ugh i feel so sorry for cece

I think I just need some time to calm down and

rewatch old episodes. Once I can make sense of it all and find clues of it all back in the early seasons, I’ll be fine. Right now, it’s all seeming like a last minute decision. I feel like it was always planned to be a dude like Wren or Toby and this just all feels so rushed, I still can’t believe it. I’m sure I’ll like it way more once I rewatch past seasons with a clear mind and the second I see some more evidence, it’ll sound a little bit better. But right now - sorry I’m not a fan of it. There’s no motive to take it to that extreme length like wtf CeCe. And I still can’t believe we all ruled out this transgender theory because a writer said no to it. From now on I TRUST NO WRITER. NONE OF THEM. Marlene lied tonight as well, there’s no clear why or how. I feel like we only got a who and a slight insight to the why and that’s it.

Anyways. That’s where my mind is at right now, about to go to bed and do more exams tomorrow. Sorry if I’ve been spreading too much negativity tonight, I’m just not a fan of it for the reasons I’ve said above. It just feels so last minute and I need someone to convince me otherwise, then I (might) love/like it.