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Ooo! Could you draw gumlee with one of them as E3 and the other as F4? One of them fell asleep and the other is so in love and just blown away by their cuteness ! (Ps, I love you ❤️)


welp, I hope you like this! it’s a lot different than my usual colouring style but oh well. This request was super cute! thank you for requesting it and I love you too!  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Headcanon: Gumball mumbles in his sleep and marshall loves to fuck around and have conversations that absolutely make no sense at all

I hate both their faces so much. ugh



The Dragon’s Claws (Dragon!Hanzo x Reader) AU

I don’t know how I came up with this. It’s so lame, I’m sorry

Dragons always kidnap royalty, don’t they?

You were betrothed. Now, you knew that was going to happen anyway. It happened to your older sister, who had married a king twice her age - he was nice though.

You thought you were that lucky, but no. Your future spouse was horrible. They always treated you like a servant - or worse.

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hey y'all, im looking for this fic where dan started wearing thigh highs n shit around the flat and Phil gets v turned on and theres a specific part I remember where dan wore panties (ugh I hate that word) that were black with green polkadots and they said something like touch me and eventually there was smut? thanks dudes!

Here By My Side, A New Colour To Paint The World (ao3) - So one day, Phil walks in on Dan wearing a dress. And after a very confusing discussion, it comes out that Dan enjoys wearing girl’s clothing in private. Phil lets it be known that he’d be fine if Dan wore it around him and slowly, Dan starts opening up and letting Phil into his private world. But what Phil doesn’t expect is to start seeing Dan in a whole new way.

- Emily

hold me by the heart || {2.5}

What: BTS Fic
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader + Jung Hoseok
Words: 2k+

I’m a hoe for feedback so if there was something you liked about this series or something you hated, something you’d like to discuss, send me a message!!! You will have my heart foreverrrr

You’ve been seperated from Yoongi for 3 months, but fate keeps throwing the two of you in each other’s paths. Even when you’re not aware.

Chapter 1 - x
Chapter 2 - x

Suggested Listening: Happier - Ed Sheeran

Yoongi sighed as he made to get up, when Slow Rabbit was dedicated to something, he was immovable. Whether it was in music or in personal life. If he had said 15 mins, he would be here in 13, it would be best to hurry.

Yoongi opened his closet to grab at the nearest clean piece of clothing. It was grey shirt, a dark palette much like 90% of his wardrobe. Much like 100% of his life. Bright colours repelled him, he physically ran in the other direction if accosted with fluorescents or any shade of VIBGYOR.

Slipping his head through the neck, his eyes caught sight of a tiny speck of royal blue peeking out of a forgotten corner of his closet. After lowering the shirt rest of the way, he pulled at the offensive piece of clothing. It was a tie, a very nice one at that.

It’s as if he’d been conditioned like Pavlov’s dog because the sight of the tie brought back a set of memories that he was sure he had buried deep under layers of regret and hate.

“Yoongiiii-babe- please just one tie, it’s not even that colourful, look it’s a blue, a royal blueee oooohhhh.”

“Don’t think you can get your way just because you’re using that voice - stop with the big puppy eyes, I’m not budging.”

“Pleaseeeee- for me, I already bought it look at how pretty it is, look how it shines in the light! It’s real silk!”

“First, why did you buy such an expensive tie? Second, where would I possibly wear this? Do you see a pair of sweatpants that the tie would go with?”

“Fine ugh you ruined it. I’ve set up a meeting between you and a few venture capitalists that are very interested in DaeguBeats, they are Big Money so I thought maybe you could crank up that devilish charm in some good clothes. Now hurry, we also have an appointment at the tailors…”

“You really like rubbing this ‘I have my shit together’ thing in my face don’t you?”

“Forever and always….”

The memories faded like the sound of your laughter as you left the room.

Yoongi crumpled the tie in his hand and was ready to throw it away in the depths of his trashcan, but somehow his hand seemed to disobey its owner and refused to move. He sighed and rubbed his eyes with his free hand, deciding to chuck the tie into a deeper part of his closet, fervently praying that that was the last he saw of it.

He was at the door of his loft when Slow Rabbit texted to tell him that he was waiting for him downstairs.

Yoongi climbed down the 2 flights of stairs to the main lobby. He walked towards the exit and realised it was pouring. “Great.” Yoongi cursed under his breath and opened the door to quickly climb into the SUV parked in front of the gates.

As the door opened, the first thing he spotted was her, full face of makeup and dressed to the nines. She looked amazing he couldn’t deny, but the anger that bubbled in his heart because of her just increased. “I’m glad you decided to join us Grumpy. So-min was so upset when you said you wouldn’t come. Look at how her mood changed now.” Slow Rabbit said in a cheerful voice from the driver’s seat while PDogg sat beside him and chuckled knowingly.

“Can we just go get drunk?” Yoongi said in a low growl, silently swatting away the hand So-min was trying to creep up his thigh. Clearly his abstinence pledge was going to have to be martyred today.

“That’s my boy!!” Slow rabbit said as he put the car into gear and sped off in the rain, towards their favourite watering hole.

“Aaahh the old faithful! Oh how I love thee, please never change!” Slow Rabbit said as he inhaled his beer, letting out a loud and unapologetic burp right after

“If you gave a woman, half the love you have in your heart for this goddamn pub, you’d be a married man by now.”  PDogg said with humorous distaste on his face.

“Find me a woman that can provide me with cheap ass beer and excellent but questionable snacks, then we’ll talk.” Slow Rabbit replied without missing a beat.

The entire table erupted in laughter and even the sullen Yoongi managed to crack a smile. Being out in a loud group wasn’t his thing but he owed a lot to the people at the table and they were one of the very few people in this world, for whom he would make an effort.

“I’ll get the next round” Yoongi declared, he had to get away from the raucous crowd. “About time CEO! Stop being a cheap asshole.” PDogg slurred and then laughed heartily at his own quip.

“I’ll come with you, you can’t carry all of it alone.” So-min said to Yoongi, her tone dripping with insinuations. “No thanks, it’s your night. You sit here and enjoy. I’ll be right back.” he replied curtly.

Yoongi made his way through the crowd and towards the bar. He could navigate this path with his eyes closed, maybe he needed to spend some time outside the pub.

He waited as Hyun-jae, his friend and the owner-bartender of the pub went around the back to grab their usual order. His head did a sweep around the pub half concentrated, half distracted. It was the usual crowd of regulars. He caught a familiar swish of hair whip past the main doors and his head whipped in that direction.

It couldn’t be. Yoongi could’ve sworn that he saw your caramel-brown head of hair rush inside from the rain into the pub. He blinked a few times and you were nowhere to be seen. Must have been a trick of the light. It wasn’t the first time he’d imagined you in places where there was no trace of you. Places like his bed and his arms.

He turned back to the bar as he heard Hyun-jae’s voice. “Here you go Hotshot. This one’s on the house. I heard the good news. I’m proud of you boy.” the bartender exclaimed proudly giving Yoongi a few congratulatory thumps on his back.

“Thanks hyung, I really appreciate it.” he replied politely as he picked up the drinks and returned to his table.

“The prodigal son returns! And he’s armed with drinks!” Slow Rabbit all but yelled as he saw Yoongi approach the table with a tray of shots.

“Yeah drink up guys. This is the last night of partying. It’s back to the grind tomorrow.” Yoongi said in a mock stern voice as he sat back down in the booth.

“Yes boss! You heard him boys, drink up!” Slow Rabbit yelled again clearly not willing not lower his volume.

Yoongi smiled a hollow smile and lowered his head towards the half empty bottle of beer in front of him. He took a swig from it when a painfully familiar sound hit his ears. It was the sound that plagued his dreams, the one that he couldn’t get stop thinking about during quiet nights alone.

The sound of your laughter.

He immediately looked up to search for the source when his eyes fell on you. There you were, a vision in gold and white, you were wearing one of his favourite dresses of yours, “The Goddess” dress he had oft called it.

You were sitting a mixed crowd of people Yoongi didn’t recognise, throwing your head back in laughter like you often did in the good times. Before he realised, Yoongi was smiling too, your laughter always had that effect on him. It was unconscious but his actions began mirroring yours until his eyes fell on the reason of your laughter.

The same man who was in your apartment that night was making you laugh with his antics. The smile on Yoongi’s face quickly faded and his eyebrows knitted together in a frown. He couldn’t believe that someone else was making you laugh like that. Was it childish of him to expect you to as sullen and broken as him? Absolutely. That didn’t change the fact that seeing you laugh so unabashedly with another man, felt like a several punches to his gut.

He looked away slowly, in case you turned your gaze and caught him staring at you. He needed more drinks, yup that was the answer. Getting up slowly he dragged his ass back up to the bar and motioned to Hyun-jae and asked for 4 shots of his cheapest vodka.

Hungry for the oblivion that lay within the depths of the shot glasses, Yoongi downed the 4 shots feral, hissing every time the harsh liquid burned his throat. This was good, he need to feel this sensation. He needed to forget.

Considerably more inebriated, Yoongi stumbled on back to his booth, ignoring the questions his friends threw at him. His eyes ran over the room again till they came upon the subject of their search. You were smiling softly now, talking to some girl who sat beside you. “Good, the bastard’s gone.” Yoongi’s thoughts said. The delight was short lived however as the aforementioned bastard returned right away with some drinks in his hand.

Yoongi snorted as he saw the man passing out drinks, he knew you only drank premium beer and there wasn’t anything remotely close to that on the man’s tray. The man handed you a glass of what Yoongi assumed was coke. You took the glass from him with a grateful look on your face and the most beautiful of smiles. Something was wrong and it nagged at Yoongi, you loved your drink and could drink most adult men under the table. What had changed?

As several scenarios ran through his head, Yoongi didn’t realise that he was blatantly staring at the group that included you.

Hoseok turned his head to catch Yoongi staring at them and realization dawned in his eyes. He turned back to you and made sure that Yoongi caught the arm he slipped around you. As you instinctively leaned into him, Hoseok started slowly rubbing his hand up and down the length of your arm.

This tender scene was too much for Yoongi to watch without emptying the contents of his stomach, so he turned away. His eyes began to sting and he knew it was going to be one of those nights.

Yoongi quickly took his leave of the group who weren’t happy with his sudden desire to leave. “Sorry guys, not feeling to hot. Going to call it a night. I’ll see all of you tomorrow.” he said while gathering his hoodie off the chair.

Walking hurriedly towards the exit, he couldn’t help but steal another glance in your direction. You were laughing again and the laughter pricked at the young man’s heart.

He made his way out of the pub and into the rain, “Fuck I forgot.” he cursed at himself for being so hasty, he had no protection against the rain save for his light hoodie.

“Don’t worry, Yoongi oppa, I have an umbrella, we can share it.” a sickly sweet voice called out behind me and Yoongi felt his toes curl. The urge to break out into an Olympics worthy run had never been stronger.

“Listen So-min, I’m going to say this for the last time. What happened was a mistake. IT. WILL. NEVER. HAPPEN. AGAIN. This” he said as he waved a hand between the two of them, “is not something that will happen. You’re really talented and I respect you a lot, as an artist. But that is it. Never has been more, never will be. Stop wasting your time on me.” Yoongi said with finality hoping that the young ingenue got the the message.

“I knew you’d be like this when I first started liking you, I’ll wait. You’ll come around to me don’t worry.” So-min replied cheerfully and turned back to head inside the pub again.

“Fuck I need to get out of this town.” he said towards her retreating figure.

As he half-jogged half-ran towards the nearest bus stop, words kept forming in his mind. With the wind and rain beating down on him, his brain was working in overdrive. The words kept coming to him, as if pleading to be let out into the world.

He finally reached the bus stop which provided much needed shelter from the rain. Quickly taking out his phone, he wrote down the words that were threatening to consume him whole.

“오직 너 하나만 보여
나 오직 너 밖엔 안보여
봐 공정하지 공평하지 너한테 빼곤 다
이젠 단 하루도 너 없이는”

Five years on can we admit a few things about the Marc Webb reboot?

a) It was too soon

b) It was unnecesarry

c) They should’ve just recast and thereby done a soft reboot

d) It was a shite rendition of Peter Parker’s origin and his pre-Spider-Man self (why is he clearly coded as a hipster/obviously altruistic/has the attention of Gwen before he becomes Spider-Man as is supposed to be an ostracized nerd)

e) The retroactive Raimi movies hate was despicable and shallow and the equivalent of saying “Ugh, that colour is soooooo last year!” 

f) Dennis Leary was a shitty Captain Stacy because he was just Dennis Leary

g) Emma Stone was basically playing herself. Which is to say a charming actress to watch but still basically herself, not some groundbreaking performance

h) Emma Stone Gwen wasn’t revolutionary. She did nothing in the movie that Agent Peggy Carter or Pepper Potts, or Black Widow hadn’t done in movies which preceded ASM 2012

i) This movie is one of the single biggest contributors to the unearned bad reputation and bashing Mary Jane gets

j) That parents subplot was literally never interesting

k) That Spider-Man costume is fugly

l) Between the Gwen>MJ wars, the Raimi/Webb, Maguire/Garfield/Holland wars, the morons to shout “NOT ANOTHER ORIGIN STORY!” about the MCU Spider-Man, the lead in to what may well be the most disrespectful Spidey movie ever if the trailers are to be believed, and the “IT SHOULD BE MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILES! HE IS MUCH BETTER THAN BORING PETER PARKER!” bullshit, the Spider-Man fandom would’ve been better off if these at best mediocre Spider-Man movies never existed.

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Name: Wiktoria (Victoria)

Nicknames:  ugh Idk, the one I’m using? But I don’t like ppl calling me that cuz I hate it? ;_;  I wish I had  a cool nickname to Identify with

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 170cm  (idk how feet inches works)

Hogwarts House: what lol idk but I think Gryffindor would fit me best

Favourite Colour:Blue, green, black,  grey, red.. I can’t decide .-.

Favourite Animal(s):  cat, wolf, raven, snake

Average Hours of sleep: At night or in general? Bc like I sleep a lot during the day too. Im very tired person .-. it’s about 8-11 hours at night and around 1-6 hours at day  

Cat or dog person:  Cat (I would say both but deep down in my heart I know that I prefer cats, I mean THEY’RE SO SQUISHY AND SOFT + I have a cat and I friggin love her)

Favourite Fictional Characters: Rin Okumura<- all time fave, Danny Phantom, Katsuki Bakugo, Tamaki Amajiki  aand others

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 (2 during winter)

Favourite Band/Singer:  Thousand Foot Krutch, Starset, Set it Off, Three Days Grace, Fall Out Boy,  Get Scared, Skillet, Shinedown, Nine Lashes, Escape The Fate, My Chemical Romance, Billy Talent, All Good Things, Like a Storm, One ok Rock, Throw The Fight, Imagine Dragons, Arctic Monkeys AND MANY MORE I love rock in general

Dream Trip: somewhere where I could see aurora borealis, Japan, Tropical countries and ocean! Trip around the world would be great <3

Dream Job: eh I always wanted to make cartoons or something like that.

When was this blog created: I think it was somewhere in 2014?

Current number of followers: 2336

When did your blog reach its peak:  ??? ;-; I quess  everytime I post some blue exorcist/danny phantom fanart? I don’t really understand the question XD

What made you decide to make a Tumblr?:  There was that Danny Phantom collab organised on tumblr and I wanted to take a part in it.

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you can set sail to the west if you want to
and pass the horizon, 'til I can't even see you
far from here, where the beaches are wide
just leave me your wake to remember you by

20 questions

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Name: Felix

Nickname/s: rainbow, scoobs, and idk… i have a few nicknames for my birthname

Zodiac Sign: aquarius


Orientation: bi ace :)

Ethnicity: german

Favorite Fruit: ooh tough one uhm… raspberry?

Favorite Book Series: all for the game by nora sakavich

Favorite Flower: i have NO idea. all of them.

Favorite Smell: the ocean.

Favorite Season/s: spring

Favorite Animal/s: orcas!!!! (and wolvs and ravens but.. mainly orcas)

Favorite Color/s: ugh i hate the colour question…. uhm….. black, blue, green and anything pink/violet? but i love all colours??? dont make me choose????

Coffee, Tea or Cocoa?: cocoa!! all the way!!!

Average Sleep Hours: nothing average about my sleeping schedule. i need no sleep. (pls send help)

Favorite Fictional Character/s: Andrew Minyard

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: just one

Dream Trip: going to vancouver island to see the whales (funnily enough bc another fave fictional character worked there…. it is what it is jsdfgkh i have a lot of fave characters leave me alone)

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5/9 Songs: To Build A Home

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"we both wore ugly sweaters to this christmas party because the invitation didn’t say it’s formal au you slipped on a patch of ice and i happened to be walking behind you and you fell into my arms wow you’re really attractive au" but imagine this with stiles slipping into derek's arms and then awkwardly parting ways and then showing up to the hale inc christmas party in ugly sweaters

weeeell i’m guessing since it’s the hale inc christmas party derek knows it’s formal and laura kinda drilled it into him that he has to dress up and do his hair, groom his beard, maybe get those eybrows plucked, derek, they look like angry caterpillars and i don’t wanna know what happens if they morph into butterflies. and derek hates dressing up and it takes effort, ugh, for one evening that’s not even worth it, and, like, isn’t the sole purpose of the christmas party to strengthen the bond between the employees, mingle with the bosses in a friendly atmosphere, or some shit. why can’t they just wear bathrobes to these things, it’d make derek’s life so much easier.

so, there he is in this expensive suit and the tie that matches his eye in colour, or so some fashion expert said, currently contemplating just stabbing himself in the eye with a fork while he listens to angela telling the story of her chihuahua eating its own vomit when he spots Bambi On Ice.

Bambi On Ice who took off before derek could ask him out on a coffee, or an ice skating date; who apperently works for his firm, holy god, and is wearing a sweater that’s even uglier than the one derek keeps in his office, but which, derek’s sure, is at least one hundred percent more comfortable than what derek’s wearing. and goddamn does Bambi On Ice make that sweater look good. he looks effing edible in it. derek mostly looks like a potato in his. or so laura says.

but derek can also see even from across the room that Bambi On Ice seems to be v uncomfortable, keeps pulling at the sweater. people give him funny looks, and he looks out of place among all the other meticulously dressed individuals.

it’s a sort of unconscious decision, and probably pretty stupid, but derek finds himself in his office changing out of his dress shirt and jacket and into his sweater. laura will probably flip her shit. derek doesn’t care. besides, what better way is there to bond with the employees than to show solidarity?

he slinks out of his office, makes his way to the bar and gets two beers before walking over to where Bambi On Ice is half hiding behind a huge potted plant.

turns out Bambi On Ice is called stiles. stiles works in the IT department. stiles is also the one that had derek almost walk into a table when derek was down in IT and stiles was bending over something. derek could never forget that butt. stiles also looks infinitely better out of the sweater. out of any clothes, really. except, maybe, when he lets derek occasionally tie his wrists with his tie.