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Matty’s tattoos are honestly one of my favorite things about him. They’re so beautiful and yet have such deep meanings. I’ve never found tattoos to be so appealing, but Matty has certainly changed that. These, of course, are just a few of the ones he has.  He has an anchor on his arm along with a cross and a flower on his legs.

Ice Skatting

9. “You can’t banish me! It’s my bed!”
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
I threw my things down and plopped down onto my bed, landing with a “hmphh”. I heard a tapping sound outside my window and I groaned as I turned to see Peter standing on my fire escape. I sighed and got up, turning the latch and then plopping back down on my bed. Peter came in thru the window and shut it, putting his things on my desk. He stood over beside my head and moved a strand of my hair out of my face.
“Rough day?”
“Ugh, you have no idea. First it was Mr. Lewis and his stupid test and then it was Seirra and her little wanna-be gang. I’m just really, really tired.”

I put my head back in my pillow when Peter flopped down beside me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I smiled and snuggled into his chest before I was pulled up and out of bed. I gave Peter a funny look who was smiling.
“You can’t banish me! It’s my bed!”
“We’re going skating. It’ll be fun. Please?”
“Alright. Lets go.”

I grabbed my things and Peter grabbed his, climbing back thru the window and down the fire escape. Luckily mom wasn’t paying any attention so I was able to sneak out. I met Peter in the lobby and we left for the skating rink. The moment was perfect and in the end, my day had gotten better al because I had Pete.

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I want Tom to come cuddle with me right now, I am freezing. I just want him to wrap his arms around me and entertwine our legs together as he whispers how much he loves me and my shitty jokes while I lay there giggling trying to figure out how I got so lucky to have a boy like him in my life.

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We have what we call "yes" items in our store, which are items ending in 98 cents, and we can't use coupons on them. We have this on signs throughout the store, and it's on every coupon. However, I guarantee we have multiple people each week who bring "yes" items to the checkout, and get all up in arms when their coupon won't work. The most common thing we here is: "Well if they aren't any good/don't even work, then why do they send them out?!" Ugh. Customers.

You and Dylan have an argument and he hits you.

Sorry this is really shit and ugh.

You and your boyfriend Dylan had been dating for just over seven months now and he’d just accused you of cheating on him with Eric…

You stormed over to him angrily as you felt your blood boil and fists clench. “How could you even accuse me of such a thing? He’s our best friend I would never do that you fucking idiot!” You yelled, having to look up as Dylan was taller than you (obviously). He rolled his eyes, his lips still down turned as he stood with his arms crossed “jeez calm down it’s not my fault you act like a slut around him.”. A slut? Really? Your face went red in anger and embarrassment as you shoved Dylan back “don’t call me a fucking slut just because you’re insecure!” You spat, watching his facial expressions go from annoyed to pure rage. “Well how can I not be insecure when you’re out there showing off your fucking tits and I’m here?!” He yelled at you, making you flinch and move back, not expecting the sudden out burst. “You think I’m out there showing off my tits huh? Fuck you Dylan I thought you trusted me but obviously not!” You shouted back at him, burning with rage as your eyes watered. “Shut the fuck up!” He boomed in return, his voice being deeper and louder than yours which made you flinch again. His face was read from anger and sweat, his arms were tensing and his teeth were clenched. “Or what Dylan? You’ll accuse me of fucking Brooks-” a harsh cold hand to your face cut you off. He hit you. Your boyfriend had just hit you. The stinging took a few seconds to sink in but after it had the shock was replaced with fear and anger. Dylan’s face went from being dark red and angry to horrified and pale. “Shit y/n I’m so sorry fuck can I just-” he rambled, his voice on the edge of breaking as you turned away “don’t touch me Dylan, I’m going home.” You whimpered, grabbing your bag from the sofa before he grabbed your arm softly. You flinched at his touch, still shaking from fear which he clearly noticed and in return pulled away his hand. The guilt on is face was indescribable and his eyes began to well up before he blinked the tears back. “Please y/n I’m so so sorry god I’m such a fucking idiot I’m sorry can I get an ice pack please just don’t go.” He pleaded, breaking eye contact and then regaining it every few seconds due to the nervous tension. You knew he didn’t mean to and it was just his anger taking over but fear was still taking over your body despite his obvious vulnerableness. “Dylan I…” You stammered as tears began to flow loosely down your face. “I’m sorry.” He whispered and opened his arms in hope you’d run into them like usual. You sighed and crashed your body into his, sobbing into your chest as he rubbed your back. “I’m so sorry.” He whispered “you can do what you want to me Y/N I’m so so fucking sorry.”. You smiled slightly into his chest, he was cute when he was nervous. “Just get me an ice pack you cunt.” You whimpered softly with a slight laugh, making him chuckle and walk into the kitchen to get you the ice pack, saying sorry every few steps. You loved Dylan and he loved you, but fuck that slap hurt.

shit my boyfriend says - sentence starters

❝  do you get the pun? do you get it?  ❞

❝  i’m tired and sore and just ugh.  ❞

❝  cuddling is the best activity.  ❞

❝  i really hope it didn’t make you jealous.  ❞

❝  i’m gonna fucking eat my own arms i’m so excited.  ❞

❝  it would be incredible.  ❞

❝  i would do terrible things on photoshop. memes… glorious memes.  ❞

❝  gay guys say damn skippy.  ❞

❝  for once i feel nice about myself.  ❞

❝  you know when i was like eight i went through this phase where i actually thought i was a vampire.   ❞

❝  end me.  ❞

❝  damn the things i do for friends.  ❞

❝  ugh i actually have to put sheets on my bed.  ❞

❝  i love running from the cops.  ❞

❝  yes unfortunately i’m serious.  ❞

❝  i love you a lot.  ❞

❝  stab me in the eye with a fork.  ❞

❝  i’m a brat you’re an asshole and we go perfectly together somehow.  ❞

❝  i don’t know how i didn’t smell the crazy.  ❞

❝  do you ever regret letting people into your life?  ❞

❝  end my sorry ass.  ❞

❝  i’d fuck the clock.  ❞

❝  i smell the gay from here.  ❞


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Happy Valentine’s Day

Request for @brainwashed-fangirl: (For the Calendar thing you’re doing) a Valentine’s Day lap dance for Josh *i would have said Tyler but he is too precious* 

Word count: 1,500+

Warning: NSFW

I sighed into the phone currently pressed against my ear, “Okay Jen, Valentine’s Day is literally tomorrow and I still have no idea what to do for Josh.”

Jenna laughed, “(Y/N)! Why did you wait this long?”

Throwing my free arm above my head, I groaned, “Ugh I don’t even know, I just have no idea what to do. Like, does he want dinner and a movie? Or a watch? A tie? Oh, wait, ties are Father’s Day, right? Oh geez, I’m hopeless.”

“Yes (Y/N), ties are Father’s Day,” she chuckled, “Besides, Josh and Tyler aren’t really that into material things. Tyler and I are just going to a nice dinner. I could invite you guys?”

Although she couldn’t see me, I waved my hand dismissively in the air, “No, it’s okay, I don’t want to infringe on your Tyler-time.” I spoke melodramatically.

Jenna chuckled on the other end, “Thank you- but really, Josh would be happy with just a night with you as a V-Day gift. I wouldn’t stress about it too much.”

I laughed, “If only I could slap a bow on my-” realization slapped me in the face, “I gotta go Jen, I think I know what to do for Josh.”

“Uh okay… just be careful where that bow goes, and I want all the details- wait, not those details, like the other details- like… you know what I mean.”

I chuckled and rolled my eyes, “Peace out, ho.”

I waited for her to say goodbye before hanging up. Flinging my blanket off my lap, I hopped off the couch and searched for my keys. It was time to make a Victoria Secret run.

“(Y/N)? What’s this?” I heard Josh call from downstairs.

Today was the day and I had decided to go all out. I shut off all the lights and lit candles and sprinkled red rose petals trailing up to my room. Getting josh here was the easy part.

“Jooossshhhh,” I called from my room, trying to be seductive.

“Should these candles be here just, like, out? I don’t want you to burn your house down.” He shouted up to me.

I rolled my eyes, “Josh. Have you ever seen a romantic movie in your life? Just follow the trail-” of course, now I couldn’t stop picturing Josh’s big foot knocking over a candle and igniting my house.

“Um, but, like, if you could blow them out as you go along?” I asked, wringing my hands.

Josh didn’t reply, but I heard him laugh and make his way upstairs.

Finally reaching my bedroom, he peeked his head around the doorframe, “Helloooo?”

I stepped into his view and let the small silky robe I was wearing fall off my shoulders, revealing the white lace bralette and g-string set underneath.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Josh smiled, making his eyes crinkle. He stepped forward and rested his calloused hands on my bare hips, “How’d I get so lucky?”

I smirked and stepped out of his grip, leading him to the edge of my bed. Placing a small hand on his chest, I lightly pushed him back onto it.

“Any requests?” I asked, looking through the playlist on my phone.

He smirked at me, “Twenty One Pilots?”

I rolled my eyes and put on my go-to song for getting me in the mood. It was slow and never failed to make my skin tingle.

I walked over to Josh, “Do you really think that’d be a good idea?”

He looked at me, “What?”

I leaned into his ear and began tracing light patterns over the crotch of his jeans, “To listen to your best friend sing while I suck you off?”

Pulling away just in time to see Josh’s dumbfounded facial expression, I smirked to myself, proud of the effect I had on him.

I slowly crouched in front of him, trailing my hands down his thighs. Resting my hands on his kneecaps, I pulled Josh’s legs apart. I slowly ran my hands up his thighs again as I got up in beat with the song. As my hands got closer to his pelvis, I made sure my thumbs brushed along his crotch. I looked at Josh, the sexual frustration evident on his face. He sucked in a breath as I slowly traced a finger along his jawline.

Josh leaned in for a kiss and I pulled back, “Nope. You can look, but you can’t touch.”

My lap dancing experience was limited, but I had a pretty good idea of what to do. Of course, most of my ideas came from various youtube videos and wikihow articles. However, that must’ve been enough, because Josh couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. His brown eyes stuck to me with every sway of my hips and flip of my hair.

Goosebumps rose on my skin as I trailed my hands  along the curve of my breasts and down to my hips. One of the dance instructors on a video tutorial I watched said that it’s just as important to get yourself worked up as it is to get your partner turned on. It was hard to tell what exactly Josh was thinking. He kept his eyes on me, but the rest of his face was blank. And except for him occasionally reaching up to rub his chin, Josh did a remarkable job of staying still.

Trying to get a better reaction out of the mute boy, I pressed my hands down inbetween my legs and down my thighs, causing myself to moan. Turning around, I swayed my hips to the melody, knowing full well how much Josh liked my ass. I slowly turned back around and walked up to Josh. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my hips and guided them downwards towards my butt. He kept his hands there as I swayed and rolled my hips, using my own hands to tug on Josh’s soft, pink hair.

As the song came to a close, I straddled Josh’s lap, keeping my fingers tangled in his hair. I clearly had nothing to worry about, as I felt his arousal through his tight jeans. With a devilish grin, I moved my hips slightly to create friction. Josh bit his bottom lip and looked into my eyes, patiently waiting.

“Okay,” I whispered, “You can touch now.”

By this point I was just as turned on as he was, so I was elated when he pushed his lips to mine. Keeping his hands on my butt and mine in his hair, we pulled each other closer until we were forced to break apart. Even then, I put my forehead against his while I caught my breath.

“I take it you liked your gift?”

“I loved it,” he choked out.

I smiled and connected our lips. My hand moved to the back of his neck to anchor myself as I began to roll my hips on his. He groaned both out of pleasure and the pain of getting a boner in skinny jeans.

Smirking, I climbed off his lap, kneeling in front of him. Running my tongue along my bottom lip, I reached my hands up to Josh’s zipper. Josh leaned back on his hands and watched intently as I slowly pulled his pants down to his ankles. I looked up at him through my eyelashes and palmed him a couple times through his boxers before they joined his jeans.

Sliding my hands slowly up his thighs, I situated myself over his length, mouth wide open. Josh opened his mouth to say something, but I cut him off by placing my lips around the head of his cock. Whatever he wanted to say was reduced to a high pitched squeak. I began swirling my tongue around the tip and Josh’s shaky hands gathered my hair into a makeshift ponytail. I took in a deep breath through my nose and began bobbing my head up and down, Josh using my hair to guide me.

Josh wasn’t always the most vocal when it came to sex, which made it hard to tell what he liked and what he didn’t. However, after being with him for several months, I had learned some tricks that would have him on the edge in no time. Slowing down my pace, I laid my tongue flat against his vein. I moaned when Josh pulled my hair tighter. The vibrations from my mouth making him buck his hips up into my mouth. I gagged, but kept going. This time using my hands to pump what I couldn’t fit in my mouth.

“(Y/N)… I-I’m close.” Josh mumbled from above me.

I wasn’t a fan of the whole cumshot thing and neither was Josh, so I took my cue and removed him from my mouth. Now that his entire length was lubricated, I used my hands to get him to finish. He cummed with a long groan and small pants of my name.

I looked up at Josh, his hair sticking up in every which way and his face slightly red, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”


Okay first of all… I might of gotten a little carried away with this one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

ALSO I’m complete trash because I’ve been inactive af lately (exams are kind of kicking my ass tbh) 

P.S. I have like a whole playlist I listen to when I write smut, but for this one I listened to Yayo by Lana Del Rey and Hands on the Wheel by Schoolboy Q (I didn’t want to add a specific song in there so you could make it personal ya know)

And as always thanks for requesting! Hope you liked it! 


kc + mardi gras for goldcaught

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I don't know why but whenever I picture having kids with Harry I just picture it being twin girls. I just think it'd be the cutest thing ever him always joking about how he so out numbered and he doesn't stand a chance because all 3 of you have him wrapped around your fingers coming home and finding him asleep with each one in an arm when they get a little older pretending he doesn't know which is which to get a laugh out of them ugh could go on but I'm running out of room! Lol


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1/2 Omg thank you so much for this comic!!! I love the various representation you have included! I'm always on the lookout for media that depicts plus size people positively, and for you to write Carla and Gene being loved by their more conventionally-attractive partners just speak to me. Not to mention the awesomeness that is Dett! Just... Thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me.

2/2 UGH I forgot to mention Debby but she’s brilliant too, of course!!! On another note, I love the last strip for chapter 13, after they all came out, and Clyde and Gene just kept hugging and clinging to each other like it’s the most natural thing. And how their body language is saying ‘I don’t care about anything but this boy in my arms’ but their eyes shows that they’re still lowkey paying attention to everything lol. Idk why I love that so much.

Love and positivity all around! Thank you so much <3 

Birthday//Josh Dun

Note: As I mentioned to one of you lovely anons it is my boyfriends birthday tomorrow (and boy am I spoiling him lol); so I’m in the birthday mindset, and even though I have 1 million of my 3 million things completed, I want to give you all an imagine for the time in which I won’t be updating. Enjoy!


               “Ugh.” You snapped as you whisked the cake batter; your arm was sore, and the stupid clumps wouldn’t come out. They were in there, avoiding your whisk at all costs just to mock you. To make you have one arm that was super muscular compared to your other. Stupid clumps.

               “What’s wrong?” You heard Josh walk in the room, lightly chuckling at your frustration. You gave him a wide eyed look, most likely something along the lines of a deer in headlights. Except you weren’t a wild animal (except in bed) and Josh wasn’t a car.

               “Go away.” You muttered quickly before resuming your workout. Those clumps will be the death of you; too bad you didn’t buy an electric mixer. Maybe you should save up for one; a nice fancy one. A kitchen aid one in your favorite colour. Yes, one day you would invest so your baking endeavours wouldn’t result in your death. While you were planning a future purchase, you had completely missed what Josh had responded to your direction with. “Huh.” You looked up, watching as he rolled his eyes at you.

               “Why am I going away? It’s my birthday tomorrow, shouldn’t I get pre-birthday power here?” He laughed as you just pointed to the door. “Fine, if you’re so stubborn about this I’ll be over at Tyler’s house. I’ll see you later tonight. I love you.” He pressed a quick peck to your lips before heading to the door.

               “I love you too loser. It’ll be worth it tomorrow, I’m spoiling you like a grandma.” You laughed, before giving up on destroying every single clump in your batter and pouring them into their designated cake pans. You loved other people’s birthdays just as much as you despised them. You loved baking and watching their faces light up as they saw their cake and presents. Laughing at the goofy cards, everything. You loved seeing people happy. Though you hated the stress and work you put into them. Usually you would book off any activities the day before to prepare, because lets face it. You were the biggest perfectionist anyone knew. Especially when it came to Josh. He was always so amazing to you, so he deserved something amazing back. Right?

               You heard him talk all about how the “good” drummers had signature drum sets and how he wanted to be like that one day (Note: I know he has a signature drum set, its super cute. But for the sake of this no he doesn’t). So you may or may not have saved up to buy him the first signature drum of his future drum kit. Which was pretty hard for you to keep a secret considering you had been planning this for months; and Josh had been talking about it for months. That little shit.

               “Okay. Cake is baking, I am dying, and present needs wrapping.” You walked into the guest bedroom; where you had hidden the present deep in the closet. To the point where you forgot about it’s placement a few times since you hid it. How does one wrap a snare drum without it being obvious? Do you put it in a box? In a bag? Put a bow on it? You groaned as you grabbed the drum and went into your living room, placing it on the table as you thought. As of right now you only had cheesy Christmas wrapping paper; no gift bags. But you did have the box the drum came in, somewhere. You had such a clever idea that you would hide them separately so if Josh found the box he wouldn’t see what drum it was. Or the design; you couldn’t remember but your brilliant idea turned out to be a brilliant pain in the neck. You began growling to yourself as you walked throughout the house, searching high and low for the stupid box.

               “You know what? Who needs the stupid box! I’ll just go get an awesome gift bag and it’ll be fine!” You grabbed your bag and keys before walking out of the house, getting to your car before you groaned in realization. “The cake is in the oven. I don’t want to burn my house down.” You mumbled to yourself before dragging yourself out of your car and back into the house. Flopping down on the couch while glaring at the instrument on the table. “You’re becoming quite the pain in the neck, you know that?” You growled to it before pulling out your phone and mindlessly scrolling through social media until the oven beeped, signalling that the cakes were ready. “Finally!” You smiled, only to have it falter when you realized the cakes were only half baked.

               Grabbing the box of cake mix you read over it, before continuing to smack yourself in the face with it. You put the oven at the wrong temperature. Wonderful. First you lost the box, then you mess up the cake. What else could go wrong? You sighed, setting the oven to the right temperature before laying back down on the couch. Hopefully something would go right today. It took another 45 minutes for the cake to fully bake, which burned up a lot of your time to get things done. It didn’t help that Josh texted you saying that he would be home in 2 hours.

               “Okay, gift bags big enough for the stupid present.” You let a triumphant breath out before walking down the gift bag isle. There were plenty of gift bags, high and low. But none seemed big enough to hide the drum in; well besides the Dora one. Though Josh is just a big 5 year old, he wasn’t the Dora type. You looked in defeat, before grabbing a few rolls of wrapping paper. You didn’t have time to think so you would MacGyver it. That’s always a reliable plan, right?


               It took you an hour to figure out how to wrap the drum; which you felt kind of proud. You managed to make it not look like a snare, but to look like a pile of crap. But at least it didn’t give away what was inside right? You sighed, trying to hold back tears as you pushed yourself off the ground where you were wrapping and into the kitchen to begin icing the now cooled cake. Reaching in the cupboard your eyes widened in fear. There was no icing. Really? The stores were now closed and you had no icing.

               “Wonderful!” You yelled into the empty house, frustration taking over. “What else could go wrong now?” You leaned back against the island, sliding down it until you met the floor. Tears now falling from your eyes as you let pitiful sobs wrack your body. Josh deserved the world and all you could afford was a candle—or that’s how you felt right now anyway. He was always so amazing to you, and always made sure anything he did was perfect. Why couldn’t you do that? Even once for his birthday.

               “Hey.” You heard a familiar voice softly coo as you were being pulled into his chest. “It’ll be okay. It’s just icing.” You sobbed harder, gripping the fabric of Josh’s shirt as you did so. “I like cake regardless, especially yours.” He pressed a gentle kiss to the top of your head; silently holding you close until you spoke.

               “I just wanted things to be perfect for your birthday and everything went wrong. I can’t do anything right.” You knew the words coming out of your mouth were lies, but in your dejected state you couldn’t care any less. “You’re always so amazing to me, and I just wanted to give back a little.” You whimpered, feeling your face being pulled up gently by the chin.

               “Don’t say that Y/N. You’re amazing to me each and every day. You put up with the craziness of the band, and me being an idiot sometimes. You treat me like royalty every single day and all I want from you is your love. I don’t care about cake, which tastes good even without icing.” You watched as Josh had a devious smile on his lips. That little shit ate his birthday cake already.

               “That was for tomorrow you doof!” You laughed, smacking his chest as he held you a little tighter. “I love you, thank you for putting up with me.” You mumbled, pulling your arms around his middle.

               “I love you too Y/N; and its an honor to be in your presence. Thank you for loving me like nobody else.”

The Signs in Class
  • Aries: whats even happening rn.
  • Taurus: *taking notes*
  • Gemini: can I be excused for the rest of my life?
  • Cancer: doodling on their arms
  • Leo: doing homework from a different class
  • Virgo: passing notes
  • Libra: a total teachers pet
  • Scorpio: class clown who never actually gets work done.
  • Sagittarius: eating in class probably
  • Capricorn: on tumblr
  • Aquarius: I have better things to think about ugh
  • Pisces: sleeping

I think the worst thing about healing is that we naturally will regress from time to time until we have fully gotten over whatever it is that’s hurting us.
Yesterday I felt so free, confident & independent. Any thoughts of you were simply reminders that I’m doing kind of alright without you.
And then once I got home this afternoon, this empty sad ache took over & my whole body just feels so heavy with this thick, unshakable sadness.
Ugh. I’m mentally exhausted and I still crave for you to wrap me up in your arms so I can sleep normally for once.

A list of things that I have noticed in Adrien Agreste’s two-story room
1. Three large computer monitor screens
2. A large flat screen TV above the computer screens
3. A king sized bed next to the computer area
4. Two half pipe ramps and a railing???
5. Half of a basketball court???
6. A climbing wall that ends like six feet above the ground with no cushioning like Adrien pls no you’ll fall
7. A two wall library with two more screens????
8. Foosball table
9. A big sofa
10. Maybe there is ANOTHER TV in front of the sofa there probably is
11. Three arcade games
12. One of the arcade games is Dance Dance Revolution gosh what a nerd
13. Trophies (maybe from more sports)

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Sir Elyan in no. 12 please? (Or, if it's cool to request multiples/whole scenes, Elyan and Percival with their arms full to bursting rescuing all the wee village children and/or other adorable small fluffy things in Camelot from those nasty Dorocha a la 'The Darkest Hour'). Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR you fabulous person, you!


Alas I did not incorporate the Dorocha, mostly because I forgot but also because being swung around in Elyan and Percival’s giant arms seemed more like fun than scary teims? :P
also happy new year means this is atrociously late ugh sorry

(art meme | merlin art tag)

also I love Elyan’s tiny concentratey face and I may have grossly exxagerated the height  difference lol

Our party, who has had a rough few days, just got captured by cannibals. They have us taken to the middle of camp where a feast is waiting for us. One of our players, Daniel, is given a cooked piece of meat that is clearly a human arm. 
DM: Do you eat it? 
Daniel: Judging by the sight of it, does it look like it would be tasty? 
DM: Ugh, no. It looks disgusting. 
Daniel: Well, I don’t want to be rude… He proceeds to eat the entire thing 

That was another reason for me to draw puppies.
He looks like a dork. Well, he is a dork, whatever.
I wasn’t feeling very well when I drew this - something’s wrong with my arm.
Sometimes I have this… very bad thing… when I don’t “feel like drawing”, then my arm becomes like a stick, it moves different, it holds the pen in a different way. I was wondering if any of you guys had moments like this - weird hand moments }X )
Anyhoo, here’s something I drew…