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Ao3 Pro-tip

If a ship doesn’t warrant a mention in the summary for your story, you should not use the ship tag.

If the ship merely exists in the background, like because of canon compliance, you should not use the ship tag.

Tag the ship only if it is actively going to be explored or developed in the story.

so i drew miyuki last week so here’s eijun

tbh fanon eijun is just too much of a tsundere and misawa should have a healthly, happy relationship

like, normally you’d expect eijun to jump up and blush when miyuki ruffles his hair but here he just acts if it were normal, cos y’know, maybe it’s because here, they’re in an effing relationship

edit: lol eijun’s left hand if anyone noticed my mistake


The one time you should actually listen to Misha. (x)

the fact that the fandom is trying to not only excuse but laud Sherlock’s actual 100% for real act of murder while in the same breath demonizing Mary for shooting but not killing someone is really fucking gross because not only is murder murder no matter what, but the ONLY reason they have for excusing it is that Sherlock did it for John

well guess what assholes

so did Mary


“So I’m standing there filling up like I’ve done a thousand times before, and I hear a chunk. You know, the pump’s nozzle. The– the metal thing. The thing you squeeze, right? I hear a chunk. So I suppose, in my naivete, I took to understand that gas is no longer coming out of the nozzle, so I pull out the hose to put it back and whoosh! You know, I am suddenly soaked in gasoline. I mean, on my arms and my legs and my– my groin. So now I am in a panic, and I race home, I run inside the house, and I’m stripping off my clothes as fast as I can. I jump in the shower. It’s not until after I get out of the shower that I realize my gas-covered clothes have been soaking in the living room rug this entire time. I mean, it’s– it’s– the whole thing is just so stupid. I could have rinsed off at the station. Halfway home, I’m starting to realize– wait a minute– there’s a water hose right there next to the air pump. You know, for tires. Anyway, so that was my day. How was yours?”


“We said open communication, so…”


Here’s what you missed this year*:

(tag) = multiple installments within the verse.


Brittana and their two-year-old son’s birthday party.


Brittany is a cop and Santana is the new, annoying district attorney.

Small Town (tag)

Brittany is the daughter of a ranch owner that Santana gets hired at.


Santana is a street racer. Brittany is the girlfriend of her biggest rival.

Photography (tag)

Quinn is a photographer. For one afternoon, Rachel is her model.

Cruise (tag)

Brittany works for a cruise line. Santana’s dragged to a lesbian cruise to properly rebound from her latest breakup.

Interview (tag)

Brittany is a sports journalist. Her next piece is an interview with Santana Lopez, rising MMA star.

Lecture (tag)

Everyone fears Santana, the hot Political Science professor. That is, everyone but Brittany.

Surrogate (tag)

Santana is a powerful CEO who can’t have kids. She finds Brittany to be her surrogate, and it’s more than she expected.


Santana is a married lady of leisure, Brittany is waitstaff. They meet at one of Santana’s neighborhood luncheons, then sex.


Maybe she can survive, lose herself to a mermaid and return to her life, waiting for a next encounter.

The challenge is up and running! Drop me an ask if you’ve got a prompt that will blow my mind. ;)

otp (one tiny pairing)

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