ugh i can't with these two


Falling in love starts with, “Who the fuck is this?” - Louis CK


I couldn’t control myself when @upthehillart drew these two loser girlfriends..

also i have been collecting aesthetic for my interpretation of pansy- who by the way, is a total baby girl!


@sixofcrowsnet creation event - the crew

a crew desperate enough to take on this suicide mission and dangerous enough to get the job done - six of the deadliest outcasts the city has to offer.

*WTTM is leaked*

Some antis: lmao this is all fanservice, otayuri won’t ever be canon!

Me: remembers the weeks of victuuri butt shots, naked stretching, cuddling, and apparent “fanservice” all leading to a canon engagement.


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here is such a beautiful edit that i found, (i wish i was this talented) and it just shows the beautiful relationship between jonah & cyrus. tbh, they have one of the healthiest relationships on the show atm. the only person who hasn’t left jonah, is cyrus. i just really hope for a happy ending with both of them, because they are honestly so happy when they are together, i mean seriously.
@persongoingfast tagging you…well, cause i can & you should see this!

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The signs as things I've heard in the first week of college
  • Aries: "Hey don't judge my closet." "I can't. I used to live there!"
  • Taurus: "Plastic bowls are valid bowls!"
  • Gemini: "No, no. We're in college, just spike my drink without telling me."
  • Cancer: "Yeah! Then she went like legit missing for two years, and somehow she ended up here."
  • Leo: "I...uh...I...I WORE A SPEEDO!!!"
  • Virgo: "This tea bag looks like a tampon. It's a tea-tampon... It'S A TEAPON!"
  • Libra: *While walking around in a big group holding hands* "We're all walking around like big gay preschoolers."
  • Scorpio: "Would you wear this to see your professor?" *professor points to woman dressed provocatively* "Depends on the professor." "Depends on your grade."
  • Sagittarius: "What does he look like?" *professor points to screen showing a young man* "SINGLE!"
  • Capricorn: "Just do what I do. Get a punch bowl, put two redbulls, one and a half monsters, three 5hour energies. Then later take half a bottle of z-quil to bring you down... Works best in group shots."
  • Aquarius: "Drumline is the definition of going hard."
  • Pisces: "Your argument is invalid." "YOUR MOM'S INVALID." "How'd you know I was invalid?"

sometimes I think about that pidge has cried in 3 episodes, like cried with actual visible tears. She’s actually cried more than anyone I think and that’s super interesting to me because we all think of her as a super tough cookie but she’s soft.

  • Me two days ago: Okay so Beauty and the Beast is my favorite animated movie and Belle is very special to me and I'm just really worried the live action is going to suck I'm not crazy about Emma's singing and also the dress is hideous and I mean ugh I'm just terrified I'll hate it