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Hi! Your writing is amazing! I love everything I've read. I was wondering if you'd be willing to write Sasuke x Hinata? Prompt: Unexpectedly in love. Thanks so much! (even if you don't write them)

Part 1. AO3

(Like the tide; push, and then pull.)

Mornings in Konoha were each of them a spectacle, bright and blazing. The sun finely caressed the crests of the mountains, a lover’s morning kiss, filled entirely with heat.

Hinata blinked her eyes open and pointedly ignored the crick in her back, just there above her right hip. She could feel grains of stone pricking her palms as she pushed herself up, rising none too steadily before clutching the still-healing wound over her ribs. She rested her shoulder against the rocks, waning, lightheaded. An inn would’ve been much preferred, as far as halfway houses go, but she’d been weak and bleeding and so damned tired; this small cutout cave was her only option.

She’d dreamt of home, hot and bright and overcast with every shade of welcoming morning. Now, she lifted her fingers in front of her tilting vision and watched them shake. There was a coolness, here, amid nothing but rock and stone; It leeched into her body, her bones, and she thought of the color blue.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, this.

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Old Lotus x Palette FanFic

It was a nice day. The sun was shining, and the breeze was nice as well. It seemed as if nothing could ruin such a beautiful and perfect day. What could ruin it in the first place?

Staying inside just didn’t seem like an option to Palette, and why would he want to stay inside in the first place? Why would he want to miss his chance on not being outside that day? He could do so many things to impact on others. He could make lots of people happy!

Or he could not…

Anyways, Palette has decided to take a walk through the park. He watched as orange, red, and yellowish leaves fell from the trees around him. The sight was breath taking even though he had no breath to be taken.

He walked a bit farther on the path until he saw a bench. He thought to himself that possibly he should rest for a bit. A minute or two.

While sitting down he closed his eyes and listened to sounds of birds chirping and the swishes and whirls of the breeze. It was peaceful. So peaceful he had started to fall asleep. He tried to fight against the urge, but he couldn’t. Seamlessly falling asleep on the wooden park bench, decorated with orange and red leaves.

He felt as if he was being chased, but by who? He ran out of his house as quickly as he could.

He, if you were wondering, was Lotus. He had been living alone for the past month, hoping that his Ex wouldn’t find him. But. It seems as if he did. All he needed to know was that his Ex’s silhouette had been looming outside his first story window. The window had started to open a crack, and that’s when Lotus decided to book it out of there. It wasn’t that he was scared, it was just because he didn’t want to look at his sexy face, he didn’t want to think about all that they had done together. About how meaningless it had been to let him be so close to him only for his Ex to betray him by sleeping with another.

He hated thinking about it, it made him want to cry, but he wanted to appear tough so he hid his sadness with a thick sheet of anger.

He began to grow tired, he didn’t want to run anymore. Did he dare look back? Is he gone? Is he still following me?

Reluctantly he looked behind to see nothing, but his own footprints. Maybe it was nothing. But it felt so real to him. Maybe Lotus had just been too stressed about his old lover that he just imagined that scenario. He honestly hoped that had been the case. Otherwise he’d have to deal with his Ex more often.

Once again, if you don’t know, Lotus’s Ex is Rurik. A skeleton who is more interested in getting someone in the sheets than to actually know them on a personal level.

Lotus sighed, looks like he ran all the way out here for no reason. That’s when it hit him. Where is here? He looked around the area. It was getting dark out, but Lotus didn’t care too much about that. He debated whether or not he should explore this place or teleport home. There wasn’t much to do at home, and there was the possibility that Rurik was waiting for him like Lotus was his prey. He decided to explore, paying close attention to how dark it was getting outside.

Lotus started walking forward. Not too long did he notice a bench being occupied by a colorful looking version of his Palette. He was asleep. He shuck a bit at random moments. What the hell is he doing? Or, dreaming about?! Lotus thought, And why is he sleeping on a bench outside at this hour?!

The Palette slowly started to wake up, it startled Lotus a bit. The Palette did a quick yawn before noticing Lotus and how dark the surroundings had gotten.

“Whoa! Hello there! Hehe,” the Palette chuckled, “I didn’t expect to sleep that long, or even to sleep in the first place.” he got up and started to walk towards Lotus, not noticing how uncomfortable he was.

“Uh, hi,” Lotus replied, his voice had a hin t of irritation in it, “I guess.”

The Palette held out his hand, “I’m Palette! Palette Roller!! And what’s your name?” he seemed very excited.

Lotus stood there, staring at Palette’s hand, it shocked him to see how extroverted he was. He thought for a second before he reluctantly shook Palette’s hand.

“Oh…ugh…” Lotus said awkwardly, not really used to be social, “I’m…Goth….” (I’m editing this for all the names…and I’m just keeping this in because then I’d have to change up this fanfic and I’m not working on this monstrosity ever again) 

Palette stood there in amazement.

“Wait!!! So that means there’s two Goth’s?!” he shouted excited, “That’s amazing!!!”

“Calm down there…Pal?” Lotus said, irritation flooding his voice, “And yeah…I guess to you it’s amazing, but to me it’s a living hell!!”

Palette, who’s completely oblivious to Lotus’’s anger, looked at him like he cared about this conversation for some reason.

“Oh, why’s that?”

“Why do you fucking care?!”

“Because, why wouldn’t I care? I care about everyone!”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Darkness had fallen around them, you could hardly see anything for miles.

“Anyways, hehe, it’s getting pretty dark,” Palette says, he thinks for a moment, “Hey!! Do you want to have a sleepover?!” he exclaims, smiling.

Lotus almost jumped at Palette’s statement. A sleepover? Was this guy serious? The last time Lotus had a ‘sleepover’ he ended up chained to a pole in his own Palette’s basement, there’s no way he’d want to go through that again. But, this guy seemed as if he couldn’t hurt a fly. And this guy’s smile somehow managed to reassure Lotus somehow. It’s just that he didn’t want to say ‘yes’ right away, wouldn’t that make him seem weak or something?

“I dunno,” Lotus said, “I’m not really busy tonight, but I just met you.”

“Yeah, I understand that,” Palette agreed, “But it’s getting late and I thought it would be fun, hehe”

Lotus shivered at that word…'fun.’ He just hoped he didn’t mean it in the way a pervert, or Rurik meant it.

“What kind of 'fun?’” Lotus asked.

“Well, I guess the kind two friends have, hehe.” Palette smiled.

Why the hell is he so innocent?! Does he not realize that him and I aren’t friends?! Does he not realize that I’m not some social skeleton like him, that I’ll easily be lured in by this play of his?! But, what if it’s not a play and he’s serious?! That would be even more weird.

“So, what do you say?” Palette asked.

Without realizing it, he says the word 'yes.’


I didn’t type this all, I just copied this from my old Wattpad that I just deleted a couple minutes ago. But I did edit many names. So that took forever…lets hope I got them all changed…heh..

I dunno why I post this old shit, but I guess I am….

I’m not continuing this ever by the way, and I hope this will post the whole thing or I’ll be pissed…

Anyways the tagging time..

Lotus: @nekophy

Palette: @angexci

Good Morning

Another CS conversation, post 7x02. Mention of early pregnancy loss. 900 words, or thereabouts.

“Snow was asking how you told me.”

“Told you what?”

“About the baby.”


“Apparently, it’s quite the big thing here. A smock embroidered with ‘Daddy’s sidekick,’ a pair of socks for the grandparents, a pie in the oven–”

“Not a pie, a bun.”

“Just a single bun?”

“Yeah, just one.”

“Well, that sounds miserly.”

“Look, I didn’t come up with these things, ok? So don’t look at me like that.”

“You can’t blame me. It’s as though as soon as I begin to believe I understand this world, a new set of customs and traditions is tossed at me and I’m expected to just pretend that there’s nothing odd about a man dressed in a red suit trying to worm his way down our chimney.”

“Hey, I thought you liked Santa.”

“I like Kris Kringle. I like Father Christmas. I like Grandfather Frost. Santa’s job description, however, sounds strangely like a plausible warrant for arrest.”

“Don’t listen to him, kid. Your father blasphemes.”

“She’ll only really begin hearing around the 18th week. So I think I have free reign until then. What were you saying about four letter words not too long ago?”

“How far away is that, 18 weeks? And ‘she?’”

“Someone has to balance out your overuse of the word ‘kid.’ And just a couple more weeks. Weren’t you keeping track of how far along you were?”

“Why should I bother when I have you and the midwife reminding me every other day? Plus, ‘kid’ is definitely neutral.”

“Whale still won’t speak to me.”

“Whatever. He’s not even a real doctor. Did I tell you that Zelena keeps pestering me about taking her on as my doula?”

“Oh gods.”

“I know.”

“So Swan, how were you going to tell me?”

“Tell you?”

“What was it going to be– a bun, a bib, a small replica of a pirate ship for the bathtub?”

“Oh. Well, if it hadn’t been for the run-in with your clone, I guess it would have happened like all the other times. I mean, how was I supposed to know that this was the one that was going to stick?”

“Oh, Swan. I didn’t mean anything by it. I should have phrased it differently, love.”

“No, I get what you’re saying. If we hadn’t gone through the whole peeing on a stick thing every month. If there hadn’t been the… losses–”

“Emma, it’s fine. Let’s just change the subject.”

“Look, I’m not upset, ok?”

“Love, your face says otherwise.”

“Just pregnancy hormones. I mean, yeah, I still worry that we’ll lose this one too, but I guess a part of me doesn’t because it’s like the universe finally got the message that it was time, you know? So I get a little sad thinking about the others ones, but I’m also happy about this one and the tears are just a byproduct. Yeah, and I’m rambling now. Where were we?”

“I was about to get out of bed.”

“No, wait, don’t go. Let me think. Right, ok, how would I have told you?”

“We can have this conversation in the kitchen. Come on, I’ll make you a cup of tea and we’ll see what we can find for breakfast.”

“There were a few eggs left the other day. But hold on. I had a thought.”

“The sun is coming up.”

“So, here’s the thing. No, I do not need another blanket, thanks. Killian, I would’ve told you the exact same way I told you about the other ones, ok? If you and Regina hadn’t left to help Henry, we would have gone through the whole thing together. I would have stopped at the pharmacy on my way home and picked up a pregnancy test, just like I did. I was already really late, but I was stalling. I just didn’t want to go through all of that again. And I needed you there, ok?”

“Oh, Emma-”

“No, no. I’m not saying that it sucks you weren’t there for it. I mean, it did suck, but what I mean is that– ugh. I hate explaining stuff like this. What I mean is that you’ve been beside me every day since we got married. Well, almost. It didn’t even register in my mind that I should make a production out of this. Because that would have meant keeping something so monumental from you and I just couldn’t see the point in that. Not letting you know that you’re going to be a father just because I want to surprise you with a tiny leather jacket at Christmas? While tempting, in hindsight it just seemed kind of inane.”

“I hope you don’t use the same terminology with Snow if she brings this up.”

“What, ‘inane?’ Yeah, well I’m not saying surprising someone is stupid. She probably knitted David a sweater with DADDYX2 across the front when she found out about my brother. It’s just not…”

“…Not us?”

“Yeah. Are you disappointed?”

“No, I can’t say that I am. I wish I could have been there beside you, that’s all.”

“You’re here now.”

“And I’ll try my damnedest to be here, always.”

“Ok, stop it. I’m going to need a salt transfusion if I keep this up.”

 “Happy tears look good on you, love.”

“I’ll remind you that next time I start sobbing in the grocery store.”

“I said happy tears, not where-are-my-favorite-pop-tarts-for-the-love-of-God tears.”

“No one asked them to move the pop-tarts to another aisle.”

“Come now, love. I’ll see if I can scavenge a couple for you downstairs.”


“Hell, no. I just said it to get you out of bed. Come on, Swan. Let’s get a proper breakfast in you.

“Aye, aye, Captain.”

“…so just a single bun? Gods, this realm.”

“Hey, at least it’s not a pop-tart.”

“Small mercies, that.”

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Please don't take this the wrong way, I am genuinely curious. When you say that George has set up JonxDany from the beginning, why do you think that? His original outline had Jon falling in love with Arya, and the series was called A Song of Ice and Fire from that time. Don't you think that the two heroes coming together and marrying is a bit corny for Martin? He probably wants us to expect this to happen and will be lolling at us all.

Hi anon : )
Don’t worry, I’m not taking the ask the wrong way. Happy to discuss.
So, how did GRRM set them up as a romance that early?

Well, for starters, he wrote their stories to be very similar. Yes, many other characters take on leadership positions as well, but none on such a scale as Dany and Jon. I’m not talking about the kings because they aren’t POV characters. It’s not their story. If the story belongs to anyone, it’s Jon and Dany. Their arcs are quite traditionally that of the hero, though more grey and not so clear cut. Both start lonely but living with family. Both have a status that’s unsafe (Dany as the usurped king’s heir and Jon as a bastard). Both are noble born, but not in the right way. No one else has this problem. The other players left are either lowborn (Davos) or properly high born (Sansa, Bran, Arya, Arianne, Asha and Theon).

Both try to make the best of their circumstances after being shocked by the people they are sent to. Jon and Dany are miserable at first, but learn the ropes of their respective and similarly forced/confining situations. The Dothraki and the people at the wall are mostly rapists and brutish, yet both heroes do their best to adapt after they overcome their distress. They even make friends and start to see a way to adapt and survive.

Then everything goes wrong with the help of the supernatural. Dany meets the Magi and Jon sees an ice zombie for the first time. Both impact their stories in a way that propels them to the next section of their plot, which is wildly different from where they were in Book 1. Qarth is a “nicer” but perhaps more deadly place than the horde was for a Khaleesi, and Beyond the Wall, the windings have a certain appeal, but they are also very eager to kill Jon the moment he proves himself false.

But, most importantly, they want someone exactly like each other. Someone unpredictable and yet compassionate. Someone brave and bold. Yes, that could have been Arya for Jon, but even from the original outline, they didn’t seem like endgame. I got the sense Arya would have died in that one, to give manpain (ugh, yuck) to Jon and Tyrion. As for Dany, all the other men she’s been romantically linked have been SO wrong for her. And she knew it. There’s that lovely moment when Dany thinks about how lonely she is when her lover is right there, lying next to her. Jon has that exact same moment with Ygritte. They’re not alone, but they’re misunderstood. With the Starklings, you get the sense they would be happy, once they’re together again. Jon would be happier too, but he will have the Targ side of himself his beloved cousins won’t/cannot understand. Dany will.

They’re also the Song, so there’s that. Jon isn’t Targaryen enough to be the Song on his own. He will identify as Lyanna’s son way more than as Rhaegar’s. He is a Stark. Dany is only Fire without him as Ice.

Wow, that was long! 🤓
Anyway, I will probably write a more organized, actual essay on this at some point, with actual quotes as evidence.

As for corny, well, I think he wants to do Meant to Be right. In a way that the leads are each other’s happily ever after (until they die, if they do end up dying to save the world), but it makes sense because we know them and we the readers know they’ll understand each other. Both are leaders in the same way. Dany saves slaves and Jon saves wildlings. Both are opposed as a result. At the end of ADWD, Jon is dead and Dany is close to dying. Their hearts are lonely in the same way. In a way unique to the two of them. The other characters are lonely too, but it’s a different type of lonely. It’s going to be epic when Ice and Fire will finally unite. Can’t wait!

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can you write a soulmate!au where the first words the soulmates say to each other are inked on their wrists? if you do aus? maybe the first meeting for matsukawa, bokuto, takahiro, kentarou, aone and kuroo? if you don't do these please just ignore this ask:)

I feel like I kinda failed your request. I’m sorry (╯︵╰,)


Your shift in the café had just started when a young man with unruly black hair and sleepy eyes came up to the counter and ordered.

“I’ll have a Non-Fat Frappuccino With Extra Whipped Cream And Chocolate Sauce.”

You smiled and nodded after all you had to be friendly, but as soon as you turned around you couldn’t hold back a snort. Then, in the middle of preparing his order, you caught a glimpse at your wrist and your movements stilled. A big grin tugged on the corners of your mouth. “Stupid…,” you mumbled.

“Umm… Excuse me?” The man sounded confused.

You turned around with a big grin on the face. How could you not have noticed that peculiar order for it was inked on your wrist for so many years. So often you thought about what to tell the person ordering that drink.

“It’s stupid,” barely containing your smile, “because it’s like ordering a supersized fast-food meal and a diet coke.”

It took only a second for the man to realize what was happening. After a short glance at his wrist, a lazy grin spread on his face. “Couldn’t you think of something cooler to say? It’s pretty embarrassing having that on my wrist.”

“Pff… you’re one to talk,” you said while handing over his order. When you felt his fingers touch yours, a shiver went down your spine.

Before turning around and leaving he café, the man addressed you again, “I’m Matsukawa Issei, I’ll come by after class again.”


You slowly made your way out of the gym. It had been a long day with all that volleyball matches where you had to run around cleaning the court, providing towels and drinks for your team. It was eerily quiet when you walked through the barely lit corridors. That’s when you heard quiet whimpering in close proximity. Quietly, you drew closer and peeked inside the empty changing room.

Well, at least you thought it was empty. As you carefully went inside and peeked around the lockers, you saw a boy sitting on the ground, knees drawn to his chest and body shaking with sobs. You didn’t know what to do. Should you leave or should you try to comfort him.

Just when you decided to silently back away, the boy looked up. His round eyes were red and full of desperation, tears stained his face, his hair was dishelved. When his gaze fell on you, new tears welled up in his eyes.

“Please don’t leave me alone right now.”

You could barely understand his words because of his sobs, but the pleading tone of his voice made you instinctively go forward and sit down next to him. You had barely touched the floor, when the boy already threw his arms around you and sobbed into your shoulder. Running your fingers soothingly through his hair, you murmured, “Shh… I’m here for you, okay?”

You knew who he was. You knew since he said those words to you. The tingling on your wrist hadn’t stopped since then. But now was not the time to talk about that, now you had to make him feel safe.


The bus was crowded, too crowded for your taste. You couldn’t even find a place to steady yourself. Trying not to fall on anyone, you stumbled from one side to another. It all went well so far, until the bus driver decided to slam on the brakes. You tumbled forward until you crashed face forward into something hard.

While you still tried to collect your thoughts, you braced yourself against the thing you collided with.

“Hey, I know I’m sexy, no need to cling to me.”

You could already hear the smirk in the voice reaching your ear. Peeking up, you looked directly into a boy’s grinning face. He had narrow eyes, light brown hair and a teasing smirk plastered on his face.

You backed away from him immediately. “Ugh, seriously? Pretty full of yourself, aren’t you?”

Upon hearing those words, his grin only grew, and it dawned on you, as well. Incredulously, you looked at your wrist and back to his face again. Before you could say anything, a curve threw you out of balance. But the boy was quick to catch your wrist and pull you towards him. A long, sleek finger ghosted over the inked writing on your skin. Then he threw an arm over your shoulders, tugging you safely at his side. “Just taking care you don’t fall on anybody else. I wouldn’t want that.” He whispered into your ear, leaning down.

“Maybe you should invite me out for coffee first before getting so touchy-feely,” you grumbled, but put your arm around his waist, anyway.


“Get out of my way.”

You could hear his roar before you could see him. He shoved you away from the dog that was lying on the street, whimpering.

You fell backwards, grazing your skin because of the rough asphalt. His words stirred something inside you, your wrist prickled suspiciously, but there was no time for that now. You watched the boy cradle the hurt animal in his arms, carefully as if not to cause any more harm. Then he whipped around to you, the affection in his eyes vanishing in a second, being replaced by a burning fury, tears of anger and fear pricking at the corner of his eyes. “What happened to my dog?” he pressed out through gritted teeth.

“I-I tried to hold him back, but he r-ran on the street and got hit by a car.”

The boy paused for a second, when he heard you speak, his eyes flickering to his wrist before locking on his dog again. Tears now threatened to drip on the dog’s fur. He quickly turned around to stride away.

“W-Wait!” you shouted, leaping up to your feet. The boy stopped without turning around. “My mom will be here in a second, she will bring you to the vet,” you continued.

Right in that moment a car pulled up next to you. You took some tentative steps towards the boy and led him towards your mother’s car.

After some minutes of silence you hesitantly put a hand on the boy’s shoulder. “What’s your name?” you asked. To your surprise, he didn’t shrug it away.

“Kyoutani Kentarou,” he mumbled.

“Don’t worry, Kyoutani,” you tried to reassure him, while squeezing his shoulder gently, “He will make it.”


You always told yourself it was okay and most days it really was okay. But today was another day when everything you bottled up over the course of months threatened to break out of you. So you told your parents you would go for a little walk despite the pouring rain.

In the deserted park you plopped down on a bench. It didn’t even take a minute for your tears to start flowing. Barely five minutes later you were crying on the bench, sobs shaking your whole body while the rain already soaked your clothes.

Over your crying you missed the steps coming closer on the gravelled path. Only when they stopped in front of you, you peeked up through your fingers with red and puffy eyes. The man in front of you looked down at you with a stern gaze, his brow was furrowed and his build made him even more intimidating.

“G-go on, just l-leave me alone,” you hiccupped.

At those words, the man’s eyes widened, his stare with which he mustered your face became even more insistent. The grip on his umbrella tightened.

The rain pattering down on you suddenly stopped. Looking up again, you saw the man holding out his umbrella so you wouldn’t get any more wet. Instead raindrops were now running down his own face.


His voice was deep, rumbling, but warm and made you feel secure. It was such a simple word inked on your wrist, you heard every day and every day it got your hopes up. But this No, it felt different. It made your body shudder and tingle. It made you feel secure and warm inside despite your clothes’ dampness. You couldn’t help, but throw your arms around the man in front of you and sob into his chest. A large, calloused hand came up to pat your head and you felt better than you had in months.


Kuroo actually was on his way home, walking his usual route when something odd caught his attention. He couldn’t supress his curiosity.

“Why are you rummaging around the trash?”

Startled because of his words and sudden appearance, you shot up and looked at the strange boy standing in front of you. You always asked yourself why you had those stupid words tattooed on your wrist, because why would you ever search through rubbish? Well, now you knew.

“I lost something important,” was your only answer, tears brimming in your eyes.

Despite you obviously were shaken up, a disbelieving smile spread on the Kuroo’s face and his eyes wandered towards the words on his wrist. “Well, I guess I have to help you then,” he said determined while rolling up his sleeves.

“Seriously?” You sniffled. “Why would you help a complete stranger?”

Kuroo shot you a grin, “A look at your wrist could answer that. Now what are we searching for?”

Never in your life you thought to meet your soulmate like that. On the other hand, what could you expect if the words had something to do with trash? Certainly no romantic meeting at the beach, or something similar. You blushed at the thought, but shook your head to clear your thoughts. You described the item you were searching for.

After some minutes Kuroo triumphantly held the thing up in the air. “Got it! How did it even land in the trash if it’s so important.”

A relieved smile formed on your face. “I hid it in a stupid place and my mom accidently threw it away while cleaning my room.” Then you flung your arms around his neck. “You’re my hero. Let me buy you a coffee for it.”

Kuroo grinned down at you, “It’s a date then.”

America coming to the palace (delected scene never heard of)
  • America: *gets out of the limousine and looks to the palace* WOW THIS PALACE LOOKS HUGE!
  • Maxon: *poletly giving america his hand* Nice to meet you, *love at first sight* where you been?
  • The maids: *to america* We could show you incredible things!!
  • Kriss: *really excited* Magic!
  • Elise: *frowning* Madness!
  • Marlee: *looking at carter* Heaven!
  • Celeste: *sexy smirking towards maxon* Sin!
  • Maxon: *loving eyes to america* Saw you there and i thought...
  • America: *shocked face cause aspen is there* OH MY GOD!
  • Celeste: *whispering to the others and pointing to america* just Look at that face!
  • Maxon: *looking at his dad but thinking of america* You look like my next mistake...
  • King Clarkson: *to the girls* Love's a game!
  • Gravil: *very excited* WANNA PLAY?
  • Aspen: *in becoming guard* new money?!
  • Queen Amberly: *adjusting clarkson's suit* suit and tie!
  • America: *thinking in maxon and whispering* i can read you like a magazine...
  • Gravil: *to the girls* AIN'T IT FUNNY, RUMORS FLY!!!
  • Maxon: *shrugs* And I know you heard about me....
  • America: *noding her head* maybe i should lea-
  • Maxon: *trying to stop her* So hey, let's be friends!
  • America: *whispering* I'm dying to see how this one ends
  • Silvia: *yealling* GRAB YOUR PASSPORTS!
  • Maxon: *smilling* and my hand
  • America: *with sarcasm* I can make the bad guys good for a weekend
  • The selected: SOO IT'S GONNA BE FOREVER
  • America: OOOOOoooOr it's gonna go down in flames....
  • Maxon: *to america* You can tell me when it's over!
  • Celeste: *laughing* If the high was worth the pain!
  • Natalie: *pointing at maxon* Got a long list of ex-lovers...
  • Daphne: *whispering* They'll tell you he's insane!
  • America: *looking at maxon* 'Cause i know you love the players!
  • Everyone: AND WE LOVE THIS GAME!!!
  • America: *shrugs* 'Cause we're young and we're reckless!!
  • Maxon: *shaking his head* We'll take this way too far....
  • Lucy: *looking at aspen* It'll leave you breathless....
  • America: *also looking at aspen* Or with a nasty scar......
  • Elise: *pointing to maxon* Got a long list of ex-lovers?
  • Daphne: *explaining* Yes, They'll tell you he's insane!
  • Maxon: *to america* But I've got a blank space my deeaaar
  • America: *snapes his face* I'M NOT YOUR DEAR!
  • Maxon: And I'll write your name ;D
  • Celeste: *looking at herself in the mirror* mhhh Cherry lips!
  • Maxon: *looking at america's eyes* Crystal skies!
  • The maids: ahhh...We could show you incredible things?
  • Marlee: *thinking in Carter* Stolen kisses...
  • Aspen: *talks throw his theeth* Or Pretty lies!
  • Queen Amberly: *to clarkson* You're the king baby I'm your Queen!
  • Maxon: I'll Find out what you want!
  • America: Be that girl for ....a month?
  • Everyone: OH NO!!!!
  • America: *to maxon* SCREAMING!!!!
  • Maxon: *to america* CRYING!!!!!
  • Both Maxon and America at the same time: PERFECT STORM!!!!!
  • Adele(amberly sister): It's a Rose gardens filled with thorns!
  • Celest: *colapses in her fucking shoes*
  • Maxon: *runs to help her*
  • Aspen: *also runs to help her*
  • Marlee: Keep you second guessing like:
  • Kriss & Daphne: *looking at celeste* OH MY GOD WHO IS SHE?
  • America: *puting both ands on her waist* I get drunk on jealousy!!!
  • Maxon: *coming back and staying right in front of america* But you'll come back each time you leave!
  • America: *laughs and then gives mortal look* Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream! *walks to the garden*
  • The selected: UGH..SO IT'S GONNA BE FOREVER????
  • America: *with a match* Or it's gonna go down in flames!
  • Maxon: *startled* AMMMEEEeeRICA???
  • America: *evil smile* You can tell me when it's over!
  • Everyone: *laughing* IF THE HIGH WAS WORTH THE PAIN!
  • Kriss: *arguing with daphne* MAXON CALIX SCHREAVE DOSEN'T HAVE ANY EX-LOVERS!
  • Marlee: *still loking at carter but noding her head anyway* And Maxon isn't insane..*whispers* i think...
  • Celeste: Oh but i love the players! *looks at aspen*
  • Lucy: *while being held by Mary and Anne* HE DOES NOT LOVE THE GAME YOU HO-
  • Back to america: *to maxon* YOU'TE YOUNG AMD IM RECKLESS!
  • Maxon: You're taking this way too far..
  • America: *irritated* This is leaving me breathless...
  • Maxon: I won't let you with a nasty scar!
  • Daphne: *admits* Okay,maxon dosen't have any ex lovers...
  • Elise: AAAAAAnd i guess he's not insane...
  • Maxon: But I've got a blank space m-
  • America: *Ultimate dead look*
  • Maxon: *shrugs* I'l just write you name...
  • Celeste: *to america* Boys only want love if it's torture!
  • Maxon: NOT ME!
  • America: I don't need any of you to warn me ya
  • Everyone: This is not going to last forever...
  • America: And im not burning this down to flames
  • Maxon: I hope this will never be over...
  • Celeste: *confused* I guess the high is worth the pain?!
  • Kriss: *trying to understand* So there is no list of ex lovers?
  • The selected: *sighs* MAXON ISN'T INSANE!
  • America: OMG IM SUCH A PLAYER....
  • Aspen: *to america* Ugh...we are going to end this "game"!
  • Maxon: *holding america hands* we're young and reckless!
  • America: *shrugs* AAAAAaaand we will probably take this way too far...
  • Maxon: *tugging america ear* It'll leave you breathless!
  • America: *tracing a hand in maxon's face* Or with a nasty scar!
  • King Clarkson: *whispering to Queen Amberly* our son does not have ex lovers,right?
  • Queen amberly: *whispering back* and i hope he isn't insane!
  • America: This is too complicated baaaaby
  • Maxon: And This is kind of insane...
  • Everyone:
  • Everyone: *Cricket noises in the background*
  • America: *rubbing her hand over her brow*
  • Maxon: ugh..america...*making air quote marks* "my dear"..what are you doing?
  • America: *shaking her head* i need to forget this crazy shit...
  • Everyone: *waits*
  • America: *rubs harder*
  • Aspen: ... America?
  • America: *lets her hand fall* Yup..this isn't working...I'M OUT *picks up her bags and goes to the limousine* CALL ME WHEN THIS..."THING" IS OVER!
  • Everyone: *looks at her while she lives*
  • Maxon: *takes a deep breath and says* I knew you were trouble when you walked in...

anonymous asked:

Um hello, could you please post some nice Usona head canons? You don't have to but I'm having a really bad day and it would be nice.

u kno anon, tbh i actually p much suck at coming up with nice headcanons on the spot usually. and just in general really. but you know what i dont suck at is writing so instead i wrote you a short usona scene of something i like to imagine them doing semi-regularly. i hope u read it and enjoy it and that it makes your day a little brighter, anonymous friend

Nami hunched over her giant desk in the observation room and pressed her face into her hands and leaned hard on her elbows and just, ugh, bit on her lip and squeezed her eyes shut because everything was getting to be a bit much at the moment.

They’d be landing at Dressrosa before long — probably another day or so, and it was getting to be so late in the night, and she really should be getting some damn sleep because who knew what the hell tomorrow would bring, and, actually, that was exactly why she wasn’t sleeping, wasn’t it.

She drummed her fingertips against her desk and stared down at too many half-finished maps.

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Under Pressure (Boom!Sonamy Episode)

(I hate the title so much. This was requested from my fanfiction account. This one may have been half and half canon. I wanted to mix it up a bit. Besides, Boom Sonic isn’t as shy as Modern Sonic, so I can do a lot more with his romantic side ^^. Enjoy!

A knock on the door was heard and Sonic groaned, having been interrupted from fixing himself a chili-dog and lemonade. He reluctantly walked towards the door, opened it, and was surprised to see Amy standing there with a wide grin and holding a satchel. He raised an eyebrow at her weird expression.


“Hey, Sonic. Ya got a minute?” She walked inside past him as he looked after her confused.

“…Yeah, sure. Come on in.” He said sarcastically.

“Good. I need your body for something.”

His eyes shot open and he blushed instantly. “L-like w-what?”

Amy cocked an eyebrow at his sudden stuttering until it clicked that she probably should’ve re-worded what she said, causing her to blush as well, but then realized that Sonic’s just thinking dirty. “Ugh! Get your mind out of the gutter, you silly hog!” She waved her hands out to him, dismissing his thoughts.

He phew’d and placed his hands on his hips. “So, what is it ya need? I was kinda in the middle of somethin.” He gestured towards his chili-dog and lemonade still lying on the table next to his hammock, Amy’s eyes following.

“It can wait.” She said as she waved her hand at the ‘meal’. She sat on a stool in the middle of the room and pulled out a map from her satchel. “Come have a look at this.” By now, Sonic was annoyed by her nonchalant attitude towards his 'needs’ but decided not to argue with her and obeyed. He looked over her shoulder at the map and cocked an eyebrow.

“…What am I looking at?”

“It’s a map, silly! I found it in the archives where Cliff usually goes to find his maps. Turns out there may be an ancient, rare artifact around the Shadow Canyon mines. Only problem is, my hammer’s strength would be too much force to use on the area it’s located in. I’d need something stable to control the amount of force needed. That’s where you come in. You can pretty much control that spin dash of yours, right?”

“Look who you’re talkin to, Amy.” He said while giving a cocky grin.

Amy rolled her eyes and smirked at him. “Of course. So, are you on board?” She asked, standing up to face him excitedly.

He gave her a thumbs up and winked. “Is my name Sonic the hedgehog?”

“Okay, don’t push it.”

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Keep You Safe (Pt 2)

Longish Draco Malfoy Imagine/Oneshot (Part 2/2)

Requested: Hello!! Can you do one were you are dating draco and he is crazy about you, like he loves hopelessly, but he brokes up with you because you are a “mud-blood” and because of voldemort, and it kinda goes from there, you chose the ending, make it long please! (Sorry for the bad english btw!) and add a lil bit of smut to it. ok sorry bye

Word count: 994

Pairing: (Y/N) x Draco

Warnings: Well its during a battle

(Italics indicate flashback)

Spell after spell shot past your face, just inches away as the green and red streaks of light left a multicolored display in the dark night. There was no silence, people were screaming, rocks were falling, death eaters were laughing. Hogwarts was collapsing. Stumbling on pieces of castle rubble you try to regain your balance as you shoot spell after spell from your wand, targeting the death eaters in dark clothing but in the chaos it was hard to tell friend from foe. The shield had broken a long time ago and now Hogwarts was truly under attack, pieces of what used to be the castle flew left right and centre. Glancing among the fighters and the dead, you try to make out the faces of any of your friends, hoping that they had survived and were ok. A secret part of your mind wanted to see him among the Hogwarts fighters, hell even the death eaters if it meant seeing him safe and fighting. Draco. 

A spell shoots within centimeters of your clothing and you spin around, wand trained on whoever may be pursuing you. However shock quickly overtook you once you realize that there were two death eaters right on your tail. You were used to one straggler after you but two was too much. Why were they even after you? There were so many others that they would find worth killing. You stood still as they approached, wand waiting to deflect their killing curses but they didn’t come, instead they practically floated towards you, blasting others out their way. Then, in that moment you did the most logical thing you could think of. You ran. Hurrying away from the open battlefield you make for the great hall, hopping that once you are within the castle you may be somewhat protected. However you grind to a stop as it becomes obvious that the castle doors were barred by another group of death eaters, shooting spell after spell at anyone who came near them. You fought hard to keep back your attackers but it was useless, two death eaters now had you cornered in a pile of rubble and no matter what spell you shot at them, they would simply deflect it with a swish of their wand. You cower down against the wall, feeling you forehead slice sharply against a rouge piece of rubble and hot liquid begin to run down your face, blood mixed with tears. You curl your hands around your head for protection as the menacing figures get closer and closer.

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Fate and Foam Swords

this was supposed to be an answer to a prompt but it somehow dissolved into this????? so i guess consider it a predrabble to a drabble that will be coming?

If any third party observer were to look at the relationship between Maka Albarn and Soul Evans, there would be only one major criticism they could come up with: the two took things far too seriously.

And that, my friends, makes one hell of a story.


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anonymous asked:

Could you write a Ricky Horror imagine where you're friends with Motionless In White and you both like each other but don't know it, but the rest of the band does so you all play truth or dare and they're trying to get either of you to confess to the other until finally they just lock you in a room together and won't let you out until you guys confess (sorry if it's confusing)

Sorry this is so long! Getting back into imagine writing is a little difficult when you’ve been out of it for a while. Enjoy <3 

~ Syn


Being friends with Motionless In White has its ups and downs, it’s ups is having such goofy friends that you enjoy being with them every minutes, the down side was having feelings for one of your best friends, Motionless In White’s guitarist Richard Allen Olson the third or well known as Ricky Horror.

The guys had asked to be one of their ‘merch bitches’ as they class it as, which means I set up the bands merch, work during the concert selling their merch with one of my close girlfriend’s and lead singer of Motionless In White’s girlfriend; Sabrina. We’re half way through the tour and it’s been amazing so far, meeting fans, hanging out with my friends every day, worse thing is always getting asked my fans if Ricky and I are going out, and my feelings for Ricky growing more and more every day. Everyone on the Motionless bus knows except for Ricky, they tell me every day that he feels the same way but I doubt that.

We’re currently on our day off bored out of our brains,

“Ugh I’m so bored” Vinny says for the hundredth time

“Go find something to do” balz said

“There is nothing to do” Ryan said

“Guys, guys, guys, why don’t we play a game?” Chris suggested

“Like what babe?” Sabrina asked

“Truth or dare?” suggested Ghost. We all agreed with Ghost’s suggestion since there wasn’t anything else better to do, we all sat in a sort of circle either on the couches, floor or table,

“Chris truth or dare?” Ghost asked

“Dare” Chris said back

“I dare you to kiss Sabrina” Ghost said, Chris did what Ghost dared him to and kissed her sweetly on the lips, sigh I wish Ricky could do that to me but that wouldn’t happen. Everybody had a go of truth or dare and it was finally my turn.

“Truth or dare y/n” Vinny asked, I gulped, I couldn’t pick truth or they would think I’m too much of a woos but if I choose dare, what would happen?

“Dare” the word just slipped out of my mouth, all the guys except Ricky since he stepped out of the bus to have a smoke looked at each other with mischievous grins on their faces

“I dare you y/n to go into the back room and wait there” Vinny said smirking. I quickly stood up and headed towards to the back room to wait for whatever was happening.

A few minutes had passed and my hands had started to sweat, what’s going to happen? I started to hear footsteps and I stood up to see what would happen next, the door opened and Balz and Chris pushed Ricky into the room with me

“Now you guys have to confess something to each other, this door is going to be locked until we hear what you guys have to confess” as soon as Balz said that we heard the lock being locked on the other side of the door.

Ricky ad I stared at each other for a while

“Come on guys, confess already! Y/n do it already!”

“Y/n what do you have to confess to me?” Ricky asked, my hands started to sweat furiously

“um-um” Ricky cocked his eyebrow up

“I-I…. Ilikeyousofuckingmuch”

“What? I didn’t understand you” Ricky said confused

“I-I like you a lot” I looked down towards the ground waiting for the impact of Ricky’s rejection

“I like you too y/n, a lot too” Ricky said, you looked up and saw in this face how truthful he was being

“Really?” you asked more for yourself

“Yeah” Ricky said before stepping towards you and kissed you sweetly on the lips. You finally had gotten what you wanted all along.

“FINALLY” everyone groaned outside the door, the pair of you heard the click of the door unlocking and all of a sudden everyone bombarded you and Ricky.

manycoloureddays  asked:

ugh don't talk to me about Susan and Edmund's relationship !! that is too painful !

okay, I checked tumblr on my phone and saw this, and the fact that i’m back is All Your Fault (I hope you’re sorry).

but this was an invitation, so here are 1 am thoughts

  • ok you know su and ed aways had a close bond, because they’re the middle children in between peter and lu, and i don’t think i have to explain
  • and when ed comes back to them susan just holds him close to her for a sec and just is so grateful 
  • because she loves her little brother (always has) and the war has been so long and so hard, and she’s so glad he’s back
  • and when they start their reign, edmund is smart and he keeps studying and working and she keeps building and organizing
  • and together they both start putting the backbone of the country together
  • (and obviously lu and peter are there, but susan and edmund are there in the back planning and building and studying, and it’s no more or less important, just different)
  • but they work together, and they understand the complexity of human nature a little better
  • and edmund is a little quieter now, and they look into the shadows
  • and its in the shadows that they really defend narnia
  • with the spying and the planning and the politics of the different nations
  • they shine
  • and they have their own language of sorts; their own way of communicating
  • (and when they go back to england, and susan forgets narnia, she forgets their language; and its like a piece of edmund is torn away)
  • but they work together and edmund is her closest friend
  • (she doesn’t love him more than the others, not at all, but they can understand each other, and that means more than she can say).
  • but they go back to england
  • and its never really the same
  • susan can’t really talk about it
  • but edmund refuses to forget it (the lessons were too much, and he refuses to ignore)
  • and he needs her to talk to him, because she used to understand the words he could not always speak
  • but susan cannot listen (cannot bear the pain and the struggle, and the ease of pretending is so much more appealing)
  • edmund doesn’t stop loving her though
  • he doesn’t beg her or force her, he just waits and thinks and hopes (that she will come back to him–his older sister, the gentle queen)
  • and he just hopes
  • and waits
  • (she doesn’t come back to him, not then, not in england)
  • (it’s when she’s old and worn, and after life has been hard and long, he sees her make her way up that golden hill in Aslan’s country, and he waits for her outside the gates, the others just inside, and he says, welcome home.)
  • (he grabs her and holds her close, and it lasts longer than it had before)

there’s so many more (little tiny headcanons, about how they interact and how they disagree and how there’s always love and respect in the center of it), and this relationship was always one of my very favorite things about Narnia (and one of very first fanfics I ever wrote when I was like 16, tru story)

Where Paths Diverge (11/?)

This is a Captain Swan: Choose Your Own Adventure story where you choose the plot (details here). It’s part of my Follower Appreciation (thanks guys!)

When Regina seeks revenge for Cora’s death and a happy ending with Henry something goes horribly wrong. A canon divergence fic from 2x20 “The Evil Queen” where Regina’s failsafe isn’t an auto-destruct. Now back in the Enchanted Forest Emma and Killian are forced to pretend to be married while they figure out what happened.

Beta by @belovedcreation  Banner by @wingedlioness

Part 1| Part 2| Part 3 | Part 4A| Part 4B | Part 5| Part 6| Part 7| Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 

3K | Rated a high T

“Seriously?” Emma can’t help the frustration and disbelief in her voice; just when she thought things couldn’t get any stranger there is magic truth ice cream.

Surprisingly the woman–Sarah is it?–laughs: a soft almost creepy sound. “Always such a way with words.”

Emma doesn’t like the note of familiarity in her voice but doesn’t want to risk antagonizing her. She shares a look with Killian and though his sword is still drawn he looks as resigned as she is to putting up with the Dairy Queen’s shenanigans. She gives him a nod and he sheathes his sword.

The woman grins. “Excellent choice. Now which one of you will be answering my questions?” Emma’s eyes dart towards her and the outstretched cone (rocky road, her favorite) and her stomach twists. She knows it’s going to be her. Henry isn’t an option and Emma can’t imagine Killian wanting to put himself in such a vulnerable position. Before she can reach out her hand Killian is stepping forward.

“I believe the honor falls to me.”

Emma almost protests but she doesn’t really want to eat the ice cream cone so she bites her lip instead.

Sarah smiles and hands the cone over. Killian barely hesitates before darting his tongue out to lick all around the single scoop of rocky road. He pauses, glancing at Emma and Henry as if waiting for something. When nothing visible happens he shrugs and continues to lap at the ice cream.

Emma knows she shouldn’t be getting turned on right now but she can’t help admire the dexterity of his tongue. Not that he had exactly hidden that talent when they kissed. In his haste to eat the cone the chocolate smears across his lips and a small spot appears on his nose. If they were alone and the ice cream wasn’t a truth serum she would be very tempted to walk over and lick it off him.

Killian catches her eye and stops eating. “Swan, don’t look at me like that unless you intend on kissing me.”

He clamps his jaw shut looking as surprised as Emma feels. Henry and the Dairy Queen laugh.

Killian shoves the half-eaten cone at the sorceress. “I believe your magic is working.”

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anonymous asked:

(1/2) Hello! I just wanted to say I've been absolutely IN LOVE with your drabbles and if it's not too much to ask, could I please please please request one? I totally understand if you don't want to :) But it's established AU Klaroline and one day Caroline being the perfectionist she is, doesn't like the way Klaus's tie looks on him so she redoes it. But Klaus purposely horribly tied it because he just liked to stare at her and her adorable concentrated face and Klaus purposely screws up his tie

for the rest of the week cause he just likes to stare at her without her realizing because OBVIOUSLY SHE’S CAROLINE AND SHE’S BEAUTIFUL. But then it just becomes tradition for Caroline to tie his tie every morning because she can’t trust him to do it on his own anymore and after a while, Klaus decides to propose to her by like tying an engagement ring at the end of the tie or something so Caroline realizes it’s there when she’s tying his tie :) Sorry if this is so specific but it’s been one of those scenarios that I’ve wanted to see written as a drabble for the LONGEST time and woops sorry this is 3 messages instead of the 2 I intended and sorry if it’s a lot more specific than I originally thought it was going to but ugh ESTABLISHED KLAROLINE DOING DOMESTIC THINGS JUST GIVES ME ALL THE FEELS AND I JUST GET CARRIED AWAY. So yes, I’d LOVE for you to write this as a drabble but no biggie if not. Thanks for reading anyway! :)

I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for (I’m not really good with AU or AH so this is future Klaroline) and I tweaked the ending a bit. Apologies if it doesn’t live up to your request!


“What’s that?” Caroline asked, stopping short after exiting the bathroom and into their bedroom where Klaus was currently getting ready for the Mayor’s dinner and drinks they were attending that evening.

“What?” he asked back, looking up in the middle of shrugging on his suit jacket with furrowed brows and concern etched on his features.

“That thing around your neck!” she spat in disgust, dumping the make up bag in her hands on the vanity table before slipping into the silver heels she had picked out to go with her violet dress.

Klaus glanced down at himself, smoothing a hand down his chest as he did so. “I believe its my tie, love,” he replied bemusedly.

“No, that’s a tie. That is not the tie I picked out for you to wear tonight,” Caroline pointed out with a huff, turning to give herself a once over in the floor length mirror that decorated one side of their walk-in closet. When he failed to reply, she looked over to see a blank mask on his face. “Jeez, Klaus! The one thing you needed to do and you totally ignored me when I was telling you, didn’t you?”

“You were half naked when you were doing so, Caroline. I will admit, it wasn’t your words I was paying attention to,” he conceded smugly with a shrug, a smirk forming on his handsome features when her glare failed to portray her true annoyance due to the smile tugging at her lips.

Clearing her throat, she turned on her heel and found the dark purple silk tie she had chosen for him on his side of the closet (the part she hadn’t taken over), neatly placed with the rest of his collection. “Nuh-uh. No sweet talking or cheesy lines. Tonight has to be perfect, and to be perfect, we have to look perfect. Got it?” she demanded, pointing a finger in his direction as she walked over to him.

“Perfectly,” Klaus repeated lightly, not fighting her as she unceremoniously tugged away his current tie, throwing it haphazardly in the direction of the bed, before looping the tie she had selected around his upturned collar. He laid his hands on her waist, pulling her into his body until she elbowed him in the solar plexus to allow her some room to work.

“Shut up,” she muttered indignantly, concentrating on the task at hand as she secured his new tie with a Windsor knot. It wasn’t something she had great practice with, but after fifteen years with Klaus, there had been a few instances where her Miss Mystic Falls training had come handy. Happy with how it turned out, she nodded to herself and turned down his collar, patting the knot in pride. “There, now we match!”

“And everyone knows I belong to you,” he added teasingly, to which she scoffed.

Pressing her lips to his briefly so not to ruin her lipstick, she sighed contently when she pulled back. “Oh honey, everyone already knows that.”

“Wait!” Caroline gasped, stopping him in his stride towards the bedroom door. Giving him the once over, she took in his sleek form and pondered what it was that seemed off to her. They were hosting a small party (a ball, really, considering the namesake room they were using) to bring together the different factions of the city in a superficial imitation of peace. It was more to remind them all who was really in charge once again. “Bowtie. A bowtie will look better.”

“You are kidding, aren’t you?” Klaus asked skeptically, unsure what was wrong with his casual silver tie. Allowing him no heed, she raced quickly into the closet in her barefeet before he left. “Very well.”

Finding the drawer housing his ties, she quickly flicked through the small collection of bowties (seriously, a collection of various styles, colours and materials) until she came across an interesting one that would actually match the design of her dress. “Hey, I found this diamante studded one-”

“Not in my very long lifetime, sweetheart,” he cut her off quickly and sharply, making her smirk.

“Fine,” she brushed off, picking up the plain black one and making her way over to him. She smiled at the fact that he had already undone his tie, currently hanging loosely from his fingers. Pulling it into her hands, she tucked it into the crook of her elbow before setting about to tie his bowtie. “Why do you have it if you won’t wear it?”

“It must have been a gift or something,” he said offhandedly, and she could feel his eyes burning a hole into the top of her head. Glancing up through her lashes, she blushed at the heated gaze in his eyes. It was amazing how much adoration and love he could portray in one simply look.

Going back to the tie, her nimble fingers worked the smooth material into place before getting started on it. “Why would anyone give you a bowtie? Don’t they know you?” she asked half-heartedly, crooking an eyebrow dubiously.

“You buy me ties all the time,” he pointed out, dragging a finger down her bare arm until she was forced to slap it away to regain her concentration from where her mind had wandered into dangerous erotic territory.

“I’m your girlfriend; it’s my right to dress you how I want,” Caroline insisted, finishing up his bowtie with a wide smile and a pat to his cheek. “There! Handsome as ever.”

“The red,” Caroline advised when she passed the closet to see Klaus peering into the tie drawer.

“You’re wearing black, though,” Klaus called out, confusion lining his words but she heard the telltale sounds of rustling material and the drawer being closed.

Smirking to herself, she picked up the ruby earrings she was planning on wearing to the cocktail party that evening. ”Not underneath, I’m not.”

“You’re late! We’re going to be late!” Caroline snapped angrily as she re-entered the bedroom to find Klaus finally present and getting ready. She had gone to look for him throughout the house, but when she failed to find anyone let alone him, she had frowned in confusion before padding back to their room.

“Its our dinner, love; we can be as late as we want,” Klaus reminded her, buttoning up his crisp white shirt. She didn’t even bother to hide her roaming eyes at his toned chest, slowly being covered up until she ripped the shirt off him (if he could ruin her clothes, she would do the same to him) later that night.

Shaking her head when she realised she was being pulled into his suggestive words, she pushed away those thoughts for later. “That hasn’t worked every other time you’ve used it on me and it won’t work now,” she huffed, hands on her hips as she unashamedly watched him tuck his shirt into his pants. Averting her eyes when she caught his smug smirk, she dragged her eyes over the bed and saw there was an item missing from the rest of the clothes he had left to put on. “Where’s your tie? I put it right there not half an hour ago!”

“Its probably in the closet. I must have taken it back in there when getting changed,” he shrugged dismissively.

Caroline eyed him suspiciously before rolling them at the innocent look he shot her, dimples and all. Muttering under her breath about him being a thousand year old teenager at times, she headed into the closet, hoping to find the sky blue tie with ease.

Luckily for her, it was the first thing she saw. Laid out on the chest of drawers in the middle of the closet, she frowned when she caught sight of the small, velvet box atop of it. Picking up the box, she wrapped the tie around her hand before curiosity got the better of her.

“Do you have your cufflinks? Because you’ve left a box here on to-” she began, cracking open the small box to see what he had chosen to wear when she cut herself off at the solitaire, diamond ring that was inside. “Oh, my god.”

“Got my cufflinks,” Klaus informed her with a soft smile, leaning against the doorway as he watched her turn towards him. Shock was clearly written on her face, eyes wide and mouth slightly agape. “Do you like it?”

Caroline finally managed to tear her eyes away from the ring in her hands for a second, bouncing them from him and back again. “I- Is it-? I mean- Huh?

Chuckling, he pushed himself away from the doorway and stepped up to her. “Let this be known as the first time I have ever had you speechless,” he teased, but she merely blinked back at him. Taking the jewellery box from her hands, he dropped down onto one knee and presented it to her the way he had seen in many of her ‘rom-com’ movies. “Will you marry me, Caroline?” he proposed, watching as her face softened from shock to surprise but still failed to reply. “Now would be a great time to regain your ability to speak.”

His tone was amused with a very obvious mix of worry at her lack of answer. He wasn’t sure how long he was meant to keep waiting (the movies were very misleading with the immediate replies), and he was considering perhaps he had judged the pace of their relationship and the hints he thought she had been dropping the last five years wrongly when she let out a small gasp. A smile immediately curved her lips as tears began to fill her eyes.

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” Caroline emphasised, her voice getting louder and more excited with each repetition. “Of course I’ll marry you!”

Letting out a breath in relief, he barely got the time to realise what was happening when he was almost knocked off balance (almost) as she flung her arms around his shoulders and pressed her lips to his. Sliding his hands up her legs, he stood up with his arms around her waist without breaking their passionate embrace.

Pulling away only when he realised he hadn’t completed one important aspect of the engagement, Klaus pecked her lips one final time before bringing the hand clasping the ring box in between them. Looking up at her through his lashes when she giggled in anticipation, holding her left hand up for him (blue tie still wrapped around her palm), he plucked out the ring and slid it onto the correct finger. It fit perfectly; snug against her knuckle with the diamond glinting beautifully in the light.

Caroline held up the hand against his chest to admire the sight, leaning her forehead against his as the giggles failed to stop bubbling out. “I love you,” he murmured, lips brushing against hers.

“I love you,” she replied before following through with a heated kiss that effectively stopped the (probable hysteric) giggles in her throat. “We’re really going to be late now. I need to redo my makeup and I kinda wanna just take you to bed first.”

Smirking, Klaus tossed the empty jewellery box behind Caroline onto the chest and reached up to brush her hair back from her face, all the whilst keeping his other arm around her waist to keep her to him. “Its a good thing that dinner is just for the us two then, hmm?” he informed her slyly, tugging her gently with him back towards the main area of their bedroom.

Curling her fist into his shirt, she tossed back her head with a sigh of relief. “God, my fiancé’s a genius.”

victoriakca  asked:

I'm so lame, I don't even know what to ask for in my blurb other than Luke. Darn him & his freaking adorable, amazing, talented self. I mean, adklnfraeirhj ugh. Don't hate me, please.

this one’s for you victoriakca, i really hope it was okay. i did research and everything i hope you like it!

He would have first laid eyes on you at some beat down coffee shop in whatever city he happened to be playing that night. He had only been interested in a quick energy boost before he had to preform in front of hundreds of screaming fans who had inadvertently claimed him as theirs, but the moment his eyes locked on yours, during that small exchange that you both shared, he knew he was here for more than just coffee.

Fast forward to your first date. He would have wiped his sweaty palms against his worn out jeans that he had worried wouldn’t impress you. Nervously, he brought his knuckles up to the door and knocked exactly three times. “You look… Wow.” He breathed. The giggle he got in response would be a sound that he would treasure. The car ride was mostly silent, the static hum of the radio absently filling in for small talk. Neither of you were quite sure what to say. You had both decided on a typical movie date, thinking that it might help to relieve some of the teenage nerves that were inevitably going to build up. The wait for the tickets was filled with accidental arm brushes, lame conversation starters, and doubts that the other person was really interested. Arguably, the movie itself could have been much better, but somewhere in between the bad jokes and awkward laughs, Luke had managed to build up the courage to reach over and lace his fingers with yours.

Three months later and you’re having your first fight. Mindless insults are being thrown, tainting the air with the horrible feeling that he might leave. Your faces are red and and your mouths are spit firing everything you promised to never say to each other, both lost in the heat of the moment, so desperate to make the other understand things from your point of view. “Maybe if I had a girlfriend that understood that I have a job that requires me to be away a lot, we wouldn’t be in this situation!” He screamed, desperate for some relief from the anger that was building up inside of him quicker than he knew how to handle. “Is that it Luke? Is that what would make you happy? Someone who could put up with the only person they love more than themselves constantly being away from home?” You screamed back at a pitch you never knew existed within you. “Luke, if that’s what would make you happy, then by all means, go ahead!” Tears brimmed your eyes at the thought of him walking out. “Don’t cry, y/n.” “Luke..” Don’t cry” He took a step closer to you. “Don’t cry because then I’m gonna cry and then I won’t be able to hold you as tightly as you deserve to be held and I won’t be able to apologize for being a complete jackass without sounding like a mess so please, don’t cry.” He closed the space between you two and brought you into a tight embrace, lightly fiddling with the ends of your hair and placing gentle kisses on the top of your head.

Seeing you walk through those huge wooden doors, your arm tightly linked with your fathers and the organ playing deeply in the background was a sight that made Luke’s breath hitch in the back of his throat and his palms go sweaty. The dress that hugged your body perfectly, adorned with those beautiful shoes and that gorgeous veil that Luke’s mom (much to your protest) insisted you get, because her daughter in-law deserved the best and only the best. The price was what worried you at first, you had never been one to go all out in terms of spending, but after almost an hour of gentle coaxing and pleading and endless compliments, you had decided to go with it. Money was never an issue with you and Luke, and you knew that, but the idea of spending so much on something that was going to be worn for one night seemed taboo to you. You would have been happy getting married in shorts and a t-shirt as long as it was with Luke. For both of you, the actual wedding was more for your friends and family than for you two. You both knew that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives with each other, and a simple ceremony only made it official. His throat swelled at the sight of you walking down the aisle. As you reached him, you gently left a kiss on your fathers cheek as he gave Luke a small nod of approval, something that meant the world to him. You walked in front of Luke, placing your hands in his and smiling up at him, your eyes sparkling with unshed tears. His gaze met yours instantaneously, not paying attention to what was being said. Five boys stood behind him, his bandmates and his brothers. Six girls stood behind you, your two sisters and your three best friends.“Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the joining of y/n and Luke in marriage. With love and commitment, they have decided to live their lives together as husband and wife.” The priest began. “No other human ties are more tender and no other vows more important than those you are about to take. Both of you come to this day with the deep realization that the contract of marriage is sacred as are all of its obligations and responsibilities.” Luke looked down at you tenderly, swiping the top of your hand with the pad of his thumb. Do you Luke, take y/n to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do you part?” “I do.” He spoke, softly looking down at you in awe. “And do you y/n, take Luke to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do you part?” “I do.” You replied, looking up at Luke with equal amazement. “And now, by the power vested in me, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride.” Luke leaned down and captured your lips in a magical kiss, both of your hearts beating wildly at the thought of spending your lives together, celebrating the ups and helping each other with the downs. “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Hemmings.”

part 2 maybe?

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So, i'm taehyung biased and i know you're vkook biased, but as passionate I see you, im sure you'll understand me. I hate the idea of taehyung being in a drama. you see, everyone was enjoying the april fool's day beside him; all members were making jokes, changing the profiles and i'm like where's taehyung. i'm vkook shipper too, and i feel that drama appearance will make so hard for me. i don't like dramas, so when i will see my taehyung and vkook? omg, i'm so stressed.

this drama will help his act skills but is not good for his idol life. he’s so distant from the others. even yoongi joined the april fools day and i’m so sad. is not just because the vkook is because of him being apart from the others. what do you think. i hope you answer this, i’ve tried not to mention others things would stress you.(2) 

What i think is that..for start, his role in the group was always meant to be in more places than one. They started with V being the 4D member,then the social apearance became more focused on,like… videos/pics with others, during shows he was interacting with various idols too,got MC part which included stuff like that too,then a short show with another idol..etc ….V was and is a wide social role but with Bangtan being ‘home’ always. Is not something that i specifically like since i’m not multifandom but i’m sure ppl that are multifandom,do appreciate such stuff going on plus it’s a way to “share” attention through different fandoms ..something that many idols do from what i’ve seen here and there.

Now that we have this clear…separate in your mind the idol life with life cause even if he isn’t so active with the others like Jimin is with others for example, that doesn’t mean he is actual distant from Bangtan. By getting a good role in a hopefully successful drama,is actually a good thing for his group and especially for himself! For his idol life it’s a good thing entering the acting world cause he will gain attention,show different sides of him and perhaps a second long term career option which is good for his life too plus it’s something he loves to do and he is good at it! You mentioned that you don’t like dramas but we shouldn’t forget that Taehyung is from Korea,and the idol life there doesn’t last for a lifetime. You will see all the members trying different paths on the side of their life as idols!

The filming started since yesterday…and i don’t know how big his role is,how much filming will do but acting is something Taehyung always loved to do and he is good at it! I’m confident that he can pull off different vibes to different roles..I’m sure of it!! And seeing him taking such a challenge for a first time but with great actors plus idols who can help him too,i’m very very very happy for him and you should be too cause even if he might get some hard comments from ppl that side eyes idols turning to actors,Taehyung will prove those ppl wrong!!He is good in acting!!Have zero doubt about that!!Taehyung is expressive too and he was after all practising with Jungkook for years different skits and romance stuff too plus the MV’s experiences etc!!What is left is if he will get used to fast the way to use his voice to express different feelings and during different moments but he’ll get it through i’m sure!Believe in him <3

But where does that leave us that got used to the BTSxBTS life?! Where does that leave us as VKook stans or/and shippers?!

As an army,i believe Bangtan have proven their point as 7 and have a long way to go even if members will do individual activities time to time. I will wish them luck to what they’ll do and in time will get used to the new scedules that will apear and hopefully everything will go well and will return as 7 even stronger and more knowledgeable than before! 

As a VKook stan,i want to slap bighit for years now..nothing new there!;p If my shipping heart is thirsty like a river flowing,my VKook stan heart is like an ocean on another planet that keeps on raining!!! What did i/we ask ppl?!!Just a duet!!Was it too much?! What did i ask?!A proper photoshoot after 2857 other photoshoots since the last time..Was it too much?! What did i ask?! Stop cutting the videos on the best parts!Was it too much again?!!!!UGH But yeah bring it on!!! Been there..done that!! I ain’t going to change my top bias list no matter what you’ll do,bighitttttt!!! So yeah…times like ->this<- i extra appreciate them and thankful that at least Bangtan themselves give some spotlight to my humble young precious boys!!

As shippers,we shouldn’t forget that VKook were never part of the ‘idol life’..VKook were part of the ‘life’ so it’s given to wonder,how we’ll see them when they won’t be doing the same thing in the same place and can’t depend on their posts or bighit sources?! ..How i deal with such times is by “putting” my bias heart above my shipping heart while taking glances from previous times when i miss them as in together. I can’t settle with other pairs to kill some time while waiting for them, so the “ball” is either thrown between VKook or is to them! But each person is i deal with it doesn’t mean it would work for you but i just want to say to you to always listen to your heart. We also have our lifes to deal with after all.. If it becomes too much,get a glass of wine (red;p) ,send them an angst song and tell them that you hope the next time you’ll have a drink in their name,it will be cause you’re not thirsty but full!!♥xD 

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If you don't mind could you write a fluffy little one shot of Killian telling Emma to be careful after she tells Regina she'll help her?

He’s been biting his tongue for the past fifteen minutes, eyeing her carefully from the opposite side of the booth at Granny’s, his fingers idly playing with an errant napkin. Granny is somewhere behind the bar muttering under her breath about queens of drunkenness and she drums her fingers on the table, her knee bouncing in unease beneath the faded formica. She can feel it like an itching beneath her skin, the desire to chase twisting in her gut, the roll of her stomach and the prickling in her spine that is telling her something is definitely wrong. But he had insisted – half smile curling his lips and concern in his eyes as he looped his fingers around her wrist – and it had been all too easy to push away those feelings in favor of the buzz along her skin that always seems to accompany his touch.

Now, though –

She exhales heavily.

“I should – “

“You need to eat, Swan.” He cuts off quietly, hand finally abandoning that damn napkin. As if on cue, Granny deposits a grilled cheese in front of her (a mac and cheese in front of him) with little more than a grunt and an arch of her eyebrow before disappearing again. He sighs and picks up his fork. “You can’t chase over hill and dale without at least a bit of fortification.”

Her stomach rumbles in agreement and he smirks, shoving a mouthful of cheese coated pasta into his face like an adolescent. She rolls her eyes and picks up half of her sandwich, taking an exaggerated bite with wide eyes, unable to help the smile that pulls at the corner of her lips when he hums happily.

“That’s the ticket.”

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Can you make a fic where Emma has her period and she wants to have sex with Killian but she's ashamed and don't know how to tell him?

Author’s note: I’m technically not taking prompts, but I couldn’t resist. I’ve wanted to write this kind of smut fic for a while so this is the perfect excuse! If it’s not your thing, feel free to skip! For everyone else, I hope you enjoy. Set post UW.

Also posted: / AO3

That Time

Emma rolled over, blinking against the early morning light. Killian lay peacefully beside her, fringe falling adorably in his face. How many mornings had she woken up like this? For the first few months after returning from the Underworld she took to counting them, if only in her head. Part of her didn’t want to miss a moment with him, not anymore. She’d spent so much time taking him for granted, then when she finally let him in, she lost him. Over and over and over.

So Emma did what she did best. She pushed back at the lord of the dead and reclaimed what was hers. She was done being fate’s bitch. She was Emma Swan and she was taking back her happy ending.

The Underworld felt like a faint memory now. Indeed, there was never much time to wallow in past hurts when there was some other baddie around the corner. It seemed to be neverending in Storybrooke. Once again, she took a page from her parents’ book and decided to make the most of the quiet moments she was given, with them, with Henry, with Killian. Especially with Killian. And he was all too happy to steal a few of those quiet moments too.

He was still a pirate after all.

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i don't wanna sound mean or ignorant, but could someone please explain all these different genders and sexual preferences to me? i know some of them, but to be honest most of them don't really make sense. again, not trying to mean, i just wanna know what the hell people are talking about. - beth's mun

Oh boy this is gonna take some time and I’m bound to miss something out!! And don’t worry about it cutie pie, the only way you can learn about these things is by asking or by researching!! It’s better to try and educate yourself rather than just shut up and feel bad. *grin*

Obviously, I’m not the be all and end all of knowledge, so please forgive me if I get anything wrong or if I miss something out.

We’ll start with sexual preferences because those are often more well known.

Heterosexual- Someone that is only sexually attracted to those of the opposite gender.

Bisexual- Someone that is sexually attracted to those of the opposite and the same gender. Some people also use bisexual to include those outside the gender binary as well. (I’ll talk about this further down if this term confuses you! ^^)

Pansexual- Someone that is sexually attracted to any gender.

Asexual- Someone who doesn’t experience sexual attraction. This term is quite broad as, because we are all individuals, may experience sexual attraction on a spectrum, so someone who is asexual may still ocassionally enjoy sex and that’s not a bad thing, but neither is it to be repulsed by sex. Lots of asexuals find even talking about sex incredibly uncomfortable. This doesn’t mean necessarily that they’re ‘broken’ or that they’ve been abused, they just don’t find that sex gets their motor running and that’s cool. Some people in this category may call themselves ‘greysexual’ or ’greyasexual’ if they feel they sometimes get sexually aroused by another person.

Demisexual- Someone that only feels sexual attraction to someone after developing a very strong bond with them.

Polysexual/Polyamorous- (I don’t know too much about this one, so someone feel free to correct me or educate me further) Someone that may be sexually attracted to multiple partners at once! This doesn’t mean they love one any less or any more than another. Often people in polyamorous relationships are incredibly committed to those involved and have massive bonds of trust and communication.


carlsbergscuteboyfriend asked:

Polysexual (as far as I know) Is liking people of multiple, but not all genders. (Perhaps a cisfemale like FTM Trans, Cismale and Intersex, but not MTF trans or cis female) Where as Polyamorous is being in love with multiple people at one time (in a variety of configurations, which I reblogged a post about not too long ago)

All of the above can have ‘sexual’ switched for ‘romantic’, for instance someone can be heterosexual (only being sexually attracted to those of the opposite gender) but panromantic (still want to do ‘romantic’ things such as kissing and holding and cuddling with someone of any gender.

Now for the gender terms! Again, my knowledge is limited but I’ll do my best and if anyone feels I’ve unfairly represented someone, feel free to let me know and I’ll amend it. :3 I’m gonna talk about the bare bones of each but everyone expresses their gender identity differently. Yes it’s a complex thing but humans don’t really fit into neat categories!!!

Cisgender- Someone whose gender identity matches the genitalia they were born with.

Transgender- Someone whose biology doesn’t match who their gender identity (eg a man being stuck with female bits and hormones). This sucks because those that are transgender often feel like they’re trapped in the wrong body. Many choose to go on hormone therapy to alter their biology to fit more comfortably with who they are. Some choose to go on to have surgery to alter their body as well, but unfortunately these procedures are still in the early stages of being developed and aren’t for everyone. However the medical community is making leaps and bounds in very short amounts of time, so that’s hopeful for the future that nobody will ever have to feel like they’re in the wrong body again. :)

Intersex-  Someone who was born with elements of both male and female biology. Intersex is a moderately new term, stepping away from the old associations of abuse and dehumanisation of the word ‘hermaphrodite’. Some intersex people may still choose to describe themselves using it, but most find it either insulting or misleading as people often mistake human hermaphrodism for what’s known as ‘true hermaphrodite’ (which means fully functioning male and female genitalia, which is not possible in mammals). They may choose to express themselves however they wish, depending on the individual, but lack of awareness about intersex people and quite frankly inhumane medical practices surrounding them (I really don’t want to go into the awful detail here), means that society has still a long way to go to make intersex individuals feel comfortable with themselves. Which really sucks.

Genderfluid- Someone who fluctuates between genders depending on how they feel, regardless of their genitalia and hormones. Some days a genderfluid individual may feel incredibly uncomfortable expressing themselves as female and instead present as male. Others, it might be vice versa or something inbetween. Androgny is a common expression. :3

Bigender- Similar to genderfluid, but by definition tends to stick to the opposite ends of binary, so mostly male and female.

Androgyne- Mentioned in genderfluid, this is someone that feels, instead of the vastly differing extremes of male or female, would rather express themselves in the middle of the spectrum, and does not identify as either gender but perhaps a ‘third gender’.

Agender- Someone who doesn’t identify as any gender. Okay this one is fairly underepresented, perhaps because it often gets confused with genderfluid, which is understandable. Agender individuals don’t feel any kind of connection with gender at all. They may express themselves as male or female, but don’t connect with it. Agender individuals may often feel dysphoria because of this and may feel no connection to their body. This is different from transgender or genderfluid dysphoria as it’s less ‘my body doesn’t match and its horrible and ugh why’ and more ‘wait, are you sure this is my body?’

Genderqueer- This is often used as a general umbrella term for those that don’t identify as cisgender. :3

In short, human beings are marvellous wonderful creatures that have created all these terms to stop individuals feeling alienated in a society that is currently very wrapped up in gender roles.

Non binary genders and differing sexualities are also frequent in nature, no matter what some narrow minded bigots might try and convince you otherwise. All you need is a little bit of research and the world gets a whole lot more beautiful.


p.s. Lemme know if you want anything clarified or if I’ve missed anything. I am not a representative for all of the above, obviously, but I’ve done my best and hopefully you can go on from here and leaaarn. <3 Isn’t knowledge just wonderful??

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Here's what I don't understand tho - in the interim of time when they thought the Dragon had killed himself, Will seemed all ready to go back to his life with Molly. Do you think that was a sham? Did he somehow know he was still alive? How would he have gotten Hannibal out if there had been no reason to stage a breakout?

I don’t think Will was surprised to find that the Dragon was still alive, but I think if he had outright disbelieved he was dead, he would have taken more steps to protect himself than he did. 

The crucial thing about the Dragon being alive (and contacting him) is that Will could suddenly see a way for him to get Hannibal out. 

When he thought the Dragon was dead, he had to convince Hannibal to get himself out. 

And how to do that? 

There are two ways. 

1) threaten to go back to his life with Molly. 

This first one doesn’t work. Hannibal is fine with staying where he is, so long as Will promises “think about me… think about me, Will… don’t worry about me.” He’s so patient and true that he’s willing to wait even longer if necessary. Ugh. This man!

But Will doesn’t want that, so he goes for way #2:

2) imply that the reason for Hannibal putting himself in prison was a lie.

Hannibal’s self-imposed incarceration was only attractive to him because it was a genuine romantic gesture; when Will implies that he only rejected Hannibal to trick him into handing himself in, that suddenly cheapens his sacrifice, it makes prison an undesirable option. 

And it’s a lie, of course! At the time Will absolutely believed it of himself, when he rejected Hannibal; it wasn’t a trick. It was genuine. But Will, cruelly, makes Hannibal believe otherwise. He makes sure he doesn’t want to be in there any more, knowing he can rely on Hannibal to break himself out, if he really wants to.

And then, once it turns out the Dragon is alive, and Hannibal finds out Will is plotting to use him as bait?? 

Suddenly he understands what his Cunning Boy was trying to do…