ugh i cant believe its over




Woozi Fluff (kinda?)

Ok i have no idea what came over me especially considering ive never done this before but i wrote this last night and ugh im sorry if its terrible but here it is because now i just have it

“Sweetie, are you done yet?” you ask as your boyfriend continues to glare at his laptop. You’re sitting right in front of him but he doesn’t look up.

“Hm?” His hand’s at his chin and he’s still glued to the screen. His brows furrow, making him look pretty angry.

You sigh. You’ve been waiting for a while. Since he doesn’t seem to be responding, you just look around the room, again. You’re sitting on Woozi’s bed, where he likes to work when he’s at the dorm. He has a top bunk so you just lean over and dangle your hair off the edge, pouting to the ground, the only thing in the room that seems to notice you. Well, that and Hoshi who’s sitting on his bed underneath. Letting out another sigh, you sit back up and look at him. Even waiting, you manage to chuckle, amused at how engrossed he gets with his music. It’s always been like this. Before you can say anything, Hoshi calls from below, “(Y/N), it’s only 1 pm. Why don’t you go out and come back when he’s less…scary-like?”

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