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Your Worst Nightmare

Summary: Dan can’t sleep–he never can. And it’s thanks to the demon under his bed.

TW: uhhh scary demon shit. idk when @mangothatismelancholy was reading it she was legitimately scared so idkkk

Genre: angst

Word Count: 5k

(here’s a drawing @societyshottheunicorns01​ made!)

(and a drawing @haleykinz​ made!)

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the evening was beautiful.  the stars and moon shining brightly over the ocean, and your skin. your princes came home from a long raid today. 

they had been gone for months on end, it worried you, not being able to hear from them, if they were okay.

but they made it home safely.

you smiled upon hearing everyone laugh and cheer for the sons of ragnar. bjorn, ubbe, hvitserk, sigurd, and ivar.


you gazed at him from across the room, the candles flickering brightly in his eyes, perfectly showing the mad and darkness withen them.

when he felt your gaze he immediately caught your eyes. his lips quirked up into a deep smirk as he stared at your body which was barely covered by anything at all.

you gasped lowly as he started sucking on his bottom lip.

he graped his mug of wine tightly in his hands, his eyes practically undressing you.

and you let him.

you and ivar were……well, you didn’t exactly know what.

you had grown up hating each other, you still did, but, before he left all those months back, something had changed.

a deep lust was present before he got on that boat. everytime he stared at you, everytime you accidently brushed up against each other.

something, had changed.

you hadn’t spoken to him yet, you hadn’t wanted to. you spoke to his brothers, yes. but facing him would be harder then any battle you’d been in.

one night, a week prior to his leaving, he found you a moment after you had pleasured yourself. still wet and writhing. he crawled up your furs and

laid his head against your shaking thigh, and slowly dipped his long, thick fingers inside your heat. you allowed his fingers to slip inside with a sharp moan.

that night was still heavily burnt into your mind. he had made you cum, not once, not twice, but three times. with just his fingers.

he had wanted to learn to pleasure a woman, and you were more then welcome to aid him in his learning. then you both went silent for a week,

you both never even said goodbye when he left, just long and lustfilled stares were shared that day. you sighed. and grabbed another mug full of ale.

trying hard not to look at him. but you could feel his eyes burning into the back of your skull. you were sad that you didn’t say goodbye to him when he left.

but the past is in the past, you thought whilst taking another sip of ale. suddenly you felt an arm go across your shoulder. you looked up and seen ubbe lothbrok smiling
down drunkly at you.

“hello, ubbe” you giggled as he almost stumbled on to you. he laughed and started to pet at your hair. “hello, pretty, pretty girl”.

you knew ubbe wouldn’t try anything with you, you and him were closer then any brother or sister. he loved you and you him.

“what is such a pretty girl doing by herself?” he slurred lightly taking a large gulp of his drink. you couldn’t help but let your eyes flicker to ivar.

who was watching the both of you with a hard glare. ubbe took notice to this and snorted loudly, some of his drink dripping down his chin.

“aaahh. i see” he teased squeezing you closer to him. you looked at him confused “see what?” you questioned. he leaned in to your ear and whispered

“i thought ivars love was one sided, but i guess i was wrong”. he walked away from you, almost skipping. you grabbed his hand and brought him closer to you before he could leave.

“what do you mean?”. he laughed loudly almost spilling his drink “i feel you becoming wet as we speak about him, love” his words made you blush mad.

“you know, he touched himself quite frequntly on that boat, (y/n). he never did that until he was away with you that one night” ubbe said tapping his chin acting as if he was in deep thought.

you groaned lowly and squeezed your eyes shut. you know nothing could get past the second oldest. ubbe forced you to look at him.

“i’d make a move, love. now. before you regret something. and i’d better make a move also or ivar will strike me dead with his eyes” ubbe said, spitting out the last words  quickly

then ran over to margarethe, sweeping her into his arms with a loud yell.

ubbes words sunk in, but how?, how could you approach ivar now?. currently he was surrounded by the biggest men in kattegat, all of them asking about the raid and win.

with a deep sadness in your heart, you left the hall.

the beaches sand was soft between your toes as you walked along the water. the bottom of your dress was completely soaked, but you could care less.

you looked like something from a different planet. the way the moon reflected off your head made an almost golden halo around you, your white dress blew about your body,
and hugged your figure perfectly.

you stopped and stared out at the water, which looked to inviting for its own good. you gently made your way into the icy water.

you took in a deep inhail of breath as the water reached your waist. you could feel the fish under the water swarm your feet and legs, you closed your eyes and

pointed your face towards the sky. the wind around you made lovely goosebumps swarm your skin. faintly you could hear the sound of a beautiful norse song being played.

you couldn’t help but start to sway your hips to the sound. you raised your arms high and twirled your whole body in the water. your hair flew around in the wind
and flowed down your shoulders and back.

you bit your lip and started dipping your backside in the water, the action making you gasp and do it again. what you didn’t know was there was a pair of excited eyes
watching you as you danced.

when you were tiered you decided to walk back to shore, the cold air on your now damp skin making your nipples erect and skin tightning.

you stopped mid stride when you heard the sound of brush being tampered with. you stood perfectly still for a moment ignoring the way your body was starting to shake from the cold.

you then shook it off and was about to walk forward until an axe flew past your head and into the wood of the boat behind you.

you were alone and no weapon in your grasp, the axe was to tightly lodged into the wood for you to grab. you ran. of course running into the woods was the worst idea

but you had to get away. sharp branches near by scratched your pure and untouched skin as you ran by, you nearly tripped over a log but managed to get over it and run
even faster then before.

you clutched the bottom of your dress tightly as the woods became more dense and thick. thankfully the moon was still present through the trees, allowing

some light to guide you. suddenly you could see a small clearing with a creek coming up close. you smiled and giggled doing a small spin mid run.

it felt good.

just as you were about to make it, something caught your foot. causing you to trip. your head and body hit the hard earth beneathe you causing the breath to be knocked from you.

you turned over on to your back, you seen a tree root wrapped around your foot.


it was silent in the cold night air, just the sounds of your harsh pants were echoing off the trees. suddenly you could hear slithering on the ground,
crunching the twigs and leaves.

but what could you do?, it was dark, and you were stuck. you laid there quietly closing your eyes tightly and bit your lip.

crunch, crack, crunch, crack. it was getting closer.

then it was all quiet again-

“what do we have here?

PART2 ???? IF SO LET ME KNOW and if not feel free to request anything you want, lots of love and thanks from me<3

a little like writing or loving

for nursey week, day 2: “surprise or simplicity.”

“If that pen explodes in your mouth,” Dex says from the bathroom doorway, “I am not gonna feel bad for you.”

Derek startles–and does drop the pen out of his mouth–and looks up. “What?”

Dex cocks a brow at him, flicking off the bathroom light and flopping down on the hotel bed next to Derek’s. “You’ve had two pens explode in your mouth from chewing on them like that,” he says. His red hair is wet, tousled from where he must’ve run his hands through it after his shower, and he rolls onto his stomach, propping himself on his elbows to look at Derek. “What’re you glaring at, anyway?”

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Cotton Candy

Originally posted by apgujeon

                                                          ‘Have you ever tasted something, 

sweeter than cotton candy itself?’

Featuring: Jungkook (bts)
Gere: smut (so much oral)
Word Count: 2.4k


A/N: The name for this was inspired by Frank Ocean’s Pink Matter.

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FAQ for the V5 Weiss Character Short

(Based on the YouTube comments section for the video)

Q: Where did Weiss’ scar go?

A: The fight scene in this Character Short is a flashback, to before she got it. It also appears to take place right outside the Schnee manor, considering the fountain has a giant ice sculpture of the Schnee snowflake and Winter said “if you want to leave this place”. There’s also the fact that Weiss’ ponytail is centered. Monty said that Weiss’ ponytail being off-center is a symbol of her rebellion, so this flashback may even take place before she began rebelling against her father.

Q: Okay, so how did she get her scar?

A: Fighting the giant suit of armor in the White Trailer.

Don’t be fooled by the animation errors where you can see her scar. There was no scar on her face throughout the first half of the fight. Here are the three best shots where you can see she didn’t have her scar, along with timestamps so you can check the video if you want (I suggest lowering the play speed to 0.25):

Also, Chapters 3 and 4 of the official manga explain what’s going on in the White Trailer.

To sum it up: Weiss had to fight the giant armor because Jacques made a bet with her where, if she defeated it, he would give her permission to attend Beacon. However, the odds were stacked against her, which isn’t surprising, as it’s made clear that Jacques wanted her to attend Atlas Academy. His secretary told Weiss that it had multiple specimens of possession-type Grimm (V4 director’s commentary reveals them to be Geists, specifically) placed inside of it by the SDC and it was 3 times stronger than the original model. Weiss’ response to this is “So you’re basically telling me that I don’t stand a chance.”

Bonus info: While fighting the armor, Weiss has a “voiceover” where she says that she used to carry a distorted view of family pride and did not have a sense of self, so she decided to create a sense of self that she can be proud of, just like Winter did. Some of the lyrics in the Weiss Character Short’s song seem to line up with this pretty well.

Also, the armor is called an Arma Gigas, due to the Geist Grimm possessing it, according to the Volume 4 Director’s Commentary. And the manga reveals Weiss has a talent for piano, which explains the piano room we saw her pass in volume 4.

Q: What’s the song?

A: It’s apparently called The Path to Isolation. It’ll be in the Volume 5 Original Soundtrack, which will come out after volume 5 is over.

Q: Why is her ponytail centered?

A: Monty once said that Weiss’ ponytail being off-center is a symbol of her rebellion. The fact that her ponytail is centered in the short seems to imply that it takes place before she began rebelling against Jacques.

Q: What kind of Grimm are those?

A: They’re Beowolves that Winter summoned, like the one she summoned in volume 3.

Q: Since when can/does Weiss use fire?

A: Since volume 1. It’s the red Dust in her rapier.

Q: The beginning of the song talks about Weiss losing someone dear. Did her mother die?

A: No, her mother is alive. Recall the conversation between Weiss and Whitley in V4E2: Remembrance.

Whitley: I heard Father shouting with someone in his study earlier.
Weiss: Mother?
Whitley: No, she’s already drinking in the garden. I think it was a man.

Not only does this show that her mother is alive, it also implies that it is not uncommon for Weiss’ parents to shout at each other. And Whitley’s use of “already” implies that their mother either takes daily tea breaks in the garden or drinks a lot of alcohol.

Q: Why does Weiss slash with her rapier, a weapon meant for stabbing?

A: Because her rapier has sharp edges on it. Besides, there are apparently some old styles of rapiers that were used for both cutting and stabbing.

Either way, a weapon that is only useful for stabbing isn’t very useful on the battlefield.

(Not really a question, but) Ugh, the part I hate about the animation here is the stupid poses she was doing

Honestly, I think that was the entire point, considering it’s the early days of Weiss’ training, when she was less experienced. It seemed like she was showing off and trying way too hard to look cool instead of focusing on the fight, and that’s why Winter got so harsh with the Beowolf summons ganging up on her at the end of the fight.

Q: Oh my God, is that a panty shot at 0:40?? I cannot believe they–

A: Calm down. That is not a panty shot. It only looks like one because of the angle, but I’m pretty certain it was unintentional. Throughout the rest of the video, whenever we see up her skirt, her legs disappear into a white void, with no sign of “panties” anywhere. This is how it has always been with RWBY. The “anti-upskirt technology” that Monty talked about is literally “The characters’ legs vanish into an empty void under their skirt”. We have had plenty of upskirt moments that show this. So, no, they’re not going against Monty’s wishes to have no panty shots.

Q: So, does this mean we’re gonna get a Blake short before volume 6 and a Yang short before volume 7?

A: No, actually. At RTX, they said we’re getting Weiss, Blake, and Yang’s character shorts this year, before volume 5′s premiere. Though, as of today (July 20th), they have not yet stated when exactly Blake and Yang’s will come out.

All In (A Choices Fanfic)

Pairing: Kenji x F!MC (Alex)

Category: Romance/Angst/Comfort

Summary: Kenji comes to a realization as he searches for Alex; a retelling of Book 1, Chapter 14 from Kenji’s POV where he and Eva actually know that she’s missing and you know, do something about it

Author’s Note: God, I feel so behind on all the great content this week (life’s been busy so I haven’t been able to scroll through my dash as much), so I’m not sure if this has been done yet, but yeah, sharing my spin on the Kenji-less chapter. Let me know what you guys think! 

Kenji Katsaros smiles to himself as he leans back on his office chair, Alex’s voice playing in his head for the nth time today.

“Kenji… I’ll fight. For Northbridge, and for you.“

He grins.

Despite being physically exhausted from superhero duty, his spirit feels light, and he finds himself glancing at his phone every so often, a little too expectant that a certain text from a certain girl will come through.

He sits up straight and shakes his head, his hands slapping at his cheeks repeatedly, but the smile on his face remains, his heart still beating just a little bit faster.

He chuckles. "Ah, you’re crazy, Katsaros.”

He pulls up the picture he and Alex took at the restaurant, and he feels his smile growing wider, the corners of his eyes squinting ever so slightly. He hits the options icon at the photo, his thumb hovering over the ‘set as wallpaper’ option, when he hears a beep on his earpiece.

“Go for Talos.”

He’s still adjusting the size of the photo on his screen when he receives the news.

“Kenji, it’s Alex… Silas Prescott has her.”

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You know you've been in problematic fandoms for too long when

find a fandom that has no visible discourse and everyone is being nice to you and helping you find blogs for the specific content you want in that fandom and all you can think is: “the evil… where is it?”

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30 Day OTP Challenge Day Seventeen: Spooning

Note: Sick Reader, and Fluff!

Words: 920

“We’re heading out you two.” Tony called from the communal kitchen as you curled up on the couch shivering under the wool blanket you decided to bury yourself like a burrito in. Loki didn’t want to go out, but he knew you’d want to hang out with them as he walked into the living room. “Darling, what’s wrong?” He asked going over to your when he felt your forehead. “Oh my, you seem to be running a fever.” He frowns as you whimper snuggling towards his cold hand. “My body hurts, everything hurts.” You whine as he nods softly.

“Anthony, I am afraid (Y/N) and I shall remain home.. She is very ill. I’d hate to leave her alone.” Loki called as Tony looked in fixing his tie. “Yeesh Kid, yeah it’d be best.” Tony agreed. “Take her back to your room and keep her warm. Make sure she’s well hydrated and nourished. You can make soup for her right?” Tony asked as Loki nods. “Come my darling, I’ll take you down to our bed where you can rest.” He said picking you and your blanket up in one go as you grunted softly. You allowed him to carry you into the elevator and down into your room as you yawned.

“Tired my love?” He asked before laying you down as you whined softly. “I’m hot, but if I’m out of the covers I’m freezing cold… and I’m hungry.” You said looking at him before going into a coughing fit that made him wince at the harshness. “Here, I shall make you something to eat and get you some medicine.” He whispered. “Then I’ll lay here with you.” He smiles kissing your forehead gently as your eyes flutter closed. “I’m sorry.” You mumbled as he tucks you back into the covers as he looks at you in confusion. “Sorry? For what my love?” He asked.

“You always have to take care of me… I never take care of you.” You said softly as he runs his fingers through your sweat soaked hair. “Oh my darling, you do all the time without even knowing it. If it wasn’t for you… Gods knows where I’d be… Hiding from all of the things I have done.” He whispered as you cupped his face smiling softly. “Thank you.” You spoke gently before kissing his nose before he wraps you back up. “Rest while I make you something to nourish your body.” He smiles before walking out as you laid there looking at the ceiling.

You dozed off while Loki stood in the kitchen making the soup as he sighs softly looking back the hallway towards the bedroom. He was worried for you, but he’d never outright admit it to anyone, well maybe you. He shook off the feeling before walking back towards the bedroom with a tray in his hands as he stepped quietly. He had a bowl of soup with a spoon, a small cup of cherry flavored cough syrup, and a glass of water. He set it down on the nightstand by the bed before gently unraveling you from the nest of blankets you were buried in.

“Awaken my love, I have something for you to eat.” He whispered softly as your eyes slowly fluttered open when you dazedly looked at him. “I have you some medicine for you.” He said helping you sit up as he fluffed the pillow as you leaned back before taking the glass of water. “Don’t drink too fast or you’ll throw it back up.” He said as you whimpered before slowly swallowing the cool liquid that felt like heaven on your aching throat. He took the glass before handing you the bowl as you ate the soup moaning at the taste.

“You’re a good cook.” You comment as he lets out a small chuckle. “Thank you.” He said grinning at you.He finally handed over the cup of cough medicine as your face twisted in disgust before you immediately gulping it down. You gagged before shivering at the bitter taste taking the glass of water back before quickly downing the rest of it. “Ugh… I hate that part.” You said rubbing your tongue on the roof of your mouth to get rid of the cherry flavored medicine. You felt how cold Loki was compared to you as you pressed your forehead against him.

“Cuddle me.” You whisper as he cuddles when he helps you lay down on your side before he crawled behind you. He wrapped you both up into the covers when you snuggled back against him sighing in relief. “You are amazing.” You mumbled tiredly as Loki kisses the nape of your neck causing you to shiver. “Well thank you my darling.” He whispered as goosebumps rippled across your skin making you bite your lip. You sighed happily as his arms wrapped around your stomach under your shirt when you blushed softly.

He laid his chin onto the top of your head when your eyes grew heavy. “I… I love you.” You whispered as your voice trailed off. You struggled to keep your eyes open as you slowly glanced to him when he intertwined your legs together. “And I love you.” He whispered as you smiled when he kissed your cheek. “Sleep.” He commanded gently and that was all you need when your eyes fluttered closed. He smiles pulling you closer to his body with you in his arms while your back was tight against his chest before he dozed off as well.

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Author’s Note: I’m so sorry! I know this one is short, but I’ve been trying to think of ideas for “Back again, but not in control” and “The war between our love”! I apologize.