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Oxenfree starter sentences

“All the outs in free.”

“Wait, didn’t you say that already?“

“This is a cowardly thing you’re trying to do! Be better than that!”

“This is really insane _____. Like…the craziest thing that’s happening to anyone right now is happening to us.”

“How many times must we say that You. Cannot. Get. Out.”

“I know you guys are really close and I know it can be annoying when somebody starts keeping all their time for they boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever….”

“You know, at some point this is all gonna make sense. I just hope it happens before we leave.”

“I know and I’m sorry, but I’ve been stewing in my own panic here for the last couple of hours.”

“God you’re so spoiled. You don’t even know the cost of things.”

“–and if anything goes wrong please don’t tell me. I won’t wanna know.”

“I’m not gonna say I’m a good person, _____. But I’m trying to be.”

“Look, I know this was supposed to be our day, but I completely forgot I’d promised ______ I’d do something with him/her so…thanks for chaperoning!”

“Do not be scared. You are dolls…we would never hurt you.”

“Let’s leave it at the poor girl/boy didn’t know what s/he was playing with. It doesn’t matter.”

Ghosts? Oooh sounds spooky kids, better leave the night-light on.”

“Let’s just try to get the power back on, alright? Everything about this is making my skin crawl.”

“If I did have any thoughts on what would solve this wouldn’t that be a little weird?”

“I love _____ like a three legged puppy but s/he would shrivel up and die in this sun.”

“I think someone dumped pig’s blood on him/her in a previous life and now s/he wants to get ahead of the curve.”

“Ummm…yeah. Thank god for weirdo basement hobbyists.”

“I guess s/he never consider the danger of…whatever’s happening right now.”

“Is it like,…haunted with memories or elevators on their period haunted?”

“C’mon _____, the last thing I want is to have to chase your frail, screaming body into the ocean because you wanted to pet a fish or something.”

“One last chance: You don’t have to die.”

“S/he will definitely come here and s/he will definitely buy us whatever we want with his/her very believable fake ID.”

“I’m glad we could all do stuff today. I’m glad you were cool with it, I mean.”

“It’s called ‘Truth or Slap’ not ‘Truth or Lightly Caress Someone’s Face’.”

“Attics are always a little….haunted house spooky. Right?”

“Oh my god. Oh my god it happened they—they took him/her.”

“I don’t want to say the word, uh, ‘possession’ here, but….”

“I’m going to say I’m sorry now for what happened back there—but I do not want you to take it as an admission of guilt.”

“______ and _______ tried to…sport with us/me many years ago and, well,…only one survived.”

“We never had our time! It was ripped from us!”

“We’re still friends ______. If _____’s birthday party couldn’t split us up this certainly won’t.”

“You’ll give up the struggle to live…to escape…eventually.”

“Actually, ______ and I had a nice chat while you were away. Kinda sorry to see you back so soon, to be honest.”

“I have to pick up, what’s his/her name…_______ too. Ugh, I hope s/he’s not weird or mean or something.”

“We’re sorry to break it to you sweetheart, but you aren’t unique. Not even in the generic sense.”

“_____–? This is _____ listen don’t come to _______. Whatever you do just–just don’t come here. Stay home. Stay…safe.”

“If it’s the tight spaces, the darkness, the spiders, the creaking and–well, actually that about covers it.”

im rlly sorry for that lil outburst i try to keep this salt free here but vex having her plot-lines split between her and vax and what little of her own being super sparse for a character that’s there for the majority of the story compared to her twin brother is. a little annoying for me. because i’m bothered by female characters having their male counterparts given more focus and importance while they’re usually pushed to supporting roles.

like i was so so happy when we finally got to the grandmistress ceremony and now her becoming pelor’s champion??

anyways sorry about that this was just the straw that broke the camel’s back on this issue

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i hate my health class because my teacher is saying things like "only girls will know the true pain of having periods" and "only women can get pregnant" and when we did anon questions there was one about LGBT+ community and she said "this is not a 'how-to' class" and when she said split up into boys and girls i had to go to the girls side and i was super uncomfortable the whole class (thank god that unit is over) but now i gotta go to the locker rooms uGh

I’m so sorry. Maybe if you’re uncomfortable with the locker rooms, you could get permission to change somewhere else? I used to change in a faculty restroom.

Time's up || Chapter 1

Ben had always been pretty indifferent to his clock. It seemed like it was eons away, his soulmate would come in due time, though he had not expected it to be a blue cat alien saving his ass……



Ben tennyson hollered over the phone at his college bound cousin. Said cousin simply rolling her eyes and answering ben with an exasperated sigh.

“You know very well why, now what is wrong? ”

Ben looked at the inside of his wrist, every human had a small oval on the inner of their left wrist, right over their pulse point that displayed the time left until they met their soulmate , and Bens had just run out.

“Because Gwen”

Bens voice lowering to a quiet calm that had Gwen suddenly worried.

“I met my new partner, and my timer hit zero.”

Gwen almost dropped the fucking phone at this revelation.


She shrieked, instantly regretting it as she saw the grimace on Kevin who was sitting across from her. Kevin and ben had dated for a time, and while Kevin himself didn’t have a counter being half osmosian ( the counters only appearing in people at least ¾ human ) he’d been sure he’d found his soulmate in ben, but Bens counter said otherwise. Bitterness abound.

“Yes Gwen, and the guy isn’t even fucking human! So I can’t know if he is in the same boat as I am.”

Sighing heavily, Gwen tried to think of a way to make him feel better. Gwen had reached zero at the age of 10, upon meeting charmcaster for the first time. A fact that is far less disturbing now that Gwen is older but none the less stressful, so she could sympathize with soulmate stress.

“The best thing you can do is get close to him, get to know him. ”

Ben huffed indignantly, hoping his cousin had a better option than the obvious one he’d come up with an hour after finding out.

“Buagh, I know but I was hoping you had a better idea, thanks anyway gwen. Love ya dweeb. ”

“Love you too lameoid.”

With a heavy heart and mind he hung up the phone and made his way out of his room and downstairs.

Only to find rook in the living talking to his mother.




Sitting on the couch to the left of his mother, Ben spoke up.

“Rook wh-”

As if just noticing her son, Bens mother intervened.

“OH! Honey I’m just getting to know your lovely new partner! ”

Ben answered that statement with a huffing pout and

“He’s not my partner! I’m working alone.”

Only to be met with a gentle smack on the arm courtesy of his mother.

“Don’t be rude Benjamin!”

As if wishing to quell the impending mother son argument, Rook held up his hands.

“Do not fret Mrs tennyson, I have read in Ben tennyson’s file he is very hard to work with but I believe I can handle it.”

Ugh, why was this guy Bens soulmate? Such an ass.

Suddenly, a furred hand touched the counter ben had forgotten he kept visible, and despite it being a fearful ghost of a touch that split second sent blood rushing to Bens ears and his heart pounding like a jackhammer.

Rook looked very sheepish and apologetic, MOTHER FUCKER BETTER BE!

“I am sorry for laying a hand upon you without your permission, but your species has always fascinated me. Does it not ruin the mystery of mating? Knowing the moment one would meet their soulmate? ”

Ben groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“You..don’t know the half of it.”

The Customer (Part 1/3) | G-Dragon x You

About: G-Dragon & You.
Cameos: None.
Point of View: You, the reader.
Rated: PG.

Summary: You’re a waitress, trying to save up enough money to move to Seoul when you get a customer that changes everything.

Note: I loved writing this one. I think we all wish this would really happen, right? Lol. Read and enjoy! Please leave feedback and send in requests if you’d like. This will be a three part series, seeing as this one chapter would have been so terribly long if I had put it all together. So, I split it up(: (Disclaimer: Uhh, I don’t live in Korea, so my knowledge of how restaurants work there are little to none. So therefore, I’m making it like an American restaurant Lol sorry!) I apologize for any spelling mistakes, and also this is the introduction, remember that lol.

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On the Steps of the Tower - Part 3 (Steve Rogers x Reader)


A/N: Again, doing this from my phone blah blah formatting whatever. Anyway, I know where I’m going with this but I don’t know how I’m getting there, you feel me? So, sorry if this is weird or bad lol. This is gonna be wild for all of us, I guess. I have more written up but I had to cut it off here because drabble. So the next part will be up sooner rather than later lol.

Word Count: 1140-ish

Originally posted by weheartchrisevans

“M– ma’am! Oh fuck, did I hurt you? Are you going into shock?,” Steve panicked and you just looked at him wide-eyed because UM DID CAPTAIN AMERICA JUST CURSE? IN FRONT OF YOU?

Steve, on the other hand, was mentally cursing himself for somehow managing to hurt such a pretty girl without even trying. Initially he had been a little blindsided by the spark he felt despite the unusual situation. Not a lot of people came to the park and that’s why he liked it, that and it was close to his apartment he used to take time off from the team. His heart was thundering in his chest and he couldn’t understand why he was so caught up in not wanting to mess things up with this distracted dog lady.

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the whole world is sleeping, but my world is you

Pairings: Niall/Harry

Rated: general

Word count: 6365 of chapter 1/?

Summary: “Say if I were to leave for forever, would it be okay?”
Niall reaches for Harry’s hand, intertwining their fingers as if the gaps between their fingers were made to be filled by each other, “Only if it makes you happy. ‘Sides, I’d probably follow you to ends of time. Can’t afford losing me best mate.” A slight blush decorates Niall’s cheeks and the dim lighting of the room makes the boy look – ethereal, Harry thinks. Harry is completely endeared by the sight before him.
Or; Harry lives his dreams and Niall helps him save them.

here kelvin caddying this is for you.

read @ ao3

Zelena has found the Young Dragonborn!

The child rose up off of the grass, a splitting headache striking him immediately after he got up. When he looked at the surrounding area, it was… different then the usual mountainous terrain of Skyrim. Had he ended up in another providence after a drinking contest or had he fallen asleep while riding in a carriage? “Ugh… where am I?”

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ugh sorry to vent but a lot of posts have been making their way back around my dash about how "selfish" Gerard was for "breaking up mcr". I should make a shirt that says "Gerard Way deserves his life".

Seriously? People are still saying that? Wooow. Yeah, breaking up MCR to save himself from depression and alcoholism was completely selfish. He should have continued his downward spiral until he had a massive breakdown. Oh wait, then these same people would be giving him shit for relapsing, “dragging down” MCR, etc. And Mikey was having the same struggles before the split, so he probably would have gone down the same path. Is that really what people wanted MCR to become?