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(Maybe some remember my post about the toothpaste event.)



“What the hell is that?”

“What is what?” Stiles asks as he walks into the bathroom where Derek stands in front of their bathroom sink. Above it is their mirrored bathroom cabinet with one side open.

In answer Derek just turns his head to glare at Stiles.

Stiles rolls his eyes and walks over to get a look at the open cabinet.

“Ohhhh. You mean our awesome and super cool toothpastes.”


“They had this double toothpaste box on sale and had an event where you can order your own personalized stickers. Like honey and sweetheart. I thought just using our names would be good enough.”

Derek looks at his rambling boyfriend and has one of these moments where he asks himself, why he is even dating that idiot. Who even orders name stickers for toothpaste? Why is that even a thing??

He sighs and shakes his head.

“What, you don’t like them?” Stiles asks with a small pout.

“Of course not,” Derek answers with a grin. And before Stiles can start on another rant Derek kisses him on the lips and says, “But I like you enough to keep them. This once.”

Stiles looks smug and Derek stops rolling his eyes after the third time he uses the toothpaste.


Bonus: The Misadventure of PB’s Poor Little Hat 

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Hello everyone, good evening. I only want to write smth so i didn’t look like died and suddenly appears reblogging bunch of stuff. I’m really busy with my school works. Yep, currently in my last year school! Gladly I just finished ONE of my animation final project. Grr it really eating my soul and my time x - x

Gotta face lotsa exams soon. Wish me luck! Oh it’s not like I will go offline for the rest of year, you can hit me up on Instagram sometimes if you want. Sorry though i dont post much art, only personal and ridiculous stuff there. Also on facebook ( but selectively-to not accepting friends). for tumblr… I’ll be more posting on @ros-chie​ blog though… (sigh, the shivers for writing in main account) 

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Alright, well I’ve had a pretty bad day so I guess I’ll battle on Smogon for a while, I don’t have Naganadel yet in my game so it’s fun to-

NOOO ugh okay fine whatever, I suppose that one was inevitable. Well, Scolipede is a cool Poison type and maybe I can use Speed Boost to try and fill the void with a cool Baton Pass set-

Right okay that’s on me, I forgot about that. Well, I love Magnet Pull and Pursuit and stuff so maybe I’ll throw a Dugtrio on my team to try and-


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i dont enjoy bellarke as much as i used to anymore and that makes me really because i remember being always so positive about them but now the antis have kind of ruined the ship for me.. like now im not even sure if clarke loves bellamy back because she confessed it to l.exa and idk this doesnt really makes sense but i dont know ugh.. how do you deal with it? how do you stay positive about them? how do you know that clarke loved bellamy more than her other love interests??

what makes you sure that clarke has feelings for bellamy? and how do you know that bellarke is not fanservice??

I honestly don’t understand how people don’t see it.

It is LITERALLY the story being told. It can’t be fan service, because it started way back before the show even aired, so before there were fans. Clarke and Bellamy are LITERALLY the main characters/love interests in the original concept. Now they didn’t HAVE to go that way, but they did. 

They started with Finn as a love interest, but he was NEVER endgame. He had been written as a “good guy” who was not a good guy, and Bellamy was written as a “bad guy” who was NOT a bad guy. Bellamy was set up as Clarke’s partner from the beginning and they began pairing him with Clarke’s canon love interest, Finn, in season 1. 

I don’t believe in Bellarke because the fans tell me too, or because they are cute together, or because of fanfiction.

I ship bellarke because it’s the story being told. and It’s a REALLY slow burn long range story and I am fed up with that and would rather a shorter term story, but they’re not playing that game.

Every. Single. Season. Has ended with Bellarke closer and more intimate than they started. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. EVEN the seasons with serious love interests. It’s always about Bellarke in the end. 

search my #loves tag. BEcause I collect a lot of posts about why they love each other. Mostly Clarke because people don’t believe her for some reason? 

also search #bellarke development.

I… feel so ignored, like my being isn’t important and I’m just non-existent in anything I do, whether it be here or in real life, like I’m just… nothing, like I dont even matter anymore, I’m not trying to sound over-dramatic or anything but I can’t help but feel this way… I don’t know I’ve been keeping in my problems over a month and I haven’t vented in a while… ugh 😟


you know when you describe something you love so passionately and people just shut you down and youre left thinking “What did i do wrong?” and people dont even know this feeling an d honestly its complete shit because you love that band, that cosplayer, that book series, that show, that movie or that person and people just go “No one cares” or “ thats nice but…” or just plain “shut up.” because i have a friend like that and i know shes joking but sometimes it sounds too serious and now i dont talk about my favorite things anymore, or when i do i apologize and i just break down inside. does anyone feel the same?

it would help a lot if i could manage to not feel like im being judged and scoffed at constantly for the stuff i do to try to distract from feeling bad all the time but i know thats 90% in my head so its just inescapable… maybe i should remake anyway but the inevitable huge loss of followers would just freak me out more lmao itd be confirmation that most people are going ‘ugh i dont care’ yknow. i really dont know how im supposed to get by, i feel like everyone hates it when i talk but i dont know how to do anything else. its stupid but i feel it so conspicuously that i dont get anons anymore?? like it feels lonely to not have a… vague notion of Other People Out There wanting to talk to me, being nice and friendly (when i havent basically forced it through a meltdown), people dont even yell at me anymore… i feel like i dont matter to The World At Large even if i have a few specific people i do matter to. specific people just by nature cant be there for me at all times so theres a need for a general sense of being seen and heard and cared about and i feel like i dont have it. i think this is parent issues talking but im projecting it onto a blogging website function Lol!!! im just lonely and want to be told im good

Grester is so on point. They are the fucking king and queen. I dont even know if its a ship anymore, like they have reached a new level. They have passed OTP. They are so. fucking. adorable. I dont know how they met, or how they ended up together but god fucking bless the universe. And snapchat. God bless snapchat. And camp takota. And side effects. And Mamrie Hart. And everyone and everything else involved.

Four hours in and he felt like death kicked him in the face.
After avoiding all alcohol and alcohol related foods (jellos, chocolate candies, stupid little cupcakes made with rum), he settled for the punch bowl every time he was thirsty and, sure enough, someone decided to be the designated asshole for the evening and spiked it with Everclear when he wasn’t looking. Besides the obvious physical discomforts, Harper grew increasingly more anxious the more the night went on. He hated not being in control; sure, he did feel a bit more easygoing now, but the fact that he’s never had more than a shot or two his entire life made this experience more terrifying than it should have been.
Taking a third swig from his red solo cup, he lazily peered into it and let out a soft “Why do I keep drinking this oh my god–” before quickly shoving it onto the coffee table. There were more people now; he distinctly remembered wanting to check on the backyard, but his body refused to compromise despite how much his brain yelled at his legs. Instead, the blonde waved over the closest person he could find and peered up at them.
 “Listen– listen, I know this is hard to believe, but…I think I’m like…intoxicated. And I– hey don’t THROW THAT–” rubbing his face, he muttered softly whist glaring at the two boys from across his living room“–Ugh, I don’t even care anymore– do you have a fucking cigarette or something? Or”