ugh i have to be productive today

s e v e n d a y s
all of my friends are on spring break but im not ugh,, i got a new plant yesterday that i named jade, its real cute :) im havin a pretty chill day today, its cloudy and rainy, perfect for drinking tea and catching up on some reading. i hope you have a lovely monday!!
(if you haven’t noticed, i dont do the days of productivity on the weekends)

Life update

There has been a lot going on the past few weeks. 

So, my eating and working out has not been happening over the past few weeks. I was preparing for my interview, my mums was visiting and then I had a week off in London. I feel so ugh but it’s okay. I went to my favourite fruit and veg shop yesterday and stocked up on lots of good foods. I will be planning my meals for the week and getting back to the gym today. Today will be a productive Sunday, if I prep everything on Sunday I know I will have a good week. 

Interview- so this interview that I feel like I’ve ben preparing for forever went okay. It didn’t go terribly and it didn’t go great, but I know it didn’t go well enough for me to get the money that I need. The past few days have been really difficult coming to terms with that. So many thing were dependant upon that interview going well, whether or not I would be going back to university, whether I would be leaving my job, the amount of time I would have off to travel back to Ireland before staring my course. But I know that I will be staying in my job, overworked and underpaid. 

On the brighter side, I am in a good firm and i am learning and improving a lot. The people I get to work with are great and I learn so much from all of them. This isn’t the end, I am only 23 and I can decide what I want to do. If I want to continue in law, or not. If I want to move to London or somewhere else entirely. I have choices and I need to remember that. I can focus on myself and having an enjoyable summer. I think I’m also going on my first date since I broke up wth my ex, we’re supposed to be going for drinks next week so I’m actually looking forward to that.

I find out the outcome of the interview in a few weeks, but I don’t really need an email to confirm what I already know. I’m now going to clean my flat and go to the gym and run to get rid of all these negative interview thoughts. I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter xx

2/100 days of productivity.
Today I woke up late, ate breakfast, took my meds, washed my face and body and upsized my earstretch (from a 12g to a 10g NEVER SKIP SIZES AND WAIT AT LEAST A MONTH BETWEEN SIZES). And yeah, I should have finished the first chapter of The Star of Redemption this weekend but I don’t think I will. Too many extra-uni things to do. Ugh. I will try to do something this afternoon.

Writing Update: Camp NaNo day 16

Project: Colorweaver (2nd draft of book 1)
Word count/time for the day: 659 (about an hour of working on this)
Progress: Ugh, this hasn’t been a good writing week. I’d hoped to finish this set of four chapters, but only finished three. Tomorrow I’ll try to rewrite the 4th. Here’s to hoping next week is more productive because I missed a few days this week thanks to health stuff and having to go out today. (On the plus side, my mom-in-law made me an amazing gluten free pineapple upside down cake that was yummy yummy!)

Feelings: I LOVE that with this draft I have a much better feel for how my characters will react to any given situation. My outline had Adair getting angry and storming out. He refused to do this. Blythe stepped up to the plate and snarked her way to the end of the chapter, ultimately giving me the same result but in a much better way. The dorks wrote themselves here.

Dork status: The older Artisans are trying to tell Adair what he should and shouldn’t do as a “proper” artist. If there’s one thing Addy hates, it’s being told what to do in order to be a good Artisan. He was angry and annoyed, but not enough to get the Artisans to listen to him. So Blythe opened her mouth and started arguing with the artist’s sentinel while Etri came up with a logical solution to the problem. My trio is so freaking perfect for each other. At this point Blythe and Etri have only known Adair for a day and the three of them are already meshing their strengths and weaknesses without realizing they’re doing this. My OT3 is probably my favorite part of writing this trilogy. :D

Favorite line/excerpt of the day:
“I say this out of a wish to see you remain unharmed. It would be far too dangerous to do this on your own.”

Blythe snorted. “Adair hasn’t been hurt yet, despite the thief having the opportunity at least once when the map was stolen. Your well-guarded muse was the one who got hurt.”

Zara’s head snapped around to glare at Blythe. “You dare criticize a sentinel in her own home, Healer?”

“If the shoe fits.”

(This probably isn’t funny out of context, but Blythe’s calling out the sentinel for being crap and failing to defend her artist, which is the whole point of being a sentinel. Blythe’s mouth is going to get the trio into trouble someday lol.)

Ugh. Everything feels so joyless and gray and pointless today, and I have no energy.

Heh, well, I’ll try to bribe myself into doing productive adult stuff with delicious food, I guess.


28 September, 2016


Heya! Today was so tiring, I am ready to get into bed right now and sleep but I have too much to do tonight ugh. I’m revising 4.3 of ESS for the test tomorrow (with some snacls ofc). This topic is so interesting though, it hardly feels like work! I still need to make notes on 20 pages for history and study for Friday’s math test RIP me

Gaaaaahhhh!!! Today it reeeeeeally suck to be italian…because while Trials of apollo comes out today I have to wait for an awfully long expedition period from the US Ugh…. 

Anyway, here’s a little Solangelo T-shirt design I made to cheer me up! XD I actually tried to make a design for a T-shirt I wanted for myself, but feel free to check it out on my redbubble ! All of the products turned out super cute *^*/!


It’s Monday! Ugh. I’m so tired today. I had a long weekend and I didn’t have time to do this week’s spread so I had to do it this morning while I was drinking my coffee. So it’s not at its full potential and I haven’t really written everything down yet, sorry about that.

But I ordered the 2nd and 3rd books in the series I’m reading right now. I think they’ll come in by Wednesday. So that’s something to look forward to.

I wish everyone a non tiring and hopefully good day.

November 16, 2015
Pre-dawn studying! Came to campus super early again to get some work done. Today is also the day I register for classes next quarter but for some reason there’s a hold on my account so I have to talk with enrollment services… Ugh! Annoying! Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to start another productive week! :)


sometimes I see acomaf stuff and have to scroll by really quickly because I have things to do and can’t lay in bed crying all day about my feysand feels. and then I read a rhysand quote and I just

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I. Am. TIRED. And for no reason! I got enough sleep, haven’t done any more exercise than normal lately but for some reason I am just beat today! I was hoping that my body would warm up this morning after a couple of miles but nope. Dead legs all the way! I had some cherry juice with water this morning. I usually save that for tough workouts but today seemed like I could use some additional recovery.

Nothing too exciting going on these days. I’m still enjoying that I’m home for a few weekends in a row, even if those weekends are still filled with work and other activities. 

Still haven’t registered for any marathons yet–not even Havana. My friend and I are waiting to see what pops up flight-wise in the next few months. Luckily, it’s not a super expensive race…except the travel part.

Basically, I’m taking things easy right now. I’m okay with it.

OH! And shout-out to @clevcrew! I think I’ve mentioned that she’s building meal plans for me, right? Today I weighed in a full 7.5 pounds less than when we started and you guys…I don’t even think I’m trying that hard. Seriously, Like the food is pretty much what I would be eating normally but in different combinations. And I know I have cheated more than I should. So basically, I’m a believer. 

Ugh, my productivity timer is telling me my five minutes are up. Back to work!