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The Trampoline

Summary: Dan’s very gay and very in love with Phil, who has always been 100% straight. Also, there’s a trampoline.

Word Count: 5.3k

Genre: smut

TW: underage drinking

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Patater Week - Day 5

Feb. 10 - Social Media Shenanigans – Jeff kind of wishes that he didn’t know Kent and Alexei apparently sext each other through Snapchat pretty regularly. 1.3K

“What the hell are you doing?” Jeff asks, a towel over his head as he enters the locker room.

Kent doesn’t even look remotely embarrassed as he pulls his shirt down and pockets his phone. “Sexy snapchatting my boyfriend.”


Alexei Mashkov likes his men blond, shameless, and a little stupid, he supposes. There’s no helping taste.

He shouldn’t be that surprised when, that night while marathoning Game of Thrones by himself, he gets a notification that he’s received a snapchat from Kent. When he opens it, he nearly drops his phone and spills his cup noodles all over his crotch.

Miss you lots babe, when you coming to Vegas??? Providence is no fun, the caption says. The Kent in the photo is lying down on what seems to be super soft blankets, the picture taken from the up-down to showcase Kent’s exceptional abs all the way down to his low waistband. He has an actual finger in his mouth, like he’s trying to play coy. It’s clearly sent to the wrong person. 

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okay so this is my first time actually posting anything on the humans are weird thing although i freaking love it, so please bear with me and sorry if this has been done before

Okay so I’ve seen a lot on the pack bonding mentality of humans, but what about vice-versa? here’s a lot on how humans will bond with anything and anyone, but what about those who hate something or someone for absolutely no obvious reason at all? an example scenario:

an alien bring aboard a game that human loves, but it has a different box and human hates the new one, or maybe they don’t like a certain type of toilet paper because “That koala on the advert looks dodgy”

Or another thing maybe they really hate a person and they’re at the point where every little thing annoys them

Asshole: sneezes

Other human: Ugh do they have to be so annoying?

Alien: I thought sneezing was natural?

Other: Yeah but they’re so obnoxious about it

Alien: is that possible?

Other: Just don’t bother about it, it’s complicated.

Alien: ?????

anyway thats all i’ve got to say, just food for thought see ya


“I still dont like big meaningless blockbusters. I dont think I have been in any particularly. The Star Wars films are the most blockbuster-type type of thing I have been in, but they are also unique in the sense that they are Star Wars.” 

can’t wait to hear you scream

in which nico and will watch a scary movie. kind of.

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Nico had believed Will when he’d said that he’d hated horror movies.

The thing was, he apparently didn’t grasp how much Nico hated horror movies.

“Do you wanna turn it off?” Nico asks, cautiously, because they’re sitting in his home living room, and while Nico is sitting cross-legged on the floor, elbow deep in a bowl of salted popcorn, Will is currently lying on the sofa.

Not only lying on the sofa, but buried in blankets. Most of them have been removed from his actual body and instead are just covering his face.

“No,” Will says, voice muffled. “I’m good.”

Nico raises his eyebrow. On the screen, some horrible horror slasher move happens. Nico isn’t really paying attention, but he’s pretty sure that there is blood spraying everywhere. Some teenager screams.

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Description: Sometimes the guys can’t keep secrets. Sometimes that’s okay.

Genre: Fluff, High School! AU

Pairing: Oh Sehun x reader

Word Count: 2,779

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I’d been here at Baekhyun’s house for two hours, listening to the guys drone on and on about lame guy stuff. I didn’t quite know what they were talking about right now. I had tuned them all out awhile ago. It was me and four of the guys: Jongin, Chanyeol, Baek, and Kyungsoo. I loved them, but not enough to listen to them talk about… sports?

“But yo, when are tryouts?” I heard Chanyeol ask to no one in particular. Baekhyun answered almost immediately. “Next Thursday, but you have to have an updated physical and gear.” Chanyeol groaned. “That’s not even the best part. The gear has to be brand new. Literally fresh off the shelves and directly to the field or you practically won’t be allowed to tryout.” Baek’s statement made Chan groan louder. “Ugh, I hate tryout season. Like honestly, what’s wrong with the gear we already have? I literally replaced all my equipment last season. More importantly, what if we don’t even make the team. Then we have all this spanky new gear for nothing!” He ranted.

Kyungsoo spoke next. He didn’t speak often when they had conversations like this, but when he did it was good. “You suck at baseball, so you’re the only one that has to worry about that.” This made all the guys erupt into laughter, and even I broke out into a small giggle. Chan’s face turned red, partly from embarrassment. “Aye, leave him alone. At least he can make it to tryouts Mr.I’m-too-scared-to-tryout-for-basketball-so-I’m-just-gonna-hideout-in-the-library.” Kyungsoo gave Jongin a death glare. “That’s not what happened you doof. I had a stupid research paper to finish and the coaches made me go to the library to work on it.” Jongin cowered as Kyungsoo spoke. I didn’t know why though. Jongin was the only one that could get away with saying stuff like that it him. It was obvious that he had a soft spot for him. “Yeah, leave him alone guys. Besides, even if he could try out, he’s too short to make a basket.” Kyungsoo didn’t hesitate to jerk on a strand of Baekhyun’s hair as the guys burst into another bout of laughter. The digs the guys got on Kyungsoo was what usually got them the most riled up, mainly because it didn’t happen often seeing as how nobody wanted to get killed by one of his death stares.

I honestly couldn’t stand listening to them go on. “Can you guys not be so boring? I’m practically falling asleep.” All the guys looked at me with playful annoyance. “Did we ask you to speak?” Baekhyun asked, mocking a face of disgust. “Cause I don’t recall.”

“Aye, I don’t recall asking for permission to speak, not that I’d let any of you losers to grant me that right.”

The guys all let out in a chorus of “Ooooo.” Chanyeol was next to speak.“So sassy.” Baekhyun mumbled something under his breath right after him. I didn’t quite catch it all, but I caught some of it. “No wonder… on you…”

“Would you like to say that again Baek? Maybe a little louder?” I said, mocking a stern tone we’d all heard Baekhyun’s mother use with him. He was quite the sassafrass. He was constantly getting in trouble with his parents because he couldn’t stop himself from saying something sarcastic or snarky. He rolled eyes. “I SAID, NO WONDER OUR SASSY MAKNAE HAS A CRUSH ON YOU!” He shouted even though we were all barely two feet away from each other. “Smartass.” I huffed crossing my arms. The guys got back into their previous conversation. I snatched my phone up from its place on the table behind us. I started mindlessly scrolling through social media. I wasn’t looking at anything in particular, I just wanted something to prevent me from going completely insane while the guys talked about… hockey?

I grabbed one of the cups off the table, and took a big gulp of the fizzy soda. No wonder our sassy maknae likes you. Baekhyun’s words from earlier popped back into my mind causing me to spit my drink out. It flew from my mouth and straight from my nostrils too. “Eww Y/n, what the fuck?” Chanyeol squealed. For someone so manly, he sure did squeal and scream alot. “sEHUN LIKES ME?!?!” Chanyeol nodded. He and Jongin started wiping the soda off the table, Baekhyun was drying himself off, and Kyungsoo had moved to the other side of the room. He’d just barely avoided getting soda spit on him because he had gotten up to fix himself more drink at the same time soda was spewing from my nose.

“He’s had feelings for you since like practically day one.” Jongin said just as he finished wiping off the table. “Yeah.” Baekhyun agreed. “It’s so obvious too. He’s always drooling over you when we’re all together.” My jaw dropped. There was no way in hell, Sehun, of all people, liked me. I had a major crush on him, and the universe was never ever kind enough to let your crush reciprocate feelings. I got a rag from the laundry room, wet it, and made sure the table was clean. Once I was done, I threw the rag back at Baekhyun for him to put it where it goes. Anytime any of us tried to help him straighten up the place he got upset.

“You guys can’t be serious.” I said. The guys loved to joke around, so I wholeheartedly believed this was another one of their pranks. “You should see the way he looks at you.” Kyungsoo stated, making his way back to the table once he was sure it was clean. “And when you’re not around, we can never get him to shut up about you. Y/n, this. Y/n, that. Makes me wanna slap the kid sometimes.” Jongin added. Something in me still didn’t quite believe them, but regardless I spilled my own feelings to them. “Well, I sorta maybe have feelings for him too.” I whispered, covering my face as soon as the words had left my lips.

“OH MY GOD! WE CAN SET YOU TWO UP!” Baekhyun screamed, jumping up and down in the process. Matchmaker, one of his favorite things to do. “No! He doesn’t know.” I said, feeling my face heat up. I knew exactly how the guys were, now that we were on this topic it would be awhile before we were on to something else. “You didn’t know how he felt about you, but look at you now.” Chanyeol said, nonchalantly shrugging his shoulders as if this wasn’t sort of big deal. “Bye Yeollie, that’s different.” I whined, I was way too chicken to tell Sehun about my tiny, huge, crush on him. “Honestly, I’m content with him never knowing.” Before I had the chance to say anything else, my phone vibrated in my pocket. It was a text from Jongdae.

From Dae: Okay but like dont hate me

From Dae: butttttttttttttttttt

From Dae: Something may or may not have slipped…

“I say you just waltz up to him and tell him how you feel.” Jongin suggested from his seat across from me at the table. “Jongin, that’s lame.” I said, quickly replying to the ominous text message I’d just received.

To Dae: Explain

“Or you could have one of us tell him, like me for example?” Baekhyun said, I was looking at him, but I could tell he was wearing the biggest grin of his life. “You only want to do it because you like being in other people’s business.” His first reply was a scoff. “Not true, I enjoy being kind and helping others around me.”

From Dae: SOOOO likeeeee

From Dae: I love you Y/n, you know that right??

I was starting to get impatient. What had he done this time? “Text him.” “Call him.” “Meet up with him. “Send him a letter.” “Send him an email.” “Send him a snapchat.” “Post in on Instagram.” “Slide in his DM’s.” The guys just starting shouting out suggestions. I couldn’t help but giggle as some of the options started to get ridiculous.

From Dae: Hunnie knows you like him

From Dae: dont kill me pls

I screamed as I typed out my reply. Jongdae was one of the first, and for a while the only, people to know about my crush on Sehun. The other was Yixing.


To Dae: UGH im so gonna punch you next time I see you

To Dae: ur such a punk, i hate you

I didn’t notice, but the guys, all except for Baekhyun who moved to the other room to take a phone call, had moved behind me to peek over my shoulder. They were reading my messages. “Whelp, looks like you don’t even gotta worry about telling him now.” Chanyeol laughed, ruffling my hair, something he knew I hated with a passion. I punched his shoulder for revenge. “Leave me alone you crusty heathen.” I said, pushing the red haired giant away from me. He stumbled, and hit his side on the kitchen counter. I could tell the blow to his hip hurt, Chanyeol burst into a fit of giggles. He was so odd.

“Hey guys,” Baekhyun said. He tossed his phone back on the table, where it was pre-phone call. “Sehun and the others are coming over. Also what do you guys want to eat.” The four shouted food suggestions at Baekhyun. I didn’t understand how he understood all the clamour, but I was more focused on the fact that Sehun would be here any minute

From Dae: i luv you tho :’(

From Dae: Also we’re coming to Baek’s

Hearing the fact again made me scream.

To Dae: I KNOW

I pretty much continued screaming even though about thirty minutes had passed. I screamed even more when I heard a knock on the door. Luckily it only turned out to be the pizza we had ordered. We were supposed to wait for everyone to get here, but I was so anxious it was making me hungry. I ended up scarfing down close to a whole pizza by myself.

We always get like five orders of breadsticks, and I ate about one and a half of those. They weren’t even that good, but I was so nervous to see Sehun I couldn’t stop myself. I actually began pacing around the room as we awaited the other guys’ arrival. I was shook beyond belief. How was he gonna react? What was he gonna say? Was he even going to talk to me? Was everything going to be awkward the rest of the night? I didn’t know what to do, so when another knock came to the door I ended up screaming once more and hiding in Baekhyun’s room. I could hear Chanyeol laugh at me as I did so, but I didn’t care.

To Dae: Meet me in Baekhyun’s room ASAP

I assumed he got my message when about ten minutes later I heard a knock on the door. I had locked it just in case. “Open up!” He shouted through the door. I hurriedly unlocked it and went back to pacing. “Jongdae, I can barely breathe!” I uttered, my nerves causing my hands to start shaking. “Is that so?” I expected to hear Jongdae’s voice, but instead I was met with that of Sehun’s much deeper one. “WHY ARE YOU HERE?!?!?!” I screamed for the umpteenth time today. “The guys pushed me in here and said they wouldn’t let me out until we talked, so here I am.” I didn’t know what to do or say. Literally the only thing I could think to do was scream. But that was off the table considering I didn’t think the guys wanted to hear me do that again.

le boyz gc: I hate all of you

Eventually Sehun broke the silence which was different seeing as how besides Kyungsoo, he was the quietest out of all the guys.

“How long have you liked me?”

I almost choked because of his boldness. I mean leave it to Sehun to get straight to the point. “What do you mean?” I laughed nervously. “I’ve never liked you.” I’ve liked you since middle school.

“Don’t lie to me.” He said casually, moving from leaning against the bedroom door to sitting on Baekhyun’s bed. “Jongdae told me you’ve had a crush on me for a while now.” I mentally cursed Jongdae. Remind me not to tell any of the guys if I ever develop a crush on literally ANYONE EVER AGAIN!

.“For the record, I’ve liked you since that first time we all hung out at Chanyeol’s place.” I tried thinking back to the first time we ever went to Chan’s house. It was quite hard to manage seeing as how we’re always either at his or Baekhyun’s house. “What’s so special about us hanging out that one time?” I asked, trying to avert from the subject of me liking him. “I don’t know really.” He started. He stopped looking at me, and focused all his attention on his twiddling thumbs. “Just something about you struck out to me. It made me what to get to know you better.” “Are you glad you did?” I asked in a small voice. Sehun nodded vigorously. “It was the best decision I ever made to be honest.”

I could feel a warmth course through my body at his words. Now I have to tell him. I took a deep breath and finally spilled the truth. “I’ve had a crush on you since before high school. And ever since then just the thought of you makes me happy beyond belief.” I puffed, still not wanting to admit my true feelings for him. I looked over at Sehun. His entire face was lit up in result of what I’d told him. But he went from beaming to smirking in two seconds flat. He sat up off the bed, and stood about a foot away from me. “See how easy that was.” I punched his arm, causing him to start laughing. “Leave me alone.” After those words, he pulled me into a tight hug. I buried my head in his chest. I was able to get a whiff of his cologne, it was strong but not too overbearing. It was pleasant, but at the same time it was a savory scent. I didn’t want him to let go anytime soon, however we jumped away from each other as we heard Baekhyun yell “THEY BETTER NOT BE HAVING SEX IN MY ROOM, ON MY BED!!” and the door swing open.

The guys piled into the doorway. “Ew, look at the lovebirds.” Minseok teased from the front of the huddle. His words caused both Sehun and I to turn bright red from embarrassment. “I bet they were making out.” Chanyeol butted in, sticking his head farther into the room. “Shut up Chan!” I said, covering up my face as it got even brighter.

“Come on guys, pizza’s getting cold and we’re about to put on a movie.” Junmyeon said. I gave him an understanding nod. I went to speak, but before I could Jongin interrupted me. “Oh Y/n’s not hungry. She practically ate like three pizzas before you guys got here. Sehun had her super stressed out.” Everyone broke out into laughter, causing all my embarrassment levels to skyrocket. I buried my face in my hands, so no one would see just how red my face was getting. “It was more like one, let me live.” I pouted. Sehun wrapped his arm around my waist, and pulled me closer to him. “It’s okay babe.” He whispered in my ear. I ended up smiling like an idiot at his words. The guy I like just called me babe. What a world!

“Stop being gross, you’ve been together for like five seconds.” Baekhyun said, wearing an over exaggerated look of disgust. I couldn’t help but shake my head at him. We hadn’t talked about us actually dating yet. “Hey you guys, we should choose tonight’s movies carefully. The two love birds might get a little risky throughout them.” Kyungsoo said from the middle of the crowd of guys. This time Sehun and I joined in on the guy’s laughter. One by one, everyone eventually turned around and left the bedroom. Sehun and I exited the room, his arm still draped around my shoulder. Before we got into the living room, he placed a kiss on my forehead. Maybe we weren’t together just yet, but I could definitely get used to this.


musain-de-revolution  asked:

I love your blog!! Oh, do you have any cute hcs with soriku and rainy days? 😊


The infamous “Riku silently hates most weather” headcanon of mine comes back into play, but as long as he’s not getting drenched, I think Riku grows to enjoy rainy weather and the feeling of simplicity…and cleanliness *winks with both eyes* it brings.

 I feel like Riku’s the type to keep quiet and zone out a bit on rainy days. I think Sora can be similar but the flip flop of “LOOK!!!! RAIN!!!! :D” and “UGH SUCKS. ITS TO WET TO DO ANNYTTHIING” feels triumphs over that. 

- Sora’s initial response is “heck yeah its raining!!! :D” and goes outside and easily entertains himself with jumping into puddles claiming that if he’ll jump into the right one, it’ll take him to another world. He does this for 20 whole minutes and comes inside with soggy shoes and slightly droopy hair spikes. Assuming Riku’s there (and he probably his) Sora will probably take a large towel to the face and be exiled onto the front porch until he dries off his entire self. (Sora’s exclaiming very loudly from outside how much of tyrant Riku is)

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[ 3/100 ]

but can you imagine peter falling in love with someone taller than him?

also tall.fem!readers REPRESENT! (Even tho I’m not tall at all and am merely standing at 5'3" lmao)

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Love Bites (part 1)

Words: 2.5k

Summary: Spn Au. Focuses mostly on a flashback of the last time you saw your best friend, Cas, before he went off to college and you left town to travel. You’re both back in your home town for your 10 year high school reunion.

Warnings: Minor angst, a little fluff, and some fluffy and awkward smut (female receiving oral sex, fingering, losing of virginity by both male and female, brief painful sex.)

A/N: This series is for the @casbabydontgoineedyou 1k follower celebration (my phrase doesn’t come until a bit later.) Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you want to be on my master tag list, just send me an ask or DM.


You had always been considered a bit of a rebel. You had never really concerned yourself with the opinions of others or what path you were supposed to take.

After high school, everyone else was running off to college to plan their boring careers; while you thought traveling the world, working odd jobs in odd towns seemed more your style.

This week was your 10 year high school reunion. You had thought about skipping it until you saw your former best friend, Cas, was on the list of attendees. He had been one of the good little boys to choose the traditional path and you thought about the day you told him you were skipping the graduation ceremony.

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  • Me (INTJ): *playing a video game* Ugh, I hate this person, she's just like, "I'm the smartest person ever, I remember everything I've ever learned and could defend this whole village with my magic all by myself."
  • Sister (INFP): But isn't that what you're like?
  • Me (INTJ): Well, yeah, but I'm not annoying about it.
  • Sister (INFP): ... *gives me that look*

It’s funny, in a way, to feel like you’re right where you need to be, yet also feeling so out of place. Feeling so important, and yet, like nothing.

Feeling like he could disappear, and nobody would really notice. And why would they, really?

Sometimes Hajime just… exists.

Time stands still, sometimes, when he’s alone.

His brain works too fast, stomach feels hot and weighted. Feels like there’s bile in his throat, that he has to try to swallow down, shake away-

Forcing away the bad thoughts works…for a bit.

But it never takes long for the ugly feelings to claw their way back up to the surface.

God, why is it so hard?

Why does he feel like crying when he sees everyone acting so… normal?

Why is it so hard to be like everyone else - to walk like them, talk like them, feel like them? To talk even to his friends-

“I’m fine,” he says, a lie-

“Don’t worry,” he pleads, not knowing what else to say, how else to placate their fears-

He longs for a touch, for comfort, for something. Anything, but he can’t ask, can never put words to his thoughts, can’t say them out loud, won’t dare breathe life into them and make them real.

It’s too hard.

He’s too afraid.

To reach out and be met with… nothing.
It’s easier to hide, to let his dark thoughts screech inside his head, to fake a smile and and laugh and listen, never talk-

Nobody notices anyway.

His pain is invisible.



Maybe that’s not quite always true.

Because when everything is dark and heavy - oh God how heavy his chest feels, the weight of his heart too heavy a burden to bear - he’s not alone.

Tooru sits next to him, pulls him in close and helps him carry it.

There are no words, really, nothing that will help, but that’s the thing. Words can’t help.

Tooru can’t fix this.

It’s ugly, and Hajime hates it, but-

He can’t keep running from it.

And with Tooru’s arms around him, his scent filling his lungs, and his voice soft in his ear, warm and reassuring-

He’ll make it through.

He has to, for more than just himself.

One day it’ll be easier. But until then, he just has to keep pressing on.

*chokes on a snore as I ungracefully exit the Dream Zone* hey y'all guess who’s emotionally compromised & it’S LEAKING INTO HER SUBCONSCIOUS AGAIN??????????

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Mercury and Emerald, you aren't a thing are you? Who would you choose to go out with? (Asked by taza1998)
  • Emerald, sticking out her tongue and fake gags in disgust: As if I'd ever go out with HIM!
  • Mercury, his arms crossed, with a smug grin: Well if you gag like that I wouldn't want to date you either.
  • Emerald, throwing a (stolen) wallet at him: YOU ARE DISGUSTING! UGH.
  • Mercury, laughs to himself as Emerald storms out: Hah. She wants me.
  • Emerald, muffled by distance: Absolutely not!
  • Mercury, shrugs: But hey, that Neon girl was kinda cute
  • ~
  • Emerald, angrily pacing in another room: I hate him so much. But if you must know. That Yatsuhashi guy was tall and handsome. Just my type honestly.

Adam Senn is not coming back. I’m just going to put my two cents in. A breakup has to be out of the question mainly because the build up was way too big last season to have it end this way…Zude was/is going to be half of the show this next season! So I’m guessing they’re going to recast him which…UGH!!! I already don’t like the person they’re casting and I haven’t even seen him…honestly if I were James I would have waited until Adam’s schedule cleared up but I’m sure that’s quite impossible at this point. It’s just Adam is so handsome and so good at playing the devious turned devious fluff ball type of guy!! But all in all guys

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I wonder how chuuya, dazai, akutagawa, mori, and fitzgerald would react to their s/o who is legit fuming mad. Like "throws a thousand vase at the wall" and "do something utterly stupid i'll kill you" type of mad bc thats me atm

Ugh, I hope you feel better soon! I hate being fuming mad (although I prefer it to being sad haha). Go listen to angry music and write angsty/violent stuff. Or play Yandere Simulator and murder everyone, that’s what I do. 

~Admin Kat


  • unable to handle it because he also has a very short temper
  • if anything, he’ll probably trap you on the ceiling in the corner with his abilities until you calm down so you avoid harming others or yourself
  • if your rage has a direct cause, he’ll hunt down that cause and figure out what the hell happened
  • isn’t mad at you for getting angry because he’s the same
  • if you’re calm enough that you’re not throwing shit everywhere, he’ll give a bottle of wine for you to straight up chug


  • runs away. He just disappears. Where does he go? No one knows.
  • if he’s unable to run away, he tries to calm you down with his whole carefree facade, but if anything it just directs your anger to him
    • but it’s okay, he’s used to that because lol Kunikida
  • if you’re really out of control, he’ll totally tie you down with his bandages. For reference:

  • there’s a chance he’ll be a little shit and do stuff to make you even more mad
  • but he’ll probably be able to calm you down by flirting like no other and making you blush like crazy


  • will also try to run away and shove you off to Higuchi
  • if he’s unable to, he’ll probably just try to survive your attacks tbh because he’s bad at words
  • might also get mad at the fact that you’re mad and get so exasperated that he’ll hunt down whoever made you this mad and skewer them
  • hide anything that’s breakable around the house
  • if necessary, will pin you down with Ranshoumon


  • Mori has to deal with Elise’s temper tantrums so if you’re just yelling and being ridiculous, he’s pretty good at ignoring that and just resuming his work
    • however, if you’re throwing stuff (especially if it’s expensive and/or harmful), he’ll actually have to try to calm you down
  • at first he’ll try in the similar way he talks to Elise
    • “Ne, _____-chan, can’t you try to take it down a notch?”
  • if that doesn’t work, he’ll become more serious and sit you down, asking what’s got you so upset
  • will definitely use his Mafia Boss powers to give a beating to whoever pissed you off
  • if you’re really out of control, he’ll have his subordinates remove you and promise to make it up to you later


  • is a little put off by it, so he immediately tries to find the reason for your unhappiness
  • attempts to make you happier in classic Fitzgerald ways
    • “Darling, why don’t you take my card and take yourself and Margaret out shopping? That might brighten your mood.”
  • doesn’t really care about you throwing stuff around as long as it doesn’t break, he’ll just have the maids clean up later
  • same as Mori, will have you removed if you’re being too troublesome
  • will try to soothe your anger, but tbh Fitzgerald isn’t all that good with comfort and words either

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I bloody hate slytherin stereo types like omfg I'm not going to kill your family, Jesus


Ugh, the way so many people see Slytherin gets on my nerves so much. That’s the whole reason I made this entire blog. 

dans the type to be all strict like “we cant feed the dog table scraps or he’ll beg all the time” but phil would sneak him some under the table when dans not paying attention until one day dan catches him and he’s all “is That why he’s been begging all the time you little shit???” and phil would just giggle until dan is like “ugh i hate you” but he actually can’t stop smiling