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Did you miss it ? As usual, this is kind of cracky. Almost everyone is in there : Peter, Wendy, Felix, Bae, Tink, Lily. But much Darling Pan such wow. 

Mild spoilers for Les Mis. … don’t ask. Also, lots of swearing and bad spelling. Underage drinking. And close to no plot at all (who needs plot). 

Fake relationships and afternoon drinking

F to B : are you dating wendy ?

B to F : … what ?

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Preference 3: He's off limits.

N A S H: It was so disgusting. You had a crush on your stepbrother, Nash Grier. I mean it wasn’t like it started after your parents got together, it was before, but still, it was a very bad thing. His father had just moved in with your brother, bringing Nash and his other sibling with him. Up until this very moment you had avoided Nash, and this moment just happened to be the moment wear he has you backed up against the wall. “I know you like me,” he blurted out. “Don’t try to hide it,” he added. “I do not!” you argued, face heating up quickly. “And be quiet my mom and your dad are home!” you whisper shouted. “Nah, they’re out,” he smirked, “So is everyone else.” Your breath hitched at this statement. Now you had no excuse to run away. “Um, Nash, uh I have some homework to do,” you whispered, awkwardly, trying to sneak your way out of this, but Nash just put his arms on either side of your face. “Not so fast,” he whispered, breathily as his face came closer to your own. By now you were panicking. This was horrible, and dirty, and just disgusting on so many levels. “Admit it,” he whispered, leaning closer. You shook your head slowly as your eyes trailed to his lips that were way to close to yours. “W-we can’t do this,” you mumbled. “Yes we can… As long as no one knows,” he whispered, biting his lip. “N-no, we can’t,” you sighed. “It’ll be our little secret,” he huffed out before leaning into you until your lips connected, in a way too good of a kiss to share with your stepbrother. “In case you couldn’t tell, I like you,” he laughed against your lips. “I like you too, stupid,” you grinned before his lips were back on yours. “NASH! WHERE ARE YOU?!” Nash’s dad called, interrupting you two. “COMING!” Nash yelled, pulling away. “We can finish this later,” he smirked, pecking your lips one last time, then walking cockily out, leaving you there in a daze at what just happened.

M A T T: It was truly cheesy. So beyond cheesy, but you were dating the popular jock of your school, Matt Espinosa, in secret of course. You, just an “average” smart girl, that is beyond excelling academically, but not as much socially, and the hottest jock in school was definitely not allowed. Since that made him off limits to you, he decided to just keep it a secret, so no one would harass you or bully you for it. All he wanted was to protect you and keep you happy. So, that would be why you two were currently in the janitors closet with his arms wrapped around your waist and his head on top of yours as he swayed you. “I wish I could hug you like this all the time,” he mumbled into your hair. “Well, we could, but ya know, it wouldn’t be accepted,” you responded, cuddling closer to him. “I swear I hate this school,” he grumbled. A short silence came over you two but was broken when he said, “Baby?” “Hmmm,” you hummed. “You know that I’m not hiding this relationship because I’m like embarrassed or something stupid like that right?” The idea had never struck you, honestly, and now that it did come up, it did make you a little nervous. When you didn’t respond he began speaking again, “I just wanna protect you. I know how bitchy these girls can be and jealous and they’ll say the dumbest shit to break you down to get to me and I don’t want that. I want everything to be normal and you not get bullied or joked. I just need you happy.” A blush crept up your neck at his sweetness. “I love you, Matt,” you giggled, smiling widely. “I love you too, y/n/n, so so so soo much,” he responded, squeezing you a little tighter. “Don’t forget that,” he added.

H A Y E S: He would barge into class in the middle of him trying to help you with the work you missed from being absent on Thursday. “Dad! I need lunch money!” he exclaimed, rushing over to you two, but stopping when his eyes landed on your blushing figure. “Oh, hey y/n,” he smiled. “Hi,” you smiled back, somewhat nervously. “Go check in my wallet,” his father, Mr. Grier, said shooing him away. “Dad, don’t you need lunch?” he questioned, a slight smirk coming across his lips. “Not now, Hayes,” he sighed. “Seriously, dad just go get lunch and bring me back something and I’ll help, y/n,” Hayes said, walking towards his dad and patting his shoulder. “I don’t kn-” “I know the lesson perfectly and you know that,” Hayes reminded him. “y/n, would you be okay with this? I mean I am truly sorry I just have a lot to do but if you have any further questions I will help you also after Hayes, but Hayes is quite good at science, stellar actually,” his father rambled. You didn’t wanna be rude and say you didn’t feel comfortable with it so you just nodded in approval. “Thank you,” he smiled at his son as he nodded before taking a seat next to me. “So, what do you need help with?” Hayes questioned. “Uh, kinda everything,” you said, cheeks turning pink, making Hayes smile. “I can help you with it all,” he grinned. Over the next hour Hayes was able to explain every thing you missed and make it make sense. “I got it,” you smiled, “like it all makes sense now.” “Glad to help,” he winked. “So, since I did you a favor, why don’t you do one for me and give me your number?” he smirked. “Um I don’t know if that’s the best idea…” you trailed off. I mean he was your teachers son, wouldn’t it be bad? Like isn’t there some rule forbidding this? “You can’t be serious,” he laughed. “My dad wouldn’t care. You’re one of his best students. If anything he would want me with someone like you,” he laughed. “Well, isn’t there some like rule against dating dating your teachers children?” you questioned. “Pretty sure there isn’t one,” he chuckled, “and if there was, I would break it to date you,” he smiled. You giggled and scribbled down your number. “Now I can help you study whenever you need me to,” he winked. “Hayes!” Mr. Grier screamed from down the hallway. Hayes swiftly pecked your cheek and said, “See you next study session.”

S H A W N: “y/b/n (your/brothers/name), where did you put my Converse?!” you screamed as you ran around your house, searching everywhere for them. “y/b/n?!” you screamed, but we’re still met with no response. Groaning loudly, you stormed into your older brothers room to see him and Shawn playing video games. The second you entered the room, Shawn’s eyes scanned over your body as he but his lip slightly, making you blush slightly. “y/b/n, where did you put my Converse?” you asked, again. “Ugh I don’t know! I never had them!” he said, not looking away from his game. “You had them last! You were trying to fit your huge foot into mine!” you exclaimed. “Oh yeah,” he laughed as Shawn continued to glance at you. “I don’t know where I put them, just use one of your 10 other pairs of shoes!” he said. “I need those though!” you whined. “y/n, stop being annoying and figure something out,” your brother groaned, his annoyance clear. “But-” you began. “FIGURE IT OUT!” your brother repeated. Sighing, you trudged out of his room and back to yours to try and figure out what else you could wear. Your scrambling was interrupted by your door opening and closing quietly. When you turned around you saw Shawn standing by your door with a smirk on his lips. “Hey, babe,” he grinned, waltzing over to you. “Hi,” you replied, continuing to run around your room and try to figure out your new outfit. Once Shawn was behind you, he wrapped his arms securely around your waist and peppered kisses on your cheek. “Not now,” you mumbled, scanning all around your room with your eyes. “But baby!” he whined, nuzzling his head into your neck. “Shawn, I need to get ready,” you sighed, trying to wiggle out of his grasp. “y/n/n, I haven’t seen you in forever,” he complained, spinning you around to face him. “Well that’s not my fault,” you scowled, crossing your arms. You rarely saw Shawn, your boyfriend, since he’s been spending all his time with his best friend, aka your older brother. “Oh c’mon! That’s not fair! I just can’t keep ditching him… he’ll get suspicious,” he whispered. “Whatever, Shawn,” you mumbled, trying to push him away. “No, don’t be like that,” he whined, holding you closer. “I love you,” he mumbled, kissing your lips softly. “I love you too,” you sighed. “I promise tomorrow night I’ll be all yours, no brother or anything. I’ll make it up to you,” he offered, making a smile tug at your lips. “Ok,” you smiled.

G I L I N S K Y: It was hard. So hard. Acting like you weren’t madly in love with the person you were madly in love with. It was also aggravating, like out of all of the people you could of fallen for, you had to fall for your best friend. No it couldn’t be anyone else, it had to be him. He drove you insane with cuteness and his playful flirts. Ever since ninth grade you’ve been in love with him after he beat up the boy he cheat on you and broke your heart. And it’s been a secret since then. “Hey, sweetness,” he called to you, plopping down on your lap, making you struggle to breath. With flushed cheeks you said, “Jack get off! I can’t breathe!” “Are you trying to call me fat?” he joked, turning around to look at you. “Yes! Now get off!” you whined. “Fine,” he breathed, jokingly, slipping next to you and pulling you onto his lap. “So let’s try this again… Hey, sweetness,” he smiled, his eyes crinkling somewhat. “Hello, loser,” you smiled back. “Wow I call you sweetness and in return I get called loser, really feeling the love,” he laughed. “Who said I loved you?” you smirked. “Me,” he fired back. “You wish, loser,” you giggled. “Don’t call me that,” he stated. “Loser,” you said, smirking again. “Don’t,” he warned. “Looooooseeer,” you sang, grinning. “I’m warning you-” “Whatcha gunna do about it?” you asked. “y/n y/m/n y/l/n! Stop it now or I will get you,” he said, a smirk growing on his lips. “Oh yeah?” you asked, easing your eyebrows cockily. “Yeah,” he smirked. “And what would tha-” you began but were cut off by Jack’s lips coming into contact with your own. Your eyes clamped shut as you took in this moment of what had just happened. Subconsciously, you kissed back until your ripped yourself off of him. “Uh, I, I gotta go,” you sputtered before you ran out the door of his house and down the street. Jack chased after you, screaming your name, but he was too late. You had already reached your house and ran to your room, locking the door. What just happened.

A A R O N: The girl code was to always stick by your best friends. That included not dating your best friends enemy, which you so happened to want to break. I mean how could she hate him? He was so cute and likable and he played on the baseball team. Yet somehow she was able to despise him. At first you thought maybe she had feelings for him and had a love hate relationship, but no, it was pure hatred. You felt guilty for these feelings manifesting in your heart, but what could you do? Nothing, absolutely nothing, bedsides keep it a secret. For awhile, of course unless Aaron so happened to feel the same, and he did. Which is what you were going to find out soon. As you walked the halls, on the way to your library, you saw Aaron walking to. Your first thought was to bolt in the other direction since people had been saying he had a crush on you and was going to ask you out. Once word hit y/f/n, she immediately started to pressure you to say no. Twelve failed attempts at trying to get y/f/n to warm up to Aaron told you that there was no way she would end up being okay with it. So, here you were in the hallway, panicking on what to do. “y/n!” Aaron called as you were about to spin around. “Oh, hey, Aaron,” you responded, awkwardly, as he caught up to you. “Whatcha doing?” he asked, cheeks flushing. “Uhm, I was just headed to the library,” you answered, continuing walking towards it. “Really? Um, me too. Care if I walk with you?” he asked. Going against what your brain was saying you got out a, “Nah, it’s cool,” making him smile. The walk to the library was filled with small chitchat and nothing more. “What book are you looking for?” he spoke up as you walked past aisles of books. “One for my English project,” you whispered. He nodded before whispering back, “I know where the good ones are.” “Show me.” He smiled and took your hands softly in his before guiding you to the back of the library, the Sci Fi section. “Aaron the-” you began but were stopped when you were shoved up against the book shelf with Aaron trapping you there, and him jamming his lips to yours in a small, sweet kiss. “Ok I’ve been trying to figure out how to ask you this, but uh will you go out with me?” he somewhat rambled out. “Uh, I, um,” you stuttered out, not sure what to say. You had to choose between your best friend and your dream boy. “I-” you started but stopped. “I like you, Aaron, really,” you sighed and saw his face perk up, “but my best friend doesn’t like you sorry that’s rude to say to you and she despises you, I mean I don’t, but she does, and she’d kill me if she found out we were dating or if I even liked you, so-” you rambled, making a fool of yourself. “We could just not tell her?” he tried, scratching the back of his neck. “Um, yeah ok, yeah sure,” you nodded, a small smile gracing your lips. “So uh, can I kiss you again?” Aaron asked, cheeks inflaming as you laughed, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him in for another kiss.

C A R T E R: He was smart, which your parents liked, but he had two years on you, which your parents wouldn’t like. “So, does that make more sense?” he questioned making you snap out of your daze. “Uh, yeah,” you answered, looking down at the paper, not understanding anything. “You weren’t paying attention were you?” he laughed. “Um, a little,” you mumbled. “What’s been up with you lately? You’re never paying attention and always zoning out,” Carter asked, worry taking over his adorable features. “I’m fine,” you lied. You weren’t, obviously. Carter had been taking up all your thoughts, every single one, every second of every day. It drove you insane but there was nothing you could do to stop them. He was too good and old for you, why would he go for someone as young as you? A hopeless crush basically. “I’ve been tutoring you for five months, don’t pretend like I don’t know when something’s up,” he said, sternly. “Now tell me.” You sighed. I mean what was there to do? Tell him? Then you would be embarrassed since he didn’t like you back. “It’s nothing,” you replied. “y/n, I care about you, you know that?” Carter blurted out, looking into your eyes. “I know,” you murmured, looking down. “Then tell me what’s up,” he said, softly, pushing a few baby hairs off of your forehead. “I like this guy,” you breathed. “That’s all?” he asked, somewhat stiffening. “No, I like him a lot and I’ve known for a couple months, but he’s older than me and so out of my league. I just can’t stop thinking about him,” you sighed at the end, letting your head fall against his chest, which is when you noticed his tenseness. “Who?” he asked, not caring about anything else you said. “I can’t say,” you whispered. “Tell. Me.” “I can’t tell you,” you murmured. He pulled you away to look into yours eyes and asked, “Who is this guy? I need to know so I can knock some sense into him.” You shook your head. Then, Carter’s face moved closer. “Pretty sure you can’t knock sense into yourself,” you murmured, not even realizing you have it away. Carter’s facial expression changed from serious to a little more joyful as he realized what that meant. “It was me?” he smiled. “What?!” you choked. “No!” He just laughed softly before leaning over to press a kiss to your lips. “No worries, this guy just so happens to like you back,” he smiled.

J O H N S O N: “Fuck you!” you heard from downstairs, immediately recognizing the voice. Jack Johnson. He had family therapy with your father. As you walked downstairs to get a juice box, you saw Jack storm out your back door, slamming it on his way out, quite loudly. You didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but you could hear his parents fighting in the other room, the “therapy room,” where your father met with his clients. Glancing out the window, you could see Jack storming towards the lake in the backyard. After some debating, you decided to head out there and see if he wanted to talk about it. “Um, Jack, right?” you asked, your voice sounding nervous. He turned around and nodded. “y/n.” You nodded. “I know this is totally none of my business and that you probably would rather talk to my dad about this if you even want to talk about it, but anyway, are you okay?” you finished rambling, seeing the ends of his lips twitch. “You know you’re cute,” he smiled, laughing a little. Your eyes widened and a blush took over most if your face. “Well, my parents are dicks that constantly fight,” he laughed. “Oh,” you replied, the only thing you could muster up. “They just kinda have to always make me feel like shit. Like I’m never good enough for them, but then again no one really is, they’re not even good enough for each other. But they crossed the line this time. I’m not gunna repeat what was said, but I kinda lost it,” he explained, sitting down on the sand. You followed suit. “I’m sorry,” you mumbled. He shrugged, “Sadly, we don’t get to choose out parents.” Which is very true. He turned to look at you as you looked at the boy in next to you. “I didn’t know your dad was y/d/n (your/dads/name),” he said. “Oh cause you know having the same last name didn’t give it away,” you giggled, making him laugh. “I guess I never gave it much thought. Or maybe I didn’t want him to be your dad,” he said, honestly. “What do you mean?” you laughed. “Well, to be frank, you’re really cute, but pretty sure my parents and you dad would have a hissy fit if I asked you out on a date, so I was kinda hoping you two would just magically have the same last name but not be related,” he said, like it was the simplest thing. Your whole body turned red at his explanation, making him only smile more. “My dad would kill me,” you mumbled. “We could just kinda go undercover about the date?” Jack suggested, turning to face you. “Fine, but you better make it worth wild for me not telling my parents,” you joked. “I wouldn’t have it any another way, cutie,” he grinned. “Jack where are you?!” you heard a voice scream. “That’s my cue,” he said, rolling his eyes. “Wait, Jack,” you said, grabbing his hand as he was about to walk away. “If there’s anything thing I can do I’ll-” “Let me kiss your nose,” he blurted, grinning. “What?” you asked, giggling. “I wanna kiss your nose, it’s cute,” he smiled. “Ok?” you giggled as he leant down to kiss your nose. “And be ready tonight at 10,” he added, starting to walk away. “What?” you asked. “I’m taking you out!” he smirked, jogging back towards your house with a smirk.

C A M E R O N: “Is she asleep?” a text from your secret boyfriend, Cameron, read. Turning over, you saw your best friend passed out next to you, snoring slightly. “Yes?” you texted back. “Then come in my room,” was his only response. The journey to his room wouldn’t be the hard part, since his room was three rooms down from your best friend, since your secret boyfriend just so happened to be your best friend’s older brother. But the guilt of sneaking into his room and her not knowing about any of this would be hard part. Gulping, you left her room as quietly as possible and walked into Cam’s room, not bothering to knock since that could wake someone else up. “Took you long enough,” he groaned, once you made it into his room and shut the door. “Sorry,” you mumbled as he got up to stand in front of you. “Don’t be sorry, just give me a kiss,” he said, leaning down to kiss you passionately. “I missed you,” he whispered. “It’s been a night, you giggled. “A night without your kisses, or hugs, or love,” he stated. “Oh my god,” you rolled your eyes, laughing slightly. “Sleep with me tonight,” he blurted out. “Cam, that’s too risky,” you replied, shaking your head, no. “Babe, please,” he pleaded, holding your body with his arms. “I can’t, it’s just too risky,” you disagreed. “Babe,” he frowned. “I’ll cuddle with you for a little bit?” you tried. “Fine,” he sighed, picking your body up with ease and tucking you under the covers before climbing in himself. “Sometimes I hate that your best friends with my sister,” he mumbled, pulling you to his chest. “I just want you all to myself,” he sighed. “Cam, I love you,” you said, climbing up on him to kiss his nose. “I love you too,” he replied. “We’ll tell her soon,” he whispered, gazing Into your eyes. “She’s not going to be okay with it,” you murmured. “No one will, no one will understand, but that’s okay, because we’ll still have each other,” he said, kissing your nose back.

T A Y L O R: Stereotypical good, innocent girl falling for the bad boy. It was cliché in every way, but that’s okay. Your parents hated him, so you hid the relationship. His parents loved you, thinking you were good for him. “Taylor, stop,” you mumbled, trying to focus on your homework, but he kept peppering kisses on your bad shoulder. He would leave sloppy, wet kisses all over there, knowing how much it distracted you and somewhat grossed you out. “Hmm?” he hummed, laughing. “Stop it,” you said, continuing to look at your paper, scribbling down answers. Even after you constantly told him to stop, he continued to do it. “Baby,” he whined, loudly. “Shh,” you hushed, not wanting your parents to hear him. “What?” he asked. “You’re loud,” you stated, turning back to your homework. He made a huff noise before sitting next to you, looking at what you were doing. “Homework is stupid,” he blurted out. “Yes it is,” you agreed, not looking up. “Then why the fuck would you do it?” he questioned. “The ‘f’ word wasn’t needed when asking that question,” you scolded. He bit back a laugh and said, “Sorry.” “Because I have to,” you answered. “You don’t HAVE to,” he disagreed. “Well I don’t wanna get in trouble,” you mumbled, looking over at him. “What a little goody goody,” he laughed. “Shush,” you blushed. “You know it’s true,” he smiled. “Well I’m dating you, so I’m not a goody goody,” you pouted, making a smirk spread over his lips. “You’re a dork,” he said, kissing your lips. “Whatever,” you mumbled, continuing to do your homework. After a couple of minutes of silence, the books were kicked off your bed and everything that was on your lap was on the floor beside your bed. The culprit was Taylor. Before you could complain, Taylor said, “I think you need a break from homework.” “I disagree,” you said. “Really, I need to finish, Taylor,” you said. “You’re taking a break,” he said, hovering over you before pressing your lips together. His hands went on either side of your face as yours instinctively tangled themselves in his hair. Your heart pounded while you thought about your parents catching you two, and it was scary but thrilling. Just how Taylor always kept it, always kept you on your toes.



This is indeed a special follow forever. WOW. 1000 followers are no joke, it’s seriously no joke for me. I’m gonna be honest, during my almost three years on tumblr I NEVER thought I’d ever see that number on my follower count. I went on tumblr a few days ago and BAM, I had PASSED 1000 followers??? I just stared at the numbers for about five minutes, that’s how shocked I was.

Whenever I’d see my follower count rise I had thoughts like “why would so many people follow MY blog? What is it that makes MY blog so special?” and “there are so much better blogs out there, why me?”.
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