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For Your Eyes Only

Because Calum is so reserved, I can imagine how special it would feel to be his girl. Being the person he lets loose with, the only one who hears his innermost thoughts, and only one who can say they know him on an intimate level. Sometimes he’d come to you, open up about what was bothering him, let you in on the emotions and stories he expresses through the words he writes in the journal that he doesn’t go anywhere without. And sometimes he found gratitude in just knowing that you were there, present in his world. On those days, Calum desired to feel your presence. When he would go outside for a smoke, he would motion for you to follow him and as he takes another hit from his cigarette he would reach for your hand, needing to feel you, always needing to feel you. No words would be exchanged, the silence soothing for the both of you.

Everyone around him didn’t understand what he needed, but you always knew and that was what Calum loved most about you. You knew what he wanted without him having to say one word. You could tell through his body language. When he fidgeted with his fingers, looking distant from everyone, sighing occasionally, that’s when he wanted to talk, but when he was clingy and boy could he be clingy- grabbing at your hands, quick pecks to your neck, causally tapping his foot against yours- he just wanted to feel you. Feel and love the girl that he trusted with everything.

Every day he’d tell you, “for your eyes only” because that’s how he felt. Everything that concerned him was for your eyes only. He never shared the things with anyone else that he shared with you. That’s why you weren’t surprised to find those four words marked in black ink under the left side of his chest near his heart, when in bed one night, cuddling close to the person who meant most to you, feeling his heart beat through his chest. His heart was for your eyes only, no one else could get in, even if they tried.


Request: Seungcheol is late to his own wedding because he was helping a stray dog
Requested by: @sominsarang
Word count: 2,103
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Fluff may give you diabetes, please be careful

A/N: Somehow tumblr swallowed the ask for this fic ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ But yay another Seungcheol drabble uploaded! I gave myself so much feels while writing this ugh, but I hope you all enjoy it! ^^


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“Okay Seungcheol, deep breaths, today is a really big day you don’t wanna be screwing up anything.” Seungcheol muttered to himself.

He was a nervous wreck, something he did not see coming. His wedding day was finally here, and instead of being calm and collected like how he usually is, he was a fumbling mess. He hadn’t felt anything like this since Seventeen’s debut performance.

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May I Have This Dance

Anon asked: Singing and dancing with hunt in your apartment? Like it starts out with really fast paced songs and crazy dancing and then a slow song comes on and tentative but sweet slow dancing happens.

Hope you like it! Sorry for any typos.

Sighing, you crack your neck, look up from the table at the time on the microwave and decide you need a break. You and Hunt have been working for hours, you on a term paper, him grading essays. The radio is softly playing in the background. You look over to Hunt and a small smile creeps onto your face. His little concentration pout is so damn cute.

After staring at him for a good 30 seconds he must feel eyes on him and he looks up, meeting your gaze. You hear the current song fade out and then immediately recognize the music now flowing out of the speakers. You give Hunt a playful smirk, jump up from the stool you’d been sitting on and run over to the radio, turning up the volume until the words are blasting through the apartment.

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