ugh i am emotional

Bpd Expression

When you actually open up but immediately regret it, and feel stupid cause you don’t feel vaild or worthy enough to feel certain things. You start feeling embarssed, stupid and silly. From being emotional to wishing you never said a thing and now want to hide. Figure they hate you or you just got on their nerves all for just actually trying to express your fucking feelings. Ugh.

I. Don’t. Wanna. Be. Like this.

oh god oh god oh god i’m not ready for the last episode tomorrow :’(((

BaekXing in 2015 pt 4 - Being Each Other’s #1 Fan

constant compliments from zyx to bbh

zyx, byun baekhyun’s #1 fanboy seriously zyx your crush is too much

and of course bbh thinks highly of zyx too!

beyond compliments, they really care for each other a lot

bbh fixing zyx’s mic

bbh always looking out for zyx and encouraging him 

omg bbh is such a fanboy. I CANT EVEN.

and of course lay wants everyone to know the progress on the byun abs im waiting byun baekhyun

but really. they care about each other so much. baekxing is truly beautiful.

they really are the two most precious people in the world. they love each other so much.

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my dear is it all we’ve ever been?


When Jeff took the job with the Aces, he knew nothing about hockey beyond what he read on their Wikipedia page ten minutes before the interview.

It had been a stroke of good luck that he happened to know a friend of a friend that got somehow got his portfolio on the desk of someone important with the hockey team. The next thing he knew getting offered a job with the PR team that paid three times more than what what the newspaper could offer him.

So, Jeff moved out to Las Vegas with barely any time to pack up his belongings, and the next day, he was finishing up the last of the paper work. After the morning of grueling meetings, Jeff went to go see the team on the ice. He wanted to practice getting a few shots to get an idea of how he was going to photograph them during games. He did know how to get a good photo while the athletes were in motion, but he’d never done hockey before.

Jeff watched for a bit from the stands. The plays they were practicing were beyond his understanding, but it was fascinating to watch them skate with an unexpected grace as they chased after the puck. He got a couple of shots in and decided that they weren’t bad.

At the end of practice, Jeff started to pack up his camera when he realized that one of the guys had come up to him. The guy was still in his gear, though the helmet was tucked under an arm. His wild, blond hair was damp from sweat and pushed back carelessly. Jeff immediately recognized him as the captain, Parson.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before,” Parson said thoughtfully as he assessed Jeff. 

“I’m new,” he explained after he’d introduced himself.

“I know.“ Parson’s tone was innocent, but the look in his eyes suggested otherwise. “I would have noticed you.”

Jeff, for a brief moment, thought he’d misheard, but Parson smirked, and that was when Jeff knew he was in trouble.

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A Little Wicked - Part VII

Chibs x Vivi (oc)

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Warnings:: sexual themes (not actual smut though, still, get outta here if you’re not 18+), swearing, sickly sweet fluff (I guess?? I’m not very good at fluff) and a good measure of angst; there’s also a few funny bits because why not

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note: oh, I wrote a little through Chibs’ pov (it’s in italic and written in third person)

“C’mon, we have to get out of bed sometime,” I said, doing my best to slip away from Chibs but he held me well in place, smashing my back against his chest.

“We’re fine,” he murmured in my ear as he moved one of his hands away from my waist to cup my breast. He liked doing that when we spooned. At first he would just leave his hand there, resting it, but eventually his fingers would start teasing my nipple. That’s how we went from round two to round three. I’ll admit that I started round four. I couldn’t deny that I was surprised with his stamina – we went on for a long time and I was sure Chibs would be game for a fifth round if I was too. I could do with a fifth round if I wasn’t so sore. Or hungry.

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I honestly want to kill myself, Or cut or do something. I was reminded how horrible of a girlfriend I am last night and I know im probably the stupidest person I know. I don’t make good first impressions, I’m not funny, and it’s so hard for me sometimes to show emotion. Why am I like this? ugh

i am not really sure if we have something, but i hope we have because ugh i am getting emotions about you