ugh i had so many feels making this

UGH. I’ve watched the last 20 minutes of the finale so many times and can’t stop crying. I never realized how much I liked Stefan until this episode. During the entire series I just kind of ignored him or was annoyed with him because my fave character was Damon. I didn’t start to appreciate him as much until the 7th season and now with his sacrifice I realize how much I low key loved him. I feel so incredibly sad that he had to die but understand why and it makes me even sadder. What a great ending to a great show. It all came full circle. It painted Stefan in a new light for me. The hero with his hero hair. So unfair that he had to go on the night of his own wedding. So unfair for Caroline. So unfair for Damon who’s last interaction with him was him stabbing him in the back with the cure. 😭😭😭 one of the best tv characters EVER.

PS. How convenient for Katherine, who truly loved Stefan and considered him the better man, to die together with him…

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you know, watching this jontron shit go down really makes me feel bad because i actually used to be a really huge fan of him, so seeing how he actually is like, makes me kind of feel "betrayed" by him, if you know what i mean

same?? like his videos where he did reviews of games and movies like 4 years ago were genuinely entertaining and he made so many good forum weapon reaction clips
and he had that cute little pixel art animation done for him with his bird and it seemed like he was a decent guy

like..i feel so betrayed honestly…….ugh
game grumps really dodged the full round of bullets. i used to be kinda upset when he left in like, what, 2014? but now i can Certainly See Why that probably happened and im more than comfortable with dan taking his place

I’ve never had a dress make me so angry before.

(If you're hurting) Lay it all on me

“Not now, Phil.” He heard her hard voice coming from the chair to his right. He could tell she was clenching her teeth; another sign she was trying to keep her emotions in check. She couldn’t fool him.

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I was too tired
I had way too many things to do
I took on more than I could handle
I needed to feel like I was worth it
Good was never good enough
What I did was good, but what you did was better
You worked harder
I kept making excuses
I kept being asked to justify
This word precedes every ridiculous excuse I make
I couldn’t wasn’t considered a good reason
I end up using this word too much
You don’t think I use it enough
I didn’t meet your ridiculous standards
I was too tired
—  Because

Can’t stop thinking about “is your wife aware of how intimately you and Hannibal know each other?” because if you had no context for their relationship whatsoever, you would assume she’s implying the two of them are having an affair behind Molly’s back. And in a way that’s exactly what’s happening. It may not be a physical one (although hello subtext that it has been hella physical in the past) but Will has in no way let Hannibal go, as much as he would like to pretend he has. It is an affair of the heart if nothing else. Like Dolarhyde, he is trying to transform and become something else, but he is not nor will he ever be a family man. The connection with Hannibal is still there on every single level, as we’ve been shown via genius visuals of the two of them appearing to blur together inside the physical barrier separating them from one another.

And that is easily the most fascinating part of the Will/Hannibal dynamic. Yes, there is clear physical attraction and chemistry, but their bond is undeniably strong in the sense that Will knows exactly who Hannibal is, has seen him right down to his twisted core, and despite all of that he is still in love with him. He still longs to be with him because the draw and the connection is unlike anything he has ever had with another human. It goes way beyond the physical. It is something far larger than the two of them at this point.

I recently started re-watching season 1, and in Amuse-Bouche Eldon Stammets, the pharmacist-turned-murderous-mushroom-farmer, was seeking out connection with someone or something above all else. And it’s very interesting to see how Will was being paralleled with murderers and psychopaths right from the start. He, too, was searching for connection, and found it not only in Abigail, but in Hannibal as well. In many ways his desires and motivations are the same as people like Stammets or Dolarhyde, only it manifests itself on an entirely different level due to his ability to experience pure empathy. And because of this he is drawn to someone like Hannibal, and the manner in which they connect is not something I believe could ever be severed at this point. Conjoined indeed…

  • Author: Ok you two know why you’ve been gathered here.
  • Rumpelstiltskin: Yes dearie, you wanted to hear our progress.
  • Blue Fairy: I have written a full report.
  • Author: Good good. Now, first on the list: Cinderella.
  • Rumpelstiltskin: Yes yes yes, with the glass slippers. Every story needs a memorable detail.
  • Author: Pinnocchio??
  • Blue Fairy: Ugh. We had to work together on that one, Rumpelstiltskin got Jiminy Cricket to feel guilty enough to “wish upon a star” and then I helped Geppetto to create his son. Creepy on so many levels having a wooden boy.
  • Rumpelstiltskin: *cries because Geppetto gets to have a son and he doesn’t*
  • Author: The dwarves?
  • Blue Fairy: There were 8 of them, didn’t you say that was an oddity? There wasn’t a Grumpy either, but I hired a fairy of mine, Nova, to fix that.
  • Rumpelstiltskin: Hmm, think I’ll have to help with your dwarf problem, dearie. Maybe I’ll convince the king to take one prisoner.
  • Author: Ah speaking of royalty, the Queen of Hearts.
  • Rumpelstiltskin: You mean the miller’s daughter?
  • Author: Whatever whatever, did you throw her through a mirror portal yet?
  • Rumpelstiltskin: Everyone gets a portal but me!
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I had so many feels bottled up after that last Flash episode so I just had to do another video. Their last scene had me on my knees, it was so damn hard to watch…
Ugh, why can’t they just kiss and make up already? It’s driving me crazy… oh well, at least we know how long we have to wait till they become canon ;)


Still thinking about that whole fun-oriented story-free monster askblog. I thinking about making it like a small agency where the choosen OC will be just to answer question and give people company in a mostly sfw way but with a bit of fanservice here and there (not straight up porn but still more fanservice than I had on monlum). At least that would be the theme of the blog. Still not sure which of my OC will be on it nor if Ill add brand new character either

some OC I have in mind for this:

They are the most likely to fit in the them.. but I dont know….. I feekl like itd would be easier in some way to make new OC specifically for this

but again i also feel like I already have too many..

UGH why am i so complicated and stupid at the same time????