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You know, I wouldn't hate the bom!Keith storyline so much if it was done better. Like if they made it clear that Yeun was busy while making S4, and that the whole storyline was temporary, and didn't make it look like they were just ending his character arc without warning and such. But since it was so badly done, I just can't bring myself to like it.

UGH I KNOW. The Blade of Marmora storyline had SO MUCH POTENTIAL to be good. It could have been amazing, and I think a lot of fans had their hopes up… but this was just… extremely disappointing. Maybe they can turn it around next season but idk, I just want Keith back with the team at this point. 

Maybe in the future he can occasionally do missions with the BOM (because I really want him to keep his bom outfit lmao) but primarily be with VOLTRON, as that’s his family, HIS HOME.


Tangled (2010)

taekook fanfic rec #1

PLEASE feel free to recommend me any of your favorite BTS fanfics (any ship), because I will read them. Also, please let me know if you liked any of the stories I recommend!

IMPORTANT: All of the fics I rec will be on a scale of 8 to 10. (8- really good, happy I read it.  9- amazing, I loved it! 10- perfect, one of my favorites. [*]= top fave)

I hope you love the stories as much as I do! As always, happy reading~

1. Dating For Dummies

Summary: in which twitter is evil, jeon jeongguk is a bit tsundere, park jimin is satan and kim taehyung may or may not have a boyfriend.

Side Couples: Yoonmin, Namjin

Length: 12k words. Oneshot.

No warnings.

AU: Non-idol

Review: THIS WAS CUTE. And funny. And omg. It was a cute read, but the characterization was a little…off? You get over it pretty quick. I enjoyed it!

My Rating: 8.5/10

2. King of the Library, Knight of His Trade

Summary: Moral of the story? Don’t fuck with Jeon Jungkook or else you’ll end up ruining your perfect attendance to chase his coattails. 

Side couples: Suga x Jin (that’s a new one for me lol)

Length: 47.4k – 20 chapters (on Asian fanfic) (no chaps on ao3)


AU: College

Review: OH. MY. GOD. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS PLEASE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND READ. IT. RIGHT. NOW. Okay. Okay. I’m calm. This is probably my all-time fave Taekook fic or at least in the top 3. I stayed up till 3am to finish this amazing piece of perfection.

My Rating: 10/10

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Chanbaek AU: Park Chanyeol and Byun Baekhyun are both professors at EXO University. They have been dating for a while now, but keeping it private (but everyone knows that they’re in love with each other).

Baking with Tom (and not the illegal kind)

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So here’s one of the many Headcanons I’m writing because who doesn’t love headcanons? Anyways inspired by the fact that all I really want is to bake with Tom (not the illegal kind). So yeah hope you enjoy!

Warnings: FLUFF, sexual suggestiveness (a little bit), possibly swearing (literally sometimes I can’t tell when I swear because it’s my normal vocabulary at this point)

Word Count: 654

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  • 85% of the time Tom is on some sort of crazy Marvel diet and it drives him crazy.
  • He’s relieved when he’s done filming so he can finally eat what he wants.
  • He enlists the help of his beautiful girlfriend to make all his favorite treats.
  • Instead of just making them for him, you decide to teach him the proper way.
  • Besides you missed whenever he was home and you were cooking he’d come up behind you and wrap his arms around your waist, swaying slightly.
  • Boy was that a mistake
  • The first problem was that Tom found it extremely funny to throw flour at you whenever you looked down at the recipe.
    • “And you wonder why people call you spider-boy.”
    • “That was LOW babe”
  • His next mess up would be accidentally getting the eggshells into the brownie batter.
    • “Thomas!”
    • “It’s fine baby, I’ll get them out”
  • Then he proceeds to break it into even tinier pieces.
  • Now was time for batch #2
  • This time you decided he could just stir for you, because how hard could stirring be right? RIGHT?
  • Welp, apparently it was too hard for the love of your life because after you stepped out of the room you returned to find the new bowl of batter splattered across the white walls of your kitchen.
    • “How?”
    • “I don’t know what you’re referring to…”
    • “The walls Thomas?”
    • “This is called decoration sweetheart, have you never heard of it?”
  • The two of you spend the next hour scrubbing the walls before it’s stained beyond belief.
    • “We needed new walls anyway.”
  • Batch #3, Tom’s new job was measuring because you could always double check him before you put it into the actual batter.
  • This went well for the most part, but when it came time to add the cocoa powder Tom didn’t realize that dumping over the canister would create a chocolate cloud poof covering the both of you
    • “You know what…we’ll try again tomorrow.”
    • “Aw my little chocolate kiss.”
  • Ok, so maybe brownies were too advanced. You decided to start fresh the next day. Time for plan B, which would be chocolate chip cookies.
    • “Ooh does that mean I can eat the cookie dough.”
    • “Tommy, cookie dough isn’t good for you it has raw eggs.”
    • “You know what else will be ra-”
    • “THOMAS!”
  • You measured all of the ingredients but did allow Tom to decide how much and what type of chocolate he wanted.
    • “Okay, we have milk chocolate, white chocolate, semi-sweet, and bittersweet. Now I sugges-”
    • Before you can finish he just dumps all the bags into the bowl.
    • “Or we can do that too, that works.”
  • The cookies were actually turning out better than expected, surprising you.
  • “Tom you should be my helper more often. We could start a Youtube channel of us baking.”
  • “I’d have to talk to my agent and get payment worked out-babe I’m kidding. kidding.”
  • “You can calm it down Hollywood.”
  • “Ugh, not you too!”
  • The two of you would have sticky hands from rolling the cookies into balls of chocolate filled dough. 
  • He’d mischievously take his hands and run them through your hair.
    • “I just got my hair done.”
    • “Ugh fine, I’ll pay for you to get it done again.”
  • “Babeeeee, how much longer until it’s done?”
  • “It just went in the oven.”
  • The impatient little bean would be laying on the counter dramatically while watching the oven.
  • Finally, the timer went off and you took your masterpiece out of the oven.
    • “Thomas, let them cool down. I don’t need you burning yourself.”
  • A little heavy on the chocolate, but whatever made him happy.
  • You’d both sit on the counter feeding each other cookies.
    • “I love you cupcake.”
    • “Love you too babe.”
    • “Nooo, give me a nickname.”
    • “Love you too…pumpkin pie?”
    • “I’ll take it.”

So I was watching a new video from Cartoon Network Russia, which included previews for upcoming new shows and episodes and I saw… This.

All I can say is the one in purple better not be who I think it is. Donny is terrible sure, but if it turns out they’re doing what I think they’re doing they have crossed the line!

Now to be fair there’s a good chance that this could just be another PPG who happens to wear purple, but given what the reboot has done previously it honestly wouldn’t surprised me if this turned out to be her.



If they’re really gonna ripoff Twisted Sister… I just…

…Bug is done.

#183: “Car sex looks so much easier in the movies.”  -Finn Balor.

Thanks to the anon who requested this! I hope you like it! 

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OH MY GOD ok so dearsheroozle was sick and requested a Sweaty Engineering!Asami and Flustered!Korra drawing and I as usual made this way harder and more complicated than it needed to be and didn’t plan it out very well at all and had to just sort of make it work and anyway here it is 


Ok but real talk though?

Am I the only one who thinks it’s massively unfair on Aaron to co-parent Seb with Robert? (If that is indeed the route they decide to take). 

Because if this was meant to be the Robron baby, there were so many better ways, even within the same storyline, that they could have sold it to us. Like not having Aaron self-harm over it??? Robert could have still schemed, but they could have had a few scenes where Aaron helps Rebecca. They could have had him deliver the baby like they did Alicia with Amba. We got nothing!!!

I’m not saying they can’t merge Aaron with the Robert and Seb stuff, and make it compelling. Robron has and always will be compelling. But so far, none of the scenes with Aaron where Seb is concerned, have been positive? Plus because dad!robert was so rushed, I don’t feel that connection to this baby that other people seem to feel. 

ugh I could feel a little bit of empathy for paul because I get that he must feel terrible, but he makes sure I don’t by continuing to act like an entitled brat in his exit-interviews I mean he really seems to think that he deserved to win and that there was absolutely nothing he could have done better??? I mean I don’t expect him to understand what happened this soon after but he could say “well obviously my jury-management wasn’t great but I haven’t thought about what exactly I could have done differently” but he just acts like he is not at all responsible for his own loss the jurors just don’t understand this game and honestly get over yourself you suck at this game too

Lotor is an asshole



“God I just can’t STAND these paladins, they could have done better with Allura’s rats for goodness sake.” Lotor put his glass down and looked at the caged up blue paladin. “I mean look at this one. Sure he’s good looking so I’ll give her that but, ugh, so much emotional clutter.”

“Shut your Quiznak” Lance mumbled.

Lotor’s eyes popped and his hand flew to his chest.


He stormed out of the prison, only to be met with Haggar going down. She looked at him confused before walking into the prison herself.

“HIJO DE LA GRAN PUTA AND YOU ARE A QUIZNAK” The blue paladin yelled down the corridor.

Haggar’s eyes widened and she left immediately.


Anyways I want Lotor to be an absolute ASS to people who dont know as much as him because he’s a prince. And who doesn’t love asshole Lotor

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I agree with the motive! The strongest out of the A's, and the most creepy. It was SO Hitchcockesque, a twin usurping their own twin's place to live as her, actually believing they ARE her, but to me, they should have spent more time on it. Alex only got 50 minutes to reveal herself AND her story, meanwhile the ships got a full hour and more.. I'm not mad, I just think that it could have, and should have, been done better. I feel like I need more from Alex, but that's it. No closure.

I agree with every single word. I feel like we just met Alex and we’ll get to know her better in season 8. Oh wait.

I feel like they only just scratched the surface. There’s still so much more to explore, and they didn’t. Ugh. I’m mad. I do not feel closure. I feel confused.

Also, guys, I know I keep disappearing. I’m going to try to be better about it, starting with working through all the asks I’ve accumulated here. At the very least, I’ll aim to get through a handful of questions every Sunday.

And yes, I’m still working on it. I’m rewriting parts, in fact. There’s stuff that just wasn’t working and picking it apart has been a necessity that I’ve been loathe to do, because a part of me just… really really wants this to be over already.

But at the end of the day I want to have something I’m proud of, that I know reflects the best of what I had to offer in the moment (or several long, loooooong moments) when I was working on it. I know there’s a few people out there who have trouble comprehending this, and not all of them are going to stick around for the end when it eventually, inevitably gets here. I mean, it’s just a stupid cartoon, right? It’s just fanfic. Who gives a shit. Just finish it. Just be done with it. How much easier it would be, to just post it. I could just post what I have and be done with it. I could just be done with this.

And now I’ve sat here for a while, staring at my screen and unsure what else to say. Either you’ll be here or you won’t, and that’s fine - it’s within your right to do right by you. But I still have myself to answer to. And when I look back on TEF, I don’t want to see it in its entirety and think, “Ugh. I could’ve made that so much better.”

No. Here’s how THAT story’s gonna end:

“Fuck me. I made that. I fucking made that! And holy shit, did I make it fucking GREAT.”


cenedrariva replied to your postOh no.  The good thing about reading fics that are…

One of the cruellest acts Dean has done in the entire show, and he never really even apologises! Cas literally dies only hours before because he trusted the wrong person, and Dean just throws him out! No help! No guidance! it’s heartbreaking

Yes, oh my god. 

Also, Dean’s subsequent treatment of Cas doesn’t really hint at him feeling a lot of guilt or being aware of how hard this is for Cas. 

Just take 9x06 Heaven Can’t Wait. Their initial phone call is probably the first conversation they have since Dean kicked Cas out and it happens because Cas contacts him. We don’t know if Dean lost any sleep over sending Cas away or if soulfully gazed into his cerals, hearty heavy with guilt and worry. But judging by how he reacts to Cas’ phone call he doesn’t: he kind of snaps at him, the way he usually does when Cas (as an angel) sometimes went long periods of not talking to Dean and only calling when there was something up. Somehow it apparently hasn’t really clicked in Dean’s head that being human and on his own is not normal or easy for Cas. 

(Side note: I have a long standing theory that Dean’s treatment of Cas depends on how monstruous Cas is at the moment. Being human is the goal for Dean, so the closer Cas gets to being human the better in Dean’s head. So Cas being human is not a real tragedy for Dean, because being human tops being an angel. But this is a discussion for another time, this will already be a long post.)

Throughout their conversations in the gas-n-sip Dean is his usual long suffering “Cas why are you so weird” kind of self. He makes fun of him and generally doesn’t have a lot of compassion for Cas’ situation. Also, he doesn’t seem to really feel guilty until he realizes (??) that Ephraim came for Castiel’s pain and that Cas wasn’t just trying to be difficult when he explained how hard it was falling to earth and how he had nothing. 

Dean does apologize before leaving Cas (”Listen, Cas … Back at the bunker, I, uh… Sorry I told you to go. I know it’s been hard on you, you know, on your own. Well, you’re adapting. I’m proud of you.“) but it seems like a pretty weak apology to me.

Then they meet again in 9x09 Holy Terror and Dean rejects Cas once again. Also, he doesn’t even try to make it easier for Cas. He gives him absolutely no logical explanation, just some mumbling about Sam and having to keep him safe. He just needs Cas to be gone and doesn’t care how: “Look, I got to do anything I can to get [Sam] back. Now, if that means that we keep our distance from you for a little while, then… Then I don’t have a choice. I don’t feel good about it, but I don’t have a choice. It’s great to have your help, Cas. Okay, but we just can’t work together.”

(Hint: Both 9x03 and 9x09 were written by Bucklemming. Kinda feels they really wanted to push this stupid story line of Dean rejecting Cas and making Dean an ass.)

What also rubs me the wrong way is how Dean tries to bullshit his way through Sam’s worry about Cas. In order to fit his not all that well-constructed lie, he shifts the blame for Cas’ absence on Cas (because ditching them and doing stupid things on his own is apparently Cas’ thing, so why not go with that):

Any word from Cas?

Nothing yet.

And we’re not … worried about him, that he just took off like that again? I mean, it’s not like he does this kind of stuff alone.

It’s the way he wanted it, honestly. (looking at SAM, who looks unconvinced) Hey, look, man, he’s been all over the map since he got his wings clipped.

Ugh…!  And then Kevin dies and Gadreel takes off in Sam’s body and it all explodes in Dean’s face. Which means that now Cas will offer him emotional support and insist that Dean did everything he did “for the right reason”. And Dean’s treatment of Cas during this whole thing gets swept under the rug because Dean’s actions had even worse consequences than Cas’ homelessness and abandonment. 

And Cas’ grief always gets swallowed up in worse things. :C

I’m still inviting someone to come defend Dean if you think I’m being too harsh. I’m taking Cas’ side in this. Dean had options and Dean could have dealt with the fall-out much better. And Dean himself doesn’t really have to deal with the consequences of his actions. Sure, Kevin’s dead and he has angst about that. And sure, Sam is angry at him, but he calms down pretty quickly again because Dean’s being a (self-righteous) idiot when Sam’s rightfully upset with him. (Like going on solo missions and getting the Mark of Cain? Like guilt-tripping Sam for being upset with Dean? *sighs*) And Cas is in Dean’s camp so he doesn’t really have to make it up to Cas either. (Which he doesn’t even try to? Because in the second half of the season Dean’s dismissive of Cas and his mission, ridicules him and even mistrusts him until Cas proves his loyalty to Dean by personal sacrifice again. What the hell. Am I just getting myself into a mood now? Maybe I’m remembering it worse than it is because I get so fired up with anger on Cas’ behalf >w<)

Also, we know that Dean’s got a pretty weird way to deal with the emotions he causes people. Like when he wrongs Sam or Cas, he deals with it in a “eye for an eye” deal. In early seasons we have examples where the brothers punish each other physically for having wronged the other. They “repay” both good deeds and bad ones done among family that way. “You died for me, now I will sacrifice myself” or “you killed my teenage sweetheart, now I kill your monster spawn”. And with Cas Dean has this weird exchange where he doesn’t apologize to Cas for almost killing him at the end of S10, but decides to not let Cas heal him after Cas-under-the-attack-dog-spell hurts him. It’s his way of doing penance, that and not letting Cas apologize properly/ not even acknowledging Cas’ need to apologize properly. He didn’t really say sorry for what he did to Cas, he merely things his guilt has been undone because Cas hurt him back.

Ugh, we probably could have a deep look into how Dean’s character is built when it gets to accepting responsibilty, guilt, debts, punishments and penance. But this already got long enough and I’m not in the mood to feel sorry for Dean *lol* 

geez after 373 thousand years of working on this, i *finally* got it to a point where I’m happy enough to call it done. My dad once suggested during an art block that i integrate Psych with Portal and Doctor Who, and it inspired me to crank this monster out. It’s no where near perfect, it could be a lot better, but here it be