ugh i didn't expect to love these two as much as i did

We Help Each other (Yoongi smut)

You and Yoongi have been secretly dating for a while now, six months to be exact, and to him, you were the best girlfriend he ever had during his career. You didn't brag to your friends about dating an idol, you didn’t constantly complain about how busy he was, you never did dumb shit that could jeopardize his career and you always stayed by his side even when everything got rough and confusing. He gave back the same love and respect too. He made sure to take time and check up with you with a text, to reinsure you that you too are still strong as a couple, and to satisfy your needs even if he’s not there…..physically. 

A while back on a random Wednesday you got to your apartment and found a pretty sizable box on your coffee table with a little sticky note next to it. The note read; ‘If you ever feel ‘lonely,’ and you can’t find me. Think of me while you play with this ;)’. The note peaked your curiosity and your hand quickly fiddled with the box, ripping a tape off and opening it, and once you did you couldn’t help but laughs your ass off in shock and disbelief. This man bought you a dildo and vibrator.

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So as promised, my spoiler review of Batman v Superman. To read my impressions of this movie without spoilers and my thoughts still high on adrenaline + rants about how unfair the bad reviews are imo, click here 

 But this one has MAJOR SPOILERS from the movie, so stop reading right now if you still didn’t watch it!


- The editing (or as I like to call in this case, the butchering). It was terrible. I felt like they had so much material filmed they tried to put a little of everything but when you do this, some things are just too short and disconnected with the rest of the movie. There were scenes that would be better if left out instead of adding its 30 seconds version. There’s no point in going back and forth so quickly if you don’t give time to let the scene play out in an appropriate time. The cuts were too sharp without a proper transition that could make sense, some of them I felt almost dizzy.

- Lex Luthor: I get what Eisenberg tried to do and I think it was a great idea in theory. But the execution didn’t work because the character didn’t have the proper time to play out like it would happen in an exclusive Superman movie. The movie has so many characters and parallel storylines you can’t quite grasp where Lex is coming from with all his quirks and maniac aspirations, instead of escalating and getting immersed in who is this person gradually, you’re hit right in the face with everything in the first time we see him. When you don’t have time to portray a character with so many screaming details like this, he becomes annoying and distracting. I thought the trailer was misleading and he would be better in the film, but what we see in the trailers is exactly how he is, no further development or additional layers. We get a glimpse of his past (big daddy issues, apparently Luthor Senior was very abusive) and of his psyché about  the duality of being a genius but still have no power, which is a cool concept for the character when you’re someone who lives among gods and all this discussion but it’s so small, they pretty much just jump straight out to megalomaniac insanity with him. But it’s a courageous approach, you can see Jesse gave his everything but it wasn’t enough, unfortunately. The only thing I really loved about the character was how he manipulated Bruce and Clark and orchestrated everything. But even this was rushed.

- Doomsday: I’m glad he was just a small part of the movie but I was disappointed the aesthetic we got in the trailer is all we get in the movie. Indeed he gets stronger and bigger as he gets hit but the crazy kinda spike rocks growing out of him every time it happened weren’t impressive enough to make his looks increase and look different from an hybrid of a ninja turtle on steroids with Hulk’s Abomination. I honestly thought the Doomsday from the trailer was a a baby Doomsday that would get bigger and meaner-looking as the battle progressed but even if this kinda happens in a small degree, he still looks dumb and plain bad.

- The exaggerated amount of trailers and tv spots we got beforehand: I wish I had watched only the first comic con trailer. The plot wasn’t spoiled, but some of the scenes were totally showed from start to finish in the trailers. Lex introducing Clark and Bruce, the first time we see Wonder Woman suited up, the first time Superman and Batman are face to face in costume when Superman rips the batmobile’s door off. The first was really cringe worthy as it was in the trailers but the other two were amazing and I still felt my heart beating wildly because they are epic moments and with the soundtrack wow, simply iconic, but I wish it was the first time I was watching them.

- One of Batman’s action sequences: the scene in question is one in which he is hallucinating he is ambushed in the desert. That whole fight was terribly choreographed, I have no idea why Snyder chose such a wide framing to shoot it, you can really tell it’s something rehearsed and it looks very slow. But that’s the only action scene that didn’t work.

- The continuity from Man of Steel: As much as I love that you can absolutely feel this is the same universe of MoS, I know this will turn off a lot of casual viewers. That’s the only reason I put it in the bad pile (but don’t worry, this is in the good pile too lol). Because personally, I loved how we start the movie with Bruce’s point of view of what happened in MoS between Clark and Zod. But I saw so many confused faces, most people clearly had no idea what was happening. 

- Bruce’s parents dying again: Ok cool they brought the Comedian from Watchmen to be Bruce’s dad but how many times can we watch little Bruce losing his parents and not roll our eyes? It totally loses the emotional impact when we see it happening for the 26th time.

- No post credits scene: I already knew it wouldn’t happen and I don’t expect every superhero movie to emulate Marvel so I didn’t stay but I heard so many people that waited complaining… I wonder if that’s really the last impression you want to leave on your audience, just give them something simple and small to make them happy after waiting 10 minutes for nothing.


- Ben Affleck became my ultimate batman: He plays my favorite kind of batman, what I call B&B Batman (Brutal & Bitter). He is extremely violent, he just had enough and his motivations are very well displayed. We can see he struggles from a selfless point of view in which he worries with the destruction a powerful creature like Superman could bring among humanity but you also can see him in an almost selfish light too, what can he do when people have a godlike superhero as an option? You can feel he is struggling with becoming obsolete in some ways as much as this is not the focus of his problems with Superman, but it’s there is some degree. We get to see him using his gadgets and when he breaks in to save Martha Kent omg, what an amazing fight! It really shows what he is capable of why Batman is so badass even being a regular human being with no super powers. I was cheering so much! He looks so done 100% of the movie, which I love lol

- Superman saving the world: yes, we get to see Clark saving people from fires and floods and explosions, it’s just amazing! It’s an important thing to show us after all the destruction he participated in Man of Steel, so I’m really glad they reminded everyone who is Superman and what he does most of the time. The way people look at him in an almost worshiping way was equally satisfying and disturbing but very close to how we as human beings function with things more powerful than us, a mix of blind awe and fear.

- Strong insight in what means to be Superman: For the first time I connected with Clark in his cinematographic version. You can really feel how he is the most lonely creature in the world. You can feel how he wants to do good, how much it costs him, how much it hurts him to receive injustice and ungratefulness in return and still not blame us. It’s really strong and a very emotional anchor in the movie, I was speechless about how much a felt for him and very pleased with Henry Cavill’s portray of the character. I just wanted to hug Clark, I still want to dig his body out of his grave to do it. If I had to choose I’d say I’m totally team Superman and I never imagined saying this before this movie

- Lois and Clark: I never cared much about them as a couple, but I won’t lie, they were super cute and strong together. The chemistry was there and Lois humanizes him so much and you don’t feel an unbalance in the relationship, as much as a powerful creature Clark is, Lois is the one to anchor him and give him something he desperately needs: a sense of home and belong and he does reckless things for her (how human of him) so she holds more power than him in some ways.

- Lois Lane being a journalist: I’m so glad she wasn’t doing military/astronaut work in some alien ship like in MoS because it was ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with being a regular human being so I loved to watch her doing high risk journalism and being nosy and going after what she wants. Even if something backfires, she still gets power and knowledge that is game changer for the plot just by doing her job and being good at it, it’s refreshing tbh.

- Alfred: every minute Alfred has screen time, it’s a blessing. He sass the shit out of Bruce and you just want to kiss him for it. I never thought I would say Alfred is hot. But it’s the Jeremy Irons effect, there’s nothing we can do about it, just embrace the feel.

- Wonder Woman: She was flawless. I’m so hyped for her solo movie now. I don’t agree with people who say she should have had more scenes. I’d love to see more of her, but I think this should’ve been exactly what it was: an introduction to leave us wanting more. She is mysterious, badass, takes no shit from our little boys and she’s absolutely amazing! Seriously, the first time she shows all suited up and her score starts to play, you’ll get goosebumps, your heart will threat to beat out of your chest. It’s everything I dreamed, we get to see her using her shield, sword, bracelets and lasso. I love her chemistry with Bruce too and how she cradles Clark’s body in her arms with so much tenderness for such a powerful creature like she is. Ugh I could talk about her all day, I simply love her and Gal Gadot did a great job with the material she got.

- The soundtrack: two of my favorites, Hans Zimmer (Inception, The Dark Night) and Junkie XL (Mad Max: Fury Road) so I was expecting awesomeness and I was not disappointed. It’s a somber score with some exceptions like WW’s song that’s more wild but it’s a heavy movie so it was something expected.

- The tone: yes it’s dark and gritty but a film that contemplates the philosophical questions this one does, even if not in dept, there isn’t many other aesthetic options. I like how DC is so different from Marvel, I love both and it would be super boring if they looked the same. I’m not sure if I’ll take my kids to watch this one, because even being PG13 it’s very adult in its themes and more of a political drama than an action flick, but I’m glad we have this more grown up version too.

- The cinematography: the only thing I expect from director Zack Snyder is great visuals because it’s his forte (maybe his only one) and he didn’t disappoint with cool concepts and beautiful shots. It looks epic and large-scale. I’m also glad his directing is a little more tamed when it comes to the excess he often chooses. I’m imagining Affleck as a more grounded director gave him some advise maybe?

- The Justice League introduction: this is one of the most polarizing questions, but I particularly love how quick it was handled. I was afraid they would put too much of each new character and it’d become a pre justice league movie instead of a batman v superman one. I’m relieved to say this did not happened. It was quick, objective and even if not an epic choice to introduce this characters, it gets the job done. I don’t agree with some people saying it was shoehorned. It’d be bad if these characters would just have more exposure in the next Justice League film, but each one of them will have their own solo movie, so no need to ruin the impact and reveal too much about them beforehand. We (and the other characters) only needed to know they exist, which was accomplished.

- The continuity from Man of Steel: See, this is in the good pile too! As I said, I love that you can absolutely feel this is the same universe of MoS. Even if MoS is not a movie that I love, continuity is a blessing. And as much as the regular audience will feel confused, I loved all the nods for the more hardcore fans. They hint at Darkseid too and I can’t wait!!! 

- The Batman v Superman duel is more dramatic and political than actual action: and I see this is one of the reasons most people are disappointed, but I love how they had so much building up until their confront, which happens only after 1 and a half hour into the movie and is not overly long. These characters are not like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, who already have an emotional connection and background. So to Clark and Bruce go to blows and mean something beyond “fuck yeah cool fight” it has to have something behind it, something that justify how it escalates, something to make it more than two angry men beating each other in some dark alley. And all the political and philosophical questions were amazing to fill this need. I see some reviewers say that the movie has outdated notions of deity and obedience but excuse my french, it’s bullshit. The point of the movie is not to defend this concept but to show how we as flawed human beings convert everything into this because it’s a pattern we understand and seek since we lived in caves. And we still can’t let go of it, no matter how evolved and civilized we think we are. When senator Finch is getting interviewed and is asked: “Do we need a Superman?” and she simply answers: “We have one.” it’s absolutely brilliant and so powerful, it’s one of the moments a movie reaches something way deeper that it even is trying to be and you just wish you could have a little more of that.

- The trinity: Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman fighting together was a breathtaking moment and even if it was more of a tease than a full on battle, I loved every second of it. It’s a dream came true and the “is she with you?” “I though she was with you” exchange didn’t ruin anything, it was actually quite cute and it helped me breathe while I laughed because I was so overwhelmed with the emotion of seeing them lining ready to fight together, wow, I needed some levity to handle it in a non embarrassing way while in public, so I’m grateful 

- Clark’s motivations to fight Batman: I can’t stress this enough: I love how Clark was forced to fight Batman. At first you’d think it’s a cheap excuse but it’s not, any other excuse to have Clark beating the shit out of Bruce even to defend himself would be stupid and out of character. Having his mother, his only pure connection with who he is as Clark Kent and not just Kal-El, to be the catalyst to his confront with Bruce was very smart and respectful to the character. It also added a lot of emotion to the whole sequence, Clark is spiraling in a kaleidoscope of emotions which breaks our heart to watch but add a lot to the character. He clearly doesn’t want to do this but resigned himself that nothing can stays good forever, omg I felt stabbed in the heart and I loved it.  

- The Marthas: Nothing makes me more happy when a movie gives proper importance to the moms. These are boys deeply changed for the presence/absence of their motherly figures. Martha Kent and Martha Wayne being what finally snap both out of their stupidity and put them to work together made me smile from ear to ear, I had to shove a handful of popcorn in my mouth to stop me from squealing loudly in the theater. And when Martha Kent says she figured Batman was a friend of her son because of the cape, man, that’s one of my favorite moments in comic book films of all time and I’ll never forget it.

- Granny’s Peach Tea: enough said, it was such a fabulous twist!

- The death: Ok last but not least, from the moment Clark grabs the kryptonite spear from the moment the end credits rolled up, I was a mess. I started crying right at the moment Lois started to beg him not to do it, and you can clearly see he is going to do it because if not him, who else? When Bruce wrapped Clark’s dead body in his cape to let him slide into Wonder Woman and Lois Lane’s arms, omg, what a powerful scene! I don’t care about how in superhero movies nobody really dies, fuck it, I felt, I felt every bit of it, and I still can’t believe I felt so many emotions in such intensity watching a Zack Snyder film. How iconic was too watch both funerals? One is the spectacular burial of Superman, god, alien, resource, mysterious creature, criticized and hated by most in life but an admired hero by everybody in death. As they say, the perfect heroes are the dead ones because they can’t disappoint us. The other one was the burial of Clark Kent, son, boyfriend, protector, friend, a good man. A very small ceremony at his home, the home that embraced him as a person and not a commodity. I was floored with feelings and the little hint that he’ll return didn’t ruin the impact of the brave choice the script made in killing him off, because it’s expected that he won’t stay dead and kids would leave the theater in tears if they didn’t at least hinted at it.

- “If you seek his monument, look around you”: The quote from architect Christopher Wren’s tomb is so powerful and perfect in this context, I love how they used it for Superman, wow!

CONCLUSION: Yesterday I said I enjoyed BvS very much. Today after a whole night and day to digest it better I can even say that I loved it. It’s those kind of movies that has so much going on and goes against everything you were expecting that you need some hours or days to digest and let it settle in your heart and mind and accept how great it was for what it tried to be and not for what you thought it would be. You have to let go of your speculations and expectations and be free of all this to really embrace this movie, because it’s absolutely the opposite of what everybody predicted and this is a good thing. I’m even more excited now for Justice League and Wonder Woman than I was before. Go see for yourself instead of just following the critics that don’t have the same background as us fans, specially if you love comic book movies!

White & Black (1)
  • *In another dimension*
  • White!Genos: Huh? I...?*Jumps as he hear's a noise behind him, poising his hand to defend himself.* Who's there? *Black Genos appears*
  • Black!Genos: ...What the...?!....Who the fuck are you?
  • White!Genos: *blinking in disbelief* ..M...Me?....But...How..? *Both are shocked for a while before one of them finally remembers what he was supposed to ask.*
  • White!Genos: ...Well I may not know who you are, but could you perhaps tell me where Sensei is? * Black Genos stares for a while before sputtering a laugh, which confuses the White Genos.*
  • Black!Genos: Pfft! Haha! Seriously? You call Master "Sensei"? *continues to snicker about this.*
  • White!Genos: *For some reason can't help but feel a bit annoyed by this.* Look, I don't know what sort of game you're playing here, but I simply wish to find him. We both lost our way during our mission when we fell through a strange old cavern. *Black Genos is still laughing, which makes the White counterpart decide to give up.*
  • White!Genos: *sighs* Nevermind, I'll go search for him on my own then.... *Before he could leave though, Black suddenly grabbed him around his waist to bring him uncomfortably close to him. Making it a note to keep one hand holding his wrist.*
  • White!Genos: Wha-...What are you doing...? *He asked in bewilderment, trying to get him to let go; but found he was unusually stronger.*
  • Black!Genos: Now hold on. There's no need to rush~ *Says this in a rather dangerous voice that makes White grow anxious.*
  • White!Genos: Huh? What are you talking about? *Still look at him with utter cluelessness at his actions as one hand easily slides around his thigh and gives his ass a squeeze, causing him to jump in panic* Uh..?!..//////...Wait! Where do you think you're touching!?
  • Black!Genos: *grins* Well, truth be told, I've actually developed a fantasy in which I could feel what my master feels when he ravishes me. I wonder what I fee l like inside....If I squeeze nice and hard on something that's hard and thick ....If I drip a nice generous amount of lube out of my pretty ass....and....*Easily turns White's face to him.* What sort of sexy expression I make in utter pleasure with a cock up my ass. *Looks at him dumbfounded as he said such crude and lude things in his own voice. He would never have imagined an alternate version of himself speaking to him in such a way, let alone suggest something so completely outrageous.*
  • White!Genos: ...A...Are you out of your mind.../////...*tries to pry his arms out of his grip so that he could at least push him away, but is suddenly taken completely off guard as Black forces him into a deep kiss.*
  • Black!Genos: *Moans softly as he lets his tongue swim through his mouth for a while before pulling away. He was surprised how easily his other self could be swayed by a brief kiss from him, smirking at the flushed face as he struggled to regain his breath.* Heh heh, didn't think I'd be a lightweight...though you actually look cuter that way....*strokes his bottom lip.* White!Genos:*Panting heavily after an unexpectedly skillful kiss from himself, surprised even that he could be capable of making him weak in the knees the way Sensei did. It was so strange.*
  • Black!Saitama: My my~ Aren't you two becoming chummy there~
  • White!Saitama: Huh, I never thought Genos could go putty in someone else's hands other than me.... *Both Genos' turn to find their Saitama's looking at them with amusement. While Black appeared smug as his young disciple easily took the lead on the hero alternate, White was looking with curiosity as he scratched his chin contemplatively at this bizarre scenario. For them to react in such a way must mean they'd been watching in the shadows all along.* White!Genos: S....Sensei.../////....*looking rather frazzled and ashamed for his teacher to catch him in the act; though did it necessarily count as cheating being kissed by...well yourself?*
  • Black!Saitama: Well you gotta admit that that looked pretty hot. How often do you get to see two Genos' making out while one of them is being groped? *The one in black pointed out as he cupped White's shoulder like an old friend.*
  • White!Saitama: Well you've got a point there... *While the two teachers continued to observe and chat, Black Genos was eagerly awaiting their orders like a puppy. Though White Genos looked very nervous and expectant of his Sensei to tell Black to let him go as his hand continued to grope a cheek.*
  • White!Saitama: It's kinda weird how eager your Genos looks to hear us give an order...though I suppose that's not much different from mine to a degree....Hmmm....*looks at Black with interests*...Although I'll admit it 'does' get me a little curious. *Black Saitama suddenly had a brilliant idea as he wrapped an arm around Black and started to mumble something that only White could hear; even with the two young cyborgs being capable of listening in on them. Eventually White gave a gesture of thinking about something before nodding in agreement and whispering back before they separated and came up to the two.*
  • White!Saitama: Just don't be 'too' rough on him, alright?
  • Black!Saitama: Right right, I got it. *He waves to him in a bored way as White rolled his eyes and stood next to him before the two.*
  • Black!Saitama: Alright then~ Genos hand the little bunny over to me, will you? *gestures to toss White Genos over like a ball.*
  • Black!Genos: *Black Genos blinked as he ordered him to go to the White counterpart while he took his hero alternative.*
  • Black!Saitama: It's alright, we've agreed to switch you two to shake things up. We'll rejoin at another time. *Although he looked a little sad that he wouldn't get to enjoy himself with his master, he figured they'd arranged things to expand on the fun. He nodded and gave his White self a shove into his master's arms while he went towards White Saitama, looking a little skeptical that this version would give him the same amount of satisfaction.*
  • White!Genos: But...Sensei.../////....*He looked at his teacher with worry, wondering what he could have been thinking in handing him over to his other self who was possibly of a different caliber.*
  • White!Saitama: *smiles kindly* Don't worry about it, Genos. This is something that we'll both enjoy. Just listen to my, er, self.
  • Black!Saitama: *grins as he turns his head with a seemingly pleasant smile.* That's right. I'll be real good to you, cutie~
  • White!Saitama: *rolls eyes* Alright alright, hold the flirting until you get to your room. White!Genos: *Looks confused, which thankfully so did his Black version* R...Room? Black!Saitama: *scoffs at this* Oh please, we're pretty much gonna be doing the same thing. No need to be a tight ass.... *He watches as the two leave into the darkness, hearing the click of a door open and shut to signal they were gone.*
  • Black!Saitama: And speaking of a "tight ass"....*scoops White Genos in his arms and carries him off to the opposite side where a room had apparently been existing this whole time.* I'd like to test yours out.
  • *It was a strange room that seemed like a combination of a normal apartment room and one of those Love Hotels you'd find downtown. Though White!Genos wasn't familiar with them personally, he definitely recognized it from media and pop culture features.*
  • White!Genos: Wha...How is this place...? *Still completely confused at where they were and what was the logic of this strange place.*
  • Black!Saitama: *shrugged* Me and my other self had been exploring the places around here while you two were getting acquainted with each other. Not sure if it's something that just exists from our thoughts or actually exists at all. *drops him on the bed.*
  • White!Genos: Oof! W-What do you mean "exists from our thoughts," Sensei....*He asked nervously as the villainous version of his teacher pinned him down, looking at him with the same hunger as his own teacher.*
  • Black!Saitama: *Cups his chin to stop him from asking so much questions.* Enough talk, it's playtime little one~ *White Genos instantly obeyed, which made Black!Saitama pleased to see; though he'd still tease and discipline him a little; though of course keep his word to himself that he wouldn't hurt him too badly in the process.*
  • Black!Saitama: ....Hmmm~ I kinda see what that boring white-bread version of myself sees in you calling him teacher. You really are as innocent as a little bunny, aren't you? *Licks his lips as he raises his hand to stroke the bulge in his pants caused by his own Genos.* White!Genos: *Moans as he gropes it, covering his face.* Ugh! N-No, don't....I-It's embarrassing, Sensei.../////... *Black Saitama's breath hitched at the sight of him fluster and try to hide himself completely different from Black Genos' reaction. He was surely going to enjoy this innocence to the fullest.*
  • ------------------- END...?
  • Thank you HouseWaifuToster for really big help. Love ya xd

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Klaine in season six got some of the worst writing any TV couple has had ever. Ross and Rachel bad. Some of it is Ryan Murphy pissing on the fans, which is high level bullshit given how much we've put up with from him. But I think a lot of it is that after Cory's death they didn't have any other couples they could give drama to, so Blaine and Kurt got a double dose. And in season six, they couldn't do anything to Brittana because they wanted to please the fans, so Klaine got 3x the conflict.

Its been a year and a half since Glee ended and I am still just as pissed about everything as I was last March.  Hopefully, the intensity will lessen over time, but I will always look back on this show and be grateful that it gave me Klaine and at the same time, feel disgusted over the way they were treated.  There isn’t anything about season 6 that doesn’t make me twitch with rage.  I honestly can’t fathom what the hell they were thinking when they started pitching storylines around. How does breaking them up (again and this one a complete and utter clusterfuck) and then shifting things back to Lima, giving neither Kurt nor Blaine any kind of actual story (and no, being Rachel’s personal cheerleader does not count) or songs of their own, shoving them into a wedding that they barely participated in and then unceremoniously dumping them back into the background for the final episodes honor the legacy of this show or have anything whatsoever to do with pleasing the fans?  It doesn’t.  I don’t know why, but after a while, it started to feel vindictive.  Like they were deliberately trying to one up themselves to see what new kind of heinous torture they could inflict on us.

You expect me to believe that in 6 months’ time, Kurt Hummel went from “I choose to love and trust you through everything” and “I am here because he is the love of my life and nothing and no one is going to come between us” to “maybe I don’t” and “we had a good run?”  WE HAD A GOOD RUN?  What the actual fuck is that?  This isn’t some guy he met at a random coffee house and was casually dating for a month or two but decided it wasn’t working out. This is Blaine.  BLAINE.  Who loves him more than life itself.  Who thinks the sun rises and sets with him.  Who thinks he’s the single most interesting kid in all of Ohio and more than likely the most talented student at NYADA.  Who gave up his safe place at Dalton to be with Kurt at McKinley.  Who took a slushy to the face for him and would do it a thousand times more without hesitating.  And yeah, he screwed up in season 4, but so did Kurt, and he paid the price for it. Who organized the most amazingly romantic perfectly done proposal in the history of the world.  Who just wants to be with him.  To end them in that cold, cruel flashback the way they did wasn’t just a slap upside the head a la Gibbs but a knife to the back.  A knife they kept twisting deeper and deeper the longer the season went on.  

To an outsider, it probably sounds a bit nuts to go all conspiracy theory over a tv show, but I don’t know how to explain it.  What else would compel RIB to deliberately keep them miserable and apart for more than half of the final season?  I felt like I was being punished for shipping them, like they went out of their way to spite us.  It was like, “oh, so you want some happy engaged NYC Klaine planning their future and their wedding and starting their lives together?” “Well, how about instead of that, we break them up and have Blaine’s entire life crash down around him, send them both back to Ohio, have Kurt realize he fucked up and wants Blaine back but we’re not going to have him do anything about it, he’s just going to spend time holding Rachel’s purse at McKinley, we’re going to have Blaine be involved with the bully who assaulted Kurt and threatened to kill him (because that absolutely doesn’t go against every thing that makes Blaine Blaine), Kurt’s going to sort of date a guy who lied to him and turned out to be old enough to be his grandfather and then…ugh, fine, we will have them get back together and get married just so you will stop complaining about it.”  You mean this isn’t fun for you?  You guys don’t like this?  Any of it? Oh well, too bad, its our show and we can do whatever the fuck we want with it, fans (or good taste) be damned.

This show meant so much to so many people and they turned it into a punchline.  The ratings weren’t giving them a clue that people were pissed? Everyone I knew IRL who watched this show gave it up sometime around season 3 - even my BFF who was the one who turned me onto it in the first place.  She checked out around then because what initially drove her to watch the show wasn’t there anymore.  But not me.  What if there’s Klaine and I don’t see it?  So thanks to that, I was the idiot sitting on my couch on a Friday night sobbing because I allowed this stupid stupid show to break my heart again. And this time, there was no LLL to make it better because that joke of a wedding they had was the ultimate “fuck you.”

Having to watch Brittany and Santana get the wedding planning that Klaine deserved and then seeing Kurt helping Brittany with things when earlier you wanted me to believe he was completely uninterested in planning his own wedding?  Kurt Hummel wasn’t into his own wedding planning.  The kid who married off his Power Rangers and was psyched to plan his dad’s wedding to Carole didn’t want to help Blaine with anything?  Are you fucking kidding me? They get a weekend honeymoon in Provincetown while Brittana gets an entire month in Jamaica?  Then they disappear completely from the next episode only to come back to Dalton having burned down.  Its literally like they are trying their damndest to erase how important Klaine was to this show.  Did they even have a scene together after they got married - just the two of them somewhere - until the hallway scene in the finale?  From what I remember, they mostly spent time standing near each other, not actually speaking to each other.  And heaven forbid singing.

I am not opposed to drama; I don’t need it, but if it makes sense, doesn’t drag on for ages, and is resolved in a manner that is consistent with the characters involved, I can deal with it.  Nothing in season 6, however, was in any way remotely watchable.  It didn’t move their story forward, there was no character growth for either of them and it for sure went on for way too long.  Everything they had them doing was completely OOC and goes directly against the characterization they spent 5 seasons building.  They were in full “burn the house down” mode at that point and didn’t seem to care at all.  Which is incredibly sad because its tarnished this show for me.  

I will always love Klaine and they will always be in my heart but I also can’t forgive or forget the unmitigated disaster that their final episodes were.  And the fact that it seemed to be purposely aimed at their fans is something I will never understand.