ugh how people colour this show

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i'm sorry if this comes across wanky but i thought the alpha vampire was a bit under used? it's pretty unclear who the season antagonist is even this far into the season, and idk, i thought he could have been interesting. that there could have been more suspense build or something. i mean he did just wipe out all but 2 of the bmol in the US, but then he died. and that was that?

Hey, no worries, I don’t read that as wanky at all. Criticism based on factual stuff is always more than welcome, otherwise what’s the point?

It’s interesting what you say about the season’s antagonist. It’s true that we don’t have a real SuperMegaVillain this season - Lucifer wanted to do his own thing and now he’s locked up, that demon fetus is not threatening anyone (yet), Mick is sort of a good guy, Toni was featured so prominently then disappeared (and what’s up with that?), Crowley is being plain adorkable, and Mr Ketch, despite his many faults, could actually be the most interesting addition to the cast we’ve had in a while. So what’s up with that, uh?

My guess is that they finally saw that tumblr post with three million notes about Lucifer’s second cousin, Bruce, who’s got inimaginable powers and a violent thirst for destruction (you know the one) and realized they had to change something, or this show would have become a parody of itself. We’ve seen God, after all - how much bigger can you get? Also, personally, what first got me hooked to Supernatural weren’t the monsters, exactly, but the well-rounded characters and the shades of grey. I remember having intense debates (with myself, because I wasn’t in the fandom back then) about Sam choosing to work with Ruby, and I don’t feel like we’ve witnessed a lot of stuff like that since then - in fact, I kind of miss it? I mean, normally the choices Sam and Dean agonize over are about their own lives and death - they hardly ever sit around and debate over the nature of good and evil, and even destiny has taken a seat back since they basically defeated God’s whole scheme and Cas destroyed what was left.

No, the impression I have is that they’re going back to that thing, and yay! - the kind of discussion where nobody’s right and nobody’s wrong - so we’re heading towards a time of pain and betrayal and difficult decisions, but nothing on a ‘save the cheerleader, save the world’ scale. Just, you know, more basic stuff like, is a racial genocide ever a good idea? Does your nature determine your actions? Is family people you’re born with or people you choose?

In this sense, the Alpha’s death worked out fine for me. His role in this episode was not that of the big baddie. He was there simply to give the vampires a way in - we’ve known for a while that the BMoL are not as strong and well-informed as they pretend to be, but Sam and Dean didn’t know that. All they’ve seen are the shiny weapons, the efficient killing, the sneers, the hacking of government satellites. And the thing is, Sam would never work with the top dog - that’s simply not who he is. So if they wanted him to switch sides, they needed him to see the BMoL are simply people trying their best - and failing. And with all those gadgets, the writers needed to come up with something powerful in order to show the BMoL’s weaknesses. Once upon a time, they would have invented a new villain out of thin air, but this season’s been all about acknowledging the show’s past - hence the return of the Alpha. The fact they needed the Colt to kill him was another elegant touch, because it highlighted Sam’s history with the gun and Mary’s choices about it.

The thing is, Supernatural is about Sam and Dean, which means every other character is used to showcase their actions and the reasons behind them. This is sometimes frustrating, because in the past twelve years they’ve created such a rich and diverse world of heroes and villains - personally, I’d happily watch a whole series of unconnected episodes just about them (Charlie’s adventures in Oz, Benny, Crowley’s childhood, how Gabriel became Loki…), because the truth is, Supernatural will never do them justice. Sure, it’ll give them interesting motivations and - if they’re lucky - a dramatic death, but there is so much more about them, right? and that’s both the beauty and the blemish of this show: a universe of people who’re colourful and vibrant and larger than life, and now you blink, and bye, they’re gone.

I guess that’s what fanfiction is for?


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from what i've seen, i actually do like juliana harkavy's character, but i wish they would just take her and make her and different character. i think she is a really good addition to the show, just now as BC

I can’t get behind her. I’m sorry. Laurel wasn’t allowed to have a metahuman canary cry, but Dinah Drake is. Laurel wasn’t allowed to be called ‘Dinah’ because the name was ‘too old’ but Dinah Drake is. Laurel wasn’t allowed to be an expert fighter and had to prove herself, but Dinah Drake doesn’t and is introduced as an expert fighter right off the bat. 

And then you have the fact that Laurel was killed off “because there were no more stories to tell” but then they go ahead and introduce another Black Canary? And on top of that, they basically did article after article, interview after interview, saying that “of course you can kill the Black Canary off, this show is about Green Arrow and you don’t need her to tell that story” but then they retcon all this shit just to bring in a one-dimensional, one-note “lol I’m a badass” Black Canary? It’s total bullshit. The whole thing reeks. 

And Dinah is getting all this praise from a certain fandom who said Laurel was useless because she was “just in the background” and “just another suit” but this chick is a literal background character who’s only presence is to be in a suit and fight with the others. I really hope the writers hook her up with Oliver so all these fake fans claiming she’s the “best black canary” show their true colours — we all know they only like her because she replaced Laurel, and they’d be shitting bricks the second they pair her up with Green Arrow. 

It reminds me of all the people were saying how much they loved Black Siren because she’s evil, and now that Black Siren is a regular for next season and they’re worried about a redemption arc, they’re all “ugh she’s the worst, though.” 

But anyway, I can’t get behind Dinah Drake. I can’t get behind the idea of replacing one character, and retconning another. And I understand how bitter I sound, but that’s just how I feel and where I’m at with this whole thing. I think its lazy writing. I think its disrespectful. And I think its pointless. If Black Canary was so fucking unnecessary for a Green Arrow show that they could kill her off, then why the fuck introduce a half-assed replacement? It pisses me off.