ugh i am emotional


my dear is it all we’ve ever been?

oh god oh god oh god i’m not ready for the last episode tomorrow :’(((

This moment…the ‘Sorry I’m late’ gets me every time. And Mickey’s tender hand on Ian’s face and Ian exhaling… It was perfect and this song is so perfect for them. It fits them so well! These two make so much sense, together it feels like they make each other better, especially in the shitty situation they are constantly surrounded in. And when Ian finds out how messed up his head is and it is going to be for life. He is reaching out to Mickey. Ugh…both boys are so in love and constantly want to take care of each other. They are gonna be an emotional death of me (Fucking writers that are ruining them and their characters). 

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When Jeff took the job with the Aces, he knew nothing about hockey beyond what he read on their Wikipedia page ten minutes before the interview.

It had been a stroke of good luck that he happened to know a friend of a friend that got somehow got his portfolio on the desk of someone important with the hockey team. The next thing he knew getting offered a job with the PR team that paid three times more than what what the newspaper could offer him.

So, Jeff moved out to Las Vegas with barely any time to pack up his belongings, and the next day, he was finishing up the last of the paper work. After the morning of grueling meetings, Jeff went to go see the team on the ice. He wanted to practice getting a few shots to get an idea of how he was going to photograph them during games. He did know how to get a good photo while the athletes were in motion, but he’d never done hockey before.

Jeff watched for a bit from the stands. The plays they were practicing were beyond his understanding, but it was fascinating to watch them skate with an unexpected grace as they chased after the puck. He got a couple of shots in and decided that they weren’t bad.

At the end of practice, Jeff started to pack up his camera when he realized that one of the guys had come up to him. The guy was still in his gear, though the helmet was tucked under an arm. His wild, blond hair was damp from sweat and pushed back carelessly. Jeff immediately recognized him as the captain, Parson.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before,” Parson said thoughtfully as he assessed Jeff. 

“I’m new,” he explained after he’d introduced himself.

“I know.“ Parson’s tone was innocent, but the look in his eyes suggested otherwise. “I would have noticed you.”

Jeff, for a brief moment, thought he’d misheard, but Parson smirked, and that was when Jeff knew he was in trouble.

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BaekXing in 2015 pt 4 - Being Each Other’s #1 Fan

constant compliments from zyx to bbh

zyx, byun baekhyun’s #1 fanboy seriously zyx your crush is too much

and of course bbh thinks highly of zyx too!

beyond compliments, they really care for each other a lot

bbh fixing zyx’s mic

bbh always looking out for zyx and encouraging him 

omg bbh is such a fanboy. I CANT EVEN.

and of course lay wants everyone to know the progress on the byun abs im waiting byun baekhyun

but really. they care about each other so much. baekxing is truly beautiful.

they really are the two most precious people in the world. they love each other so much.

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My reactions @4cc's last group

Boyang jin: his strength is his jumps, but he can’t rely on them today. 100 TES v. 77 PCS. Quite a margin

Patrick chan: he is beautiful on ice as always, but he entered fs with no room for error. He had a great start but the middle jumps :( a stark contrast to jin, with his 92 PCS and 89 TES. Still ahead of boyang tho. Tbh I wanted him on the podium so it will depend on everyone else, but I dont want to see the next guys falling either

Han yan: he fell on his 3a, a shame bc I really like his 3a. That and other mistakes gave him a 77 TES. His SS was still good as usual, but he only had 78 PCS. He knows he could have done better.

Shoma uno: he actually landed the flip and the loop lmao. He made mistakes in like 3 jumps (2 falls on both 3A’s, his best jump, but lands the 4fp and 4lo hahahah) but his spins were better than in the SP. He is guaranteed a spot on the podium as he is the 3rd to the last to skate and is currently in 1st place with 98 and 91 in TES and PCS. I am his fan if it’s not yet obvious but I feel like I quite underestimated him.

Yuzuru hanyu: He popped jumps but other elements were clean and beautifully executed. Did he change his layout on the spot?? And that last 3A istg. Im pretty sure there shouldnt be one there but Ill still take it and give it +3 anyway. He performed better than at his SP. He takes first place. I hope he keeps it bc I want him to get his first gold in 4cc already, he deserves it, with his 112 TES and 94 PCS.

Nathan chen: his consistency in the jumps give him gold. He stepped out on two jumps but those are the only obvious mistakes. His TES is 115 and his PCS is 89, gets 307 in his total, and thus surpasses the 300 mark

The podium, thus: chen, hanyu, uno

*scores may have been reviewed and updated

  • someone: my mental illness is taking over my life and chasing all of my friends away i don't know what to do i feel it's getting worse and i can't stop it. :(
  • me: go to a psychiatrist and get some help
  • someone: noo :( i had a :((( bad experience once :( and i'm not :(( comfortable talking about my emotions :((((((
  • me: so your one bad experience and feeling uncomfortable means more to you than losing all of your friends and any happiness as everything is getting obviously worse? you realize that's what you're saying, right?
  • someone: why :( do you have to be :(((( so mean for? :(( you don't understand! :(((
  • me: yeah whatever. have fun losing all of your friends
Shit the signs say
  • Aries: what the hell is this shit
  • Taurus: seriously? Not again.
  • Gemini: I CANT EVEN.
  • Cancer: fuck this shit.
  • Leo: Ugh why am I so emotional right now
  • Virgo: I need to get this done wtf
  • Libra: CRYIN SO HARD
  • Scorpio: but what happens when I die.
  • Sagittarius: I hate everyone rn.
  • Capricorn: sex sex sex I like sex.
  • Aquarius: I look hot today.
  • Pisces: I'm a fish, swim swim swim.

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i am not really sure if we have something, but i hope we have because ugh i am getting emotions about you