ugh i can't deal with them

  • Cockles Haters: God, I hate Cockles.
  • Cockles Shippers: Ugh, me too. So gross!
  • Cockles Haters: No ... like I REALLY hate that ship.
  • Cockles Shippers: Yeah, I know. I do too! All the soft touches and heart eyes, they just need to stop already!
  • Cockles Shippers: Seriously! Those poor women-- always having to deal with their husbands' grotesque flirting. Well, at least they have each other to flirt with, right?
  • Cockles Haters: ????
  • Cockles Shippers: 😊😊😊
  • Cockles Haters: I hate JMDV too.
  • Cockles Shippers: Oh I know! ThEy'Re sO gROsS!

this stuff is getting 2 the point where i’m gonna have to………..that’s right , folks……..actually talk to someone abt it…….or smthing

When EXO Teaches You Martial Arts
  • You: ugh I'm so hungry why isn't there anything in the fri- oh hey Kyungsoo
  • D.O: helloo you look beautiful today 
  • You: oh thanks
  • D.O: *inches closer and stares intensely* 
  • You: ......ok I'm gonna go now 
  • *In the dorm room*
  • You: what the hell??? Where's my shampoo I just bought a new bottle
  • D.O: oh sorry. The smell of it just reminded me so much of you, I HAD to have it 
  • You: ummm WHAT?
  • You: 
  • Extremely creeped out, you go to buy new shampoo when you run into Tao and an idea pops into your head
  • You: Tao! Listen, kyungsoo's been acting really weird lately and It's really scaring me. I wanna learn to protect myself and- TAOO can u stop looking in the mirror and listen!!!! 
  • Tao: ugh so what he's into you big deal. You think I have time to help you? I have to go yell at my stylist because LOOK! She parted my hair on the COMPLETELY wrong side of my head am I supposed to walk around like this 
  • You: I'll buy you whatever you want if you help
  • Tao: kris already does that 
  • You: I'll shower with you
  • Tao: kris already does that 
  • You: when people doubt your martial arts skills, I'll tell them you once did a triple flip kick in the air 
  • Tao: why don't you just tell them I was a really good teacher
  • You: you probably won't be
  • Tao: I probably won't be. Ok let's start. The first thing you have to do is...kick! 
  • You: *kicks*
  • Tao: ugh oh my god I can't deal with this u suck
  • You: well tell me how to do it right!!! 
  • Tao: no u just suck there's no hope
  • Kris: ayo wassup wassup wassup guyzzzz. Whoa what're you guys doing, martial arts? That's so my style. I'm pretty good at that stuff myself.
  • Tao: you don't even have the proper form you have to- 
  • Kris: honestly Tao just because your good at one thing doesn't make you that special ok i can diss you in 3 different languages so gimme some respect 
  • Tao: at least I can take good selcas 
  • Kris: get out. I CAN teach her. 
  • You: uuum look guys I just want some basic stuff in case I have to defend myself ok don't start showing off or-
  • Kris: I CALL THIS ONE THE MEGASWAG BACKFLIP 3000 and-bleugjasbsaaaggghhhhhhh!!!!!! *trips and hits his head*
  • You: how did you just trip 
  • Kris: it's a really complicated move ok 
  • You: I'm pretty sure you tripped before you even attempted it??
  • Kris: I'm pretty sure you need to shut the fuck up . I'll start with something simpler for an amateur like you. This is the fist pump like THIS ! 
  • *bangs knuckle against dangling light* 
  • Tao: *high pitched* aaaaaagghhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooo kris oppaa!!! No pls no 
  • *Tao cups Kris's face in his hands and a tears begin to fall*
  • Tao: I need to get him to the infirmary
  • You: ok it's actually just a cut and I haven't even learned one thing yet 
  • Tao: oh mygOd you are literally SOOO selfish are you really thinking about yourself right now when kris is so gravely injured?? Ugh I'm taking him bye
  • You: (left alone) wow I knew this would be useless 
  • D.O: oh hello jagi
  • You: um nO fucKity BYE 
  • D.O: oh i don't think so. There's something I've wanted for a long time 😏. I was thinking of asking you this point I think it's gonna happen whether you like it or not ohhhh yea this is gonna be so much fun.
  • You: ...uuuuummm
  • D.O: come with me to the movies noona I really don't wanna go alone again 

Shoutout to my Ace and Aro mates out there who have to deal with crap like their bosses telling them they need to get married and give their parents grandbabies and negating their personal decisions not to have kids no matter what reasoning you give them. Like it’s their business at all in the first place. That got pretty specific. But yknow, general BS like dis.

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Daemons. They don’t stop working. They’re always active. They seduce. They manipulate. They own us. And even though you’re with me, even though I created you, it makes no difference. We all must deal with them alone. The best we can hope for, the only silver lining in all of this is that when we break through, we find a few familiar faces waiting on the other side.

i’m such a fucking weirdo i’m way to straight forward ??????? like ugh
this person on ig started following me and they have one of those like role play fan accounts and so i texted them and i was like “ hey i’ve got nothing better to do if u need me to be this person hmu dude”
like they followed me YESTERDAY and they probably
think i was flirting with them. i hate myself ugufufufuduf

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What if (not true but ugh) gryles were dating and happy but Harry can't come out yet and Nick cant deal with that cos he finally is out and wont be in the closet again and Harry runs away to la but theyre in love and lots of angst and fluff

Ohhhh, anon, you are playing my song. I looooooooove this trope (purely as a trope; IF IT WERE TRUE, I’D BE SO SAD. BE HAPPY, BOYS) - and it isn’t that neither one of them isn’t having a good time while they’re apart. Nick’s rarely alone, as is Harry. They thrive with other people around. Nick’s got his Collette and his Sadie and his team and his dog, and he doesn’t allow himself to sink into the “what ifs” but it comes to him sometimes, when he’s just woken up at arse o’clock in the morning, having stumbled into the shower, and he’s still half asleep and the image of Harry right there in the bath with him will sort of appear, like he’s still dreaming, and he’ll just stand under the hot spray and forget to wash himself, because he’s too busy trying to wipe the image away. Because he promised himself he wouldn’t do it, he promised himself that this was better, this was loads better than not seeing your boyfriend ever, and not being to TALK about him like he’s your boyfriend.

And Harry - Harry parties a lot, and hobnobs out in LA. He hangs out with Zach Braff, has a great time at Sundance, and he really does like Kendall quite a bit. She’s funny and kind and isn’t like her family at all, and she’s so pretty. But she isn’t Nick, and Harry tells himself that that’s the point. Nobody is Nick, and he can’t have Nick, because Nick had said as much. And Harry can’t come out right now. He just can’t, so much depends on him not coming out, and hey, if he doesn’t have a boyfriend right now (not anymore; not for months now), there isn’t a point to coming out. It’s moot.

So, whenever he sees Nick’s name come up on Instagram, or on Twitter, he sort of just lets it pass by. They’re friends. They speak. They even saw each other before Harry had left for LA, a quiet lunch out by Nick’s, in public, where neither would be tempted to start something they’re going to regret later, but it’s not the same. Harry does manage to ‘accidentally’ walk away with Nick’s jacket on his back. Nick doesn’t mention it.

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Chris Carter's "Mulder and Scully loves each other but they can't be with each other right now" seems to be like he's getting them back together in season 11. But like I wish he could address what makes them unable to be with each other more in season 10. I would be interested in seeing that 150% more than whatever we had in Babylon and MS 2 ugh.

Absolutely. Chris wanted to deal with the issue of William and there was such a wonderful possibility to bring it up through Mulder and Scully’s difficult relationship. I wanted Chris to show me why Scully left Mulder. Use small flashbacks, use dialogue but please tell me about it. Show me the arguments and then the indifference. Show me Scully packing her suitcase and trying to keep it together. Show me Mulder’s depression, the messy state of the house after Scully left. Give me a glimpse of their separated lives on a Friday at 10:13pm, him alone hypnotised by his laptop, Scully in her bath with a glass of wine trying not to call him. Show me Scully alone in her apartment, living her life like a robot while Mulder is trying to survive his like a zombie. If they couldn’t be together because of Mulder’s depression, I wanted to see why and how they are going to make it better. 

The only writer who seems to have understood the crisis Mulder was in is Darin Morgan, when he shows Scully trying to reinstate the will to believe in Mulder and how by doing so, Mulder understands it’s his life and his battle. Following MASMTWM, Mulder becomes capable of supporting Scully in her own personal crisis with her mother’s death and I think it works very well to show how they are already doing much better as a couple.

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Omg. This girl I know said that Ferguson is "not a big deal cos people die every day." I just can't even. She used freakin abortion to justify that cop getting off. She said "You don't see people rioting every time an unborn baby is murdered." I want to barf. I called her out and pointed out anti-choice violence but of course all her "good Christian" friends started backing her up. Ugh.

There is no low that anti-choicers won’t stoop to and there is no arguing with them. I fully advocate for dumping some sort of beverage into her lap.