ugh i have no idea how to colour

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honestly rant if u want to I'm 100% certain ur more overqualified than them

I AM!!!!!!!! This fat sack of meat (who actually TEACHES CLASSES) fucking corners me in a room alone to give me a *very colourful* description of a woman’s sexual parts… Or how about a priest who keeps low key hitting on me…or this really fruity guy who always sneers at my clothes… ugh I could go on and on. And the thing is that they are all soooooooo stupid and have literally no idea what they are talking about, they just say “smart sounding” things about like idk obscure neokantians and I’m like over here knowing 9 languages and having 5 chapters of my dissertation written. Seriously I heard one student say “philiology.” Philiology. 

You know what is funny tho? It is all the young men like under 35, all the male profs (with only one exception) are totally fine to me as a girl (they might not like me for other reasons lol) 

Ok I’m calm now. That was cathartic.