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Seventeen Vocal Unit Reaction : “Surprising them on Tour”

Hey guys! Here’s the final instalment for surprising the vocal unit on tour! Hope you guys like it! I’ll link the Hip Hop Unit and Performance Unit here! Requests are open so send them in! <3!

As always I will state which gifs are mine! And, this is just my opinion and is in no way meant to offend anyone! Have a great day guys! 


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“Oh my god!” Woozi cried the minute he saw you, unable to keep himself calm and turning into an excitable mess. “Is that Y/N? Jeonghan! It’s Y/N!”

You couldn’t help but laugh at him as he tripped on route over to you. But, you were just as excited running over and throwing your bag to the ground. He quickly scooped you up into his arms hugging you closer with each breath. 

“What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be working!” Woozi laughed cupping your face in his hands and smiling at you. His grin was wide, lighting up his entire face.

“I got a flight out last night! I couldn’t stay at home any longer!” He was so caught up in the moment that his kiss was deep. Meaningful. Until you heard Seungkwan shout, “Ugh! Get a room you two!”


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You were flying out to meet Jeonghan on his next stop on tour. Little did you know sometimes surprises have a way of changing. The airport was overcrowded, and with the bustle of security appearing from nowhere you saw him amongst the mass of fans all trying to catch a photo. You however, just wanted to get on the flight before him. 

It took you far longer to get on the plane. But, checking your seat number repeatedly you caught that dyed blonde hair, cheeky smile, and that confused look as he glanced up at you. “Excuse me is this seat taken?” you asked, winking at him. 

“Yeah,” Jeonghan laughed, slightly taken aback but still trying to remain as though he wasn’t completely in shock by your appearance. “I’m waiting for a cute girl who loves surprises to give me a kiss. After all I haven’t seen her for a month!”


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“I miss her so much,” Jisoo mumbled to Wonwoo at a fansign whilst he on tour. He hadn’t seen you for almost two months and it was really starting to get to him, no amount of phone calls or face-times could make up for you really being there.

“Shut up!” Wonwoo snapped in response just before another wave of fans came down. Joshua however didn’t let his mood affect his fans. That was until he saw that familiar figure laughing with Dino further down the line. 

He was about to spring up when Wonwoo grabbed his shoulder. “You’ll see her in a minute,” he said quickly motioning to the fan eagerly waiting in front of him. The whole time he was so excited. Waiting patiently for you to appear and then when you were in front of him, he burst out laughing, and then cried. 

“Y/N!” he shouted leaning over the table and hugging you. “When did you get here? Why did you take so long? I love you so much!”


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“Ugh my heart it hurts!” DK cried to Soonyoung, clutching his chest on the drive back to the hotel. Little did he know you were waiting. Patiently.

“Just call her when you get back,” Hoshi laughed, shaking his head at how dramatic DK was becoming since you two had been apart for so long. But, as the van pulled up outside the hotel he burst into laughter.

You smiled widely at him pressing your face against the window. “You miss me?” you laughed, suitcase still beside you. It was a long trip, you were tired, but it was enough to see that smile on his face again.

“Miss you? He wouldn’t stop talking about you!” Soonyoung laughed just as DK crushed you against his chest. 

“Lets order food! You can tell me all about home! Have you eaten enough?” 


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Seungkwan had been pouting for at least two weeks. He hadn’t had time to call you, and with the time difference it was difficult to text as well. So, he’d resorted to the one thing he knew would make him feel sorry for himself. Moping around.

“Y/N you need to fly out, or I’m going to punch him,” Woozi had said on the phone to you one night. But, you’d already informed him you had a flight out. “Good, because we may leave him here if you don’t.”

You grinned to yourself in the car on the way to the hotel. They were all eating according to the text Woozi had sent you so, you dressed up and were making you way inside. He had his back to you, so you quickly hurried over covering his eyes.

“Guess who?” you whispered only to be silenced by him screaming. 

“Y/N! Took your time!” Seungkwan cried hugging you quickly.

“Yeah, we were all planning on kicking you out so we called in the backup,” Woozi laughed, smiling widely at you. 

“You knew she was coming! And didn’t tell me!!? Why!!?” 


“I’m telling you,” Isaac continued, “Augustus Waters talked so much that he’d interrupt you at his own funeral. And he was pretentious: Sweet Jesus Christ, that kid never took a piss without pondering the abundant metaphorical resonances of human waste production. And he was vain: I do not believe I have ever met a more physically attractive person who was more acutely aware of his own physical attractiveness.”

Top 15 reads of 2014

2014 had been my breakthrough in ‘reading’, I personally denote that. Because I am really a lazy-ass reader as the 2014 enters, but I was amazed by myself that I had read If I Stay for like two days—which is not normal to me—then it was followed by Thirteen Reasons Why, then If I Stay’s sequel Where She Went. Then I know I’m latching on to books.

These books are the books that I had read in 2014, not the books published in 2014. Since I’m just making a debut in the world of books, I might read some books that were published a long time ago.

This list is order-sensitive. So what goes in the top is my most favorite read of 2014.

14. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

This book had sent me into a screeching level. I just shouted when I realized the things hadn’t turned out the way I thought they would be. I was hooked by the amazing and catchy premise of it so I picked it up for a read, and I didn’t really regretted it! Its sequel, PS, I Still Love You, is one of my anticipated releases of next year. I just can’t get enough of this thing! I had read books of Jenny Han, and for me, this is the greatest among them all.

14. Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick

I read this in the late 2014, so it has the tiniest chance of being included here in my favorite reads, and who knows? I loved Leonard Peacock, I love how the way he thinks, it’s just so inclined in the reality. I love how he stood up for his decisions, and how he changed the world. This book really made me stunned on the lowest level, and I loved this. LP will always be on my heart. The thing I hate the most about this is that the ending is badly abrupt. I hate abrupt endings. Real talk.

13. Every Day by David Levithan

David Levithan never fails to write amazing plotlines, connections, and characters. The contemporary world is not that diverse, but David Levithan makes a difference. His characters are diverse and profound that you need second guessing and reading in order to absorb what he is trying to say. I love A. I love Rhiannon. I love every one in this book. This book shows the different sides of the world we live in. Too bad I’d read so much greater books than this this year, but it would’ve topped the charts. Another Day, its sequel, will be coming out next year and is one of my most-anticipated books next year.

12. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Scarlet, the second installment of the Lunar Chronicles, is also included here. I loved Scarlet more than Cinder, the first in the series, because I think Scarlet had have much more feelings than Cinder. Scarlet is such a feels-wrecker. I never knew how can I contain my feelings. Real talk: I had read this I classes because I just couldn’t get enough of this. Wolf and Scarlet make a great love team! They’re one of mt OTP’s. Haha.

11. Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

Amy and Roger had traveled America. And I loved it! It’s like I had also traveled with them. I knew the loneliest highway in America, and I knew so much about Yosemite Park, I loved this book so much. I was really doubtful at first because I think this wouldn’t cut my favorites, but I was wrong. I was just so much wrong. This is good. I think I have a thing in road tours by now. Looking forward for Second Chance Summer and Since You’ve Been Gone!

10. The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

This novel made me cry. Literally. Like it was brown out in our place and I decided to read it in my tablet and I cried. I also finished it on that one sitting because this is sooo good. Is that convincing? Haha. This has family, friendships, and everything in it. This is a total package. Too bad the movie was wrecked. Ugh. They really stirred a good novel badly. Hail, Kody Keplinger!

9. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

This is my first read of one of the leading queens of contemporary–Rainbow Rowell. And I find it cute and loveable. Eleanor and Park are like oil and water, that they aren’t made for together, but still find a way. But nooo…at the time I was deeply in love with the two of them and the story and everything, ugh. I don’t want to spoil you guys, even though I know you’ve read this already, But I was painfully hurt when I read the ending. They should be in ecstasy. But whatever, I love Rainbow and her loveable characters so much.

8. Looking for Alaska by John Green

I’ve read all of John Green’s books this year, but this is the only one who made the cut. I love the characters–Alaska, Miles, the Colonel, and Takumi, I love them all–their gang, their pranks, their hanging-outs, and I hated this book so much! The ‘before’ and 'after’ thing! It’s like 'ugh’. I was crying. But anyway, I love the book. I like how the characters developed. The story overall, and everything. Preach!

7. Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

This is my first fantasy novel to be read this year and I was also doubtful in reading this. But hell yeah, I’ve finished this for two or three days! I was totally in love with this and Dorothy and no, I realized that you shouldn’t really be attached to a fictional character because you will cry a lot of tears and your heart will be wretched by the author. I just hate Paige. Hahahaha. She’s so awesome in writing these type of things. I was amazed how many debut novels were in here right now. Since maybe I was also a debutant in reading this year? Maybe. maybe not. Loved this.

6. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Cute. Romance. Friendship. Family. Heartbreaks. CUTE again. This is so much of a roller-coaster ride! Shit. Shitshitshit. I cannot get enough of this book. But, sad to say, this is the best of the series. May or may not be, Lola and Isla isn’t that compelling to me unlike this one. I love Stephanie Perkins for writing this book!

5. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

This is one of the most compelling books I’ve ever read. I think this has changed some principles I had. I love this book. I love the characters, Sam? I think. Sorry if I forgot. I’d read this back in July or August so it’s really hard to wrap up characters. But this stands alone, and I love it. A powerful book, you guys better read this if you haven’t. This will change your view of the world. Seven days. Seven chapters. You’ll never regret reading it.

4. Wonder by RJ Palacio

I’ve read this just this December, I was late in being informed that this was an amazing book. Like, you just cannot dodge the message this wants to tell us. This will also change the way you view the world just like BIF, I love Auggie, his strength, his everything. I love how he thinks about not caring and giving a f*** to others. I love his courage. I want that one. This had struck me to my innermost self. I really, really and highly recommend this to everyone! No matter what your age, your genre, and your status. This has a general message. And I want you to read this to find it out.

3. The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan

I’ve read this on January and it had stayed for like seven or eight months being my favorite. It was then replaced by Falling Into Place so it ranked my second, then Falling Into Place was replaced by Cress, so it falls down in third. I just have this thing in charts so I keep track of my books’ reads, so I can handle my own chart. It was so good to have something like that. TROP is a novel about seventeen different students having different life problems and POV’s, it was so great. Especially that it was written in poetry or in verses, I really do have a thing in poems, you know. That’s why I’d loved it. Also, the connections were so much amazing and beautiful! This is a short read that I finished for just one sitting. I don’t know what pushed me to read this one morning–at 6AM, I started reading this and it was so much fun!

2. Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang

This is like a mash-up of all the books I ’d read this year–If I Stay, 13 Reasons Why, and Before I Fall (but the first two books didn’t made it to the cut). It was so awesome! Liz, and everyone in the gang is so much loveable. I love how the story was being told. 80+ chapters but it seems so much hanging. A wonderful debut from a teenager, and I loved it. I hope she make so much more novels like this. It is very compelling. I loved this. HOW MANY TIMES DID I SAY 'I LOVE THIS’? Ugh. 'Cause it’s real. It was hard not to love. Better read this guys. It will make you cry, laugh, shout, and everything.

1. Cress by Marissa Meyer

This is the third installment in the Lunar Chronicles and this is the best book by far, Meyer will release two more books–Fairest and Winter--next year which are two of my most anticipated releases of 2015. I didn’t expect that this will put me in a super roller coaster ride of emotions. Real talk: I CRIED IN THIS. It was like reading this after I woke up (straight from stretching then grabbing my copy and reading this) then I cried when ugh, I can’t say it. This also made me swoon because of the OTP’s in here. Thorne and Cress have a spark, guys. They really have. And Wolf. Shit. He’s more heroic and fantastic and awesome than ever! And Kai, it was so much amazing. And Scarlet and Winter’s appearance in the last few chapters, the whole book is awesome! Meyer, you have my vows. You topped my favorites list (and you have two entries), and I want to greet you–and myself–that we both made it! And please, don’t kill any of the six main characters, it’s just that I love them so much. Pleaaaase.

Happy 2015 guys! Keep track of your reads so that you can see who’s topping the charts! Hahaha. Have an awesome New Year!

The Sagacious Chronicles: Tales from an Ingenue

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Today has been a fun day. I slept in, had breakfast, hung out for a while, then headed to the airport. Which, I know, flying in a private jet is completely typical and normal for me, but I do kind of enjoy the whole process because it can be fun and different and usually there are treats on the plane. And I like treats. Today’s flight is longer than usual. In fact, I’m writing this from the plane.   I’ll probably just sleep the rest of the way to pass the time more quickly.

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Fic Rec Friday

Whoo the first one! (hopefully first of many) So without further ado here are fics by amazing people who you should all go and show some love <3

  • Thunderstorms by @reidoneshots ~ holy shit okay i love this?? so much?? it’s fluffy and sweet and comforting and ajbsdbfh I just love it a lot okay? okay
  • Clean by @gubl-oser ~ ngl I may have cried a lil lot at the end of this lmao. it’s just a really god mix of fluff with just the right bit of angst mixed in and just ugh I love it (tw for drugs/drug m)
  • Walk In The Park by @mentallydatingspencerreid ~ jfc the descriptions of spence are just A+ and this just fic is like a really good cup of tea - like it’s like perfect temperature and sweetness and like exactly what u need
  • Just Not Ready by @dontshootmespence (nsfw-ish? slight sexy times but no actual ~~sexy times~~) ~ okay this one wasn’t recced but I went out to find more stuff and omg i’m hella glad I found this. caring spencer actually being able to pick up on signals jrnfjsbfhvk it’s amazing and fluffy and I want to marry this fic and spence obviously

Oookay that’s it for this week. But seriously all these fics (and their writers) are so so so good and I love them a lot!! Don’t be shy to continue tagging/messaging me throughout the week!

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omgcheckplease fic recs

so, I’ve dragged a number of people down into the beautiful hellhole that is the hockey gays/Check, Please! I’ve been giving scattered fic recs to these beloved humans, but I wanted to make a post to consolidate my most important recs, my favs. (also - i’m limiting how many by each author i put on here, but you should definitely check out other stuff they’ve all written bc this fandom has so much talent, y’all, it is unbelievable). i’m sure there are a few i’ve missed, but i feel like this is most of the fics that really stand out to me right now. I might edit/update this at some point if that occurs to me, so i’m putting this under a readmore (also, because it’s fucking long). go enjoy these amazing fics!!

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I was listening to the song “Wish you Were Here” by Neck Deep and I got in my feelings because I thought about Billy when I was listening to it and now I’m just sitting in my room upset 😂

I actually love Neck Deep so much, but I haven’t listened to them in ages and so I hadn’t heard that song and I watched this,, and almost cried. I don’t want to start writing my entire life story, but I can relate to this quite literally, and the lyrics just uGh. And then you add Billy into the mix and it turns even more gbiuregberubgo. thanks for this; my heart is now completely broken, but we can sit in our rooms upset together

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idk if you've ever answered such questions, but since your fic recs are so amazing... What are your personal favourites among the spirk fics right now (say, idk, 5? 10? whichever you prefer?)

OMG I JUST SAW THIS. i think about this a lot actually. I’ll give you 10 (ive read too many for there to be just 5!) 

in no particular order:

1) Combien de temps by rabidchild67, i reread this fic a lot and it never fails to give me loads of a feels. It’s just a beautiful realization of t’hy’la and the way that I imagine things to go post-STiD. Their relationship is messy and necessary and wonderfully rendered.

2) Atlas by distractedkat. I know everyone cites this fic but it really is a must read if you’re into the genius!jim trope (which I am) and the author seamlessly develops the AOS kirk/spock relationship into a much more TOS dynamic. Absolutely gorgeous.

3) Devil’s Bargain by rhaegal. This is a TOS pon farr fic. This is the best pon farr fic. Not that pon farr is more exciting or more well written but let’s just say, I have difficult finding sex scenes in fic that “do it for me” but this one does. Set after TMP, Kirk promises Spock to “help out” if they can’t get to Vulcan in time during their 5 year missions. Things proceed accordingly and it is SCOrCHING.

4) Spice by eimeo. The most beautiful prose ever. Such elegance and while at times wordy, that’s all I want. I want extended metaphors and similes and images. GIVE ME THAT. MAKE ME FEEL. This is set after TOS and over the course of TMP and explains why Spock tried to purge all emotion. SUCH ANGST. SUCH PAIN. SUCH UST (omg unbelievable). To enhance your experience listen to THIS playlist while you read (which you’ll be doing for a while this fic is so long and I never wanted it to end)

5) In Time by yeaka. Yeaka is the porn queen and this fic does not disappoint. Spock is commissioned to babysit Jim by Winona because she’s heard good things about him from people at the Academy. 18 year old Spock. Child Jim. It’s all well and good until Jim gets older and get HOT.

6) So Wise We Grow by deastar. This should be on everyone’s list. It’s amazing. Spock has to adopt T’Pring’s son because she lied and said he was Spock’s. Jim helps him raise the Vulcan boy. Things turn out as you’d expect but the FEELS. The beautiful feels.

7) Undone by rowan-baines which is a novel length feral!Spock fic (see also master of a nothing place)and had enough action and UST for me to want to stop reading fic for a couple of days just so I could preserve its beauty.

8) Fighting Gravity by pantswarrior. YOOOOO this fic is the novel length hurt/comfort shmoop you’ve been looking for. AOS and better for it.

9) Somewhere to Begin by jouissant. this fic was so good that I cried while reading it, from both angst and joy. Fantastic.

10) When Snow the Pasture Sheets by annaknitsspock. I don’t usually go in for established relationship fics (im a sucker for that first time fluff) but this one was amazing. Beautiful language and such angst ugh. 

11) Lotus Eaters by aldora89. I know I said 10 but I have to put this on here too. Absolute classic. it has everything. Stranded on a planet, Kirk and Spock must attempt to survive (so good. I re-read this a lot).

Finally if you haven’t read Observations, it’s a 400k fic that pretty much kicks ass, so feel free to dig in if you’re feeling it.

also let me direct you to THIS post where I list 100 fics that I loved (its old but most on here are still in my favs im gonna update it soon)

you can also explore my favorite fics tag

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OMG OMG could you please, please continue the Kagami Story 42: "I swear it was an accident"? Oh please this can't be the end 😭

Maybe a part two for the kagami hickey angst? THat wAS SO GOOD. YOURE AWESOME
If the ask is open, could I request a part two of the Kagami angsty mood request :D? It was too good to end it there :)

I usually don’t do part 2′s so close to one another, but I’m ugh and you guys seem to like it! Hahaha. I don’t have that much angsty requests either. Here goes part 2 of this request

As soon as Aomine left the car to check on you, you ran into him, throwing your arms around him. It wasn’t east to hold back your cries anymore, and it was Aomine. You had no reason to hold back from him. Neither of you cared for the lonely homeless man watching you two stand in front of the car, barely standing as you shrieked your broken heart out.

The car ride was silent. Aomine just let you lay back in the chair as he had a hand on your thigh, rubbing his thumb against you comforting. You didn’t mind. He was your childhood friend, Kagami understood. He never thought it was strange. But just the thought of Kagami at the moment made you want to launch yourself out the moving car.

How could he do that to you? Were you not enough for him? Was the other woman worth it to hate the ring on your finger?

As you entered the apartment, Aomine grabbed onto your shoulder as you made your way to Momoi’s room.

“Daiki? I can’t-”

“She’s not home,” Aomine interjected. He noticed you looking at her shoes in the doorway, about to reply. “We got into a fight. I didn’t do the dishes.”

It was a miracle you could even manage a chuckle. “I thought you would learn by now.”

“C’mon, I’ll make you some tea. You can borrow some sweats or something,” Aomine suggested as he made his way to the kitchen. You nodded and headed into his room.

Aomine’s room was dark, surprisingly kept a bit neater than expected. As you opened his pants drawer, you fought the urge to look at the top of his dresser. You had been in his room enough to see the picture of him and Kagami together playing basketball from high school. You fought every urge to even glance at any picture you knew Aomine had with Kagami in them. Aomine didn’t deserve to have broken picture frames across his room. He may have introduced you to your fiance, but he didn’t force him to cheat on you.

When you closed the door behind you, Aomine was already on the couch with two steaming cups on the coffee table. It was silent between you two as you took a seat next to him. What was there for you to say? Where do you even start? Aomine’s stares didn’t give you the answer right away.

“Is the wedding still happening?” Straight to it, I guess.

“I didn’t even remember we were engaged until I was walking for ten minutes,” you chuckled. You didn’t even bother fighting the tears, your head fell into your palms, letting the tears pool within your hands. “He didn’t even bother hiding the damn hickeys.”

You felt Aomine put the throw over your shoulders, bringing you into his chest. Aomine wasn’t much for words, sometimes it was a blessing. Sometimes he said the worst things, other times it was still worded badly. But you could feel the heart in them. Aomine’s heart was put into all his actions. As he held your head against his chest, just propping his chin over your head, it just made you weaker. Your cries were louder, your heart shattering more.

This was reality. Aomine was comforting you because Kagami had done the unspoken with another woman. Unspoken was the best word to say, because then you would think of the actual deeds Kagami had done. No matter what he said to you, would it really have been any better?

“How am I supposed to even see him? I can’t. Just… Just knowing those marks are there gets me so mad!” you cried, trembling. You could feel the diamond ring sinking into Aomine’s chest, and it just made you furious. Aomine flinched back once you suddenly stood up and threw the ring across the living room at full force. “We’re fucking engaged! How the hell can he do that?! We have a house together! And while I’m here planning out the damn flower arrangements, he’s out with another woman, kissing on her neck and-”

“____, you need to calm down,” Aomine commanded. He followed behind you as you paced the living room, your mind fuming. “Look at me, you need-”

“I need to know why he thought I wasn’t good enough for him to stay faithful!” you shot back. Aomine had no response. Just frustration in his eyes and in his clenched fists. “I need to know why the hell another woman would feel better than me after years of him telling me there would be no one else he’d rather sleep with! I need to know why now when we’re engaged! I need to know-”

“There’s alot to know but are you going to ask?!” Aomine challenged.

You winced, as if he actually slapped you in the face. They were just words but they hurt too damn much. Still wasn’t worse than the pain Kagami was putting you through.

“You need to calm down,” Aomine insisted. He ruffled his hair madly. “Kagami’s a fucking idiot. I know. But you guys are engaged. You have things to figure out, talk about. Just… Just not today. Or tomorrow. It’s too soon.”

It was like your body had a switch for when you should cry uncontrollably and becoming an emotionless statue. There was nothing but fact in Aomine’s words, but it didn’t make the pain go away. It didn’t seal pieces of your heart back together. It didn’t help. You wanted Momoi here too. Aomine was your spine, but Momoi was your heart and soul.

“She’ll be here to listen when she’s back, alright?” Aomine said as he wrapped his arms around you. It was no surprise Aomine could read your mind. “C’mon, you can take my bed. I’ll take the couch tonight.”

You shook your head. “I’ll just sleep in Satsuki’s room. When she’s home I’ll just-”

“Just do it,” Aomine grunted.

You didn’t even argue back as Aomine swept you into his arms, carrying you into his room. It was habit to lean against Aomine, and as he carried you, you felt your body cower against him. He was so tall and masculine. But he was Aomine, he and Momoi comforted you best. Even if you were engaged to Kagami, nothing could beat the feeling of both your best friends holding your heart.

Aomine wiped the tears from your cheeks as he kissed the top of your forehead. He looked back at you one last time with a pillow and blanket he grabbed from his closet. Probably just checking on you, but what was the point? He knew you would still roll over and cry into his pillow after the closed the door.

Kagami was letting his mind work on auto pilot. He didn’t care that his phone vibrated but his hands still grabbed onto it.

Aomine Daiki: She’s here. And don’t go thinkin she’s trying to get payback with me either, asshole.

Kagami couldn’t even try to text a response. He didn’t have a right to even get annoyed. Aomine was doing a better job of taking care of you than he was, your own fiance.

The shatter glass and scratched pictures were still across the living room. Kagami didn’t bother to clean it. He didn’t bother with anything. After you slammed the door, he was on his knees for almost an hour. Just five hours before the fight, he was having trouble leaving the house because you two were too caught into each other’s kisses. Kagami almost didn’t want to leave. Then in a flash, you slapped him, leaving him in his place.

Now he laid, sprawled across your shared bed, staring up at the ceiling.

Kagami was past thinking of ways to fix your relationship. He didn’t even want to think of the possibility that there would not be a relationship anymore. Kagami got on one knee for a reason. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. He already spent a perfect five years together, of course he wanted a lifetime with you. But all Kagami could think, or barely process, was he had kissed another woman.

Not just kissed. His hands were all in her hair, every inch of her skin. Kagami’s lips traced every part of her body she begged for. He saw parts of this woman that should only be shown to someone special, someone you loved. Kagami knew for damn sure this woman didn’t love him and he knew he didn’t love her. The only one he had come to love with every muscle and bone in his body was you.

Momoi wasn’t you. So why was this happening?

Kagami punched another hole in the bedroom.

After Aomine sent the text message, he threw his phone in the direction where you threw the ring. He stared at his phone as it landed close to the ring. It was shining. It was 6:37 AM in winter. Why the fuck was it shining so bright?

The ring just screamed at Aomine every time it was on your finger. You let her get away. She was never in love with, and never will be. Enjoy watching her be in a wedding dress for her wedding ceremony with another man.

Aomine snapped his head up, gritting his teeth together. Kagami made you cry. He made you angry, he broke you. And after giving his consent to take your hand in marriage, Kagami had the audacity to cheat on you, with his other best friend. Cheating on the woman he was in love with was enough to burn the apartment complex down, but to cheat on her with his best friend. Aomine couldn’t sleep.

Regret. That was the first thing Aomine felt his in fingertips. He really gave Kagami his blessing to propose. It was the second biggest regret he had, next to introducing Kagami to you. The next thing Aomine felt was disgust. With Kagami and Momoi. Not only was Momoi your best friend, Momoi knew Aomine was in love with you. Momoi knew best how much he hated this whole damn situation. You two falling for each other, you two dating, Kagami’s asking for his blessing, hearing you prepare for a wedding that wasn’t with him. But above all that, Aomine despised to see you get hurt. For Momoi to be taking part in your hurt made him bite down on his lip. He didn’t pay attention to the bleeding, it was better than slamming open her door and yelling all his frustration. It took all of his power to not let you see her with the kissed bruises along her neck.

All Aomine could do was make sure Momoi heard every word of your heartbreak. Because your heartbreak was Aomine’s approval to hurt anyone who broke you. Anyone.

Seems like just yesterday we were seeing the reveal trailers for Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces. I was all like, “Ugh, it’s gonna take forever to come out. I’ll never have a console anyway.” I complained way too much about that.

But look! Everyone loved Mania, and I got to actually experience it myself! I almost cried during the intro, and now here we are! SONIC FORCES! Let’s do it! 

Were counting on you Sega.

Blow us away. 

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Ugh so I finally had some time to sit down and properly listen to niall's album. It's amazing. He sounds so lovely. I actually laid down on my bed whilst listening. His voice is like a lullaby.

Literally though I cried pretty much through the entire album the first time I listened to it (which was at 12:03am btw) I was just so proud of him you know? Here is this boy who was called a ‘weak link’ in One Direction and now he has a great successful album that debuted at #1. 

His voice is beautiful, whenever one of his songs come on I just stop. Everything I’m doing, so I can just immerse myself in his voice because it is beautiful and I am so happy that we finally have an album of just his voice. 

I think that’s the best thing coming out of the Hiatus for us, and for the boys. They get to explore and express themselves individually and we get albums from each of them. 


“People like us… We live on borrowed time.”


Yes dear anons, yes you can have some fluffy Iwaoi <3 
I hope you enjoy, I had a blast drawing these two cuties together once more *cries about otp in the corner* I love them so much ♡(╥ᆺ╥;)
Thank you for requesting!

More of the Haikyuu!! Dog AU
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Hi!!! what about the compilation of your favorite johnlock moments? like a tot 10 or whatsoever?

Ah yay a top 10 is perfect because I can choose a moment from every episode, thanks! <3

A Study in Pink: We can be heroes

Just after Mycroft says “Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson,” they share this lovely little knowing look, as if they already have an inkling of how iconic they will both become. Unapologetically cliché and just wonderfully done, in my opinion. Reminds me of Mrs Hudson’s line in TSo3: “Well, if you’ve found the right one – the person that you click with – it’s the best thing in the world.”

The Blind Banker: Meet Cute!

Aww, just look at ‘em bumping into each other in the street… is this a drama, a sitcom or a musical?! ;) I have a few more thoughts on the romance in The Blind Banker here.

The Great Game: One look, One nod


A Scandal in Belgravia: Desperately Unspoken

I love the entire Battersea scene, but here are my highlights. Absolutely no words spoken between Sherlock and John, but there’s just so much unspoken tension, so much yearning… and so beautifully shot, too. Masterful story-telling. You have Sherlock looking down at his phone/metaphorical heart, walking away in silence, his lonely silhouette… and John’s expression fading into Sherlock’s so you know each one is thinking of the other… <3

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just got home and these greeted meeeee.. oh my black haired namjas. jjajangsyung is back. /cries. like i said.. hair!!! so much fanpics. but i will try and post only those hd ones once available. for now these and will start reading fan accts. (it’s 2am atm -_-)

ps.. there’s so much going on in the last pic. ugh.

damn song list. damn stage clothes. damn choreo. damn hair. damn it!