ugh i cant handle these 2

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coffee time: hahahshhs so I have a crush on my childhood friend?????? we've been friends since fourth grade and now we're juniors and it's Horrible he's so cute and I caNT HANDLE IT and just his smile and his laugh and evERYTHING and he stops by my locker after school on most days and we talk and he's so easy to talk to and he's funny and great and amazing?? UGH he's a good person too whenever he smiles I want to stop time?? i could just look at his smile forever WOW SOMEONE STOP MY PINING ASS

that’s so cute oh my god i started smiling while reading this??? this message warms my heart he sounds so sweet and i really hope you get a chance to tell him you like him and he likes you back ahhh <33 

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How do you feel about Dishonored 2, and the fact that the Emily we know is now a 20 year-old assassin?

Im super excited to see my favorite little empress all grown up and kicking some ass! And the outsider seems to have bestowed upon her some interesting powers. Aslso cant wait to see more of the world of dishonored (though not gonna lie i was hoping it would take place in tyvia). Though I am a little nervous about the whole making a choice of playing Corvo or Emily…. like is something bad going to happen to the character you dont chose??? because i dont think my heart can handle that.

here have a badly drawn Emily (ugh i really need my tablet drawing on real paper is terrible)

EXO Beasts: Part 3 WIP | Part 1 | Part 2

yes i made suho a bunny and kris a dragon! b/c why not XD

and idk why i made luhan a pretty boy even though hes so manly ugh (plsdonthatemeluhan)

i cant deal with chen winking because i cant handle it very well but i just had too ;A; <3

that’s all of them >v< YAY~ i will split them into k and m when posting because i dont know how else ill split them up =^=