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“Okay look, I know I have royal duties to attend to Ignis, but rescuing the Chocobos comes first.”

Favourite Person: *doesn’t talk to me all day*

me: i knew it all along….. truly thou dost not care for i, and i dost not care for thee……. 

fav: sorry i didn’t talk to you tonight i had so much homework ugh. goodnight, i love you

me: it’s ok, i love you too! what a great nice person, the best friend, my perfect darling………….

  • Thedas: *is attacked by a corrupted tevinter old god every blight*
  • Thedas: *regularly gets wrecked by a figure from elven legends*
  • Thedas: *is haunted by ghosts telling history of ancient times*
  • Thedas: *is littered with powerful ancient elven artifacts*
  • Chantry: ha ha those silly heathens and their imagination ha ha praise the maker the less he does the more he's real

SHINRA Week | Day IV [Favorite Relationship]
“Would you mind keeping my folks company for a while?”

anonymous asked: andreil and the cats? 

im sorry i dont know how add tags to asks when you post them (does this make sense pls someone help me)

  • it is my religion that neil and andrew fight over the cats a lot
  • not in the “i want to hold him” “fuck off, i’m holding him right now” kinda fight im talking the “neil, cats are only meant to eat two times a day (is this right I DONT KNOW i dont have cats), he’s not like your fatass. stop giving him treats. neil i said stop-”
  • neil never stops giving the cats treats. the cats are fat. neil is the worst. omg he also sneaks them people food bc he feels bad bc.. he might’ve.. tried some of the catfood once.. and it was shit (only him and sir know)
  • andrew has never been rough with the cats physically but it isn’t past him to snap at them to “get the fuck out of my way” or “get the fuck off of that” or even “stop fucking purring it’s annoying”
  • “andrew, stop, theyre just cats they don’t know any better, just leave him alone.” or “don’t be mean to him, he just wants you to pet him”
  • cue andrew looking into the camera like its the office bc he’s in love with a emotionally and physically damaged man child who comes to the defense of their obese cats (who are doing things that him and neil both agreed they weren’t supposed to do like be on the counter or go in their closet)
  • here i go i got carried away again smh

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what I love the most about the whole concept of idk fletch dropping a bomb as to morven and jasmine being one step away from double dating bernie and serena + this week having serena name small chested models is that they could oh so very easily be part of the whole incorrent quotes meme that is spreading all over tumblr like wildfire - but it’s not, they actually said the words. wild. 


I lost something, too, in my prison… Myself.


You are my quinque.

whats up im gonna scream

so i had this thing where all my documents kind of got deleted which was fine i can handle that. but now they’re back and all of my new stuff (at least for word) is gone. which means my seven pages (seven pages!!) of a fic i was working on is gone. forever. that was 3k words that im gonna have to rewrite instead of doing something productive


you’re at the han river with the guys on a random Tuesday night just to get some fresh air in your systems. dusk has nestled its way into the pockets of the sky, signaling that the light water show is about to start and already all of your cans of beer are half emptied and fingers sticky with salt from all the fried chicken you consumed. jin is happily nibbling away at the bits and pieces of leftover fried chicken, his face glowing with warm satisfaction, only pausing to yell at taehyung to wipe his hands before running around. yoongi’s busy scribbling down lyrics on a napkin because the man never stops working and the slightly rippling waves of the river have his eyebrows furrowed in concentration and the gears in his mind turning. namjoon’s got his earphones in to tune the world out and you all know better than to bother him but every once in a while he pops an earphone out to chuckle along at something funny hobi did or to throw in a jokingly snarky comment like usual. taehyung has somehow managed to convince hobi to go chase seagulls with him even though the older initially profusely refused to make an idiot of himself in public with him. but with a playful and daring slap to the butt, taehyung has hobi jumping up from his seat on the stairs to chase not just seagulls. jungkook’s earphones are also in and he’s quietly humming along to DEAN’s new album but as soon as taehyung slaps his thigh with a “come on seagull boy let’s go!!” he has the younger pulling out his headphones and grinning from ear to ear, 100% fired up to compete and see who can scare away the most seagulls. but before he runs off to the waterside with arms spread wide like an eagle, he yells to jimin that “the last one to join’s a rotten egg!” with that trademark mischievous wiggle of his eyebrow. a melodious bell like laugh leaves jimins lips and graces your ears, his eyes forming soft crescent moons as he half heartedly swats at the maknae to just go on and play without him.

you can’t help but admire the absolutely brilliant yet cotton soft smile etched across his face as he watches his beloved friends play and awe at the little moles ever so subtly dotting his neck, wondering how his smile manages to illuminate his entire body from head to toe. but you soon come back to your senses to ask why he isn’t running off with the others, head tilted at him in curiosity and a hand cradling the side of your face.

you swear you feel the entire world stop rotating the split second he tilts his head back to look at you, the gentlest and purest of smiles shining directly at you, only for you. the twinkle in his eye has your heart nearly leaping out of your chest and the the way he fixates those chocolatey brown eyes solely on you sends a prickling warmth coursing through every one of your limbs. with just that one look, a silent conversation of whispered sweet nothings and prolonged snug embraces is held, and with just a few simple words, he knows, you know, that you’re completely putty in the palm of his hands.

“why run off with them when i can stay here with you?”

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