ugh i hate using the love tag

About the ship wars on this fandom (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

Seriously guys, why don’t you just use your energy and love to create content to your OWN ship(s) and characters you like instead of using it to HATE and talk shit about the others??!!! Please??!! Thank you!!!??

Ugh I hate using the anti tag for a character. Truth is I don’t hate Hinata at all. I just think her wankers are ridiculous and need to keep Sakura’s names out of their mouths while they keep Hinata in her lane. She’s not Sakura’s rival or anything and she isn’t on her level. Get over it and love her for who she is. She’s a great ninja, a loving wife and a loving mother. She’s a splendid gentle fist user with great skill with her byakugan. Just don’t come around Sakura who is the strongest kunoichi in the world and was on par with Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru as a 16 year old girl, even surpassing Tsunade in some fields. 

tag game thing!

i was tagged by @studying-frenzy to do this!! 

Your unpopular opinion: mac and cheese isn’t good
Something you’re not proud of: i use my emotions to make decisions sometimes
Your fear: suffocating..ugh
Mental/physical illness? went to therapy for counseling for years for anxiety and other related things, i dont like to talk about it too much!
Lowest point in your life: 8th-9th grade 
Something you hate about yourself: i can be judgey even though i tell myself that i shouldn’t ive been getting better but im an emotional mess lol
Something you love about yourself: im vvv motivated!
A pivotal point in your life: I don’t think I’ve had one yet.
Your goals: enter college prepared and happy
Your big, big dreams: graduate college with my honors status and get into law school, help people with either constitutional law or criminal law.
Something that makes you happy: coffee and music. and video game.
Something that you’re grateful for: my friends and mom <3
A positive message to your followers: whatever you’re going through rn you will get through! take care of yourselves and if you need help please hmu!!

i tag any followers who wanna! tag me in it so i can read it. <3

So I was tagged to say five things I like about myself…… @haikyuu-smutrequests why’d you tag me I hate everything lmao.

Okay but for real:
1. I love how I am able to think that I am the best and worst person in the world, at the same time. While not coming off as arrogant or whiny, as in I don’t make that obvious, it’s just my inner monologue.

2. I used to be “quiet and shy” and now I’m “sarcastic and salty” and I think it’s a great improvement hehe

3. I can adapt to a lot of different places/people… it makes me super uncomfortable but it helps me get by in life

4. I like my hair. It’s taking forever to grow long again but it’s still nice when it chooses to behave.

5. I like how accepting I am. I’m glad I don’t judge people based on race/sexuality/disability… I have a pretty open mind and I prefer to judge based on actions :)

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Music Tag

List 10 songs you’re into right now and tag others. 

I was tagged by both @wrestlingnoob and @vprgirl1887 soooo here we go. THERE’S SO MUCH COUNTRY I HATE MYSELF UGH

1. Tin Man - Miranda Lambert
2. Humble - Kendrick Lamar
3. Redbone - Childish Gambino
4. Bad Behavior - The Maine
5. I Could Use a Love Song - Maren Morris
6. Blue Ain’t Your Color - Keith Urban
7. Just a Lil Thick (She Juicy) - Trinidad James, Mystikal (MY ETERNAL JAM IDGAF)
8. Hometown Girl - Josh Turner
9. Country Girl (Shake It For Me) - Luke Bryan
10. Bad Liar - Selena Gomez

Fuckkkk I taggggg um @screamersdontdance @sarrahcha @the-geekgoddes @heeltothequeen @heelturn-timesten @bombomiver and literally anyone else lmao idk

got tag game

was tagged by @jeynegrey !!!

rules: answer the questions and tag seven people :)
the first character i fell in love with: Bran
a character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Jaime
a character everyone else loves that I don’t: Littlefinger (although the people who love him aren’t really on the internet but in IRL)
a character I love that everyone else hates: Melisandre
a character I used to love but don’t any longer: I can’t think of any
a character I would kiss: Oberyn (alive tho)
a character I’d slap: Joffrey
a character I’d want to be like: Margaery
a character who makes me laugh: Tormund & Dolorous Edd
a character i miss: ugh so many but Catelyn rn
a pairing i love: Jaime x Brienne
a pairing i dont like: Sansa and Littlefinger

tagging: @openmouthwideeye, @gloriamundii, @mimbulusmimbletonia95, @ohmytheon, @wackygoofball, @unabashedgeek, and @anidlebrain

So at the insistence of @thetwinkerbell I finally listened to Hamilton all the way through and let me list how it was both the best and the worst decision ever

• I laughed a lot
• I cried so many times for Phillip and Alex and Burr
• And I cried for Eliza during Burn because rIP MY H E A R T O U T
• Totally Bi Alex Hamilton OMG the little bit of tension between him and Laurens and the BLATANT FLIRTING between him and Lafayette ugh Hamilboner for the French boy
• Washington is boss
• Cabinet rap battles yes please
• Wait For It is the most beautiful song evveeeerrrrr
• Eliza x Hamilton OTP despite all the shit they go through
• A song about New York being the greatest city ever because every single Broadway musical must have one
• Guns and Ships (aka the fastest Broadway song ever look it up) rapped by Lafayette with a French accent
• literally impossible to learn all the words because they’re so fast and complicated
• “Southern Motherfuckin’ democratic republicans”
• “you knock me down I get the FUCK back up again” Hercules Mulligan is my fiery pistol toting spy bae
• Jefferson literally slays
• So mUch CamARaDeRiE UgH I LOvE IT
• poor Angelica I cry for you I’m sorry
• flirting with accidental commas and Hamilton has the most beautiful eyes