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Always looking across to the other side. 


Charles Dance being adorable/sexy as hell in Was It Something I Said? (x)

And here to read our quotations is an actor who once said “I’m a great worrier. Truly. All the time, worry, worry, worry. Still asking myself, ‘will I ever make it?’”
Well, if the question was, 'on to a channel 4 panel show?’ The answer is yes!

Me after watching a substandard live action adaptation of a beloved manga

♕ The part where I'm emotionally compromised.

Wow, I seriously can’t believe I have almost 250 followers already. I just joined a few days ago, and never expected to have any success whatsoever. I just felt bogged down and pressured on my other blogs, wasn’t having fun anymore, and decided to make a fairly large fandom leap. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at Erik, and I’m so glad that I did. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming…It’s really all I can do to flail and throw smooches at all of you. I figure there will be an influx of Erik’s after the new movie comes out, and then you’ll all realize you’ve been tricked into thinking I’m quality somehow. xD But for now, I’m clinging to every last one of you.

This is just a list of folks who I’ve written with and/or stalked so far. It’s a small list for now since I haven’t had much time to get to know many of you, but you’re all precious! If you aren’t on here I do apologize, and I assure you I would 1000% love to interact with you, ic and ooc. Anyone is welcome to jump on me at any time; in fact, I encourage it! c:

тнαηк уσυ 

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