ugh i have to be productive today

Remember those days when I used to put those extra few minutes in to actually dry and brush my hair after a shower…yeah, me either.  I have things I should be doing now, but I got to the office a half hour early intending to be productive and then I sat down and opened my inbox and that feeling left me entirely.  Ugh!  But, at least it’s FRIDAY!  My child has also made it through an entire week without me wanting to kill him, AND all of his clothes actually still fit him properly for his band concert last night! (Let me just high-five myself for purchasing those INSANELY long pants last semester…because they actually fit this semester!  Two wears of band dress pants is a huge win in this house!)

I have so much to do today that I really shouldn’t be taking a half day.  However, my sanity demands it.  Saturday we have a couples baby shower (just ask me how much the husband is looking forward to that) and Sunday we’ll be at my parents’ house the whole day helping out with chores and reading through their insurance policies to see what more can be done for my dad.  I NEED at least a couple of hours this afternoon to be alone.  Hopefully, I’ll have some bonding time with my bike!  I’ve only gotten to ride it once this week. :( Conner will be gone all day Saturday on a band trip to a music festival and to Schlitterbahn, so hopefully the husband and I can sneak a date in after the baby shower at least!  I feel like we haven’t had a proper date night in a while!  His work has been ridiculous lately, too.  Last night during the concert, I swear, he got no less than fifteen work messages!  And, between them, he was struggling just to stay awake.  At least he took Monday off so he can have some time alone of his own.  He likes to sleep in, ride his motorcycle to breakfast, and then play in the garage.  :)  He’s the most adorable, and I couldn’t be more grateful for him every. single. day.  Regardless of how busy my work gets, I NEVER put in the kind of hours that he does.  But, he never complains, and he still comes home and manages to be loving, supportive, and just present for both of us.  I may have mentioned before that I definitely won the husband lottery! :)

Anyway, Happy Friday, everyone! :)

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I’ll indulge you with more Kidge Neighbors AU because I love you and this ship so much!

P.S. This is establishing they’re already familiar with each other. Also, their bedroom windows are directly across from each other. SFW.

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Me: Hi, what can I get for you today?“
Customer: Venti cold brew.”
Me: I’m sorry, we don’t have any cold brew right now…how about an ice coffee and then I add however many shots of espress–“
Customer: well can you make some cold brew?” (Clearly irritated that we ran out of the product)

Me: I can, but it’s going to take 24 hours.“
Customer: ugh, whatever. Give me a tall soy chai with no foam, extra hot, and two pumps of classic.”

Me: *writes it all on the cup* “your name, ma'am?”
Customer: No, thank you.“
Me: *writes it on the cup.*

s e v e n d a y s
all of my friends are on spring break but im not ugh,, i got a new plant yesterday that i named jade, its real cute :) im havin a pretty chill day today, its cloudy and rainy, perfect for drinking tea and catching up on some reading. i hope you have a lovely monday!!
(if you haven’t noticed, i dont do the days of productivity on the weekends)

16.5.2017.15/30 days of productivity

A part of my new weekly spread!
I took the Italian exam today and I think I did pretty well! Now I have to study a lot of geography for the rest of the day, ugh

may study challenge by nkbstudies:

16 (Tu). What’s your favorite study method?

It would be either flashcards, presenting material to myself or revising on a whiteboard.

🎧 aurora - runaway

wow. i’ve actually been quite productive today (editing-wise 👀..) now i only have to resist the urge to post it all at once and.. DON’T. TOUCH. THE. QUEUE :’)

At least i planned on being productive (superwholock)

I made this up and I’m really proud of it! This is part one (I’m not sure how many parts there will be) and I’m really excited to keep writing!

Warnings: Swearing, mention of death, weeping angels (I know those things freak my out when watching the show so I thought id warn anyone who doesn’t like them).

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader, Sherlock, John, The Doctor, Clara.

Enjoy :)



I wake up in the morning to the sound of my alarm clock going off. Groaning I roll over and slam my fist onto the button. The alarm goes silent and I let out a breath.

Why on earth would I put an alarm on? Well I planned on being efficient today.


I woke up again to the sound of my alarm clock going off again. Slamming my fist onto the button once again only to check the time.

Its eight o’clock. I slept for an extra hour.

I should be productive.


I push myself out of bed and go into the library where Sam is sitting running a hand through his hair.

“Good morning.” I mumble collapsing into the chair Dean normally sits at.

“Good morning.” Sam says sleepily. “You’re up early.”

“I planned on being efficient.”

“Doing what?” Sam asks.

“I have no idea.” I mumble as I run a hand through my hair. “I didn’t really think it through.”

Sam laughs quietly and I hear the familiar sound of Deans footsteps as he enters the kitchen and I hear pots and pans being moved around.

“I want breakfast.” I announce standing up. “Want anything?”

Sam nods. “Eggs.”

I groan “Ugh I thought you were gonna say no.”

He laughs and I smile “Bacon?”

“Sure.” He says and I go towards the kitchen.

“Morning.” I say as I walk into the kitchen. “What are you making?”

“Bacon and Eggs.” Dean says “Want some?”

“Sure.” I say “Oh and Sammy wants some too.”

Dean groans “I thought you were gonna say no.” He jokes and I laugh.

“You two are like twins.” Sam says entering the kitchen with a paper in his hands. “She just said the exact same thing.”

Dean holds up a hand and I high five him before getting out plates and glasses.

“Anything happening today?” Dean asks.

“Maybe.” Sam mumbles. “WE might have a case.”

“Great.” Dean groans.

“Hey were saving people!” I push his shoulder “Cheer up!”

“Id cheer up if it didn’t mean having to run around and get punched.” Dean grumbles.

“That’s the thing its weird.” Sam says “I don’t think its our usual thing.”

“Since when is our thing usual?”

“Here you go.” Dean hands me two plates of breakfast and I take one to Sam before going back to get our drinks and Dean sits down.

Pouring the drinks we listen to Sam. “It seems like people are being killed by something the cops are unable to identify. There are not finger prints and no traces of the killers.”

“That’s horrible but how do we know its our type of thing?” Dean asks.

“One of the policemen say that the tapes don’t appear to be tempered with computer wise but there are a bunch of glitches making parts of the tape, between the person being fine and then the person being dead, gone.”

“Sounds ghosty.” I say “Plus that would explain why there are no finger prints.”

“Lets check it out.” Dean says.

“After breakfast.” Sam says.

“Definitely.” I say and Dean smiles before digging in.

I walk around in my room grabbing my things before throwing on my fake FBI suit and packing away some clothing.

“Y/N hurry up!” Dean shouts.

“Hold up don’t get your pants in a twist!” I holler back and grab the last of my things.

“Took you long enough.” Dean says.

I mimic him silently and Sam rolls his eyes.

“Lets just go.” Sam’s says “Please no arguing.”

“No promises.” I smile cheekily and Dean rolls his eyes as Sam holds back a smile.

I get in the back of the impala and Dean turns on the music and AC/DC’s Back in Black bursts through the speakers.

The garage doors of the bunker opens and we begin to drive. I smile as Dean turns up the music and starts to sing along.

We drive for a few hours because the case is only a few hours over. Sam eventually joins in and for a little while were all singing along to the music.

Once we get to the crime scene we walk over to the yellow tape and step under it holding out our badges.

Dean goes to talk to the police on the scene and Sam and I walk over to the actual scene.

There’s an outline of the body and I don’t go to close. Though I’ve been hunting with my brothers for as long as I can remember it still saddens me when this happens.

“You see anything?” Sam asks as we crouch down to look around.

I go slightly closer to the outline when something catches my eye. “Yeah…it looks like…dust?”

“Dust like I need to clean?”

“No.” I say confusedly. “Dust like from a statue? I don’t know.”

I look around as Sam examines it and I look over behind us to see a fountain with a bunch of statues on it. Four to be exact. There’s one of a two small cupids and a couple facing each other.

I brush the dust that I had on my hands and hold it up to the statues. The color is slightly different but not my much. Then I look at the others and realize there are different shades of stone on all of them.

Brushing the stuff off my hands I look around and look up to see the camera that was faced directly at the scene.

Walking over to my brothers I let out a breath and they stand up.

“Looks like we need to pay the security room a visit and get a look at the footage.”

“Sounds about right.” Dean says “Lets go.”

The office isn’t that big and Sam is tapping away on the video.

“Nothing tampered that I can see. Like something near the actual camera messed with it. Think it’s a ghost?”

“Maybe.” Dean says “I mean what else do you think it could be?”

“I don’t think it’s a ghost.” I say “I mean where would a ghost get dust?”

“Well sometimes they leave traces of what happened to them at the crime scene they commit. Hurting people the same way.” Dean explains.

“I know its just I don’t think it is.” I say.

“What do you think it is then?” Dean asks.

“Sam can I take a look at the footage?” I ask motioning to the chair.

“Sure.” he says and I go through the footage.

“Something is bothering me.” I say “I just cant tell what.”

I play the video over and over. One second everything is normal and the next the screen glitches for barely a second and the person is lying there.

“What the heck?” I ask “why do I have such a bad feeling in my gut?”

“Because your watching a weird ass crime over and over?” Dean suggests “Where we just see the guy ending up dead on the ground after a millisecond of messed up footage?”

“Yeah but I mean something’s wrong.” I say “And don’t make a smart ass remark Dean Winchester.”

I turn to glare at him and he holds up his hands in defense before making a zipping motion with his mouth.

I glance at Sam and he nods at me to keep going.

I turn back to the screen when something catches my eye.

“Sam can you zoom in on the screen?” I ask giving him back the chair.

“Sure.” He says “Where?”

“The right side. The fountain.”

“Okay.” He says then confusedly “Why the fountain?”
“Shh.” I push him out of the chair lightly and he stands up so I can look at the screen better.

“Holy shit.” I say “There are five statues.”

“So?” Dean asks “What’s the big deal?”

“When we were outside and I went to look at them there were only four.” I say leaning back. “There’s a statue missing.”

“So what they stole a statue too?” Dean asks.

“No I don’t think so. I mean there was dust at the scene. It looked like dust from the sculptures.” I say. “See in this picture it’s the man the woman the two cupids and a angel that appears to be crying. But outside the angel isn’t there.”

“Do you think it’s a shape shifter?” Sam asks.

“A shape shifter turning into a statue?” I ask. “I don’t think so.”

“That’s because its not a statue.” A voice sounds from behind us and I jump and turn around. Dean lifts his gun as well as Sam only two see two men standing there. That didn’t mean anything though.

“Woh woh.” The shorter one puts his hands up. “No need for guns. Were just here to see the footage.”

“Who are you?” I ask hesitantly.

“The names Sherlock Holmes.” The taller one with dark curly hair says. “And this is John Watson.”

“Sherlock Holmes.” I say “The famous detective from London?”

“You know him?” Dean asks.

“Sort of.” I say “He’s this amazing detective. Solved so much stuff.”

“Yes well that’s what I do.” Sherlock steps forward and the boys put there guns down as Sherlock takes a seat.

“I apologize for his behavior.” John says “Its nice to meet you.”

Before I can say anything as I shake his hand Sherlock spins in his chair to look at us skeptically.

“Who are you?” Sherlock asks folding his hands together.

“Agents Stone, Floyd, and Gregory.” Dean says and we hold up our badges.

Four seconds later Sherlock narrows his eyes “Fake.”

“Excuse you?” Dean asks shocked.

“Those are fake. The numbers have shifted ten digits and two letters have been mixed with the end of the year.” Sherlock says and I raise my eyebrows putting my ID away as well as Sam and Dean.

Sherlock turns back to the computers and begins tapping away.

“So if you aren’t FBI who are you?” John asks curiously. He eyes Sherlock then us and seems to relax appearing as though he does not consider us a threat, at least as long as Sherlock doesn’t appear to see us as one, anyways.

“The names Y/N.” I say

“Y/N.” Sam says sternly.

“Look I’ve gone through that tape multiple times and trust me its not tampered with.” I say.

“I could tell the first time I watched it.” Sherlock says “I just have to check something.”

“Show off.” Dean mutters and Sherlock ignores him.

“Like I said who are you?” John asks.

I glance at Sam and Dean who look hesitantly at each other.

“The names Y/N Winchester. These are my brothers Sam and Dean.” I hold out my hand and John shakes it.

“So what are you guys really doing here?” John asks.

“You wouldn’t believe us if we told you.” Sam says.

“Ill give it a go.” John says “Trust me its probably not the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“Were hunters.” I say “As in we hunt the Supernatural. Wendigos, werewolves, vampires, ghosts. You name it we’ve hunted it.”

“That’s insane.” John says “You’re lying.”
“Were not.” Dean says.

“Well.” John says “I don’t know if I believe you but its definitely not the craziest thing I’ve heard.”

“So what is?” I ask but Sherlock standing up immediately and the chair rolling back slightly surprised us all and I jump.

“NO!” Sherlock shouts then slams his fist on the table.

“What is it Sherlock?” John asks as he walks towards the computers.

“It’s the statues.” Sherlock says.

“Told you.” I say sticking my tongue out to Sam and Dean.

“You knew?” Sherlock turns to me curiously.

“Not really.” I say “But I saw the dust at the scene and one of the statues is missing when your outside. The one of the angel crying.”

“Not quite.” Sherlock says “It’s a weeping angel.”

“what’s a weeping angel?” Sam asks hesitantly.

“Well considering you hunt monsters you will probably not find this shocking.” Sherlock says.

“You believe us?” I ask.

“Not quite.” Sherlock eyes me “But like John says its not the craziest I’ve ever heard.”
“So what is it?” I ask.

“An alien.” Sherlock says “A very very dangerous alien.”

“An alien?” Dean scoffs. “Nuhuh. Monsters I know because I deal with them daily but aliens?”

“I know it sounds crazy Dean but is it really that hard to believe?” Sam asks.

“How do we know your not pulling our legs and making fun of us for saying we hunt monsters?” I ask.

“This is murder. Its not something I joke about.”

I nod “Alright.”

“Alright.” Dean asks me surprised. “You really believe him?”

“Its not that hard to.” I say “We hunt monsters Dean. This appears no different.”

“Except they’re from space!” HE shouts “This is unbelievable.”

“I can prove it.” Sherlock says as we all walk out of the building and to the crime scene.

“How?” I ask and Sherlock looks around before the air seems almost deformed a few feet from us. A warping like sound is heard and it begins to color a darkish blue and in the form of a large box.

It fades in and out until it solidifies.

“Hello!” The door of the police box opens to show a man with a bow tie and a trench coat says happily stepping out. “Sherlock! John!” The man turns to us as a girl steps out of the box. Her hair is a dark brown and she smiles as she greets the two guys before turning to face us. “And who are you?”

“Y/N, Dean, and Sam Winchester.” John answers as we stare at the box and I snap out of it first.

“What’s your name?” I ask trying to be polite and calm though I am freaking out on the inside.

“I’m The Doctor.” The Doctor shakes my hand and proceeds to do so with Sam and Dean.

“The Doctor is his name.” Sherlock says before I can ask. I open my mouth again but he answers already. “and because it’s a predictable question.”

I shut my mouth before glaring at Sherlock. “Are you sure you’re not psychic?”

“Everyone says that.” The girl says “Even Sherlock did. I’m Clara by the way.”

“Nice to meet you too.” I say. “If you don’t mind me asking, what, you know. The box thing?”

“The TARDIS not the box thing.” The Doctor turns to face thing.

“TARDIS?” Sam asks confusedly.

“Time And Relative Dimension In Space.” Clara states proudly. “It’s The Doctors time and Space traveling machine.”

“So you’re an alien?” Dean asks Clara.

“Nope!” She says. “Well not me anyways. The Doctor is though.”

“I’m a time lord.” The Doctor says.

“These men claim to be hunters.” Sherlock turns to the Doctor “have you heard of them?”

“I may have.” The Doctor ponders. “I believe I have but I never quite was sure whether you were just a rumour or not.”

“We can prove it.” Dean says finally.

“How?” Sam whispers.

Dean smirks and I realize.

“Castiel!” WE both call and Dean shoots me a grin.

“I was called.” Castiel’s voice rings out from behind us and everyone turns to see him.

“This is Castiel.” Dean says “Angel of the Lord.”

“I like your coat.” The Doctor says.

“Your coat is very appealing as well.” Castiel says monotonly.

“He’s actually a big fluff ball.” I say to Clara as she raises her eyebrows.

“An Angel?” She asks “Like from Heaven?”

“Not like.” I say “Castiel is from Heaven.”

“Where are your wings?” She asks.

“Humans can not handle my true form so I am in a form you can comprehend.”

“Cool.” Clara says. “Well I’m Clara and that’s The Doctor and Sherlock and John.”

“Nice to meet you.” Castiel says.

“Speaking of Angels.” I say then turn to Sherlock “What about weeping Angels?”

The Doctor tenses and turns to Sherlock. “Weeping Angels?”

“Yes.” Sherlock says “When they called me down to look at the crime scene I was going to decline until I saw pictures. I had to come see for myself.”

“It’s a good thing you called me.” The Doctor says.

“Again.” Dean says “Weeping Angels?”

“A very dangerous alien race.” The Doctor says.
“So we’ve heard.” Dean mutters.

“That still doesn’t explain what it is.” Dean says.

“They disguise themselves as statues and whenever no one is looking they may move. That’s how they hide.”

“So they can also mess with footage I’m guessing?” Sam asks.

“Yes.” The Doctor says “If you so much as blink they can move.”

“They can mess with lighting, footage, anything that can help you see them.” Clara says “They’re dangerous.

“Well how do you kill one?” Dean asks.

“You cant.” The Doctor says.

“Of coarse you can.” Dean says “Anything with a pulse can be killed.”

“I don’t think it has a pulse.” Clara says. “We don’t really get close enough to find out.”

“Nor do we want to.” The Doctor says.

“Alright.” Sam says “Well it looks like we have to come up with a plan.”

“First we need to determine why they are doing this.” Sherlock says.

“Normally they are passed as murders here on earth. They aren’t normally noticed and blame it on something they understand.”

We nod. “We get that.” Sam says.

“But when they start showing up like this, which is rare, its like they’re planning something.”

“Have they before?” I ask hesitantly.

“They move to survive and spread. They will just keeping doing this until we can stop them.”

“Well it seems to only be happening in this town so far.” Sam says “So we know they haven’t spread much yet. Its busy during the day so they cant really move.”

“But at night…well…” I trail off “It gets really quiet.”

“Looks like we’ve got some work to do.” Sherlock says and we nod.

I turn to Castiel “you in?”

“Of coarse.” Castiel says.

“Alright.” I say clapping my hands together “Lets kick some statue ass.”



Sooooooooo I really hope you liked it!

Obviously there is going to be more! As mentioned before plus how could I just stop it there!

I’m really proud of this (and it totals to about nine and a half pages so woohoo!!) and I cant wait to write more.

Also thank you for almost 50 followers! I’m super happy and excited!

I also just wanted to mention that part of the reason I’m writing this (Besides knowing these guys have got to have stories together hence why I created this blog!!) is because I don’t think there are enough SUPERWHOLOCK stories!! So if yall write superwholock let me know!


write to you next time


@long-liv-prairies replied to your postI haven’t been able to write fanfic for months…

I feel you. My fabric writing ability has gone way down now that I’m working in the field almost every day.

Ugh, yeah. :( It just sucks being tired all the time. I have two days off a week, but one of those days is devoted to play production stuff, and the other is devoted to all the cleaning/cooking I didn’t get done earlier in the week. There’s just no time for anything anymore. I’ve been avoiding cleaning today because I’m too tired, but the house is a mess and I should probably get to it before the afternoon runs out. 

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hello hello hello 🙌🏻 i hope you're having a super day! just wanted to say that you're one of my favorite blogs and it would be super cool to be rated by you. well okay i'm awkward but uh today was not productive at all for me :(( i sat in front of all of my school work and scrolled through tumblr rip me. have a good dayyyyyy!

Hi Carolina! Omg this was like the cutest ask ever, I’m happy to rate your blog for you! Don’t worry I’m awkward as well lol. 

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COMPLIMENTS: Welcome to the community first off! I really like your bujjo spreads that you’ve posted. I really like your icon as well, Yasss Marylin! Overall really good blog so far! Keep up the good work and keep in touch! 


100 days of productivity: day 003

i almost forgot to post this because i have had such a busy day!! basically i was going to start learning russian today but i have been plagued with research for my english mocks next week so i’ve spent the entire day looking over them (ugh). i really love english and creative writing exams are really fun but i was having kinda a bad day. anyway, i am kind of aware on what i have to do to pass the english exams now so i’m happy about that.

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I don't know how I'm supposed to be productive today, I should have taken personal days like for his single and album releases lol. I think I might fake a phone conference and hide in my office all afternoon lmao

ugh, my work computer ate shit yesterday so the other computer I’m on has no sound. guess I’ll be watching from my phone today ahahahahah

When he's sick

A/N: request from anonto do a preference when hes sick, hope its alright this is the first preference ive wrote on here. 

p.s sorry i havent posted any imagines lately ive just been busy (:

Brad:  You where jolted awake by multiple sneezing noises coming from beside you. It was 5am and brad had to go to the studio today but he looked a mess. “Brad, you alright?” You asked groggily. “I’m sorry baby, did I wake you up” he apologized. “It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Are you okay?” He quickly got up and started to head to his closet to get dressed. “I’m fine babe, I just–” he was cut off by a sneeze “have to get to the studio” he said, you could tell how congested he was by his voice. “Get your ass over here, you fuck” you said sarcastically. He trudged over to your side of the bed and sat down next to you. You sat up and put the back of your hand on his forehead to feel how hot it was. “Oh I don’t think so baby, you have to stay home your burning!” “But–” “but nothing bradley, your not gonna get anything done if you feel like crap” and with that he just sighed and sat down. “Now I’ll go get you some cold medicine and you can just lay down” you said kissing his forehead running to get the pills and quickly texting James for brad. When you came back brad was sitting on the bed sneezing. “Here babe, take these” you say handing him a water bottle and a cold & flu pill. “Thanks baby, but can you please cuddle me” he said cutely , with his bottom lip popping out. “Of course bradley” you said hopping in bed and cuddling closely to him on his chest.  Tristan:  You were awoken by your boyfriend running to the bathroom in the middle of the night, assuming he’s sick you woke up and put your glasses quickly on and threw your hair up in a bun before going into the bathroom to help him. You Kneeled behind him a started to rub his back in comfort. Once he stopped puking, he looked so embarrassed. “I’m sorry you had to see that, and I’m sorry I woke you” he said apologetically. “Don’t even worry about it, I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Do you want me to get you some water and maybe saltine crackers to help your stomach?”. “You’re the best baby girl, and you don’t have to get—” and with that you ran out of the room cutting him off to get him water and crackers. You came back and he was sitting up with the covers over his lap. “Here you go tris” you handed him everything you’d just gotten for him, and he took them and placed the stuff on the side table. You then hopped into bed with him and sat with your legs crossed “cmon eat a few to settle your stomach” you urged. He groaned in annoyance but ate a couple crackers and a sip of water. “How’d I get so lucky” he said softly moving your hair a bit. “I ask myself the same thing everyday baby, but I’ll see you in the morning okay?” You said sweetly kissing his temple. “Goodnight babe” he said pulling you to snuggle with him.  James:  It was five a.m and James was on his way to the gym, or well getting ready. You heard the sounds of him making his protien shakes, followed by an unfamiliar sound. A cough and multiple sneezes, finally you couldn’t go back to sleep so you got up in only your big shirt and your slippers with your hair in a messy bun. “James everything alright?” You said in your groggy morning voice. “Oh I’m sorry did I wake you?” He said in a genuine tone. “Yeah but it’s okay, I heard you coughing and sneezing. I just wanted to make sure you were okay” you said looking up at him. *sneeze* “I’m fine babe, really” he said followed by another cough. You got closer to him and felt his head, it was burning. “James your warm, can you at least take your temperature for me?” He sighed and took out the thermometer from the draw and stuck it underneath his tongue. It beeped signaling that the temperature was going to be read, reading 100.1. “James cmon, you can’t go anywhere with a temp like that” you whined. “But I need to go to the gym” he said in a childish voice. “One day off from the gym isn’t gonna kill you, now come lay down with me and maybe if your lucky I’ll cuddle you. This caused him to laugh and take your hand to go back to the bedroom, where you and him both cuddled and went back to sleep.  Connor:  He was coughing like no tomorrow, you told him to take cough medicine but did he listen to you of course  not. He was coughing so much when he was preparing for the upcoming day at the studio and all you heard was the hacking coming from the other side of the room. You got out of bed and stood right behind connor giving him an annoyed look. "What” he said in defense. “Take some god damn medicine you idiot,it’ll help. And you can’t seriously think your gonna be productive at the studio today with that cough do you” you said your voice filled with sass. “I guess not. Ugh fine I’ll take the fucking cough medicine.” He said irritated. “Con I say this stuff because I wanna make sure your okay, not to annoy you okay ?” You said with a slightly sad disposition. “I know baby, I just hate that medicine it tastes horrible. I shouldn’t have been so stubborn” he said hugging you. “I’ll see you in bed?” You said questioning. “Yes baby, I’ll come back to bed after taking that disgusting medicine.” He said smiling. “I love you” you called as he walked out the door. “I love you too baby girl" 

Gaaaaahhhh!!! Today it reeeeeeally suck to be italian…because while Trials of apollo comes out today I have to wait for an awfully long expedition period from the US Ugh…. 

Anyway, here’s a little Solangelo T-shirt design I made to cheer me up! XD I actually tried to make a design for a T-shirt I wanted for myself, but feel free to check it out on my redbubble ! All of the products turned out super cute *^*/!



28 September, 2016


Heya! Today was so tiring, I am ready to get into bed right now and sleep but I have too much to do tonight ugh. I’m revising 4.3 of ESS for the test tomorrow (with some snacls ofc). This topic is so interesting though, it hardly feels like work! I still need to make notes on 20 pages for history and study for Friday’s math test RIP me


King of Neverland

It’s Monday! Ugh. I’m so tired today. I had a long weekend and I didn’t have time to do this week’s spread so I had to do it this morning while I was drinking my coffee. So it’s not at its full potential and I haven’t really written everything down yet, sorry about that.

But I ordered the 2nd and 3rd books in the series I’m reading right now. I think they’ll come in by Wednesday. So that’s something to look forward to.

I wish everyone a non tiring and hopefully good day.

I'm Not Sorry Anymore

by: Kelton Wright

A Writer, a Cyclist, and a Storm, you can find Kelton here , and buy her book here . Kelton was one of the first people I thought of for The Year Of No More Sorry, because she is always raw and honest in a way that makes you want to live harder. Although we’ve never met, she proves to me the magic of finding people you relate to and respect over the internet. Read her unapologetic punch below.

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