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Your Worst Nightmare

Summary: Dan can’t sleep–he never can. And it’s thanks to the demon under his bed.

TW: uhhh scary demon shit. idk when @mangothatismelancholy was reading it she was legitimately scared so idkkk

Genre: angst

Word Count: 5k

(here’s a drawing @societyshottheunicorns01​ made!)

(and a drawing @haleykinz​ made!)

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a little like writing or loving

for nursey week, day 2: “surprise or simplicity.”

“If that pen explodes in your mouth,” Dex says from the bathroom doorway, “I am not gonna feel bad for you.”

Derek startles–and does drop the pen out of his mouth–and looks up. “What?”

Dex cocks a brow at him, flicking off the bathroom light and flopping down on the hotel bed next to Derek’s. “You’ve had two pens explode in your mouth from chewing on them like that,” he says. His red hair is wet, tousled from where he must’ve run his hands through it after his shower, and he rolls onto his stomach, propping himself on his elbows to look at Derek. “What’re you glaring at, anyway?”

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the evening was beautiful.  the stars and moon shining brightly over the ocean, and your skin. your princes came home from a long raid today. 

they had been gone for months on end, it worried you, not being able to hear from them, if they were okay.

but they made it home safely.

you smiled upon hearing everyone laugh and cheer for the sons of ragnar. bjorn, ubbe, hvitserk, sigurd, and ivar.


you gazed at him from across the room, the candles flickering brightly in his eyes, perfectly showing the mad and darkness withen them.

when he felt your gaze he immediately caught your eyes. his lips quirked up into a deep smirk as he stared at your body which was barely covered by anything at all.

you gasped lowly as he started sucking on his bottom lip.

he graped his mug of wine tightly in his hands, his eyes practically undressing you.

and you let him.

you and ivar were……well, you didn’t exactly know what.

you had grown up hating each other, you still did, but, before he left all those months back, something had changed.

a deep lust was present before he got on that boat. everytime he stared at you, everytime you accidently brushed up against each other.

something, had changed.

you hadn’t spoken to him yet, you hadn’t wanted to. you spoke to his brothers, yes. but facing him would be harder then any battle you’d been in.

one night, a week prior to his leaving, he found you a moment after you had pleasured yourself. still wet and writhing. he crawled up your furs and

laid his head against your shaking thigh, and slowly dipped his long, thick fingers inside your heat. you allowed his fingers to slip inside with a sharp moan.

that night was still heavily burnt into your mind. he had made you cum, not once, not twice, but three times. with just his fingers.

he had wanted to learn to pleasure a woman, and you were more then welcome to aid him in his learning. then you both went silent for a week,

you both never even said goodbye when he left, just long and lustfilled stares were shared that day. you sighed. and grabbed another mug full of ale.

trying hard not to look at him. but you could feel his eyes burning into the back of your skull. you were sad that you didn’t say goodbye to him when he left.

but the past is in the past, you thought whilst taking another sip of ale. suddenly you felt an arm go across your shoulder. you looked up and seen ubbe lothbrok smiling
down drunkly at you.

“hello, ubbe” you giggled as he almost stumbled on to you. he laughed and started to pet at your hair. “hello, pretty, pretty girl”.

you knew ubbe wouldn’t try anything with you, you and him were closer then any brother or sister. he loved you and you him.

“what is such a pretty girl doing by herself?” he slurred lightly taking a large gulp of his drink. you couldn’t help but let your eyes flicker to ivar.

who was watching the both of you with a hard glare. ubbe took notice to this and snorted loudly, some of his drink dripping down his chin.

“aaahh. i see” he teased squeezing you closer to him. you looked at him confused “see what?” you questioned. he leaned in to your ear and whispered

“i thought ivars love was one sided, but i guess i was wrong”. he walked away from you, almost skipping. you grabbed his hand and brought him closer to you before he could leave.

“what do you mean?”. he laughed loudly almost spilling his drink “i feel you becoming wet as we speak about him, love” his words made you blush mad.

“you know, he touched himself quite frequntly on that boat, (y/n). he never did that until he was away with you that one night” ubbe said tapping his chin acting as if he was in deep thought.

you groaned lowly and squeezed your eyes shut. you know nothing could get past the second oldest. ubbe forced you to look at him.

“i’d make a move, love. now. before you regret something. and i’d better make a move also or ivar will strike me dead with his eyes” ubbe said, spitting out the last words  quickly

then ran over to margarethe, sweeping her into his arms with a loud yell.

ubbes words sunk in, but how?, how could you approach ivar now?. currently he was surrounded by the biggest men in kattegat, all of them asking about the raid and win.

with a deep sadness in your heart, you left the hall.

the beaches sand was soft between your toes as you walked along the water. the bottom of your dress was completely soaked, but you could care less.

you looked like something from a different planet. the way the moon reflected off your head made an almost golden halo around you, your white dress blew about your body,
and hugged your figure perfectly.

you stopped and stared out at the water, which looked to inviting for its own good. you gently made your way into the icy water.

you took in a deep inhail of breath as the water reached your waist. you could feel the fish under the water swarm your feet and legs, you closed your eyes and

pointed your face towards the sky. the wind around you made lovely goosebumps swarm your skin. faintly you could hear the sound of a beautiful norse song being played.

you couldn’t help but start to sway your hips to the sound. you raised your arms high and twirled your whole body in the water. your hair flew around in the wind
and flowed down your shoulders and back.

you bit your lip and started dipping your backside in the water, the action making you gasp and do it again. what you didn’t know was there was a pair of excited eyes
watching you as you danced.

when you were tiered you decided to walk back to shore, the cold air on your now damp skin making your nipples erect and skin tightning.

you stopped mid stride when you heard the sound of brush being tampered with. you stood perfectly still for a moment ignoring the way your body was starting to shake from the cold.

you then shook it off and was about to walk forward until an axe flew past your head and into the wood of the boat behind you.

you were alone and no weapon in your grasp, the axe was to tightly lodged into the wood for you to grab. you ran. of course running into the woods was the worst idea

but you had to get away. sharp branches near by scratched your pure and untouched skin as you ran by, you nearly tripped over a log but managed to get over it and run
even faster then before.

you clutched the bottom of your dress tightly as the woods became more dense and thick. thankfully the moon was still present through the trees, allowing

some light to guide you. suddenly you could see a small clearing with a creek coming up close. you smiled and giggled doing a small spin mid run.

it felt good.

just as you were about to make it, something caught your foot. causing you to trip. your head and body hit the hard earth beneathe you causing the breath to be knocked from you.

you turned over on to your back, you seen a tree root wrapped around your foot.


it was silent in the cold night air, just the sounds of your harsh pants were echoing off the trees. suddenly you could hear slithering on the ground,
crunching the twigs and leaves.

but what could you do?, it was dark, and you were stuck. you laid there quietly closing your eyes tightly and bit your lip.

crunch, crack, crunch, crack. it was getting closer.

then it was all quiet again-

“what do we have here?

PART2 ???? IF SO LET ME KNOW and if not feel free to request anything you want, lots of love and thanks from me<3

Cotton Candy

Originally posted by apgujeon

                                                          ‘Have you ever tasted something, 

sweeter than cotton candy itself?’

Featuring: Jungkook (bts)
Gere: smut (so much oral)
Word Count: 2,457


A/N: The name for this was inspired by Frank Ocean’s Pink Matter.

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just bc you ship members together and they're friends doesn't mean jb wasn't really fucking homophobic during celebrity bromance. he literally did say he might beat youngjae up for saying he wanted to take him in a couples café. said it's bad for two boys to come here. was making it whole uncomfortable. that's the truth. just saying.

idk why i’m gonna answer this, but, a lot of koreans let really clear that Jaebum didn’t say with that intention, and that is common to use that phrase with friends there, such common thing that Youngjae just laughed. But then you are gonna rely in a translation? Cause really everyone knows that languages can have multiple translations. Koreans weren’t even bothered, and no, not bc some of them are homophobic, cause that is just generalize a whole society, but bc it didn’t mean that. 

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11 & hoseok for the drabble game

11. “Sit still, would you?” 
genre: fluff/slight smut ;)

Being woken up on a Sunday night by your phone ringing was not exactly your ideal night, but it was Hoseok so you couldn’t just ignore the calls. You pulled your arm out of the warmth off your blanket and picked up your phone, “Hoseok? What’s wrong?” 

“Will you let me in? I need your help.” He sounded out of breath, like he just ran a mile. 

“Yeah, are you okay?” You asked, getting up and putting on your slippers. 

“I’ll explain when I get inside.” He said quickly before hanging up. You furrowed your eyebrows and walked into the main room of your apartment to wait for Hoseok to get up to your floor. What would possibly have him calling at one in the morning? 

The knocks on your front door finally came and you rushed over to the door, eager to know what had Hoseok a mess. You opened the door and Hoseok pushed you into the apartment gently while closing the door. “Hey, baby.” He had a cut on his lip and another on his forehead, and it looked like a black eye was forming on his right eye. You frowned.

“Hobi, did you get into another fight?” You asked, pulling him into the kitchen and grabbing the first aid kit you kept on top of the fridge. 

“Yeah, but they hit me first, I was defending myself. Don’t be mad…” He replied, looking down at his bloody hands and frowning, knowing you didn’t exactly like him getting in street fights. 

“I’m not mad, it’s just not something I enjoy you doing that much.” You said, smiling at him to reassure him. You grabbed a washcloth and wet it to clean the blood off of his face and knuckles, making sure the wounds weren’t super dirty. “At least tell me you fucked them up more than this,” you looked up at him for a second before dipping a q-tip into some hydrogen peroxide and dabbing it along the cut on his forehead.  

Sure, Hoseok got into street fights but he was a wuss nonetheless, so when you tried cleaning his wounds further, he kept wincing. When you tried cleaning the cut on his cheek he winced, and pulled away from you. 

“Ugh I hate this part so much.” He whined at you. You rolled your eyes, and continued dealing with his wounds but he kept squirming. 

“Sit still, would you?” You muttered, annoyed. Hoseok immediately sat still and tried his hardest not to move too much. When you finished, you put bandages on the wounds, minus his eye, and moved to put the supplies away but you felt an arm snake around your waist.

“Baaaaby, can you come help me with my new problem?” He asked, looking down at his crotch. 

“You pervert, what is it this time?” You laughed, letting him pull you into the bedroom. 

“You,” He kissed your neck a couple times, “Telling me,” and a few more again. “What to do.” This time he kissed your lips and pulling you on top of him on the bed, getting you ready for a fun night. 

I'm Sorry Part 3 (Siren x Idle)

Bullies. Ugh. I HATE THEIR GUTS!!

I am having my biggest writer’s block ever. I don’t even know how to continue my stories. Plus,  I also am having an art block. I don’t know what to draw. So please forgive me if you waited for so long. I am Sorry.

Also, Warning:
Neck-licking, bullying, hinted nsfw, blood and gore. So I will warn you where it will start in the story. If any of those trigger you, you can skip those parts.

Fika was carrying her green bag as she went to Idle’s house to accompany him to school. She’s not gonna break her promise and she’s not planning on breaking it anytime soon. But on her way there, she felt like she was being followed. She looks at her back occasionally but she doesn’t see anyone there.

Soon she reached there. She hopes that she at least look decent with her green dress that goes to her knees. She pressed the door bell. Idle noticed this and said goodbye to his (roommate(?), parents(?) Idk).

“Hey Miss Fika!” Idle said as he ran to her with a smile.

“Idle, we’re the same age. No need to be so formal. Just…. It’s just Fika, ok?” Fika chuckled as smiled warmly.

“Oh… Ok… M- I mean Fika! Wow, that sound weird.” Fika giggled at that.

“You’ll get accustomed to say it soon enough.” So the two made their way to the school. As Fika constantly watching out for any danger, she kept Idle close to her… By clinging on his arm….

The thing is, Idle is taller than Fika. And Fika never noticed this before. How come she never noticed this before??

This made Idle look at her in confusion. Fika was blushing, covering her mouth ang looking to her side.

“Fika? Are you sick?” Idle asked her.

“Y-yeah… Just… Been thinking a lot of things…” Fika said as she removed her hand and showed him her smile.

“Ok… Are you sure?” Idle just wants to check just in case.

“Yeah… I’m very sure!” Fika assured him.

“By any chance, Fika….” Idle trailed off. How will he ask her without offending her?

“Hmm?” Fika waited for Idle’s question.

“Do you like Siren?” This stopped Fika in her tracks. She processed the question before her face was engulfed in blush.

“I knew it.” Idle said smirkingly.

“Wha- why- how- HOW DID YOU KNOW?!” Fika said to him.

Idle just chuckled. “It was obvious at the way you look at him.” Fika bowed her head.

“You say that as if YOU aren’t so head over heels for him.” Now it was Idle’s turn to blush pink.

“So that makes us rivals, then?” Idle questioned.

“If we were then I would lose. Siren does have a thing for you.” Idle is stunned at that.

“You’re lying. Right?” Fika shook her head.

“Nnnope. 100% truth.” They laughed more and talked more until they have reached the school gate.

They entered their classroom to be greeted by Colonna, Xahji, and more of their classmates.

“Hey Idle! You’re early today!” Colonna said as Idle sat at his desk.

“Yeah, I decided to be early today. I kinda need to take care of things…” Idle said, his voice squeeking a little.

“Things, huh? What kind of things?” Xahji asked, leaning on Idle’s desk.

“Like a new story! It’s about a girl who has a crush on a boy that hated her at the start but they got along on the way!” (Sounds familiar, hmm?;D) Idle said, seemingly turning green.

“Isn’t that interesting. Your stories are so awesome, Idle!” Colonna praised him. Idle, being the humble one, turned more green at this.

“Thanks, Colonna.” Idle thanked her for the praise.

Meanwhile, Fika kept a close eye on Idle. She knows that those girls are his friends and all but…. She isn’t sure about it. Something seems…. Off about them. Or that was just her conciousness bring too worried.

She better make sure. She stood up and made her way to Idle. “Idle!”

Idle heard her and looked at her.“ Oh, hey Fika! What’s up?”

“I was just wondering if you’re free this lunch? I wanna talk to you about something. In private.~” she had her half-lidded eyes with her confident smile. Or smirk.

Idle turned dark blue at this. ‘Is she flirting with me?’ Idle thought.  He doesn’t know how to respond. “Uh… S-sure….”

“Good! See you behind the school!” She cheerfully said as she went back to her seat which is just behind Idle’s seatmate.

“Ooh, what could she possible want to talk to you about?” Colonna said, raising an eye brow.

“I-I don’t actually know myself.” Idle stuttered. He has no clue himself.

“By the way, where’s Siren?” Xahji question. Now that Idle noticed, Siren wasn’t in the classroom. Does Siren not want to see him? Idle turned yellow at that thought.

“Hey now, did something happen?” Colonna asked.

“We kinda got into a fight…. He might be angry at me.” Idle said, sadness in his voice.

“What about?” Xahji asked him.

“You don’t need to know.” Fika said suddenly behind them.

Then, as if on time, Siren entered the room and sat infront of Fika. He requested that Idle would be seated next to him so his seat is next to Idle.

He muttered a ‘Good morning’ and seemed to look outside the window.

Idle looked down at his desk and didn’t say anything until the class started.

During art class, Xahji, Idle and Colonna sat in a circle as they worked together to make cards. Two for each of them. Mr Ink said to make Christmas cards for a friend or relative outside the school and someone else in the classroom. Idle tried to help as much as he can but he is hurt everytime he moves. The crack on his soul looks like it’s growing and he feels it.

Fika called Xahji to ask for help. “Xahji, can you help me with this? I’m kinda confused.” Fika shouted from the front side of the room.

“Ok! I’ll be right there!” Xahji stood up and made her way to Fika. They were working on the floor so she did her best to not step on any projects.

“So Idle….” Colonna said, her voice a whisper.


“What exactly happened with you and Siren?” Idle stopped what he is doing.

“I…. Better not talk about it…..” He said.

“C'mon…. I’m your friend, right?” She really wanted to know.

“….” Idle just frowned and stayed silent.

“Ok…. I won’t push.” Colonna said rather disappointedly.

Xahji went back to them smiling. “Hey, I’m back! She wanted to know how to do an origami flower. What did I miss?”

“Oh, nothing much.” Colonna said, looking up to her friend.

Xahji felt the bad mood in their group so she decided to bring up a funny subject.

This at least made them laugh. It lightened up the mood of the group.

But their happiness won’t last.

~le time skip to lunch~

Idle left his project and books on his desk dince he will be back for them later. No one would destroy them, right?

Assuring that he already have his money, he quickly rushed to the back of the school. He doesn’t want Fika to keep waiting.

While he was running, Xahji and Snazzy was following him sneakily. They tried to be descrete as posible.

“Why are we doing this again?” Snazzy asked her.

“C'mon. Aren’t you curious to what Fika will tell Idle?” Xahji told him.

“I am.”

“Then just follow me!” She said rather irritatedly.

“Fiiiinnnee…..” Snazzy complained.

On the way, they saw Colonna and Siren chatting. Siren noticed them.

“Snazzy? Xahji? What are y-” Snazzy and Xahji covered Siren’s and Colonna’s mouth and pulled them behind the wall so Idle can’t see them.

Siren removed Snazzy’s hand and whisper-yelled. “What are you doing?!”

Xahji shushed him and pointed at Idle who exited through an emergency door.

“We’re following him.”


“Just cause!”

They followed Idle until he stopped.

“Fika!” Idle waved at him. This sent a pang in Siren’s soul.

“Idle! Glad you could make it.” They heard Fika say.

The 4 of them peeked behind a wall. Colonna sitting on the grassy ground, Xahji pressing her back at the wall, Siren crouching next to Colonna and Snazzy leaning on Siren.

They saw Fika starting to talk with Idle but they can’t hear it.

“What are they talking about? I can’t hear them.” Snazzy said.

“Well, neither do I.” Siren said.

Fika smiled at Idle and secretly glancing to the side. She knows that someone followed Idle on his way here. She must tell him quietly. And the only way she could do that is to whisper it in his ear.

“Idle, I have to see your soul.” She said.

Idle turned yellow in fear. “Why?”

“We have to make sure. I don’t want to see you dust here. Plus….” She pinned him to the wall. This made Siren very angry. Colonna and Xahji watched with interest as Snazzy doesn’t give a damn.

“Uh… F-Fika?” Idle stuttered.

“Don’t look now, but someone is watching us.” Idle widened his eyes.


“You don’t need to know.” Fika said. “My priority is to see if the cracks got worse. Please. Idle. I don’t want to break my promise to you.” Idle hesitated but nodded anyways..

Slowly but carefully, Fika reached for Idle’s soul under his shirt. She carefully took it out.

Idle shivered as soon as the contact happened. It felt foreign. It felt new.

It felt good.

“Idle…” Fika said sadly. “Your cracks got worse.”

The four stalkers saw Fika pull out Idle’s soul. This almost made Colonna scream. Good thing that Siren covered her mouth tightly.

A little too tightly.

Colonna noticed this and gripped Siren’s wrist. She looked at Siren with pleading eyes that is saying 'please let me go’.

He did and stood up. The last thing he wants to see is Idle and Fika having sex behind school.

“Siren, wait!” Colonna said loudly. They saw Fika putting back Idle’s soul and looks alert.

Snazzy cursed under his breath. He carried Xahji bridal style and ran for it. Xahji just held onto him, blushing.

“We better get back to class. It’s almost time.”
Fika said to a blushing Idle.

“O-ok….” As they went to class.

“I told you so, Siren. She is a menace.” An all too familiar voice said to Siren.

“Ash, will you please shut up?” Ash just chuckled.

“Just kill her. That would make him yours.” Ash suggested.

“No! I will not kill someone!” Siren shouted to nothingness.

“Suit yourself. But remember, claim him befor anyone else does.”

“Siren?” Colonna’s voice startled Siren. “Who were you talking to?”

“Oh, nothing. Just…. You’re hearing things.” Siren said as she walked right past her.

“Oh…. Ok….” Colonna said sadly.

When Fika and Idle reached the classroom, Idle quickly ran to his seat. But something’s wrong…

All of his things are either destroyed or messed up. There are different insults on his desk. His favourite notebook is shredded to pieces and his bag is disassembled.

This made Idle cry. Who would do this?

“Idle…. Your belongings….” Idle crouched on the floor and started to cry. He had enough. Why would anyone do this to him?! As usual, Fika was there by his side.

The class were empty when he left. He had no possible answer to who will do such things.

When their classmates arrived individually or by group, they all saw Idle crying. They asked him why to try and comfort him but he let Fika answer for him. He is too depressed to answer.

Xhaji, Colonna and Siren entered the classroom last.

Siren saw the destroyed things of Idle. Siren’s blood just boiled at the sight. Why would anyone do this?! “Idle.” Siren said sternly.

“S-siren?” Idle said looking up at Siren.

“Will you come with me for a second?” He said, pulling Idle with him.

“I’m trusting the matters to you, Fika, Colonna, Xahji.” They left the classroom. Siren led Idle to the detention room. Idle has no Idea why. He just anxiously trailed behind Siren as he led him.

“Siren, why are we-”

“No questions.” Siren cut him off.

As they entered the detention room, Siren quickly locked the door. Idle wants to question why but he is scared of what Siren might do.

“Idle…. Do you have any enemies?” Siren asked.

“Not that I know about, no.”

“Do you know anyone who could possibly do that?”

“Probably… The bullies…?” Siren walked closer to Idle as Idle steps back. He’s completely backed on the wall.

“Look, Idle…. I’m sorry….. If I hurt you….” Siren looked at the side.

“Wha- I thought I hurt you!” Idle said, blushing yellow.

“No! You didn’t…. Idle…. You’re too humble for this…. I was just so worried that I got angry at those who cut you….. I’m sorry…” Siren leaned his head on Idle’s shoulders.

Idle fell silent at that. He should say sorry since he had been a burden to Siren. But he can’t. He doesn’t know how.

(The warnings start here)

“Idle?” Idle snapped out of his thoughts as Siren called him.

“Hmm?” He cocked his head to the side.

“Can I…. Claim you?” Siren asked him. Idle was stunne at this. What?!

“C-claim?!” Idle was definitely blushing pink. Why would Siren say that?!

“Uh… Y-yeah…. I really want you to be mine… I don’t want anyone else to own you. Not Xahji, not Colonna, not the bullies, not Fika.” Siren whispered possessively. Idle gulped at this. It’s all he ever wanted. That’s why he subconciously nodded.

Takin that as a yes, Siren kissed Idle’s neck. Idle stiffened and gripped Siren’s shirt. His blush darkened. This is exactly what he felt when Fika touched his soul.

Then Siren bit him. This surprised Idle. He unintentionally moaned as Siren bit him harder.

Idle was a panting mess. His mind is hazy from all the stimulation he is receiving. He can’t even see properly anymore. He is so pink from just Siren, his crush, kissing his neck. He was sure Siren had drawn blood.

Siren soon pulled away from Idle’s neck. He wants to do everything right here, right now. But he doesn’t want to do it in the school grounds.

He looked at Idle, completely pink and breathing unevenly. “You okay? I… I didn’t hurt you again, did I?”

“No… You hah… You d-didn’t…. Q-quite the opposite, actually….” Idle said. His neck hurts but it is sending him waves of pleasure. He doesn’t know why, though.

(The warning ends here)

“Good…” Siren kissed Idle’s skull as he stood away from Idle. He cleared his mind before realizing something. “Does this mean that I’m your boyfriend now?”

Idle didn’t quite expect that. He now knows that Siren also loves him, but being his boy friend? Idle doesn’t know how to respond.

“Well, yes, technically, we are kinda… Dating? I guess? Afterall, you claimed me.” Idle said.

“Great. Promise that you won’t cheat on me?” Siren said jokingly.

“I would never!” Idle said, blushing reddish-pink.

“Ok, ok. I was just joking..” Siren said before he kissed Idle on his teeth. Idle gladly kissed back.

“I love you, so so much, Idle.” Siren said.

“Love you, too.” Idle responded.

“What about Fika?” Siren asked Idle.

“What about her?” Idle said, confusion in his face.

“Isn’t she gonna get angry because you got a boy friend?”

“Why would she be angry?” Idle raised an eye brow. “Wait. Did you think that we were a thing?!”

Siren glanced at the side guiltily. “Yeah… I thought you liked her and she liked you.”

“Gosh, Siren. She has a thing for you! Not me!” Siren gaped.

“She did? Was I really that clueless?”

“Well duh, she has been hinting it everytime you go to the clinic.” Idle said, almost at the classroom.

“I am so dumb for not noticing sooner.”

“That’s fine. Just let her down easy.” Idle said.

When they entered, they saw Xahji, arms crossed on her chest and Fika, hands on her waist as they look down at 3 classmates of theirs. Colonna was crouching infront of said classmates.

“So… Why did you do it?” Colonna’s voice was scary. It was dangerously threatening.

“Sheesh. What’s happening?” The three girls looked at Idle and Siren.

“Oh, Idle! You’re back! It seems that we found the perpetrator of the crime.” Fika said rather angrily.

“They confessed that they did it after some 'interrogation’.” Xahji growled.

“Don’t worry, Idle. Your things will all be replaced and fixed by tomorrow. Right, boys?” Colonna was scary.

“Yes, Ma'am!” They said afraid.

“We still haven’t known why they did it, though.”

“S-somebody just ordered us!” The first one said.

“Yeah! She threatened to kill our families!” The another one said.

“And who might this girl be?” Siren asked. It was the same as Snazzy’s classmate. Also ordered to bully Idle.

“She just called us through a call! We don’t know!” The last one said.

“Destruction of property, vandalism and bullying. And I recognize you as those who have broken the rules multiple times already.” Siren said.

“Siren go easy on them. Please? They were forced to do it.” Idle’s face turned green. He had mercy for those who bullied him.

Siren thought for ainute. He can’t deny that cute look on Idle’s face. “You’re too kind for your own good.” Idle smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Your punishment will be suspention for two weeks. Cleaning duty for one week and replacement for all the things you destroyed. To be honest, those like you should be suspened. Be thankful that I’ve shown mercy.” Siren said.

“Thank you!” The three of them said.

The rest of the afternoon went great. Of course, Idle and Siren declared their relationship. Fika accepting their relationship even if it hurts for her and some laughs and more apologizing.
(Too lazy to write all of those things)

“Hey, Idle.” Colonna approached Idle.

“Hey, colly!” Idle said cheerfully.

“I just want to tell you congratulations on your relationship!” Colonna said while smiling.

“Thanks!” Colonna hugged him.

“Hope that you’ll be happy with him.” Idle hugged back.

“I already am happy.” Colonna pulled away.

“Don’t die on us now, ok?” Colonna said. She frowned a bit and looked down.

“Whay do you mean?” Idle said, frowning.

“A while ago… Behind the school? You have cracks on your soul…..” Colonna said, looking down to her feet.

“I’m strong, Colonna. Don’t worry. I won’t die any soon.” Idle smiled.

“Pinkie promise?” Colonna held out her hand in a fist, her pinkie stretched out.

“Pinkie promise.” Idle said as he took it. They both smiled and talked about random things.

~tine skip to after school~

Idle waved good bye to Siren.

“Are you really sure you’re ok with me not accompanying you?” Siren said worrily.

“I’m very sure. You worry too much.” Idle giggled.

“Plus, I’m here beside him until he is safe in his house. What could go wrong?” Fika said with confidence.

“We’ll be fine.” Idle assured.

“I just don’t get why you want her to accompany you instead of me.” Siren frowned.

“Well, because our houses are near.” Fika said.

“Ok, ok. Just don’t steal my boy friend from me.” Siren chuckled.

“I won’t.” Idle then kissed Siren.

“See you tomorrow!” As he and Fika left the school.

“See ya.” Siren responded.

“So you’ve got a boyfriend now, huh?” Snazzy said as he approached Siren.

“My little bro have grown so much. I haven’t even have a boyfriend.” Swifty said next to Snazzy.

“Well, you’re the only one who doesn’t have one, Swifty. I already have Idle while Snazzy has Xahji. Right, Snazzy?” Siren said.

“Yeah.” Snazzy said looking at the side.

“Hmph.” Swifty crossed his arms.

“Bro, when will you confess to G?” Snazzy raised a brow.

“Yeah, when will you confess to him?” Siren wondered.

“I…… I dunno.” Swifty said.

“Bro, you are the only one of us three brothers to be a uke. Me and Siren are semes. Why not you?”

“No comment.”

“Welp. I wanna go home. Do you, Swifty?” Snazzy stretched.

“I know I do. Do you, Siren?” Swifty said.

“I still have something to do. You go ahead.” Siren waved them good bye.

“Ok. See you at home.” Snazzy and Swifty went ahead.

“Siren.” Colonna’s voice startled him.

“How the hell do you do that, Colonna?” Siren wondered.

“Do what?” Colonna wondered.

“Sneak up on people. Plus, they said that you were the one who pointed at those bullies.” Colonna fell silent at that.

“I have my ways.” Colonna just said.

She then reached up to Siren and kissed him on the cheek.

Siren was stunted. “Don’t worry, Siren. It was just a friendly kiss.” She winked.

“Uh…. Sure…” Siren rubbed the cheek that was kissed.

“I’m going home now. Bye!” Colonna said as she ran. She is so fast!

Siren sighed.

“Hey, Siren.” Ash greeted Siren as Siren growned.

“Hey, Ash.” Siren started to walk to an unpopulated place. “What do you want?”

“Just want to congratulate you on your new boyfriend.” Ash mocked Siren

“Shut up.” Siren told him.

“Don’t act like I didn’t help you. If I didn’t tell you to claim him, you wouldn’t even be jis boyfriend.” Ash growled.

“I admit thar your 'advice’ helped me. Well, half of it, anyways. I will still not like you though. You wanted me to kill.” Siren argued.

“Eh. That’s fair.” Silence fell between the two.

Siren waited for Ash to leave but Ash didn’t.

“What more do you want?!” Siren angrily said. He was starting to get annoyed of Ash’s face.

“Just wanna warn ya.”

“Warn me? Why?” Why would Ash warn him? Ash rarely does that so this might be important. “This better not be a joke.”

“It’s not. I gotta warn ya about that Cola? Column?” Ash can’t remember her name.

“Colonna? Why would you warn me about her?” Ash raised his eye brow. “Colonna is a great friend. Why would she be dangerous?”

“That’s what you think. Be careful around her. I could sense evilness in her aura.” Ash said.

“Your'e lying.” Siren frowned.

“Well, suit yourself. Not my problem anymore if something you care for got hurt. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Ash disappeared.

This made Siren think. Is Colonna really evil? He doesn’t even wanna find out anymore.

Meanwhile, Fika walked Idle to his house.

“So, I lost huh?” Fika looked up at the sky.

“Yeah. I won.” Idle smiled.

“Told you you would win.”

“Whatever.” They reached Idle’s house. The both of them said their goodbyes to each other.

Fika walked to her house. She just knows she is being followed she just doesn’t know why.

(Another warning starts here)

When she almost reached the gates of her home, someone covered her mouth and pulled her to a corner. She did her best to screem but her voice is being muffled.

“Shut up. Or I’ll kill you instantly.” A female voice said. Fika definitely heard that voice before. She just can’t pin-point where.

“Oh I wanna kill you fast. But too bad, I can’t. I will have to make you suffer first.” The voice said.

Fika was trembling in fear. She doesn’t know what to do. The girl’s hands has gloves. She doesn’t know what kind of monster is she.

Then a knife stabbed her spinal cord. It went right through her spine.

It hurt so bad!

She screamed in pain. But no one heard her. No one but the girl who stabbed her.

“You became too close to my Siren-senpai… Idle should have been first…. But recent events prevented that…” The girl said as she dragged her knife up, making Fika scream more.

“I so badly really want to hear your unmuffled screams. But I don’t want anyone finding out, do I?” The girl chuckled. The blood of Fika pooled below them. Her green dress, stained with blood red. She was starting to lose conciousness as more blood left her body.

“Don’t worry. I won’t kill you. But you won’t be able to do your promise anymore, Fika.” Then it all clicked so it is HER. The bullies, the vandals, everything that led to Idle’s cracked soul. It was all HER.

The knife was removed out of her back. The hand muffling her let her go. She slowly went down, lying on the center of the pool of blood. The face of the one who stabbed her confirmed her suspicion.

“Why would you do this……” Fika’s hoarse voice almost gone. It was painful to talk.

“Colonna….?” Fika said before she passed out from all the blood loss.

Colonna’s figure looked down at Fika’s limp body. “You got in the way of Siren and I don’t worry, though. Idle will come next.” She said. She cut Fika’s neck a little to prevent her screams just in case before she ran to a secluded place.

“No one will get between Siren and I. Not Idle, not his brothers and specially not YOU.” Colonna entered her house through the window. Good thing for her, she built a hidden ladder to her room. Easy access. There, she took a bath to remove all blood and disposing all the evidence. Bu burning the weapon, clothes and shoes.

She ran down to burn them in their own incinerator but her mother, Mrs. Rouge, stopped her.

“Coly, Where are you going?” Mrs. Rouge said.

“Oh, just gonna dump these clothes. They’re dirty.” Colonna responded with a smile.

“But, aren’t these your favourite clothes?” Her mom responded.

“Yeah but, my classmate spilled paint on them I can’t even remove the stinch and color.” Colonna fakely complained.

“Ok. You can burn them. But I won’t buy new ones for you.”

“I won’t, mom.” Colonna said as she rushed to the incinerator. There, she burned the clothes and the knife.

She went back to her room and slept, smirking for her plan tomorrow.

Fika still had conciousness for a bit before adrenalin rushed out of her. Good thing she faked her passing out but she felt the pain of her throat being cut. She did her best to crawl to the main path to call for help.

Gladly, there were monsters passing by. And gladly, it was someone she knows.

It hurts to speak but she desperately want to ask help.

“F-fresh… Help… Me….” She said before hearing a faint voice calling her and telling her to hold on.

(Warnings end here)

To Be Continued~
Finally! That was a very very leangthy chapter. Still having my writer’s block and artist’s block. I hate it. After this, there will be another fanfic that I will submit. Gonna be a secret though.

Remember the ship that rouge secretly shipped once? The siren x colonna one? Yeah…. This is based on that.

Chapter update Featuring Rouge-pai!

Also, rouge, if you’re seeing this, I wanna say,


I’m not sorry.

Also, what if I told you that my classmates destroyed my things when I was in grade 5? Even my favourite notebook. I was bullied back then too. But I’m over it. Past is Past.


Fiction by @kojo-asuka127


Fika by @missladytale (your baby QAQ)
Xahji by @azzyloraaandkanto
Collona and NAJ by @blogthegreatrouge
Snazzy, Swifty, Sire by MEH

OOOH Long-haired Edward????!!! Adult Edward looks like the evil playboy version of Daddy Richard XD I really hate the fact that he really look like his dad! Even though they are only the same in appearance, I can’t helped but think he’s destroying his dad good image ugh. AND I HATE THE PART WHERE HE SAID HE’S BORED WITH HIS THRONE! He also said he’s bored with his wife //facepalm OH PLEASE EDWARD! YOUR DAD WORKED HARD FOR THAT “THRONE”! IF YOU DON’T WANT IT THEN GIVE IT SOMEONE WHO’S MORE WORTHY THAN YOU!!! but they are saying his lover(not queen elizabeth) did something to him that’s why he’s acting like a jerk again? And with the help of Catesby, Richard have to fix his mess again lol

241 channels and nothing to watch.

Hello, love bugs!

Dan x reader.
Warnings ⚠️ slightish smut?
Please send requests. Also, should I do a smutty part 2??

“Ugh I hate these stupid crappy romantic movies, I don’t need some ditsy characters to remind me how pathetic my love life is.” You say as you sit beside Dan on the couch. He was flipping through the channels and happen to stop on a romantic movie. You vaguely remember it and wanted to call it the notebook? Either way, it made you feel sick. You honestly wouldn’t have such a strong reaction if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re still fresh from a breakup from your long term relationship. Almost a full year of your life gone in an instant.

“You’re exactly right! You don’t need them, you have me for that.” Dan was trying to help make you happy again with his famous little smirk on his face as his dips his hand into the popcorn on your lap.

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things i’ve actually said while playing assassins creed (alone) pt. I
  • “get off the damn ladder, idiot.” 
  • “get out of the flowers. you’re on a covert mission - there’s no time for this shit.” 
  • “that bastard stole my horse!”
  • “ooooooo, treasure!”
  • “you shot me! i can’t believe you just fucking shot me!”
  • “big ass mother fucker, you’d think you’d be better at fighting.” 
  • “where’d you go, you little rat!”
  • “get back here! give me your money!”
  • “what the hell just happened to my sword?”
  • “take that, bitch.”
  • “UGH, i hate this part.” 
  • “i can’t do this.”
  • “that traitorous rat! please tell me i get to kill him.”
  • “damn..this chick is a ho.”
  • “stupid horse, can you run straight please.”
  • “she’s hot as fuck!” 
  • “my father is kind of a douche…” 
  • “oh, the things we do for love!”
  • “why the hell did you just hit me, you asshole!” 
  • “you make climbing sacred ruins look a bit TOO easy.” 
  • “okay, sure, because THAT’S believable.” 
  • “i hate you. i hate you an unbelievable amount.” 
  • “where did he go! he disappeared into thin air!” 
  • “do do do do do, you can’t see me!” 
  • “okay, sure, i’m only wearing all white and TOTALLY look like an assassin, but walking in the middle of this group of peasants will make all the difference!” 
  • “this is some silent hill shit right here.” 
  • “why does no one seem to care that i’m running around town just casually climbing all these buildings?” 
  • “the intense music just started playing – shit’s about to go down.”  
  • “sorry for stabbing you, but you DID kind of deserve it.” 
  • “i don’t know why that just happened, but i’m oddly okay with it.” 
  • “really? dead guy in the middle of the street and NO ONE is gonna say anything?” 
  • “you better have some medicine, or i’m gonna be pissed.” 
  • “third time this week. you just can’t get enough, can you?” 
  • “why do i have to carry your ass through the whole damn castle? you’re not that injured, you can walk.” 
  • “what do i look like, a taxi service?”
  • “hit me ONE MORE DAMN TIME.”
  • “let’s be real here — a pile of hay isn’t gonna do all that much to break a 20 story fall.” 
  • “you DO know that parachutes are reusable, right?” 
  • “you BETTER run, you coward!” 
  • “this is some gladiator shit right here.” 
  • “i have no idea what the hell i’m doing right now.” 
  • “apple of mass destruction.” 
  • “you know, twenty vs. one seems pretty unfair. i’m cool just waiting here until you can bring some more of your friends.” 
  • “these dudes are blind as fuck? how can they seriously not see me right now?”