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Husband Reacts to Harry Styles: Another Man Photoshoot (Part 1)

We were recently blessed with about a million beautiful photos of Harry, courtesy of Another Man Magazine, so I had to see what Husband thought of the photos. This is part 1 of 3, because I couldn’t get him to sit through all 44 photos in one sitting…

Much thanks to @heartsogold for scanning and uploading the entire article, which is what I used to get Husband’s reaction. The HQ images in this post are courtesy of Another Man Magazine.

  • Hubs: (seeing himself on the camera) Ugh my hair looks awful! I need a haircut!
  • Me: It looks fine!                                                                                       
  • Hubs: You also think Harry Styles’ hair looks fine, I don’t trust your judgment!!!                                                                                                   
  • Me: So there’s 44 images, how many do you think you can handle tonight?
  • Hubs: I dunno, just keep going until I puke.

“Oh God why is his nipple out?! Oh my God I’m done already! We literally just started and I’m already fucking done! Ugh. This freaks me out. His nipple looks too far to the outside. And where’s his other nipples? Did they photoshop them out? I wish they had photoshopped out his nasty-ass armpit hair.”

“Did they have a bunch of leftover clothing from other photoshoots that they just threw on him?? Why was his nipple out in the first photo?! I can’t get over that.”

“He looks more normal without the extra nipples. Less cow-like.”

  • Me: I’m kinda upset that they were photoshopped out, his extra nipples are my favorite part of him!
  • Hubs: So there is no other part of him that you like more? His EXTRA NIPPLES are your favorite body part? They’re not even real nipples! They can’t produce milk!                                                                                       
  • Me: I don’t think any of his nipples can.
  • Hubs: If he took hormones maybe they could…                                   
  • Me: And in that one fan fiction I made you listen to they did!                      

(this is in reference to the fanfiction where Niall reverts to the mentality of a baby, and Harry lactates to feed him. It’s great.)

“Ughhh. Ughhh. Is he orgasming?”

“He has to pee, and he’s kissing the air. Gotcha.”

“He’s wearing a carpet and a collar! I bet the carpet suit came with the collar. Buy this ugly suit and get a collar for free! It’s fashion! Actually, no, he probably brought the collar to the shoot. It probably belongs to him. I bet all the clothes in this shoot actually belonged to him. He needs to hem those pants, though.”

“He looks like The Joker with that long-ass grungy hair.”

“He still has that fucking collar on, is he a dumb dog? Does he realize it’s not a fashion thing? It’s a BDSM thing.”

“All he’s wearing is that collar! Why can’t he just wear regular clothing?”

I don’t know, but I, for one, am glad he isn’t.

So what do you think? Would you like to read Husband’s reactions to the rest of the photos? Let me know!

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