn’t know what she was looking for, really. She only knew that she had been here, alone with only BB-8, for so long.

So she’d left Bebe in the shelter, in case someone came while she was gone. That was the smart thing to do. It would be terrible, if she missed her parents coming back. And she took a comlink, so Bebe could contact her if they did. She told him this very sternly, and she knew he’d understood, because he’d sounded very annoyed when he beeped at her.

And then she’d gone out into the desert.

The sky was clear and brittle blue when she left, stretching endlessly above and around her. Rey had imagined, as she walked, that if she stepped lightly enough, she could fly right up into it.

But the sky wasn’t blue anymore. Now there was no sky at all. It had been swallowed up, eaten by the raging sand of the desert that snarled and slashed at her as if it wanted to eat her now, too.

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Sugakookie vacation au (?)

(based on the recent vapp honestly also this got long whoops ) 

  • Lots of photos like Lots they both have their own camera but end up sharing one cause Jungkook always liked Yoongi’s camera 
  • Jungkook having to carry Yoongi’s bags after a while cause Yoongi isn’t that strong and yoongi feeling a bit bad about so he gives Jungkook a massage later 

  • the two of them being v touristy but also looking like they are photographers for a magazine so in a way they blend in 

  • both of them having to point to things bc they dont english that well but still managing to make it  ( namjoon tried to teach them keyword: tried )

  • the two of them sharing clothes at some point bc they are idiots who dont properly pack (”yoongi for the love of god dont max out your credit card buying clothes” - Jin probs) 

  • Jungkook cuddling Yoongi a lot like yoongi standing enjoying the view ? you bet your ass  Jungkook is gunna wrap his arms around Yoongi

  • Yoongi have a million photos of Jungkook sleeping on the trains they take thinking its really cute 

  • Yoongi and Jungkook being able to hold hands through the streets giving each other shy glances 

  • Yoongi and Jungkook passing out one day and just lazing about the cabin they rented out being v cuddley with each other

  • getting asked when they are coming back and Yoongi is just like “i dunno” while Jungkook laughs ( two weeks turns into four weeks before Jin says he is going over to drag their asses back so they have to come back)

  • Jungkook spending forever to pick something at the store 9 out of 10 Yoongi ends up picking for him normally its a little trinket thats not common in SK

  • the two really enjoying nature and being together and they both are the happiest they been in a while cause its just them 

  • Yoongi having to wait to start the day bc Jungkook /has/ to work out (not that he minds tho cause there isnt a gym near so he works out in their room) 

  • When they get back with a bunch of stuff everyone says they looked more relaxed (cue some innuendo thrown by namjoon here) Yoongi and Jungkook saving up to do a trip like that again 

New quinx incoming and I’m all like “Ugh I don’t have ROOM in my HEART” but then I think about how I cried for two days when TG ended and how I was like “I don’t have ROOM in my HEART for Haise Sasaki!!!!!” and then like I fuckin’ turned into a big ol Haise slut and mooned over those damn pinstripes and puns and everything about that fucker and then I remember the pain of the most recent arc and I am just???? So????? 

I never thought I was a masochist but damn here I am, coming back for more. 

the asks about mcga got me thinking about the kane chronicles and one of my biggest issues with it was that Carter and Sadie never actually hashed out their sibling issues??? Like they had such different childhoods. For Carter, he didn’t actually have a childhood and Sadie was spoiled rotten but craved a connection to the two people she couldn’t really have and they hated each other for it and didn’t ever talk about it. Also, did Sadie ever realize how her grandparents kept her from her dad and brother for several reasons? the least of which was not that they wanted to protect her the way they didn’t protect their daughter??? I am just ugh there was so much unresolved feelings for me. And I feel like Sadie was always such a brat, especially to Carter. She expected him to be sympathetic to her upbringing but kind of refused to see things from his perspective. Grrrrr just lots of feelings cause the family shit wasn’t properly addressed but whatever what do I know 

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Ugh, once again Daisy Johnson erasure is popping its head up. There is an article that says 'Brie Larson is going to play Marvel's First Female Superhero'. So I guess only Stank, Hulk, Thor, Overratedeye, Captain America, even Falcon, Unlucky and Quicksilver are superheroes while SW and BW are 'cheerleaders'. Regardless of how you feel about the last two and what Marvel did, this isn't okay.


I’ve seen a lot of news sources get it right, which is to say they phrase it as, “Brie Larson is the first woman to front a movie in the MCU.” That’s accurate.

But I, too, have seen at least a few headlines use this “first female superhero” stuff, and it pisses me off, yup. 

Like, I’m never gonna be a big stan for Black Widow or whitewashed Wanda Maximoff, but that doesn’t make it okay to erase their positions as superheroes in the MCU, or to reduce them to non-superheroes because they’re on a team with the Chrises and RDJ and whoever else actually counts as a superhero. (Of course, CA:CW did help this along by getting rid of all the women before the climax of the film, yay.)

But just so we’re clear…

First woman with superpowers in the MCU:

First woman leading a property in the MCU:

So let’s please all get this right. :)))

theadminchamomile replied to your post “can we just have a fucking prayer circle for the davekat fandom”

i’ve got a feeling that the pages were drawn before davekat became like, a canon canon thing. so that’s probably why they both look so sour

its not like davekat sprung up out of nowhere on the retcon timeline, and dave and karkats personal arcs play into this too. youd think even if hussie didnt bring up that these two have been slowburning for quite a while on the chemistry and that it was going to come to a head, that hed at least mention the great lengths davehas gone as a person to be better about isolating himself and hiding behind a bullshit blank face. karkat isnt just some grumpyass grouch anymore, either, hes grown a lot too. youd think for the final animation hed maybe mention that, esp planning to put such a spotlight on their growth (and maybe at some point tell the artist jane exists.)

basically i just have a lot of Feelings about the dorian/bull relationship maturing over time, especially because I feel like both of them are at such important junctures in their respective lives during the game itself that I would love to see the aftermath 

so when they’re still together after one, three, five, ten, twenty years, what kind of men have they grown into? how dramatically have they influenced each others’ lives? 

uh tipsy rambling below

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