ugh i could have done better

So I was watching a new video from Cartoon Network Russia, which included previews for upcoming new shows and episodes and I saw… This.

All I can say is the one in purple better not be who I think it is. Donny is terrible sure, but if it turns out they’re doing what I think they’re doing they have crossed the line!

Now to be fair there’s a good chance that this could just be another PPG who happens to wear purple, but given what the reboot has done previously it honestly wouldn’t surprised me if this turned out to be her.



If they’re really gonna ripoff Twisted Sister… I just…

…Bug is done.

taekook fanfic rec #1

PLEASE feel free to recommend me any of your favorite BTS fanfics (any ship), because I will read them. Also, please let me know if you liked any of the stories I recommend!

IMPORTANT: All of the fics I rec will be on a scale of 8 to 10. (8- really good, happy I read it.  9- amazing, I loved it! 10- perfect, one of my favorites. [*]= top fave)

I hope you love the stories as much as I do! As always, happy reading~

1. Dating For Dummies

Summary: in which twitter is evil, jeon jeongguk is a bit tsundere, park jimin is satan and kim taehyung may or may not have a boyfriend.

Side Couples: Yoonmin, Namjin

Length: 12k words. Oneshot.

No warnings.

AU: Non-idol

Review: THIS WAS CUTE. And funny. And omg. It was a cute read, but the characterization was a little…off? You get over it pretty quick. I enjoyed it!

My Rating: 8.5/10

2. King of the Library, Knight of His Trade

Summary: Moral of the story? Don’t fuck with Jeon Jungkook or else you’ll end up ruining your perfect attendance to chase his coattails. 

Side couples: Suga x Jin (that’s a new one for me lol)

Length: 47.4k – 20 chapters (on Asian fanfic) (no chaps on ao3)


AU: College

Review: OH. MY. GOD. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS PLEASE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND READ. IT. RIGHT. NOW. Okay. Okay. I’m calm. This is probably my all-time fave Taekook fic or at least in the top 3. I stayed up till 3am to finish this amazing piece of perfection.

My Rating: 10/10

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Tangled (2010)

My little brother wants to learn five different instruments. He’s been begging my mom for weeks to find him somewhere to learn a new language. He’s played seven different sports in the last two years, and is still doing four. When I ask him about school, he loves it. He wants nothing more than to learn. Science fascinates him, and history makes him want to travel the world, and reading makes him want to be an author, and math helps him understand everything. Learning is magical and wonderful and a gift to my 8 year old brother. But then I look around me, at all of my peers, and all I hear is how done people are with school. All I hear is complaints about grades and homework and teachers and tests. School is no longer about learning. I used to love school. I used to be swept up into a magical new place every time I stepped in the classroom. But now that feeling has been squashed. That feeling has been stomped down so deep inside that I can’t even begin to remember what it was like to love school. Now I’m left counting the seconds until I can leave highschool and get away from it all. 31,104,000 and counting. He has so many dreams, and ambitions, and such a fantastic way of looking at life. I wish I had that too. I wish I could still dream of being in movies, or going to the moon. Now I dream practical dreams. Now I dream of things like economics, and desk jobs, and paperwork. I no longer have my ambitions because school told me they cant be done. I wish I could be like my little brother when I grow up, because what better thing to be, than a little kid.
—  A commentary on the American school system and dreams 

vieillesoul  asked:

I agree with the motive! The strongest out of the A's, and the most creepy. It was SO Hitchcockesque, a twin usurping their own twin's place to live as her, actually believing they ARE her, but to me, they should have spent more time on it. Alex only got 50 minutes to reveal herself AND her story, meanwhile the ships got a full hour and more.. I'm not mad, I just think that it could have, and should have, been done better. I feel like I need more from Alex, but that's it. No closure.

I agree with every single word. I feel like we just met Alex and we’ll get to know her better in season 8. Oh wait.

I feel like they only just scratched the surface. There’s still so much more to explore, and they didn’t. Ugh. I’m mad. I do not feel closure. I feel confused.

Be More Chill Somebody to Love Me (Expensive Headphones): Smashing

“So how’d the test go?” Michael met up with Rich just outside of the lunchroom when he noticed the paper he was carrying.

“89% bi-yatch!”

“That’s awesome!”

“Yeah, if you have helped me cram earlier I would’ve forgotten half this shit.” They high-fived when Rich saw Jake enter the lunchroom. “Oh hey, Jake’s back early.” Michael turned to see Rich’s boyfriend work a wince.

“Hey would you look at the time, I should go.”

“Go? But you just…” Michael was already gone before Rich could finish his sentence. “Nevermind.”

“Yo Rich!”

“Jakey-D! How’d the track meet go?”

“I was pretty awesome. We would have done better if-what happened to your makeup?”

“Oh, ugh gym class! I kind of sweat it off and forgot to put on again.” Rich hated the makeup, it felt weird everytime he put it on but Jake didn’t really care.


“Time to get me some 7/11 sushi.” Michael was heading out to the his car but stopped when he saw the P.T. Cruiser. One of it’s windows had been smashed in and someone had spray painted the word fag on the left side. Getting closer he saw a piece of paper stuck one of the mirrors. Grabbing it he felt himself get angry, now knowing who did it.

‘Stay the fuck away from Rich or else it won’t be the car next time.’


“Why didn’t you go to the cops?” Jeremy sat on the couch as Michael explained the past few days to him. “I’m pretty sure that could get him arrested.”

“Yeah but then what about Rich? Jake would probably just get a slap on the wrist and then he’d be angry and take it out on Rich. He had a black eye when he came into school today and told me some bullshit about a door.”

“And you can’t tell his dad…”

“So I’m just going to have to take it for now.” Michael sat down next to Jeremy letting out a tired noise. “ I just talk to him, Jer. It’s not like it’s flirting or anything but Jake’s just, ugh….”

“Let’s forget about that for right now, maybe some Dawn of the Dead action?”



“Why did you do that to Michael’s car?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Rich and Jake were in Jake’s motel room as Rich looked up from his phone.

“Jeremy told me someone wrecked Michael’s car.”

“Why do you think I did it?”

“You’ve been acting weird everytime we’re together. School, PinkBerry, why? Are you jealous? He’s just a friend!”

“Then why are you talking to him all the time?”

“That’s what friends do, Jesus Christ Jake. I’m going home.”


“I’m going home, talk to me when you feel like not being an asshole.” Rich ran out the door before Jake could stop him.

Lotor is an asshole



“God I just can’t STAND these paladins, they could have done better with Allura’s rats for goodness sake.” Lotor put his glass down and looked at the caged up blue paladin. “I mean look at this one. Sure he’s good looking so I’ll give her that but, ugh, so much emotional clutter.”

“Shut your Quiznak” Lance mumbled.

Lotor’s eyes popped and his hand flew to his chest.


He stormed out of the prison, only to be met with Haggar going down. She looked at him confused before walking into the prison herself.

“HIJO DE LA GRAN PUTA AND YOU ARE A QUIZNAK” The blue paladin yelled down the corridor.

Haggar’s eyes widened and she left immediately.


Anyways I want Lotor to be an absolute ASS to people who dont know as much as him because he’s a prince. And who doesn’t love asshole Lotor


OH MY GOD ok so dearsheroozle was sick and requested a Sweaty Engineering!Asami and Flustered!Korra drawing and I as usual made this way harder and more complicated than it needed to be and didn’t plan it out very well at all and had to just sort of make it work and anyway here it is 


geez after 373 thousand years of working on this, i *finally* got it to a point where I’m happy enough to call it done. My dad once suggested during an art block that i integrate Psych with Portal and Doctor Who, and it inspired me to crank this monster out. It’s no where near perfect, it could be a lot better, but here it be

it’s that time again, folks! it’s time to thank ALL of you for your love and support so far with Finduilas! you 301 followers,  have no idea what it means to me that you all have stuck around! we’ve been around for another year, now, and I couldn’t do this without any of you! So, now for the best of friends I have made, the ones who I’m still intimidated by, and the honorable mentions! 

{ Friends! }

@turambar-masterofdoom : my darling, I could not be where I am without you! I love our little ship and could not imagine them being any other way. we’ve come so far from them just having awkward conversations, to hiding in conference rooms or cuddling on couches. You have made Finduilas the kind and caring woman she is, and our character developments together give me life! thank ou for sticking around <3

@thegreatstrongbow : Oh my goodness my precious one <3 I love how our bbies went from bickering in the woods, to now being engaged! So exciting! Finduilas loves him so much and I have come to enjoy our times fangirling over them and planning everything that happens to them! You’ve been around since the beginning, and I cannot thank ou enough!

@thefatedfinwe : HEY YOU, YOU LITTLE SHIT! I can’t tag all of your blogs, so I’m tagging the main one. I FREAKING LOVE YOU. You’re so good to me and I don’t know what I’d do without you and your jokes and our angst between ALL of our ships! I also love the bantering and sarcastic remarks we have while I watch you stream final fantasy. You have given findu the love and attention she has always sought out, and you do it in so many ways! You’re the bomb dot com and I hope you never go away!!!

@hasty-riser : Can I just say, holy. shit. We have come SO far from the beginning! I always felt like I was bothering you when I would send you asks, but Tyelko and Findu, I have to say, have had the most development so far with ANY of my relationships! There’s so much between these two, that it makes me squeal when they interact. They’re just such smart asses with each other, and Findu can’t really do all the things she does with Tyelko with other people. Thank you for bringing out the wild child that has been hidden within her! 

@halfblessedhalfcursed : Oh sweet child! I love both the relationships that Fin has with her brother, and one of the first woman-loves of her life! Gil is such a kind and understanding brother, I don’t know what we have done to deserve him! Oh, and little tea Kettle! Findu is so madly in love with her, it’s ridiculous. She never thought she could fall so hard for another woman, but shiiit. Has she swooned hard! I love planning with you and putting all our angsty shit out there and ugh. You’re just a wonderful all around person!

@artaresto : So, you, my dearest, have been around LONGER than any of the honorables above. I love that fin and ory get along at times, but can be just shit heads to each other in the next few seconds! I love plotting with you and letting our wild children have their ways or argue at the top of their lungs. Ory has definitely made findu such a rebel (along with the help of tyelko), but let’s be honest. Daddy didn’t raise no fool! Thank you SO much for sticking with us and through all of our bullshit! You’re the best!!

@alyathefair : Oh my Jo, you rock my socks off! You have been there for me when I needed someone to cry to! And I’ve done my best to be there for you in return! I could not have asked for a better friend! I love our muses, and how they all act together and misbehave. Ugh. And our OOC chats, I die laughing! Hours and hours we can pull this stupid shit, and it’ll never get old. I’m glad I don’t get on your nerves <3 

@sashaofravenlock : ALL OF OUR ANGST IS AMAZING. Why are our children so cute?! I could not have asked for a better friend in all my days! I love that we can just plot and talk and just wander off topic about horses and donkeys and ugh. It’s so amazing and I cannot WAIT until we are able to meet up next year after we’re both graduated!! How exciting?!?! You’re the best therapist around, chica! Love you lots!!

@minstrelmaglor : Oh my sweet Eru. I cannot ever get enough of our children together! They’re so sweet and our angst that we have plotted out for the rest of their lives gives me LIFE. No matter how long we go without talking or anything, it’s like nothing ever happened! We just pick up right where we left off and it’s AMAZING. Miss you lots and hope you’re doing well!

@warden-of-lorien : Can I just say that I love your muse so much! He’s such a sweet little thing and Findu can’t get enough of him! I love the chemistry they have and I love plotting with you as well! Don’t be afraid to jump into my mailbox! We enjoy you very much!!

@ar-pharazon-the-fallen : MY KITTY! Oh I love how Fin and Calion get along. They’re literally like siblings and I cannot get enough! I love how they can be such little shits one minute, but super sweet and caring for another in the next moment. Ugh. They’re precious and I have no idea what I would do if I had never met you! 

{ intimidators! }

@0rome / @lordofelves / @mikhailvalhidris / @celeborn-of-doriath (yes, I know it’s silly, but still!)
@sorrowssinger / @lordofhimring / @sonsofelrond / @burkhanlig
@enviousking / @bxstiion-a / @crxwnedwiththxrns / @regnumverus

{ honorable mentions}

@feanors-daughter / @goldenhairedadvisor / @oropherrrrr / @aratinwe
@vardathestarkindler / @nolofinwefingolfin / @xstardomes / @finarfiniel
@sassykingofmirkwood / @goldenglorfindel / @kneel-to-the-playboy
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“they dont like you as much anymore” not to be rude but excuse me, piss off, if you bothered to fucking talk to sana and find out whats been bothering her and why she’s been acting so weird since dropping out of the bus, then maybe none of this would have happened. lmao dont you love when your best friends only think about russ time and getting in with the popular girls, not bothering to ask you why your whole world is literally crashing right before your eyes?? :))))))))) i am not ok

like ok, look at season 1, literally all of it is focused on Eva and her issues with Jonas and her hookup with Chris and all that jazz.

season 2 is pretty much all about william, noora trying to not hurt vilde, doing it anyway, and every now and then she notices something about someone else, ie Jonas didnt tell eva about his new gf, and Isak getting into Chris’s car that one time.

season 3 we see isak going through his personal struggles, trying to pay attention to his friends but not being able to because he’s distracted by his coming to terms with his sexuality and everything with even. We also see him and sanas friendship bloom and him defending her, as well as him listening to Eskild and learning more about him and the lgbt+ community and the stuggles they faced and continue to face. so theres an improvement here with main characters noticing other people’s problems as well as dealing with their own.

then season 4 we see sana burrying her pain and feelings so that she can be there for literally EVERYONE! and the ONE TIME she does something to help HERSELF (making saranors2), no one is there for her and everyones like “oh she’s changed”. nup, not having any of this. this girl squad better wake the hell up and see that sana is a selfless person who they are all lucky to have, and they are all selfish and only talk to her when it benefits them :)))))))))))))) (minus chris)


**** JUST ADDING THIS NOW, I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND THAT SANA HAS BLOCKED PEOPLE OUT WHEN THEY HAVE TRIED TO COMMUNICATE WITH HER! That’s completely true, she’s not entirely innoccent and she could have done so much to avoid the situation she’s in, but what’s happening now could have been handled so much better by the rest of the girls too. Yes, Sana did pushed people away, but that’s still no excuse for the girl squad to not try to talk to her anyway, despite her blocking them out. theres not much effort on anyone’s part. They should be doing everything in their power to understand what’s going on with her, not asking just once, but pushing and pushing until she tells them. I’M JUST SAYING THERE IS NOT ENOUGH EFFORT!

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hux being rescued from a shipwreck by mer-prince kylo ren

He takes Hux to a shore and tries to tend to his wounds as best he can. When Hux wakes up he’s covered in bits of seaweed and feels like his head is going to explode.
Next to him is a man, laying on his stomach with what appears to be a tail. A large fish tail. But that can’t be right.
“Oh, you lived,” the merman says.
“I couldn’t have possibly, you can’t be real,” Hux responds, his voice dry.
“I assure you, I am very real.”
Hux tries to sit up, but finds it difficult. He chest feels bruised and heavy.
“My ship, its gone?”
“Yes, the storm destroyed it and your crew.”
“I didn’t think it was going to be that bad…”
“You sailed in there on purpose?” the merman asks, shocked.
“Yes, there’s legendary treasure that way.”
The merman does not look impressed.
“Aren’t humans supposed to be smart?”
“Aren’t mermaids supposed to be beautiful?” Hux counters harshly.
“Well, I’m not a mermaid. I’m a merman.”
“Just my type,” Hux says sarcastically.
“You could at least say thank you, Starfish.”
“What did you just call me?”
“Well short of you telling me your name, I have nothing else to call you.”
“Armitage Hux.”
“Ben Organa-Solo.”
Hux is intrigued.
“I didn’t know merfolk had names.
Ben laughs, and it’s lovely. Deep and soft.
“What did you expect?”
“I didn’t expect you to be real.”
“Is that a un-clever way of saying I’m so beautiful you must be dreaming?”
Hux rolls his eyes and tries to get to his feet. With difficulty he stands and looks around. All he can see is water, and the unfamiliar island he’s on.
“Where did you take me, fish?”
“Ben. And that’s Prince Ben, by the way.”
“How nice for you. Now, I don’t know what type of business you creatures have but I’m sure it needs tending to. Hop, er, swim to it. Good day.”
Hux starts walking down the shore, trying to figure out a way to get off this deserted place and back to real civilization. If the past few minutes have done anything, it’s made him feel insane and miss human people.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Ben asks, swimming along side Hux.
“I’m going back to England, once I find some wood to build a small boat.”
“Good luck with that. There’s no land for miles. You would know that if you were a better sailor. But then again, you did get your ship wrecked.”
“Ugh, won’t you just leave me alone?”
“I could help, you know,” he says, and Hux already knows not to trust him.
“But you’ll have to come to my home, in the sea.”
“Are you daft? I can’t survive under water.”
“I can give you breathing abilities, temporary, of course.”
“Of course. And how do you do that?”
Ben smiles at him, teeth sharper than Hux expects.
“With a kiss.”
Hux has heard the sailors tell of mermaid kisses. How they’ll kiss you and drown you, then eat your body at the bottom of the sea. It wouldn’t make sense for Ben to kill him, since he’s gone through so much to keep him alive. And he really needs to get home. Hux is sure he’ll only survive a week or so on the small island. He’s dead either way.
“Alright, then. I’ll kiss you. And then you’ll help me get home?”
Ben nods excitedly, leaning up on his hands.
“Yes, after we’ve visited my home.”
Hux weighs his options once more, then sighs and falls to his knees in front of Ben.
“Alright. Do it.”
“Don’t be so glum, this is an honor for most humans.”
“For most…” Hux mutters.
Ben grins and pulls Hux into the water with him. Hux comes up wet and angry.
“What was that for!”
“How am I supposed to kiss you on land?”
“Oh, will you get on with it!”
Ben leans in and gently grabs Hux’s face, pressing their lips together.
Hux’s feels Ben’s breath full his lungs. His head feels light, he only barely registers that he’s gone underwater.
So Ben really does mean to kill him. Well, at least the kiss was nice.
But then Ben is letting go, and Hux is holding his breath.
“What are you doing?” Ben laughs.
Hux wants to scream at him for playing a prank on him. He goes to kick his legs but feels different. He looks down and sees he has a long, green tail.
“Ah!” Hux screams, letting out all his air. “What have you done to me?!”
And that’s when he realizes, bringing his hands to his neck, that he has gills as well.
“I gave you abilities.”
“This better be temporary!”
“They are, which is why we should hurry. Come along, Starfish, home is this way.”
Ben started to swim away in the direction of what Hux assumed to be his home. Hux found himself wishing he did drown, either in the shipwreck or the kiss. He just wanted to go home, and this seemed to be his only choice. So Hux cursed to himself, then awkwardly swam after Ben.

Also, guys, I know I keep disappearing. I’m going to try to be better about it, starting with working through all the asks I’ve accumulated here. At the very least, I’ll aim to get through a handful of questions every Sunday.

And yes, I’m still working on it. I’m rewriting parts, in fact. There’s stuff that just wasn’t working and picking it apart has been a necessity that I’ve been loathe to do, because a part of me just… really really wants this to be over already.

But at the end of the day I want to have something I’m proud of, that I know reflects the best of what I had to offer in the moment (or several long, loooooong moments) when I was working on it. I know there’s a few people out there who have trouble comprehending this, and not all of them are going to stick around for the end when it eventually, inevitably gets here. I mean, it’s just a stupid cartoon, right? It’s just fanfic. Who gives a shit. Just finish it. Just be done with it. How much easier it would be, to just post it. I could just post what I have and be done with it. I could just be done with this.

And now I’ve sat here for a while, staring at my screen and unsure what else to say. Either you’ll be here or you won’t, and that’s fine - it’s within your right to do right by you. But I still have myself to answer to. And when I look back on TEF, I don’t want to see it in its entirety and think, “Ugh. I could’ve made that so much better.”

No. Here’s how THAT story’s gonna end:

“Fuck me. I made that. I fucking made that! And holy shit, did I make it fucking GREAT.”


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tbh justin would be one of those people that can act a million different ways when their drunk like he could be happy drunk and he would be all giggly and smiley and he would say stupid stuff like “babe i lost my nose” or “my arm tastes like mac and cheese” and you would have the best time watching over him because he was such a dork and he’s already a dork when he’s sober so his drunk side makes him even more dorkier if that’s possible and wouldn’t be able to sleep all night like he would eat a million bags of candy and just be jumping all over the place and he would tire you out by the end of the night because it was like watching over a little kid but he could also be romantic drunk and he would never keep his hands off you like he would kiss your lips over and over again and keep his arm around your waist and rub your tummy and he would be so cute and say things like “we’re gonna get married one day, baby” or “when we have kids one day, i hope they turn out just like you, sweetheart” and he would always end up falling asleep with his head in the crook of your neck and there was also a his clingy drunk side where he would never want to let go of you and he would always be holding you and in the club he would be pouting the whole time and glaring at every guy that looked at you and when you guys get home he would want to be the little spoon and you would hold him and stroke his hair and he would just need to be reassured so many times throughout the night because he would always ask things like “you’re mine, right baby?” or “you only love me and no one else, right baby?” and you would find this side of him the cutest thing ever because it showed how much you meant to him and he would be so vulnerable it was adorable and  other times he would be aggressive drunk and he would throw things and punch walls and this side of him scared you the most and you didn’t know how to control him like you did his other sides and he would always say things that would be so hurtful to you like “god Y/N you’re so annoying and clingy all the damn time.” or “i don’t even know why i’m with you when i can have any girl i want.” and his aggressive side would always be mixed in with his cocky one and it would just be the worst version of justin and he would stay up all night and drink beer and smoke cigarettes and it would be the worst time for you or other times he would be horny drunk and right after a night out at the club the second the door closed to your house he would push you against the wall and kiss you with so much force and his hands would be running up and down your sides and his shirt would be somewhere in the living room and he would rip your clothes off and you guys wouldn’t even make it upstairs because he would want to take you right then and there and he would be growling and moaning into your ear and be saying things like “you’re gonna be good for daddy tonight, right?” or “fuck babe you’re so tight”  and he would be pounding into you so rough and let’s just say tomorrow morning you were sore as hell