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HELLO I AM THAT PERSON WHO JUST GOT DONE LIKING EVERY POST (Sorry about that, I am very compulsive and when I find a blog that's WORTH THE TROUBLE of scrolling endlessly, I do it. It doesn't happen often.) I got like most of the way through and somewhere along the way I saw that I'M OLDER THAN YOU which just blows my effing mind man, like, I thought you were a grown-up. Ugh I'm almost eighteen, man, I'M about to be a grown-up. But yeah so like this is some good quality material. Thanks for that.

Thank you for going into an endless scroll and sending this awesome message! I’ve actually been getting some shit recently about how my blog is basically terrible and sad, and people like you remind me that it’s not.

*flash backs of seeing my mental age as 48 from that one test I did while bored.* I’m actually surprised that you saw me as an adult though, mostly because I think that I look/act like a fucking tween on this blog. Good luck being an adult in the adult world, some people look forward to it while some are scared shitless. I am both.

The Wire and Amok Time

It’s no secret that the Star Trek TOS episode “Amok Time” and the Deep Space Nine episode “The Wire” have quite a few uncanny parallels. Many fans have already pointed this out, but I wanted to write a more detailed analysis for these two episodes for ages. So here it is.

In the beginning of both episodes the audience is lead into a casual setting, with Jim and Bones (TOS) walking along a busy corridor and Julian and Garak (DS9) having their usual weekly lunch. However the plot develops from this point pretty fast.

Spock, who previously refused a physical in sickbay now shows obvious signs that something is amiss. He refuses food and shows an uncharacteristic outburst of temper. 

While Garak and Julian wait for their food, they get into an argument over Cardassian literature, nothing new here. (Seriously sometimes I think arguing is how Cardassians flirt.) But Garak is more aggressive than usual and there is a sum of four moments where he has to stop talking, because his body is exhibiting signs of miniature seizures. 

In contrast to Julian’s failed attempts to drag Garak into the infirmary, Jim orders Spock to undergo his physical. That is how the audience learns that Spock is dying of an hormonal imbalance. 

In the Wire this happens a bit later, when Garak’s body collapses under the strain of his mysterious sickness and the additional amount of drugs and alcohol he took to keep the pain at bay. But just as Spock in Amok Time Garak, too is going to die unless something is done. 

There are two general themes in both episodes: the intense shame/anger both Spock and Garak feel and the impending loss of control (that later leads them to almost kill their only friend) as a result.

For Vulcans it is completely uncharacteristic to let an outsider even know of Pon farr, since Vulcans pride themselves in logic and this is the one time every seven years they completely lose it. Therefore Spock’s first reaction to the whole debacle is shame.

Wherein Garak…well it’s Garak. He couldn’t tell the truth to save his life, quite literally. And since the implant that is killing him was basically a farewell present before he was sent into exile I can understand why he shrouds this particular part of his past in secrecy. Julian came closer to him than anyone in decades thus fermenting Garak’s frustration about this, his exile and his current condition into extreme bouts of anger. 

And while Jim has to fight his best friend because Spock is under the influence of pon farr and thus can only see him as a rival…

…Garak attacks Julian while he suffers from the consequences of extreme withdrawal. (He turned his implant off and therefore his endorphin supply and basically quit cold turkey).

But even though the settings and the details differ from one another, some of the fight scenes themselves are eerily similar. (Surak hold me they even included the asphyxiation in DS9. Here’s to you, Theodore Sturgeon!)

In the end both Spock and Garak are saved, because of their respective best friends, who BOTH took great risks to do just that. Because while Jim “only” risks his career by disobeying orders and rerouting the Enterprise to Vulcan.

Julian sets off on his own and visits Enabran Tain, the most dangerous man in Cardassian Space. He risks his life to get the specifics on Cardassian biology he needs to save Garak. 

There is a lot (believe me A LOT) more I could list here, but these are the parallels that stick out the most, because in the general plots of these episodes they almost mirror each other.

And on a completely different note, because of course the writers of “The Wire” couldn’t resist the temptation of including one of the most infamous scenes from the TOS universe. 

So naturally they included what many fans (me too) have dubbed “The Sickbay Scene” from the Motion Picture Movie. Which is the very same scene that is widely regarded as the moment that Kirk and Spock finally got together after their separation. But that’s material for another meta.

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hi! i know we've never talked but i saw ur follow forever and i just wanted to tell u u and ur blog are so cute and i love seeing ur posts on my dash! i was honestly really surprised u followed me back ^-^ ps-i'm sorry about the lecture T-T i know how it feels

aww jessica (i hope u’re ok with me publicly posting this 😳) thank u for leaving a message & ofc ! i want all of the quality blogs on my dash 😌✨ but ahhh you’re too nice~ and also Y E S ugh, it’s okay though because i like learning about it on my own anyway, but still it’s a pain at 9 AM 😰

i hope you’re having a great night 💞


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“I don’t punish men for bravery. I reward them”
“I don’t doubt it, your grace. But I am a brother of the Night’s Watch. I’ve pledged them my life, my honour, my sword. I don’t know what I have left to give you.”