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Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!

Buckle your seat belts kids, this is a long one.

-Jughead being so awkward at Betty’s for breakfast 

-Betty sneaking those pictures of the cheque book 

 -Adorable Archie has stage fright 

 -Dammit Reggie stop being an ass and so damn hot

 -Anyone else feeling like the Archie/Val ship is a little forced? Shippable, but forced? 

-Jughead doing his dorky research thing 

-Jughead being social and eating lunch with his friends 

 -“Scooby gang." 


-Okay I definitely ship Fred and Hermione. (If they got together would that technically make Archie and Ronnie siblings?) 



-Archie kind of deserves to be called out by Veronica on ditching her but she still goes a little too far 

-Well, the Pussycats wanted a fierce woman of colour, and they got her 


-Jughead going with Betty to see her sister (I might be starting to ship Bughead even though I didn’t want to. What is this?) 

-Cute! Sister! Reunion! 

-Annnnnnnnd she’s pregnant. 

-Maybe Polly is a little crazy… (though I’m not convinced it wasn’t the church she’s at that did it to her) 

-Aw! Jason was excited to be a dad! 

-She doesn’t know about Jason? That’s awkward… 

-Poor Polly 

-Ugh. Betty’s mom is back. That woman needs to take it down a notch 

-Polly snapping at her mom was definitely warranted 

-Okay Betty’s dad seems too nice to have killed Jason, but I still don’t think he wasn’t involved 

-And crazy mother is crazy laughing 

-Seriously, Betty’s mom needs to calm the eff down 


-Hermione no. 

 -Hoe don’t do it. 

 -She did it. 

 -Well I guess that could land her a cell right next to her husband’s. Love birds? Jail birds? What’s the difference? 

-Okay yeah I kinda want Val back in the Pussycats  





-"Hey there Juliet." 

-Jughead comforting Betty though 

 -"We’re all crazy." 


-Move your faces closer together. Now. I need it. 


-Betty’s smile after they kissed 

-Betty is such a dork oh my 

-Tune in next time for Jughead and Betty’s newest adventure! 

-Pussycat reunion! 

 -Fred and Hermione looking like cute proud parents while Ronnie is singing even though Hermione just illegally forged her daughter’s signature on an official document 



-I know it’s not the time but I am obsessed with how attractive Jughead is 

-Drugs. It just had to be drugs 


-Where the hell is Josie’s dad going? Sit your ass down sir. 

-Kevin’s stage outfit oh my.  

-Archie is so cute my heart can’t handle this 


-Archie looking at his dad (who makes him feel safe) makes my heart happy 

-Okay I am obsessed with Archie’s voice 

-Look at him getting lost in his music 


-Betty stopping to listen to her best friend sing 


-Archie and Val need to kiss 


-Oh no. Ronnie has mama drama. 

-She’s being suspiciously civil? 


-Poor Ronnie 

-Jughead monologue! 

-Poor Josie. Why does everyone have to be so sad? 

-"Fear that those closest to you are the monsters.” Jughead is getting REAL. 


-Jughead and Betty broke into the creepy hospital to save Polly! Go, go, go! 

-Oh shit. Why do they look like that?

-Annnnnnnd Polly’s gone. 


What they think. Part ¼

What are the Slenders’ relationships with the other Creepypasta’s?

Basically, Slender is going to tell us what he thinks of each of the Creepypasta’s. Ifone is missed that you wanted, then free to let me know and I’ll add them!


Jeff The Killer: *Looks to the side, where two killers stand minding there own buisness* “Liu, Jane. You have both dissapointed me deeply. You have not yet managed to get rid of that crusty, annoyance of a Killer. Shame on you.*

Although Slender acts as if he hates Jeff(And don’t get me wrong, he does hate Jeff), he does have a small spot for the killer in his cold dead heart. As he does with all his ‘Children’.

Sally Williams: “Okay, let me get this straight for all of you psychotic Fangirls and fanboys out there. I love Sally as if she were my own daughter. If anyone hurts her, their loved ones will soon find their body parts in many strategic and unsanitary places in their homes.”

He loves her, as a daughter, like he said. No pedo shit going on here.

Jane The Killer: “She’s like Jeff. Except female. And tolerable.”

Slender enjoys an off day where he can sit down with Jane, drinking tea and smash talking everyone else.

Homicidal Liu/Sully: “Liu is okay, but Sully is a hindrance I would very quickly dispose of if I could do that without murdering my spy.”

Yes, Slender has the Proxies to do his spying for him, but all the Creepypasta’s knows not to tell them anything they wouldn’t want Slender to know. So Slender enlisted Liu to spy for him as well as the boy is a very trust worthy individual who most find themselves telling their secrets to. Liu doesn’t often have anything important to report, but he does hold a lot of embarrassing blackmail material he shared with Slender.

In return, Liu gets Poptarts. His guilty pleasure that he MAY indulge in far too often to be very healthy. Sully’s favourite flavour is apple, and Liu’s is chocolate.

Nina The Killer: *See’s Nina entering the mansion* *Giggles. Actually giggles.* Oh Jeeeeefffff. I have something to tell youuuuuu.“

Slender adores Nina, as she absolutely terrifies Jeff.

Laughing Jack: "I am able to tolerate him, although he is fishy. He always looks suspicious, as if he’s planning an assassination attempt against me or one of my Proxies. I mean, what is WITH his NOSE?!”

I believe those words described it all. Although, like Jeff, Slender does have a spot for L.J. Once, L.J got him a neck pillow (Granted, it has Winnie the Poo on it.)for his birthday and Slender treasures it, as he gets chronic neck pains from having to look down all the time.

Candy Pop: “Eerrrr, too colourful. It hurts my eyesight…”

Would probably very much dislike the Jester…if he ever got close enough to speak with him.

Candy Cane: “Ugh. Too colourful, too chirpy, too loud, to small, too Candy Pop’s sister…”

Pretty much the same as Candy Pop.

Jason The Toymaker: “Wonderful conversationalist. Terrible chess player.”

Thats all anyone can get from him on the subject.

Laughing Jill: “She’s like Jane and Nina wrapped into one. I love her. She even sits around to read with me sometimes.”

Jill surprisingly has a huge interest in books and loves reading fantasy and Grimm fairytales. Her favourite book is The Night Circus. Slender always enjoys sitting with her in silence just reading. She never doggy ears pages, never writes in margins, never spills anything on the paper, she says ‘Library’ and not 'Liberry’…She’s a perfect library partner.

BEN Drowned: “I worry about him sometimes. All he does is sit in front of that TV playing video games and bleeding out of his eyes…In my experience, bleeding isn’t a good sign.”

Slender is very concerned for him. He tried to get him to go out swimming once with Jeff and Dark Link -and they 'forgot’ to tellhim about BEN’s phobia,-on a hot day, and ended up walking back to the mansion with the boy attached to him muttering things such as 'Right. Ben “DROWNED”. I should have guessed. Why didn’t I guess? I don’t know, I’m an idiot. Zalgo help me…’.

Dark Link: “Perverted little elf thing…”

Dark creeps Slender out a bit. And he’ll randomly yell at Dark because of this, scaring the living shit out of the video game character.

Sonic. Exe: “So…he’s a hedgehog…who runs a lot. I don’t get the appeal.”

Sonic doesn’t live with the Pastas. Never has, never intends to. He can’t be a caged up lion! That’s sounds terrible, and cruel. Except to actual lions, because to him nothing matters but himself.

So Slender hasn’t properly met him. He HAS on occasion, seen a blurry blue thing fly around the mansion at drop dead impossible speeds…but that could be ANYTHING.

All Pokemon Creepypasta: “I really can’t keep track of them all. And I’ve never played Pokemon. So I’m not interested in meeting any of them at all. They might spit at me or something. And then I’d have to kill them, and then I’d have Zalgo or BEN nagging at me for eternity, and I just can’t be bothered with that.”

Slender + Not a Pokemon player = Not a good idea to mix with Pokemon characters/lovers.

Hobo Heart: “Quiet man…” *Looks at Hono Heart just sitting and staring at the woods.* *Pats Hobo Heart on the head. “This one is my favourite.”

Slender LOVES Hobo Heart. He’s so quiet, and patient, and helpful. He’ll even do housework if you point him in the right direction!

Kagekao: “I…I can never understand a thing he’s saying…”

Language barrier. Slender speaks English and German. Kagekao speaks Japanese. These two would probably get along if one would learn the others language, but they’ve both gotten awkward every time they met and just…slipped into other rooms when they thought the other wasn’t looking.

The Rake: “Kill it. Kill it fire.”

That thing is unnatural, and should not even be a thing, in Slenders mind. It is a brainless, clothless(I mean come on, even his perverted brother WEARS CLOTHES.), classless monster.

Also, the fact that the thing KEEPS ON stealing his prey and LAUGHING at him might have something to do with it…

Zalgo: “So annoying.” *Looks right and left two times.* “And if you see him, I am not and never was here. I live in Mexico and my new name is Alejandro.”

Zalgo LIVES to annoy Slendy. Both because of his not so secret crush on the man and because it’s so darn fun.

So, naturally, Slender is terrified of him.

Masky: “Oh. Masky…He is, um…a handful…Especially when he misses a pill, or Toby is around. Or anyone, really, is around. He is a very cranky person.”

Slender and Masky’s relationship is confused.

1. They are Boss and Proxy, so in that aspect they are too respectful to each other(Respect more coming from Masky’s End, but, you know…) to become friends of any kind and their relationship is rather forced.

2. But when there is a common devil who they both hate and need to lose, like Jeff or sometimes Toby, Masky will relax with him and they will plot. They are the most terrifying team ever when this happens.

I beg of you, for your own safety, do not get on both of their bad side.

Hoodie: “Hoodie is an interesting character. Usually level headed, easy to cooperate with, and hard working. But he’s also very quiet, and sets everyone on edge except Masky and Toby. Like L.Jack, he makes me feel uneasy sometimes.”

It’s hard to tell what he’s thinking because of his mask and you can never tell whether he’s really reading or listening to your conversations. But Slender likes him that way. He sometimes scares the fight right out of Jeff and Clockwork.

Tick Toby: “I sometimes have to ban him from waffles to get him working. It works like a dream.”

That perfectly explains their relationship.

Clockwork: “Very nice, angry girl. I like her with Toby very much. They should get married. I think Kagekao can marry people but I really wouldn’t know…”

Slender ships Clocky and Toby fiercely, and has on more then one occasion suggested they get married and have 3 thousand children. Privately though, as a good gentlemen does. He’ll leave them a couple pamflets around there rooms and in their shoes…

Eyeless Jack: “I…don’t think his eating habits are very healthy. But a good man all in all. Plays dress up with Sally and watches silly girl movies with Jane whenever they want. It distracts them from ME, which I like.”

Slender is a very old fashioned 'Manly’ man who believes he has more important things to do then deal with 'Femenine things’(Also he’s a dick), so he doesn’t enjoy doing things like play or watch movies even though the girls ask him a lot. He’ll do it reluctantly when he has to, but he usually doesn’t because E.J is a gentlemen and actually half enjoys The Notebook and the flavour of tea Sally uses at Tea Parties.

Grinny Cat: “Tolerable as a cat as long as you don’t touch him, look at him in the wrong way or point in his general direction. But an absolute heathen as a human.”

Grinny is a very Frenchy French cat. He takes everything a little too literal and is insulted by far too much. Slender’s only defence is to stay away from him.

Smile Dog: “I actually like him. Much nicer then Jeff, and easily manipulated.”

Slender likes that he can manipulate Smile easily with a bone or a stick and THAT right there is the essence of Slender.

Bloody Painter: “I enjoy his presence. He doesn’t press unessesary conversation and is usually quite pleasant.”

Slender might actually consider Bloody Painter a friend. Painter is happy to just stand and paint Slender, Slender is more then obliged to stand quietly while Painter does it, and the blood smell works for both of them.

The Puppeteer: “His plays are a little…not my taste.”

Slender is definitely one for gore, but the only play Slender has ever seen where Puppet was behind the stage, was one specifically designed to shove the middle finger Masky’s way. Slender has been 'very, very ill’ every other tine he’s been invited.

Quite a Surprise

This is a one-shot in the Worth the Wait verse. It can be read on itself, but of course it makes more sense if you’ve read the main story first :-)

I’m dedicating this story to @lallagoglee and @sunshunes, who recently celebrated their birthday. I totally meant to finish the story by their birthday, but time management has never been my strong suit, sorry… Happy belated birthday, sweeties!

Pam looked around her, admiring the tasteful decorations. The room was huge, yet it wasn’t draughty in the least, unlike the medieval castles Pam had visited all over Europe.

At first sight, the blocky grey building had seemed forbidding – a fortress, only meant to house soldiers – and she’d wondered why on earth anyone would hire this venue for an engagement party. Surely, the Plaza was way more elegant, and probably cheaper than this.

Then, she’d been escorted inside, and she’d started to see just why Blaine’s boyfriend – what was his name again? I’ll have to ask Cooper – had chosen to have the party here. No, there were no crystal chandeliers nor gold-plated crown mouldings, and the floors weren’t gleaming patterned hardwood. But there were soft carpets and beautiful antique furniture, the ceiling boasted intricate detailing, and there were flowers in vibrant colours, their sweet smell following you everywhere. This place had character and heart, and Pam approved.

The invitation had come as quite a surprise. Well, that was an understatement. It had come as a lightning bolt from a clear sky. Pam hadn’t even known Blaine was seeing someone, so to find out that they’d been together for five years and that they were so serious that Blaine’s boyfriend – Keith? Was it Keith? – was planning on proposing, well… That had been quite a shock.

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Yuri Plisetsky Sickfic

WARNING(S): descriptions of nausea & vomiting below !

Needing a break from practice and needing to refill his water bottle in order to continue, Yuri left the rink with a quick excuse to Viktor. Slipping on his skate guards easily before walking towards the skaters’ locker room, remembering that there was a water fountain specific for filling water bottles in there. Plus it would be quiet with most of the skaters on the ice or elsewhere preparing for tonight’s competition.

Walking through the threshold, seeing it empty after a quick scan had Yuuri entering fully and walking over to the fountain just past the toilet stalls. Only catching the sight of someone on the floor in one of the stalls with the door still open had him jarring to a halt. After a moment, realising the stock of blond hair belonged to a wilted Yurio.

Mutedly gasping, before his brain kicked into gear and he completely forgot about filling his water bottle, his attention now on the younger skater in concern. Approaching the stall Yuri was sprawled in.

“Yurio? How long have you been like this?” Yuuri exclaimed at seeing the younger skater state,kneeling down just outside the opened stall door to be moreso on the other’s eye level.

Lifting his head from where he dropped it to rub at his temples ; having thought he was alone , dropping his outward pretense of fine and giving in to the compulsion to press against the pain in hopes of relief. Hearing another’s words , one’s intoned towards him had caused the startled action. Edges along his eyes crinkling in an attempt to starve off an outward wince at the slice of dizziness that came at the sudden motion.

Being found seated on the public restroom floor, curled up against the stall wall, wasn’t the least dignified state he had been found in. Yet it didn’t lessen the sting of having his weakness witness anymore for the younger skater. He’d even taken the precaution when he couldn’t keep his breakfast down this morning, to sneak several organic peppermint candies that Milla enjoyed, hoping the natural antiemetic within peppermint would help settle his stomach. Not wanting to take any form of medication before a competition. And they had worked for a while at least.

Giving into defeat, no excuse nor platitude would sedate Yuuri’s worry. Lips parting in a quiet sigh, gaze trailing the linoleum patterns along the floor instead of meeting the other’s eyes. Voice roughened from the last few hours of vomiting, yet his tone held a weariness that spoke to his exhaustion and the degree of misery he was experiencing. Too tired to fight the inevitable.

“ … An hour? I think. ”

A hand came up to press against his forehead, the headache settled there made worse by the harsh light of the bathroom, while the other didn’t stray from where it encircled his midriff. Still he hesitated in making any form of eye contact; uncomfortable when under this brand of scrutiny and naturally tentative when he wasn’t up to his usual par.

“Nothing to get all worried about… And nothing to go tell Yakov and Madame Baranovskaya about. ”

“Yuri-” Yuuri began to say, only to be interrupted by the ailing skater speaking up.

“I am fine.” Voice roughened due to his current physical predicament, tone striving for it’s a portion of his usual tone yet failing, falling from his intended goal.

Though his words held very little to place faith in, his current predicament proved them otherwise. His current state completely contradicting his own words, no matter how much he wished to will them to be true. And as if fate wanted to cruelly remind him, he felt his stomach churn ominously.

Swallowing thickly against the sudden rise of bile and flood of coppery salvia in his mouth, Yuri levered himself back up to his knees to lean over the toilet. Hands coming up to grip the rim of the toilet, bracing him over the bowl as his stomach churned threateningly. A breathy burp forced its way up, then another one of a louder degree immediately brought up a surge of partially digested food. It pouring into the toilet bowl audibly.

Yuuri immediately scooted forward to place a hand on the other’s back, removing it at feeling the younger flinch at the contact. Concerned over making it worse, yet at hearing a miserable whimper slip from Yuri’s lips before he was lurching forward again to bring up more watery stomach content, Yuuri stood to stand beside the sick skater to gather his hair in a loose ponytail. Not minding having to use his snap hair band form his wrist, Yuri needing it more so than he did, and laying a hand across the other’s fevered forehead while again placing a hand on Yuri’s arching back. Just letting it rest there a moment before beginning to rub slow circles.

Leaning back on his hunches with a low groan, his hands still gripping the toilet seat, to lean away from the mess within the bowl in an attempt to breath deeply away from the sour smell of vomit. Inhaling and exhaling rhythmically. Yuuri let him move on his own, releasing his gentle hold on the younger skater as he reached forward to flush the toilet, whisking away the sour contents to hopefully clear the air more and ease whatever queasy feeling remained for Yuri.

“Still feeling sick?” Yuuri asked, concerned over the silence from the ailing skater

Yuri sighed heavily, nearly too exhausted and miserable to feel annoyed at the mother henning, “I’m fine.”

“You and Viktor have the same definitions of ‘fine’.” Yuuri remarked, worry colouring his expression and uncertainty on how to exactly help in this situation causing his worry to steadily increase, Yuri wasn’t making it any easier but he refused to give up and leave as the younger kept implying for him to do.

Instead Yuuri crouched beside the other, the stall a slight cramped but not enough to feel overwhelmed in such a small space, expression determined yet kind, not pitying but displaying a gentleness that ensured Yuuri only cared about Yuri’s welfare, no ulterior motive nor enjoyment of the younger’s misery, “What can I do?”

Coughing harshly, scraping against his already raw throat, and his eyes watering a slight against the burn, needing to clear his throat twice before he was able to hoarsely answer, “Nothing.“

Yuri scrubbed the back of his hand along his mouth, leaning back further to sit on his knees then listing to the side to rest his shoulder against the stall wall. Turning so his forehead met the cool metal, it feeling heavenly against his heated skin.

“Ugh, I feel like shit.” Yuri mumbled, face scrunching in reaction to a slight twinge his stomach gave, unable to even produce a moan of discomfort.

“How about I tell Yakov you have a headache and that I’m taking you back to the hotel to rest before the competition tonight?” Yuuri offered, trying to find a way to help his fellow skater while keeping the other’s wish of not involving his coach nor suggesting he withdrawal; though he wanted to, Yuuri knew that’d only cause Yuri to push him away and at least he could keep an eye on him this way.

“No, I’m feeling better. I can skate.” Yuri countered roughly, moving to stand and thus shoving Yuuri out onto his butt just outside the stall.

“Wha? Yurio, you need to rest. You’re sick!” Yuuri tried to convince the other, stunned but not surprised with Yuri’s stubbornness.

“I said I’m fine!” Yuri snapped, gaining his feet underneath him and stalking past the older skater.

Yuuri sighed, knowing he wasn’t going to get through to Yuri this way, standing and brushing himself off, he tried another tactic, “At least drink some more water and splash some on your face. You look sick. And maybe take some emetrol I have in my skate bag?”

Yuri paused, considering the other’s words, still feeling unsteady and a slight queasy, “Fine.”

Yuuri nodded, glad that at least Yuri was willing to cooperate with this compromise. Thus while Yuri went to wash his face, Yuuri shuffled through his gym bag to locate the emetrol that he kept for when his stomach was acting up before competitions. It was accepted and approved to use by the ISU, thus neither need worry over it affecting their drug tests. Pouring out the correct dosage into the small measuring cup, straightening to see how Yuri was holding up and seeing him coming over he plucked up the tiny cup to pass it over to the Russian skater.

“Drink it all and take it easy for a few minutes then it should begin to work.” Yuuri instructed, having been using the product for a while now and finding it worked best if he didn’t immediately jump into his routine just after drinking it.

Yuri nodded, eyeing it warily before placing the cup to his lips and knocking it back in one swallow. Grimacing at the odd taste, running his tongue over the roof of his mouth several times to nullify the taste as he handed the small cup back and accepted Yuuri’s water bottle again to wash down aftertaste.

“Spasibo.” Yuri called out to Yuuri as the other made to leave and the older went to wash out the measuring cup to return it to his bag in a clean state.

“Glad to help.” Yuuri answered, mostly to himself as Yuri was already partially out of the door, it swinging closed with a soft click.

A/N: I’m sorry this one was so short! And isn’t really during the Rostellecon Cup but at the day’s practice durig open rink hours. I hope it’s okay still. I’m so sorry if they’re ooc! I’m trying. I hope this isn’t too disappointing. I’ll be better next time! I promise!

(Don’t apologize, this is awesome! I love your descriptions and I think your characterization is excellent! You get better and better with each fic you write! Thank you for writing this for me, I really really appreciate it! It’s awesome!)

huntress-earthtwo  asked:

27 please!!!!!!!!!! love your fanfics! Awesome blog by the way!

YOU GOT IT (and thank you! ^_^)

Originally posted by teentitanz

27. “No. Regrets.”

It was just a mission. 

Some stupid undercover ploy to infiltrate the enemy base and scoop up new intel on Brother Blood.

So what if it required an elaborate disguise? So what if it required Beast Boy to have a ‘date’ to go with to the ridiculous party? And if it happened to be an attractive vixen like Ravager, it certainly wasn’t any of Raven’s concern. 

“How do I look?” He’d asked her apprehensively once he’d come out of his room.

Raven had to use all of her willpower and self control not to let her expression betray her emotions. 

She’d been expecting him to look disheveled, lazy, maybe even unkempt, but when Garfield had stepped out for her appraisal, he looked anything but. 

Not only was he wearing a clean cut, black dress suit and silk tie, he also had to slip on a custom holo ring that Cyborg had made exclusively for him, to help mask his otherwise uncanny appearance. 

Therefore, the young man that stood before her looked nothing like the teenage boy she’d come to know throughout the years. This man had hair in a shade of flaxen blonde, combed back and gelled neatly aside in a gentlemanlike coiffure, very unlike the shaggy green tendrils Raven had grown accustomed to. Most notably, his skin was no longer a jade green, replaced now with a more normal peach tone as of his Caucasian heritage. Also, it did not escape her that even his ears were not pointed, and his teeth were a straight, pearly white with a significant absence of fangs.

Beast Boy looked…completely and utterly normal.

The only feature of his that had remained unchanged were his eyes; they stayed the same glittering verdant shade she had found comfort in many a time. Even if she were at death’s door, she’d vowed never to tell him any of that.

Altogether, his new look had jarred her, and done something strange with her emotions that she couldn’t recognize. Too frightened to linger on feelings she could not understand, she focused instead on the ones she could easily rely on, such as apathy.

“…Weird,” she finally answered him in a disinterested tone.

His smile faltered a bit. “W-weird? Is it the suit? Or the hair? I told Cy, I just don’t do gel.” He fidgeted in his clothes like they were crawling with insects, adjusting the form fitting jacket and playing with the buttons on his crisp, white dress shirt.

“I think you look delicious,” a new voice entered the fray.

Rose Wilson stood at the end of the hallway, wearing an appreciative smirk and a revealing, tight black dress to go with it. She eyed Beast Boy without a hint of discretion, admiring the way his new outfit clung to his lean form. Raven noted that the tips of his ears were red, and that his blushing was becoming a lot more evident now that he wasn’t green anymore.

Rose started walking towards them once all eyes were on her, the slit in her floor length, black gown revealing the strap on her thigh where she’d no doubt stashed a weapon of some sort. The holo ring Cyborg had provided her with had changed her hair colour to a more natural, platinum blonde while also maintaining the illusion that she had both of her eyes. It didn’t, however, provide any alterations on her deceptive and unpredictable personality.

Once she’d reached them, she had made it a point to blatantly ignore Raven’s existence, and instead, leaned in towards Beast Boy, her nimble fingers playing with his tie. “Normally, you’d be a little too young for my tastes, but might I say that you clean up well, Gar,” she purred into his ear.

Beast Boy had visibly tensed, and Raven saw his cocky façade for exactly what it was; a façade.

“U-uh, you look good, too, Rose,” he squeaked, uncomfortable at the lack of space between them, and working up a nervous sweat.

She towered over him by a few inches, especially in the strappy black high heels she wore, and, as a result of the height difference, if Garfield looked down, he’d be staring directly into her ample, pushed up cleavage.

“This is the part where it gets gross and I leave,” Raven groaned, rolling her eyes in disgust, no longer being able to stand in such close proximity to the couple.

As she started walking down the hall and towards her room, Ravager called out to her, “You had your chance, Rae. You turned it down, don’t forget that.”

Raven scoffed, “Whatever.”

Yet Rose’s words still rang true; Nightwing would have much preferred if it had been Raven going in undercover, and not Ravager. Not when they barely knew if they could even trust her, especially considering her heritage. Richard had pleaded with Raven to reconsider, although Nightwing’s ‘pleading’ merely outlined all the benefits of his decision versus the negatives. Still, Raven had adamantly refused, and not even their leader would be able to sway her on the matter.

Not because of having to be Garfield’s date, which was what everyone else on the team had initially concluded, but because she didn’t think she could pull it off. She wasn’t a very good actress, and she figured, if anything, she would only blow their cover and jeopardize the entire mission. Considering how much was riding on gathering the intel before Brother Blood could initiate a devastating blow to the Titans, Raven didn’t know if she could handle that sort of pressure. Rose Wilson, on the other hand, was charismatic and devious enough for such a role.

It was simply best if Raven sat this one out.

Or so she’d thought.

Both Rose and Beast Boy had tiny earpieces and small cameras placed somewhere on their clothing, allowing the rest of the Titans to monitor the events of the party safely from the Tower. Cyborg had even stealthily hacked into the security surveillance of the event to garner them a better view of the entire banquet. 

Raven had walked into the team’s new conference room where multiple screens flashed different angles of the party, and Nightwing, Starfire and Cyborg sat huddled about, discussing some more final details about the job.

“We need to figure out what Brother Blood is up to. You all have your parts to play. Star and I will be at the rendezvous point in case anything gets out of control. We’ll both have our comms on us,” Nightwing instructed his team.

“What am I supposed to do?” Raven asked him.

After her refusal to cooperate, Dick had left her alone for the most part about the mission. It was an unspoken respect between them; if she wanted in, all she needed to do was come to him. If he had upset her somehow, then he was also content with having her on the bench for this one. The decision would ultimately be up to her.

Dick shrugged at her question, clearly taken by surprise that she’d decided to lend a hand after all. “Uh, watch Beast Boy and Rose? Make sure they stay out of any trouble, and that they blend in. None of this works if they’re discovered too soon.”

“Fun,” Raven replied dryly before sitting down and mentally preparing herself for the underwhelming task she’d been assigned.

Once everyone was in position, and both Garfield and Rose were on scene, the operation was in full swing.

“So, do you think they have vegetarian options at this thing or…?” Beast Boy’s voice came over the speakers.

“Focus, B,” Cyborg answered him.

“Yeah, yeah. Blend in, got it.”

“Any suggestions, Raven?” Ravager asked the empath in her sultry voice.

She sighed, annoyed by the simplicity of the question. “You probably want to locate a few of Brother Blood’s confidantes, get as close as possible to them while eavesdropping. I think I see one of his bodyguards by the dancefloor,” Raven replied, scrutinizing a screen for a familiar face.

Rose laughed heartily. “Perfect; a reason to go dancing. Wanna take me for a spin, Gar?” She cooed seductively.

A cold shiver ran down Raven’s spine and she tried not to convulse in disgust. “Ugh,” she groaned, rubbing the palm of her hand down her face.

“I’m getting vibes of a double entendre here,” Cyborg grimaced.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to either,” Rose teased.

Garfield could be heard sputtering. “W-what?! What does that even mean?!”

Raven and Cyborg examined the cameras as Ravager led Beast Boy to the dance floor, not allowing him to formulate a proper response in time. He stumbled behind her as she tugged on his hand.

“Like what you see, Gar?”

Raven stiffened.

“I’ve always been told I look good walking away,” she playfully added.

Even from the furthest camera, Rose’s impressive silhouette stood out in the crowd, her curve-hugging black dress leaving very little to the imagination.

Cyborg let out a tired sigh.

“I…you…uh…I’m not looking, I swear!” Beast Boy could be heard protesting.

He yelped when she moved his hand lower down her back, to a spot that would certainly be considered indecent. “Yes, you were. I bet you stared long and hard enough just to figure out if I’ve got any panties on under all this.”

Somewhere in Titan tower, a lightbulb shattered. Cyborg flinched at the sound before he turned to regard Raven.

Her hands were tight, balled fists at her side, and she wore a scowl that set her features into a conflict of emotion.

“You…You’re not wearing…any?” Beast Boy gulped.

A girlish giggle from Rose. “Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. There’s only one way to find out for sure, Beastie.”

Some of the surveillance screens were flickering, moving between grainy black and white, then back again to the party.

“Uh…Rae?” Cyborg called out to the empath carefully. “You okay there?”

Rose was indecently pressed up against Garfield, her lithe body practically melded against his own, her mouth dangerously close to the sensitive spot below his ear. She grinned widely, like she was the Cheshire cat, and one of her arms wrapped around his waist tightly, while the other hand explored the fine blonde hairs at the nape of his neck.

One of the screens cracked and fizzled loudly, and Cyborg cried out in surprise.

Ravager, with her luscious red lips, and long, wavy, platinum hair, stared over Garfield’s shoulder, directly at Raven through one of the cameras. Almost as if she knew she somehow had her attention, she gave the enraged demoness a playful wink and a slight wave of her fingers, before placing a tender red kiss against Garfield’s neck. All the while her piercing blue eyes, so much like her father’s, never left the camera.

Raven gritted her teeth in agitation as a few more screens shattered and the lights flickered throughout the Tower.

“She’s doing this on purpose,” the empath growled, her anger seeping through her normally contained demeanour.

“Doing what, Raven? Breakin’ all my stuff?!” Cyborg shouted out in frustration, all the while trying to avoid the shards of glass that had decorated the floor and tabletop while he worked on fixing his equipment. He didn’t know what to start working on first; he could hardly keep up with the level of chaos.

“Look, I don’t know what you guys are playin’ at, but if you could stop destroying everything in sight, Rae, I’d appreciate it,” the oldest Titan commented, growing frustrated with the amount of damage his teammate had caused.

Rose cackled loudly, throwing her head back in mirth. “What’s the matter, Rae Rae? Have I struck a nerve? Does rage want to come out and play?”

A loose wire sparked to life and Cyborg nearly jumped at the shock.

“Uh…is everything okay over there?” Beast Boy sounded concerned.

Raven’s fingernails dug into the skin of her palms as relaxation and calm seemed to be escaping her with every second that passed.

Peachy. Don’t you two have a job to do?” Raven hissed through a clamped jaw.

Cyborg, looking mildly apprehensive about approaching the broken equipment after it had nearly shocked his systems, agreed with Raven on that matter. “She’s right. Quit foolin’ around and find someone from the H.I.V.E already.”

Ravager smacked her lips together, her hand creeping down Garfield’s backside before giving him a slight pinch, eliciting an uncharacteristic squeal from the changeling. “Oh, I know. The fooling around bit usually comes after an intense job,” she acknowledged, biting her bottom lip.

Beast Boy mocked innocence. “I have no idea what you mean by that,” he stammered unconvincingly.

“If ya’ll don’t get your act together soon, I’m pulling you out and calling this a bust. Then you gotta deal with Nightwing and explain to him why it was a major fail since you two can’t seem to keep it in your pants!” Cyborg threatened.

Rose only seemed to grow more amused by the effect she was currently having on every Titan, not taking Cyborg’s comment seriously in the least. “You are all such easy marks,” she smirked, shaking her head.

“While you were all too busy setting up and dilly dallying, I placed recording devices on Jinx and Blood himself. Any meaningful conversations, I’ve got stored right here,” she indicated a spot between her breasts.

Beast Boy groaned helplessly.

“You did what?!”

“Turns out Gar isn’t the only one who’s got a penchant for hot blondes,” she shrugged. “And Jinx is the H.I.V.E leader, so if any of them would be getting the dirty details from Blood himself, it would be her. She’s obviously the brains of that idiotic group,” Rose continued as if all this was common knowledge.

Cyborg’s jaw dropped while he absorbed this new turn of events.

Raven only glowered into the screen she’d been facing, not as easily impressed with the assassin’s skills as her teammates. “Good. Then there’s no more reason for you to be there,” she spat in retaliation.

Rose made Beast Boy twirl her about on the dance floor before she ended up wrapped in his arms again, her back pressed firmly into his chest. “But we’re having such a good time, Rae!”

Every window and screen but the one Raven stared into exploded, the pieces of glass flying all over the room, narrowly avoiding the empath’s face. One of the monitors had even erupted into a smoking flame that Cyborg was desperately trying to put out.

Get back here,” she hissed dangerously, her eyes now glowing a ferocious red.

As an affront to Raven’s rage, Rose turned Beast Boy’s chin towards her and leaned in to press her painted lips against his unsuspecting mouth. Just as they were about to kiss, the final screen exploded, and Raven levitated out of the room in an angry huff, a trail of dark magic shadowing behind her cloak.

Even the mic connection had died, short circuiting when Raven’s powers fried everything in the tower, leaving them in complete darkness.

Cyborg, disheartened by all the carnage in his room, slumped defeated into his chair, and finally gave up. “Why’d she have to go and make her so damn jealous for?” He asked the empty spot next to him.

“Good work you two,” Nightwing told Ravager when she handed over the recordings.

Rose grinned. “Maybe next time, you and I could go undercover, Dick.”

Starfire folded her arms over her chest. “There will hopefully not be any more ‘next time’.”

Richard smiled apologetically, pretending to miss the implications of her suggestion. “Star’s right; if we can stop Blood before he can begin implementing whatever plan he’s got in the works, then he’ll be in jail for the rest of his life.”

“Good. I don’t think my tech can handle another Raven meltdown,” Cyborg added bitterly.

Beast Boy, now back to his green self, laughed nervously. “Someone should probably go check on her.”

Everyone in the room pointedly looked at the changeling.

Upon realizing that he’d been nominated, he moaned aloud. “Really, guys? Why’s it got to be me? Technically, it’s Rose’s fault!”

Rose adjusted her eye patch and spoke up before anyone else jumped in, “He’s right. I guess I owe it to you to probably tag along. I’m sure little miss demon would like nothing more than to get a slice out of me.”

As the two made their way to Raven’s room, the other Titans watched them leave. “Do you think it worked?” Nightwing asked his comrades.

Cyborg shook his head. “That amount of costly damage, I’ll be angry if it didn’t.”

Starfire appeared puzzled. “I do not understand why Rose would do such a horrible thing just to upset friend Raven.”

Richard sighed. “I don’t, either. I guess it’s just her way of proving her loyalty to Raven, even if it’s somewhat unconventional.”

“You okay in there, Rae? You’ve been locked up in your room ever since we got back,” Beast Boy asked his friend from the other side of her bedroom door.

A moment later, and the metal gate opened. Raven stood in the entryway, wearing the same deadpan expression he’d grown so accustomed to. Garfield smiled nervously at her. “Looks like you’re doing all right, after all,” he noted, rocking on his heels.

A beat passed before Raven found her calm, gravely voice again.

“The green is better,” she admitted to him before he could take the opportunity to walk away.

He stopped in his tracks and regarded her with confusion. “Uh, come again?”

Raven’s amethyst toned eyes softened, and her cheeks coloured when she had to avert her gaze. “I said I prefer the green. The holo ring made you look…unnatural.”

Beast Boy’s ears grew hot. “You mean, I look better as a green gremlin than my actual human appearance? Raven, I’m not quite sure if that’s a compliment or an insult…,” he confessed truthfully.

“It’s a compliment,” she explained.

“Okay, well…thanks, I guess,” he shrugged his shoulders, not knowing what else to say, or how to even feel about it.

Raven grew flustered then, her brows knitting in frustration. “Did she…did she really kiss you?”

Her voice was barely more than a whisper, but the question was not lost to his trained ears.

Beast Boy shook his head furiously. “No, no! She was just toying with me, I swear.”

He couldn’t really understand why he was being so defensive about it. Why would Raven even care?

The empath tucked a strand of violet hair behind her ear, and he could swear he saw her lips turn into a small, relieved smile.

“So…you aren’t interested then?”

He laughed shakily. “Nah, Rose is cool and all, but she knows there’s someone else I’m kind of into. Called me out on it a little bit ago, actually. She’s good at reading people.”

Raven’s eyes widened as she stared at him with a wild expression. “Someone else? Like who?”

His smile softened. “I have a feeling, with you being an empath and all, that you probably already have an idea.”

She searched his face, not comprehending his answer until he closed the space between them and cupped her face in his hands. “Getting any closer?”

The pads of his thumbs stroked her cold, pale cheeks, just beneath her thick fringe of black lashes. She fell into his touch like it was the most natural reaction, as his emotions seeped into her like fresh paint bleeding down a canvas.

It made her ache with a sudden need to reach up and kiss him, to feel his soft, warm, pliant lips move beneath her own. It would be a long while yet before Raven would realize that she’d indeed acted on the impulse, Beast Boy’s affections melding with her own, and creating something both catastrophic and euphoric within her.  

“Well, hot damn. Girl actually did it,” Cyborg laughed, admiring the scene before him on the small screen panel in his arm.

Rose had decided to let Beast Boy go it alone, only willing to jump in if things got hairy. Little did he know that she’d planned on hiding out in the corridor and filming the entire thing. Just to remind the two that, on their wedding day, she was the one responsible for making it all happen. And they’d owe her big time. Open bar wouldn’t cut it.

Starfire and Nightwing crowded around Cyborg to catch a better glimpse of the live video.

“You do know that when she catches you filming this, she’s going to end you, right?” Nightwing scratched at the back of his head, appearing somewhat concerned by this new development.

Rose whispered over the recording device, “No. Regrets. Got to live with no regrets, batboy.”

Inside Joke

Fandom: Life is Strange
Pairing: Grahamfield (Max Caulfield/Warren Graham)
Rating: T?? A few strong/explicit words are used, but other than that nothing mature happens. I’m bad at ratings, forgive me.
Warnings: Again, a few strong/explicit words. That’s pretty much it though. Oh, and spoilers for episode 4.
Words: 1,150 (the same as Vortex Club Energy, what the heck)
Notes: I’m not quite as happy with this, as a piece of creative writing, as I was with VCE, but I just wanted to get this idea written and out there because it’s adorable and I’m dying slowly inside from these cute nerds bye.

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Keep your faith; angst, heavy angst, jikook + coma!jimin (AO3)

“7th May, 2015. I went to Busan, Jimin — can you hear the seagulls? I’m currently holding my phone in the air right now, ah, wait! I think they mistook it for food what the fuck— hey! Don’t do that!”

The line turns scratchy, immediately as Jungkook struggled and fumbled about in the recording and Jimin would’ve laughed at how silly he was, Jungkook knows he would — if he wasn’t so bent on sleeping for another day.

The small speaker continues to be full of Jungkook’s embarrassed grunts as he escaped from starving seagulls, while the wind by the beach blew strongly and Jimin continues to sleep, while Jungkook paces around the ward to replace vases of white orchids with carnations.

Jimin’s sleeping for close to three years now.

Ever since the bike someone was giving him a ride on lost control right after a vehicle collided with it, Jimin has been sleeping. No matter how bad Jungkook had been sobbing by his bed that night, tears falling embarrassingly like a child, Jimin didn’t wake up.

Not even weeks later when Jungkook literally had to be pulled off by Taehyung and Namjoon just so he would go home for a proper rest and meal (Jimin hated it whenever Jungkook didn’t take care of himself). Not even months later when Jungkook came visiting with his cheeks all red, intoxicated with alcohol and yelled about how he couldn’t do this anymore because it’s just so fucking hard and not even years later till now, when Jungkook makes sure to visit every two weeks, placing a recording by his ears that tells Jimin all about the places he had gone to for work, and the funny things that might’ve happened when working with Taehyung.

Jimin continues to sleep through every single day of it, and Jungkook continues anyway because it almost feels like the past when they would just share about whatever they have done till four in the morning, dark rings running deep beneath their eyes.

“Ah, Busan. I’m back home, Jimin. Our hometown — remember when we were just snotty little kids in the neighbourhood? Ha, time really flies, doesn’t it?” There’s another fumble, but gentler this time round before Jungkook’s voice is clearer across the line when he speaks again. “I missed this place, Jimin. The beach is as pretty as ever and…. you’d have loved to be here too. We’ll come back here together one day, okay?”

Jungkook looks back at the bed as he stops pushing the flowers about in the vase, and at the peaceful expression on Jimin’s face as if his boyfriend’s going to suddenly wake up and say yes to whatever Jungkook is asking him of. It’s silly, Jungkook knows but he can’t stop hoping. He can’t imagine a day if he did.

“I’ll come back two weeks later,” Jungkook says quietly as he approaches the bed and grazes his fingers across Jimin’s cheek, biting at his bottom lip before he says those three words that always seem to break himself faster than anything else. He makes sure the urge to say those words has completely vanished before he continues. “I’ll see you then, okay? I’ll be having a shoot in Hongkong this time — I hope the model is someone who cooperates well, ugh.”

Jungkook places the speaker aside on the table close by once the recording has ceased, presses a chaste kiss against Jimin’s forehead and adjusts at the blanket for one last time before he takes one quick look at the fresh flowers that he spent almost twenty minutes to place around the entire ward, and leaves.

Jimin continues to sleep.

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My action plan to justify flying to Australia to see Nathan Page in a play - Day 120 - The Final Post

One hundred and twenty days ago, I bought a ticket to see Mr. Nathan Page in a play - in Melbourne. This inexplicable, out-of-character act has led me on an incredible journey. Last night was the culmination of this journey. Not only did I get to see him in The Distance at the Southbank Theatre in Melbourne, I got to share in an phenomenal meeting with him, post-performance. (Thank you to Sam McAdam-Cooper for making this meeting possible, and to @phrynesboudoir for helping to organize the event.) One hundred and twenty days of cycling. One hundred and twenty days of blogging. One hundred and twenty days of consciously appreciating my husband. It all led to this day. 

Was it worth it?


First the play. I LOVED the play. Although last night was the second time I had seen it, there were discernible differences between the two performances. Nathan was wonderful both times, but the energy he brought to the final show was particularly strong. I would like to take a moment to outline the layered irony surrounding the fact that it was THIS play (The Distance) I came to Melbourne to see:

1. In the play, the main character (Bea) travels from Melbourne to London.
(I travelled from London to Melbourne.)

2. She left her wonderful husband and two children behind, for selfish reasons. (Ditto.)

3. Bea, frustratingly, does not communicate with her family back home, despite their frequent attempts to reach her. (Not only have I been bad at writing posts since I arrived in Australia, I have been HORRIBLE at taking the time to communicate with my family. Except when my son desperately needed to talk to me at the exact same time on April 5th as I was supposed to meet Nathan Page. I chose my son, without hesitation. I have witnesses.)

4. Bea does not fully understand what conflicting factors within herself have compelled her to make the journey, and is trying to come to terms with this fact. 
(Ugh. Yeah. TOTALLY.)

5. Bea’s best friends do not understand her behaviour in leaving her husband and children to fly to London. (I have not talked about this is at all in my posts, but, although I have the full support of my wonderful husband, my closest friends and my mother all think that I have fallen out of my tree and landed on my head. They do not understand why I needed to go to Australia, and I have stopped trying to explain it to them. I don’t really blame them. They are extremely risk-averse. My behaviour does seem irrational and has often NOT been well thought out.  I am so grateful for the support of the women of the Phrackdom. I could not have done this without you.)

6. One character in the play (Kate), is a complete control freak. She is not adequately appreciative of her charming, adorable, and even-tempered husband, is efficient when booking travel, and holds epic grudges. (This character was excruciatingly difficult for me to watch, as I see so much of myself, at least pre-Action Plan, in her. Oh, her poor husband. Oh, MY poor husband. Agh.)

7. Nathan Page plays the character of Vinnie, a wise, loveable “loser” who is the catalyst for a life-changing self-examination and long-overdue behavioural and attitudinal change in the character of Kate - the control freak. (We have already established that, in early December, I was Kate incarnate. Nathan Page, initially playing the role of Jack Robinson and subsequently playing the role of himself, has been the catalyst behind my Action Plan, which has had an even more dramatic transformation on my life than the changes experienced by Kate. There is one notable difference here. Attaching the label “loser” to Nathan Page? Um, NO.)

4. The chef in the restaurant adjoining the Southbank Theatre (where most of us ate before attending Saturday’s performance) is named “Vinnie Robinson.” Seriously. I have photographic proof.

5. A great quantity of wine was consumed by the female characters in the play. (Lol. The recycling will have to be taken out again here again tomorrow, in the Phrack Cave.)

6. There is a teenaged boy character in the play (Liam) who has a lot of knowledge about wilderness survival because of a camp he went to. (I have one as well).

7. One of the characters in the play (Alex) is smitten with Vinnie and spends most of the play snogging him offstage in the “summer house.” (Sadly, this is where the similarities end. Not the smitten part - God knows that’s true - the summerhouse part. However, the beautiful Mr. Page was certainly liberal with the (entirely appropriate - get your phracking minds out of the gutter - cheek kisses during his post-performance meeting with our group.)

Now - the meet-up with Nathan Page following the performance. For once, I am not going to try to put an intellectual or philosophical spin on this whatsoever. I am going to do something you all know that I almost NEVER do. I am going to “fangirl it” and tell the honest truth.

Nathan Page is a mythical creature. He has piercing blue eyes that make you feel like your soul has been turned inside out, and, when YOU try to talk and he is listening to you, the intensity of his focus can literally make it difficult to breathe. It is impossible that he can be as genuinely nice and generous a person as he seems to be, but he’s doing the best damn impression of middle-aged male perfection that I ever hope to see.

On the night of the closing of his show, with all of his fellow cast mates and crew present in the same room, Nathan Page took the time to have a meaningful dialogue with each and every one of us. He signed programs, posed for pictures, and could not possibly have been more charming or wonderful. It will take days for any of us present to even THINK of removing the rose-coloured glasses with which we are currently viewing the world. 

And that, my friends, is connection in a nutshell. My wonderful, crazy mid-life crisis, which seems so much less batty when it is labeled as an “Action Plan,” has evolved from a silly reaction to an impetuous decision into a contemplation of the idea of CONNECTION. Like Bea in “The Distance,” I was feeling adrift in my own life, back in the fall, despite the fact that, to all outward appearances, my life appeared to be pretty damn awesome. There was a hole in my soul that I needed to first acknowledge, and subsequently take steps to begin to fill in. Seeing Nathan Page in the role of Jack Robinson struck me like a thunderbolt. My reaction was immediate and somewhat frightening. I needed to find some way to understand my response. 

After 120 days, the simplified answer to the questions I have been asking is that, through his approach to playing the character of Jack Robinson, and his own personal philosophy of meeting life head on, “doing what scares the shit out of you,” Nathan Page has offered me a window into what was missing for me - connection - with my husband, my family, my friends, complete strangers, and the world around me. Unknowingly, he has offered me a possible road map for getting from where I was, to where I want to be. I’ve already come a long way, and it’s been one hell of a ride.

So thank you, my wonderful Phrackdom, for your kindness and support. And thank you, Mr. Page. I will always be grateful. 

not-rotting  asked:

Anna always saw Elsa as the perfect, ideal girl - always so sophisticated, so smart, clean, and beautiful. The teachers liked her, she was popular around the students. Elsa's basically a celebrity in school. One day, they were told that they were partners for a project. So they went to Elsa's home and Anna was completely shocked on how that ideal girl was acting - all messy and being such a slob.

LOL I love it. Let’s see… *mixes up things in my Magic Pot of Backstory, lets it come to a boil* Alright, here we go.

[Pretty much SFW this time]

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