ugh i have to be productive today

Hello hello yes. Today I drew some stuff and decided to change up what Tater Tot looks like so -throws this into the sea- have it. I love her she’s my baby please be nice to her everyone. Y'all have such cute ocs ugh I love seeing them.

Tater tot likes to read books and play video games. Default outfit = jeans, a hoodie, and some Converse. Thank you @cremedoodle and @officialvideogamedunkey for starting the OC trend because it was fun!!


january 8th, 2018: day one

last week was my first day back, and i’m still trying to get back into the work mindset (after sleeping in and being lazy all break lmao). it’s also my first time doing this challenge! i hope that it can push me to be more productive each day.
so here’s my bujo, along with a text i’m annotating for french class today

Mornings with Jiyong

Requested by anonymous!

  • Surprisingly enough Ji is such a hoe for this soft domestic stuff
  • He’s such a baby
  • Awake and productive at 5 am or won’t get out of bed until dinner there is no in between
  • “Ugh babe it’s so early, I don’t even have work today”
  • “Jiyong it’s three in the afternoon”
  • “Precisely”
  • Is a complete drama queen about it if you have to be somewhere in the morning
  • Says he worked hard enough as a trainee, he should be able to relax at home
  • Only says that because he knows he’s an international superstar
  • Is a giant cuddler, especially when he doesn’t want to get out of bed
  • Sleeps better with someone next to him
  • If you get up first, he’ll wake up almost immediately
  • If he wakes up before you he will do everything in his power to not accidentally wake you
  • Still gets impatient though
  • “I missed you” even though you’ve been next to each other all night
  • Sometimes when he’s up at ungodly hours he’ll go out and get breakfast for you to wake up to
  • Otherwise you’ll make breakfast
  • Hugs you from behind while you make pancakes or whatever
  • Little neck kisses to distract you
  • Little neck kisses all the time tbh
  • Beside the point
  • Makes you coffee or tea or whatever you want
  • Is disgustingly domestic

Requests are open!

anonymous asked:


I’ll indulge you with more Kidge Neighbors AU because I love you and this ship so much!

P.S. This is establishing they’re already familiar with each other. Also, their bedroom windows are directly across from each other. SFW.

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Me: Hi, what can I get for you today?“
Customer: Venti cold brew.”
Me: I’m sorry, we don’t have any cold brew right now…how about an ice coffee and then I add however many shots of espress–“
Customer: well can you make some cold brew?” (Clearly irritated that we ran out of the product)

Me: I can, but it’s going to take 24 hours.“
Customer: ugh, whatever. Give me a tall soy chai with no foam, extra hot, and two pumps of classic.”

Me: *writes it all on the cup* “your name, ma'am?”
Customer: No, thank you.“
Me: *writes it on the cup.*

Remember those days when I used to put those extra few minutes in to actually dry and brush my hair after a shower…yeah, me either.  I have things I should be doing now, but I got to the office a half hour early intending to be productive and then I sat down and opened my inbox and that feeling left me entirely.  Ugh!  But, at least it’s FRIDAY!  My child has also made it through an entire week without me wanting to kill him, AND all of his clothes actually still fit him properly for his band concert last night! (Let me just high-five myself for purchasing those INSANELY long pants last semester…because they actually fit this semester!  Two wears of band dress pants is a huge win in this house!)

I have so much to do today that I really shouldn’t be taking a half day.  However, my sanity demands it.  Saturday we have a couples baby shower (just ask me how much the husband is looking forward to that) and Sunday we’ll be at my parents’ house the whole day helping out with chores and reading through their insurance policies to see what more can be done for my dad.  I NEED at least a couple of hours this afternoon to be alone.  Hopefully, I’ll have some bonding time with my bike!  I’ve only gotten to ride it once this week. :( Conner will be gone all day Saturday on a band trip to a music festival and to Schlitterbahn, so hopefully the husband and I can sneak a date in after the baby shower at least!  I feel like we haven’t had a proper date night in a while!  His work has been ridiculous lately, too.  Last night during the concert, I swear, he got no less than fifteen work messages!  And, between them, he was struggling just to stay awake.  At least he took Monday off so he can have some time alone of his own.  He likes to sleep in, ride his motorcycle to breakfast, and then play in the garage.  :)  He’s the most adorable, and I couldn’t be more grateful for him every. single. day.  Regardless of how busy my work gets, I NEVER put in the kind of hours that he does.  But, he never complains, and he still comes home and manages to be loving, supportive, and just present for both of us.  I may have mentioned before that I definitely won the husband lottery! :)

Anyway, Happy Friday, everyone! :)

s e v e n d a y s
all of my friends are on spring break but im not ugh,, i got a new plant yesterday that i named jade, its real cute :) im havin a pretty chill day today, its cloudy and rainy, perfect for drinking tea and catching up on some reading. i hope you have a lovely monday!!
(if you haven’t noticed, i dont do the days of productivity on the weekends)

platinumparfait  asked:

Why are most SFJs indecisive? I notice that a had a few friends who suggested ideas as a proposal for our project then when it came to the nitty-gritty and it was much more difficult than expected, they suddenly want to jump ship and give up on the idea even if it was already committed to our professor. :/

In a word: Ne.

Ne: I think this idea is great today. But tomorrow, I’ll have less interest in it. I think this idea is better. Oh, no, I committed to the first idea? But it’s no good! This one seems so much more promising. Ugh, that first idea is dead, and I’m stuck with it?!? I HATE THIS.

ISFJs still have Ne, and since it’s inferior, they have little to no control over it, so whenever it’s come out to play, it runs roughshod over their productivity levels. Higher Ne’s have a natural ability to weigh between ideas and discard those which are less good than a central idea, so they can be more decisive (but also hesitant to make a firm decision, since they crave openness). An ISXJ may be afraid of choosing the “wrong thing” and not have total confidence in being able to switch gears / innovate on the spot / in the middle of a project, so the idea of committing to a single idea may stress them out, since they build toward expansion (SiNe) rather than build toward details (NeSi).

ESFJs also have poor Ti so they cannot sort through their Ne-ideas as efficiently and will get derailed easily / off topic. And because neither one has Te, there’s more of a pull to ‘understand’ the topic than ‘produce with it.’

Something else to remember is that all the perceiving dominant types (EP / IJ) are working from one perceiving function (dominant) toward another (inferior) so they are more comfortable with flexibility and change and less comfortable with rigid structure because there’s a severe imbalance between their dominant perceiving function and their inferior perceiving function. Having their judging functions sandwiched in the middle of their stack between two ‘opposing / complimentary forces’ is both why they are less quick to make decisions / judge and more open to changing their minds / switching tactics than the dominant judging types (IP / EJ) who are going from one judging function to another.

- ENFP Mod

ugh i swear i either sleep way too much or way too little there’s no in between 😔

6am wake up so i guess today i’ll be productive. i plan on 700 calories, 30 minute aerobic workout & a 30 minute walk/run. i really want to make a weightloss journal but i’d have to guard it with my life to make sure my boyfriend never got his hands on it lollllll. also my fast is 55% done and doesn’t finish until 1:30, i planned to sleep until like 9 so that kinda annoyed me but whatever

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hey so that fearless girl statue is nothing more than the product of an investment firm trying to be Feminist TM and that guy who was killed by a train was in fact taking issue with that. like yeah with no other info in that post and the nature of a "pissing dog" counter statue, you couldn't have known that was the case, but yeah, just letting you know.

Yeah I found today. I just avoided reblogging the updated version is because literally all of them are guilt trippy and are like “ugh you guys just wanted to look like Woke Baes” like shut the fuck up lol it was a mistake

10|100 days of productivity 🌹

○ accidentally skipped day 9 of 100 days of productivity oops ○

I read Animal farm chapter by chapter today and made bullet points for each part and I have to do the same thing for my Slovene literature essay ugh

~ still waiting for my bujo to arrive ~

Huge surprise, there was some kind of problem verifying my insurance for my breast pump.

Thankfully my insurance people are awesome and the service people I’ve dealt with so far on the product end of things are just as fantastic. But it’s still one more thing not yet off my plate.

Today I’ve got an appointment with my PCP to get med refills. Hopefully I can get that one off my plate, ugh.

I’m overwhelmed by how much I have left to do before baby arrives. Please send help and/or cookies! 😵