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What pisses me off about people defending Charlie’s death is that they say we are ignoring Charlie’s agency over her own choices that led to her death. No, asshole, that’s not what I am pissed off about. I am pissed off that killing women especially lesbians to further men’s arcs and man pain has become a socially acceptable tv trope. That more often then not, straight white men are the ones making the decision to kill off the character saying it furthers the story and was needed for the story to advance. No, BOB, it was NOT needed, Supernatural is orignal and has no source material it needs to stay in line with. Sam and Dean could have burst in at the last minute and saved her. Her being greviously injured could have furthered Dean’s arc and man pain without killing her, and Dean still would have wanted vengenance. Dean would have been at the same level of rage, and you could have avoided the misogynistic lesbian death trope that is far too common in tv. Because mark my words, Charlie made her own choices, but the ultimate result of those choices is still rooted in misogyny.

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