ugh i cant believe its over

Reason #5643 why American sex ed really needs to step up its game

So today in class, a boy turned to me and I shit you not he said, “I know you are a feminist, but I think they have gone too far, asking to get off of work three days a month for periods. I mean really, you just slap a band-aid over it and go.” Ladies and gentleman, the American sex education system.

Heated Quicky

“Babe! Can you believe this? Its 102 degrees!”

You walk into your living room to see Jimin standing in front of the TV complaining about the forecast.

You sigh at the intense heat. “The technician should be over sometime soon.”

You sit on the couch and grab a magazine and fan yourself. It fails you as you feel more frustrated by the waves of heat. You toss the magazine on the coffee table.

“The fans dont feel like theyre on. Ugh, they freakin’ suck.”

Jimin waves his hand infront of the fan. He rolls his eyes, “Useless.”

“I cant take this.” You stand up and take off your damp shirt. It was sticking to your skin which was just too uncomfortable and irritating. Your hair messily falls in place. Underneath the shirt was a fitted tank top with spaghetti straps that exposed a bit of your cleavage.

Jimin looks at you with wide eyes. He scratches the nape of his neck and smirks.

You give him a puzzled look. “What?”

His eyes and words trail off. “Whatre you- nevermind.”

You didnt think much of it. It was too hot and you were concerned about getting your AC fixed. Jimin enjoyed when you would confidently remove clothing in front of him.

You wipe your forehead and walk into the kitchen. You grab a glass. The sudden cold breeze from the freezer hits your face. You take a moment to embrace the cool flow. Suddenly, a pair of warm hands wraps around your waist.

You gasp at his touch. “Yah, Jimin!” You feel his hard on press against you. Jimin doesnt hesitate to kiss and nibble on the side of your neck. He knows what makes you tremble. Especially when he wants something from you, he completely takes over you. Sometimes, its hard to resist and tell him no.

You’d rather have the AC fixed first, but his touch was so convincing. He picks you up and sets you on the counter, leaving the freezer open for a cooler enviroment.

“What if the technician comes in a few minutes?”

Jimin kisses your lips slowly.
“I doubt he’ll be here that fast.” he smirks.

He slips his hand under your tank top and rubs one of your breasts. He looks up to you with lustful eyes and continues carressing.

Jimin wasnt always this confident when you began dating. Sure he was good looking and knew how to use his sexy charms, but Jimin was actually a fun-loving, silly kind of guy. His sexual side was not to be confused with his usual playful teasing. Being with Jimin, youve learned to distinct the two pretty well.

He lifts your shirt over your head, then kisses the top of your breasts. Jimin looks at you again. You crash your lips onto his and began kissing him intensely.

You feel his hands unclasp your bra, releasing your breasts before him. He breaks the kiss to remove his own shirt, then trails his lips to your breasts. You feel his warm tongue lap around your left, then right nipple. You let out a slight moan.

You run your hands down his chiseled torso. He wraps your legs around him and lifts you off the counter, pressing your bare torso against his.

You kiss his cheek then nibble on his earlobe. That earns a groan out of Jimin. He places you on the couch and leans down to your torso. He licks and gently sucks on your breasts. You moan and lightly clench his hair.

He leaves kisses on your stomach. His soft lips make you giggle. Jimin smirks and proceeds to unbutton your shorts. You help him slide them down as well as your panties.

He licks his two fingers and immediately slides them in with ease.

“Mmm…” you moan out.

Jimin pumps his two fingers in and out of you slowly, then gradually speeds up. You pull him close to embrace a passionate kiss. He slides another finger into you, making you release a moan in his mouth.

He pumps even deeper making you close to your climax. It was hot as hell and Jimin made you even hotter. You didnt care at the moment, you were too busy enjoying it.

“Jim- Jimin-ah, I feel close.”

He gives his fingers a wiggling motion while still sliding in and out at a fast pace.

You let out a sigh as you release on his fingers. You pant as his fingers exit your wet opening.

Bold knocks interrupt your ecstasy.

“EZ AC Repairman!”

“Aish.” you whisper. You recollect your breath and quickly slide your bottoms back on.

“Just a minute!” Jimin yells.

You both rush to the kitchen to grab your tops. Jimin washes his hands and grabs a towel to wipe the remains of your release off the couch. You adjust your hair and recieve a quick kiss from Jimin. He gives you a promising look.

“We’ll finish this later.”

this love. ugh i cant. the way chuck looks at blair makes me believe in happy ever afters. everybody deserves a chuck bass in their life. not only is it the way he looks at her, but its the way he fought for her, the way that he never truly gave up on her and their love. chuck bass once said: “one thing that i’ve learned, is that in the face of true love you don’t just give up, even if the object of your affection is begging you to”.  i know it’s easier said than done, but everyone would love to have someone fighting for them, over and over because they knew they were meant to be. that crazy out of this world love, is worth it.