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Updated Larry Fic Rec

Hey babes, I just spent some time updating my fic rec for you guys to check out. Please message me your favorite fics! I would love to check them out. Also let me know what you think of any of these fics if you’ve already read them.

Fic Recs

1. My Heart Is Breathing for This Moment in Time

When Louis first saw Harry at the 2010 X Factor Auditions, he thought he was watching a peculiarly special stranger. But Harry has known Louis ever since he was five years old.

Because Louis has a rare genetic disorder that causes him to Time Travel to important moments in his past and in his future - and to Harry, always to Harry. When they’re put into a band together, it seems like everything Harry has been waiting and wishing for has finally come true. Except for the small fact that Louis doesn’t know that Harry is in love with him- that Harry’s always been in love with him. Fate, it would seem, is just getting started.

A story about growing up and growing together, and the impossible love that makes it all worthwhile.

-My favorite fic of all time. Hands down, 100%. In my opinion, it is one of, if not, THE most well written Larry fics ever. It will take you on an emotional roller coaster, full of laughing and crying. And i do have to warn you, that is not finished. But still absolutely worth reading. I could go on and on about this fic for days. But all I really have to say is that if you ship Larry at all, or are interested in their relationship, read this, please.

2. Catch Me, I’m Falling

I don’t know if you get to choose who you fall in love with, who ends up taking a little piece of your heart with them when they leave. If someone had asked me, I don’t think I would have chosen Harry Styles, and I don’t know if he’d have chosen me. But standing here, looking back through the crystal clear lens of hindsight, I like my choices.

A fic based off The Fault In Our Stars, an absolutely lovely novel by John Green.

- I’m still not over this fic. It’s written beautifully and made me cry like a baby. One of my favorite Larry fics, by far.

3. Fading

Louis knows about beauty; the combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses. He creates that combination every day in the garments he designs while studying fashion at uni. The cut of the design, the color of the fabric, the intricacy of the stitching; it all comes together to create something beautiful. When the science student with the long legs and dimpled smile agrees to model for him, Louis decides he’s found beauty personified. Harry just thinks Louis needs someone to show him how beautiful he is.

-I couldn’t stop reading this fic. This was the first Larry fic I’d read where one of them had an eating disorder. Really great character development and a pleasure to read.

4. Sinister

Harry is an accused rapist and murderer, and is placed into a mental rehab on plead of insanity. Louis Tomlinson, his therapist, tries to aid him to mental stability, but that requires more than just talking.

-Never have I been more attached to any characters in a fan fiction. This was honestly better than most books I’ve ever read. If you only ever read one fic, make it this one. It’s dark and kind of twister but so well written.I was literally sobbing at some points.

5. May You Enjoy Your New Life

It begins for them all at the bungalow –

‘Alright, time to lay out the cards. We’re in this together and hopefully, for the long haul, yeah? So I think – you know, we should just be honest. It’s deal-breakers time. That thing that like, if we’re gonna hate you or something, just tell us all now.’

When One Direction begins, Harry Styles is a sixteen-year-old boy foundering under the pressure of impending fatherhood. His ability to balance the sobering responsibility of caring for his tiny daughter, Millie, and the exhilaration of seeing his own dreams coming to fruition affects not only his future, but those of Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis, who never expected fealty to be the key to their success. But Liam is the first to show him how to grow up without growing old, and Zayn is the first to defend from the public what is private and precious. Louis — Louis is the first for a lot of things; for most of the moments of Millie’s life and for the moments of Harry’s that matter. And Niall is the first to toast when Millie is born: Go maire sibh bhur saol nua — ‘may you enjoy your new life.”

- This fic will have you completely hooked. The characterization for all the characters is brilliant. I read this whole fic in a day. It was adorable and heart warming and just the right amount of sexy. Perfect.

6. 52 Birthdays With Lou

- I just assume that everyone has read this, but if you haven’t go do it. Right now. Leaves my sobbing like a baby every time, but still one oft he best things I’ve read. Just go read it. Now

7. Fugue

Harry falls asleep a 17 year-old who lives in Cheshire and is probably rockstar Louis Tomlinson’s biggest fan. He wakes up 24 with a wedding ring on his finger, two kids, and Louis Tomlinson attempting to wake him up with a blow job. The doctor calls it organic retrograde amnesia, says he might never get back the last seven years of his life. The only thing that feels the same is how he feels when Louis touches him, and maybe that’s enough to make him fall in love all over again.

-I love a good amnesia fic. This one was so adorable, and hot and just ugh. So good. And there’s babies. I just loved it. A great read, check it out

8. love is a word (you gave it a name)

“It’s worth it anyway,” says Harry, looking into Louis’s eyes. He’s untucked his hair from behind his ear, and it falls down in silky strands to obscure his face. He looks so painfully young, even after everything. Louis’s strong, strong boy. “Just for the two of us. We get to be selfish for a little while.”

it’s christmas. in between snowman building, tree shopping, and ill-advised skating on a frozen lake, louis and harry get ready to take the most important step of their lives.

-Ah, this gave me so hope. It was very realistic, and that’s what I loved most about it. And it’s very christmassy and fluffy. The ending made me cry cause it was so emotional. Made me proud to believe in larry.

9. 13 Reasons Why

You can’t stop the future.

You can’t rewind the past.
The only way to learn the secret…is to press play.

Louis Tomlinson doesn’t want anything to do with the tapes Harry Styles made. Harry is dead. His secrets should be buried with him. Then Harry’s voice tells Louis that his name is on the tapes—and that he is, in some way, responsible for his death. All through the night, Louis keeps listening. He follows Harry’s recorded words through the streets of London….and what he discovers changes his life forever.

-Yes this is based on the book, which I have not read. But I did read the fic and I was absolutely enthralled. I could not stop reading, I had to figure out what happened. A great great story, only improved by our beautiful boys.

10. Faith and Trust and Pixie Dust

Harry Styles and his son, Lucas, are spending four days at Disneyland for Lucas’ sixth birthday. Louis Tomlinson is Peter Pan there, and takes a shine to both the boys. He gives them tickets to a Peter Pan show that night, and spends the evening with the two before spending the night with Harry. Lucas and Harry both find themselves getting attachd to Louis, and Louis finds the same himself.

 -What more could you need? Harry as a father, Louis as Peter Pan and a Disneyland vacation. Enough said.

11. vows

Harry and Louis have a dog, a cat, half a dozen kids, and a whole lot of trouble.

-The description does this series no justice. I was absolutely blown away with how well written this was, and how utterly beautifully domestic it was. Take the time to read it, you’ll thank me.

12. And Then a Bit

“We’d like to give the fans what they want.” Magee states, placing his hand on the table in front of him and leaning forward. “We want to give them Larry Stylinson.”

Or, take a parallel universe where Louis and Harry were never together, mix in a two year hiatus and an impending comeback, pour in a dash of lost fans, two tablespoons of strong friendship and a Modest! employee with a good idea. Add a squeeze of pretending to be a couple, lots of kisses and a tattoo or two. Stir. Serve: the mother of all publicity stunts.

(aka Harry and Louis fake a relationship for publicity. Eventually it becomes a lot less fake and a lot more real.)

-The mother of all publicity stunts is right. I loved this fic. It was realistic, and fun to read and had me yelling at my computer screen at some points. And it changed the way I feel about Something Great completely. Read it please.