ugh i hate you why do i love you so much

I'm not sure how this happened...




The blizzard was going to be hitting New York that evening, so Shaw was glad to have the day off. Now she could just relax and watch her favorite show in peace…without interruption…it was going to be the best day ev—

And then her phone buzzed.

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iconic kim taehyung lyrics
  • “annoyingly, you still look good, pretty woman” 
  • “baby baby, you were
    warmer than the
    scent of a cafe latte”
  • “are you that great?
    why do you keep teasing me?”
  • “a party party with only you” 
  • “wow, it feels good, putting on your dirty clothes”
  • “are you joking? what am I to you?
    am I easy to you? are you playing with me?”
  • “neon naege neomu nappa” (you’re so bad)
  • “imma give it to you girl right now”
  • “seonmuriya seonmuriya” (present present)  
  • “your front is the best, your back is the best
    from your head to your toes, you’re the best”
  • “even your walk is the best” 
  • “i sleep and kick my blankets around”
  • “mianhae (i hate u)
    saranghae (i love u)
    yongseohae” (forgive me)
  • “my fatal body movements
    my insanity is crazy”
  • “yo! naeireumeun V” (yo! my name is V)
  • “i’m so into your Converse Highs
    i like it so much”
Why you should read The Circle/Cirkeln (The Engelsfors Trilogy)

A list of reasons:

  1. Teenage girls and all the problems teenage girls face. They’re all very different and pretty much hate each other at the start, but read on and see the character development unfolding in front of your eyes.
  2. Teenage witches. 7 6 teenagers are chosen to fight the evil seeping into our world. But not like in a really cliche way, that’s the fun part. It’s realistic and raw and political. SIX TEENAGE GIRLS HAVE TO SAVE THE WORLD. HOLY SHIT. (This is a radio piece in English. The first half is about The Circle.)
  3. Teenage LGBTQ+ witches. Yeah, you read that right. Not all of them but more than 1. I don’t want to spoil too much (Actually I do but I’m not an ass). Really good view on sexuality too.
  4. Really good conversation on bullying, peer pressure, self image, young love, angst, desperation, etc.
  5. Literally every character has depth. Every single character is written as humans, and that’s a very admirable trait in a YA novel. 
  6. Humor, Sarcasm, Hilarity, Suspens, Angst, Gooey Feelings. 
  7. The movie premiered in Sweden in February 2015 and will be released on DVD in July. It’s really effing good guys. (Translated versions will probably also be available soon!)
  8. Written by Sara B. Elfgren and Mats Strandberg, both feminists, both very anti hatred, pro humanity. They’re also both huge nerds! I’ve met Mats, he’s so kind and lovely and just all around great. And they’re both really active when it comes to connecting with the fanbase.
  9. I’ve personally read a lot and The Circle is one of my absolute all-time favourites. Mostly because it’s not exaggerated, it’s down to earth(as down to earth as fantasy can be) and it’s honest, and I love and appreciate that so much.
  10. The books have been/are being translated into a wide range of languages, including(what i could find); English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Finish, Danish, Latvian, Norwegian, etc.
  11. Just do yourself a favour and at least check the books out. They really are extraordinary.
  12. PS. There’s also a graphic novel!
"she is my mortal enemy."
  • INFJ: People are asking me for advice!
  • INTP: Ugh. I hate giving advice. I always give the same advice: Dump everyone in your life and move on.
  • INFJ: I love giving advice. Love it.
  • INTP: You do?
  • INFJ: Yes! Why do you think I hate Delilah so much? She gives the worst advice!
  • INTP: Oh. I just thought she annoyed you. I didn't know it was a professional hatred.

I just watched that interview in which they get asked what did their dads teach them and the way Ash held the microphone you could tell he wanted to say something he looked so angry and frustrated and dissapointed ugh I’m so infuriated and i have so much love and respect for that boy come here baby I I’ll make you banana bread and you can steal my hair ties and we can go to places with street art so you can take your lil pictures it’ll be great please be happy… fuck I hate seeing Ash like that

I honestly love Selena so much, and I’m so proud of how she’s overcome every little thing since she’s been 16. She’s so successful and has done everything the way it was supposed to be done. I will stan for this girl for so long because all the hate and defending that goes with loving Selena is so worth it because she’s a hard working women doing her own thing making good ass music good ass money and good ass movies and i feel like a proud mom because I’ve watched her grow up since she was coming out to Disney on suite life and progressing to having her own album then her own tour and making movies and she’s gone so far in her career. You might not like her or think she can’t sing but you have to agree that she’s so fucking smart in the business and she does everything perfectly and knows what to give out and Ugh I LOVE MY MOM IM SO PROUD FOR BEING HER FAN AND IF PEOPLE WANNA HATE HER FOR JUSTIN BIEBER BECAUSE THATS MOSTLY WHY NO ONE LIKEs her OPEN YA EYES BC SHES STILL DOING GREAT AND DOING HER THING AND I LOVE HER

Mobbed (Calum Hood, One shot)

Word count: 1 245

This was requested by anonymI don’t know if you watch zoella but in her recent vlog with Alfie their car was surrounded by screaming fans and they were banging the windows and all that x it looked so scary, do you think you could do a Calum one where that happens and y/n is terrified and how he reacts?x (the video is on her morezoella channel if you want to watch it)💕

Thank you so much for the request, I love writing them, I hope you like this :) Feedback would be nicely appreciated.

“Ugh” Ashton sighed. “I hate long flights.” He continued as you, boys and their whole crew just arrived in LA after a 10 hour flight from London. You were a childhood friend of all the boys and were currently secretly dating Calum, which was the real reason why you came with them on the tour. Calum wasn’t extremely happy about the fact that he was hiding this big of a secret from the boys, but he didn’t really had a choice. It was you, who wanted to keep your relationship with him a secret, mainly because of the fact that all of you were friends and if it wouldn’t have worked out, you didn’t want to get in the middle of anything. But since you were together for almost 4 months now, the sneaking around got a little bit inconvenient for the two of you. You both agreed that you would tell the boys about it before the tour starts, but there just wasn’t an appropriate moment to do so yet.

“Tell me about it.” Michael said, interrupting you from your thoughts.

 You, Calum and Luke didn’t say anything. You were too tired to participate in any kind of conversation. You were waiting in a special room to pass customs when one of the bodyguards from crew spoke for a few minutes into his talkie and then left the room. Ashton and Michael continued their small talk and some of the crew members were eating some snacks, while you just sat between Luke and Calum. The bodyguard who left recently just came back with few more people.

“Guys, I’m really sorry, but uhmm, we have a lit a bit of situation out there.” He said very apologetically, as if it were his fault.

“What kind of situation?“ One of the crew members asked and you suddenly became very awake.

“Too many fans showed up which basically means that….” You didn’t listen to the security guy any further; you knew exactly what that meant.  There were a lot of people out there. So many that they had to call more bodyguards to get all of you to the cars prepared for us in front of the airport. Your claustrophobia started to kick in slowly, but surely.

“Miss, did you hear me?” One of the airport bodyguards asked you, and you didn’t even notice everyone was looking at you.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I’m gonna have to carry you through the hall to the car. You should be safe there.” He smiled, trying to reassure you. You just nodded slowly while you processed what he just said. Carry you? What are you, a baby? And what did he say about the car? You SHOULD be safe there? What does that supposed to mean? Before you could form any more scary thoughts in your mind, you were picked up by the bodyguard who just spoke to you nicely and before you knew it, you were in the airport hall mobbed by what seemed like a hundreds of people.

Calum always told you that with these kinds of situations, the best you can do is, literally, do nothing. The both of you already talked about this, because you were wondering how he copes with stuff like that. It always looked so petrifying to you and you thanked God that you never had to go through it. Well until now.

You remembered that Calum told you, that you should close your eyes and just don’t think about it. It always worked for him. “Don’t worry. It’s always over before you know it.” But that wasn’t the case at all. It was the exact opposite. Everything was like in slow motion. The fans screaming, grabbing you, pinching you, trying to get hold of you and taking away any personal space there was. You were so stunned and scared; you couldn’t even blink, when finally the bodyguard put you into a car and closed the door after you, all the boys already there. Apparently, you took the longest to get to the car. But you didn’t want to think about that humiliating fact. The only thing you thought about was the fact that you were safe. You thought you just escaped something that could be easily described as hell on Earth.

“(Y/N).” Luke spoke softly next to you.

And then you realized that the car wasn’t moving.

“Earth to (Y/N)!” Michael said jokingly, giggling.

You thought you just got the worst scenario that could possibly happen out of your way.

“(Y/N) are you alright?” Ashton asked worriedly.

But you didn’t. And just as soon as you realized that, you noticed the car was being mobbed by so many people, you couldn’t even see the road. So many people thumping the windows, screaming, crying. They clearly couldn’t see inside the car due to dark windows. But you could see them.  And you were terrified. You noticed your sight was getting blurry as your eyes were getting watery.

“(Y/N)!” Calum said loudly enough for you to notice, but sweetly. You turned your sight from the window to the boys, all looking at you worriedly and just smiled weakly.

“I’m okay” You weren’t fooling anyone. Not yourself, not the boys and especially not Calum. How could you, with tears almost slipping from your eyes?

“Luke, switch seats with her.” Ashton said promptly “I don’t think the window seat is the best for her.” He said and Luke quietly picked you up, and put you in between him and Calum, you still not talking or looking anywhere but the floor. The car started to move slowly and Ashton and Michael engaged in a conversation to keep the mood light but you couldn’t focus on anything, just on the plain fact that you were still practically trapped in a car. You were freaking out, the car getting smaller and smaller in your head, imprisoning you more.

“Babe, listen to me” Calum whispered into your ear so only you could hear. He was already holding your knee since you switched seat, but you only noticed that now. “(Y/N) you’re safe here. Nothing’s gonna happen to you. Close your eyes and just block it out. Just listen to me baby. Trust me, breathe and just listen to me.” He said while squeezing your knee tighter. Tears slipped from your eyes, but you actually started to feel better. Cal just hugged you, brought you into his chest, and stroked your hair while still talking to you.

 After an hour you with the boys finally managed to get to a hotel. You fell asleep in your room almost immediately, being tired not only physically but also emotionally. You were awoken up few minutes later, by Calum who was getting in the bed sneakily next to you. You turned around slowly; he just kissed your forehead and put his arms around you. You were both dozing off quickly, but you managed to get out a small whisper out of you.


“Shhh, go to sleep honey. It’s been a long day.”

And you did as he commanded. But just a moment before you finally dozed off, you said, “Thank you”, so quietly, it would be almost inaudible, if Calum wasn’t listening to you with so much attention. You wanted to thank him much more, but you just didn’t have the energy right now. But as of right now, you both just drifted off to sleep, you in his arms, feeling safer than ever.

Life would be so much easier if I could hate Furuya you know?



His intentions are so pure and straightforward and what the hell he’s come a long way from that kid from the start who couldn’t even fathom that there are actual people he can trust when he’s on the mound

What the fuck this made me emotional :( Polar bear just wants to be the best for this team. 


Okay but I think here lies Furuya’s mistakes lately? He’s trying to shoulder everything? Am I right? Am I wrong? WHO KNOWS, ALL I KNOW IS T-SENSEI WANTS TO RIP ME APART _(」∠ 、ン、)_

I went through my shoe box filled with memories last night. I found the last letter you gave me. It was my birthday. You even made the effort of dipping it in coffee and burning the edges to make it look vintage, despite it being kind of cliché. I am not used to receiving letters, as I’m usually doing the act of giving the letters. You told me so many times how lucky you are to have me. You mentioned that notebook I gave you where I’ve handwritten words to guide you, to help you, to be there for you when I’m not. You said you felt like crying when you read it, and you weren’t sure if it was because of the words I’ve written there, or just the shear appreciation of the fact that someone actually cares that much about you to take so much time and effort to fill every page. And I can’t help but wonder, if you knew I cared so much and that you appreciated that care, why the goddamn hell did you give up?
You’ve always told me that your past has been loving a series of people who didn’t really care about you. I know more than the things you say, and you know more than what I let you know. But now, we pass by like strangers, with the word ‘hi’ clawing out my throat. And last night, I heard your voice in my head all over again. I heard you say ‘I love you’. I heard you say ‘I’m trying’. I heard you say so much bullshit all over again, and I might’ve yelled ‘fuck you’, but inside I crumble to the fact that I still actually care. And I wonder again, if you keep re-reading that notebook I gave you. If you still find my voice in the words. If it still matters. If I still matter… Or if I ever did.
—  a. gale, An unsent letter kept in the shoe box (I never could quite burn those memories)

So I hit one of my follower goals a week ago and I wanted to do something cool, and I’ve always wanted to do a network, so here it is. Scruffy!Jensen is basically my life, and so why not make it into a network and find others who are just as in love with scruffy!jensen as I am.

How to apply:

  • mbf this huge scruffy!jensen enthusiast  (surprise bitches, its me)
  • reblog this post (likes are just for bookmarking)
  • fill out this survey (i promise it will only take a few minutes)

What i’m looking for:

  • friendly, active and positive (you have no idea how much I hate negative people ugh) bloggers
  • mostly supernatural blogs (although multifandom blogs are completely fine, you just need to be a mainly supernatural blog)
  • someone who wants to share their love for Scruffy!Jensen with others just like them
  • pretty much have to be Scruffy!Jensen trash 

If you’re accepted:

  • the first round of members will be picked May 3rd (so get reblogging you guys)
  • I will pick about 10-15, and then pick another 5-10 a couple of weeks after that, depending on how many reblogs this gets
  • please ensure that your ask/submit boxes are open, this is a key way of communication if you are accepted into the network (where I will ask you for a 100x100 icon, a short description, your name/nickname and your email for the chat)
  • track #scruffyjensennet

That is basically it. Let me know if you have any other questions about the network! 

The Signs At School

Aries : how the hell can I be awesome here wtf???

Taurus : Wtf I can’t talk about my opinions with my music playing in the background I am suing

Gemini : I hate all of you but I don’t want to be alone so I’m gonna gossip about you all later

Cancer : Why tf is there so much homework I need to go home and write in my diary for at least an hour before dinner ugh

Leo : I hate work but I love being famous so fuck you all

Virgo : Ugh I’m not doing anything I know all this shit anyways I’m going to sleep

Libra : fuCK I didn’t put my 17 hair products in this morning I need to go home right now immediately

Scorpio : I’m horny but I’m in public

Sagittarius : I must make at least one person laugh or I’m leaving early

Capricorn : I’m smart but lazy what am I going to do ugh??

Aquarius : No one here is an individual like me like you all are exactly the same why tf can’t you guys be different for once???

Pisces : I must eat all the food before anyone sees me 

  • Brain talk ft. im5
  • thoughts: wow will is so cute
  • thoughts: wow will is so cute
  • thoughts: wow will is so cute
  • thoughts: wow cole is so cute
  • thoughts: wow dana is so cute
  • thoughts: wow gabe is so cute
  • thoughts: wow david is so cute
  • thoughts: ugh i'm in love
  • thoughts: oh my gahh they're singing
  • thoughts: why are they so young stop
  • thoughts: this is getting weird
  • thoughts: why do i like this band
  • thoughts: oh that's why i like this band
  • thoughts: stop dancing
  • thoughts: no keep dancing
  • thoughts: no david put your shirt down
  • thoughts: cole such enthusiasm keep doing that
  • thoughts: dana your face it's
  • thoughts: will i love you but i will never have you okay? okay.
  • thoughts: gabe what
  • thoughts: i hate this band
  • thoughts: haha sikeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • thoughts: but no i really love this band like too much
  • thoughts: what am i doing how did i end up here i am not 5
  • thoughts: oh they're doing that cute thing again
  • thoughts: wait no