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me: im going to wait until s2 to make more klance amvs because i need more footage

s2 in regards to klance:

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Happy birthday to Jinguji~!! 🎉 myhusbandilysm💞💗

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“I think its okay to have a lot of romances. It’s part of experiencing life but marrying only once is nice. I can spend my whole life with this person. I believe romance exists in order to meet a person like that.”

–Ren Jinguji, ASAS booklet


Words describing Ren: flirty, passionate, eccentric, fiery, adventurous, cunning, relaxed


Basic info:

Height: 183cm

Weight: 63kilos

Blood type: B

Birthday: February 14th

Zodiac: Aquarius ♒️

Instrument: Saxophone


“I acted cold but I really wanted to hug you, hold your hand and kiss you, I want to lend you a shoulder whenever you cry.”

–Ren Jinguji, UtaPri Repeat, Along with a Cantabile Kiss(Maji Love End)


Ren’s aesthetics~


Ren admires all things Mediterranean- the cuisine, culture, locations, languages, beaches, activities- he has a thing especially for Italy.

He enjoys photography so a good birthday gift would be a camera. He randomly clicks pictures and puts them either in an album or he would create a “picture wall”, on it you’d find sceneries, animals, candid pictures of his s/o and some pictures of him and his friends to name a few.

He likes to pack his bags and fly/drive off to any place out of the the blue. He sees no reason as to why someone should not travel; its one of his passions.

Mr. Fashion expert, his wardrobe is goals and he is one to use the phrase “I swear on my Chanel” when jokingly defending himself. He also wouldn’t mind running a blog on fashion and his aesthetics.

He once joked that he should write a novel on all his “love-filled” adventures with ladies. Syo groaned and replied that such a book would never finish.

His cooking would send you to heaven. He enjoys spicy food and can cook a variety of cuisines, he doesn’t mind desserts either but he is not a fan of chocolate.

I also have this headcanon where Ren knows how to play the saxophone part in George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” by heart. Just enough to swoop away your heart eh? ;)

Romeo here is also aware of the language of flowers so the next time he sends you an exquisite and intricate bouquet, make sure to google the flowers and their meanings ~

His Hogwarts house is Gryffindor or alternatively, Slytherin


“Don’t go!”

–Ren Jinguji, UtaPri Repeat, Whimsical Score(December)

nct 127 hogwarts au; taeil

-my boi is a ravenclaw
-but a shy one
-can yall imagine book nerd taeil with glasses fuck
-hes that #shy ravenclaw
-what a cutie
-he’d be a rly good student!!
-sometimes he’ll be eating and like all of a sudden hes like
-‘o shit I have an essay to write lol brb’
-and everyones like ‘??boi’
-but he already ran off lmao
-so then theres u, a hufflepuff cant relate
-taeil would’ve spotted u very quick tbh
-but he was too busy being cute hiding behind his books
-it wasnt until year 4 that you noticed him
-lmFAO OK so u and ur cute hufflepuff friends were sitting at the table in the great hall
-and off like 0-100 real quick u heared a  plate scatter and a gasp
-so u look and o shit
-someone laughed so hard and accidentaly kicked the table
-and somehow taeil’s plate fell on the floor
-but like 5 minutes later when all of the students returned to their dorms
-taeil was still picking up the scattered pieces
-and u were like
-‘hecc man i gotta heLp this,,,,,,,woah cute ass looking boi wth’
-so u walked over and started picking up some pieces
-and taeil doesnt look up til mid sentence and it kinda goes like dis
-'you dont have to-’
-and he almost chokes bc what the hecc,,,,,hes been crushing on u since year 1 fuck
-but u just smile like the adorable lil fucker u are
-and then after cleaning the mess yall talk for abit more
-its akward but so adorable hecc im having a stroke
-so like u guys start to hang out
-yall dont talk THAT much but hecc
-u were in class and u look down and u see taeils name written everywhere on ur test lmFAO
-and u kinda freak bc,,,,,u gotta give this to mcgonagall in like 3 minutes
-so u scratch his name and nervously hand in ur test and then dash to the library
-lmfao and then mcgonagall looks thru ur test and she sees taeils name and shes like ;)
-so u arrive at the library and taeil is curled up on a couch reading a fat ass book
-and u try not to drop to the floor bc he looks so ethereal
-like,,,,have yall seen him hecc
-so u walk over and taeil makes room for u
-and u two kinda read together
-then johnny comes outta nowhere
-smh what is his ass even doing here dis binch dont read
-and hes like 'taeiL DUDE WE CAN GO AND STEAL A GOAT AND THE-’
-and johnny sees u
-and u kinda just blink ur eyes bc what hte hell m8
-johnny becomes the ;) emoji
-hes like 'aye tae who dis’
-ur so shookt like wth first u wanna steal a goat and now-
-and taeil becomes so pale hecc man
-lmfao he stutters out ur name and johnny is now like ;;))))))
-and ur so confused like wth
-so u do
-and then after u leave johnny slides into ur spot
-taeils so flustered omg!!!squishy baby
-johnny’s lowkey fangirling tho lmfao
-i swear on my dead hamster taeil almost fainted
-hes like 'noooo omfg they dont like me like that!!’
-johnny keeps teasing him tho i swear taeil was about to strangle him
-so he just gathers all his stuff and leaves
-next day
-u worked a long ass time on that paper hecc dude sleep
-so in like 4th period u almost fall asleep
-and remus notices that (hes alive fight me)
-hes like hecc girl are u ok
-'taeil bring her to her dorm pls thx’
-mr lupin ships it bYE
-taeils shookt
-so yall are calm and walking to the hufflepuff common room and u both sith on a couch
-and u both go kinda quiet
-ur like hecc dood my heart beating hella fast lol stahp
-i love bts rip
-so ur shy ass decides to speak up
-'i think i like u’
-ur legit a cherry
-taeil almost fucking jumped
-lol no he couldnt move rip
-he was frozen
-'i-its ok if u dont like me back i’ll just g-’
-and suddenly u two are hugging aww cuties
-rly shyly he’s like 'hecc i like you too,,,,,,pls be my girlfriend’
-you nod against his chest and yall r so happy n cute woah im emo
-so yall dont do that pda shit non
-after like 3months of dating yall hold hands while walking in the hallway tho
-like,,,,,yall cuddle sm in private
-and yall get still shy when u kiss aww!!!!
-ok ur first kiss was probably in the woods or smth
-like u loooooove the woods
-so taeil was like
-'hecc we’re goin there,,,,,,bciloveu’
-and ya so u ended up walking here lmao
-so ur playing with a squirrel
-and i swear for a second taeil thinks ur some magic angel fairy
-like,,,,,the sun shines on ur face and ur eyes are sparkling and u have this smol content smile on ur face
-ur like 'hecc dood ur silent whaddup’
-so u turn ur face to him
-hes staring so intensly at u and u can see the adoration in his eyes
-and he leans in
-and u lowkey panic but dont show it yikes
-so he kisses u rly sweetly
-and its like for a few seconds but yall are so red omfg
-and yea yall didnt talk too much on that lil date
-but its u guys fav memory together
-u guys are everyones otp like hecc,,,,,,ur friends are jealous sometimes
-and johnny is still ;;)))) till this day

Major Arcana : The Lovers

Love, values alignment, choices

So, soulmate au in which, when your soulmate sings it’s the only thing you can listen to. Any other sound is silenced. Now, person A is a famous musician, they became one so their singing could reach their soulmate wherever they are, and then there is person B, who is deaf.

Everyone go listen to Tove’s new album……now. Something about her damn voice/music makes me want to do drugs and fall in love and have lots of sex in a foreign city or some shit. All the songs are so fuckin smooth and so pleasing to listen to ugh there’s my review hope u liked it


they orbit around each other, satellites caught in each other’s gravity — mesmerized by their jagged edges and inner beauty. 

tagged for @zenwisterias / @veraandalyn because okay so, i’m so so SO sorry this has taken so long, i’ve been super stressed out with university and life and dealing with a ton of emotional issues that have left me burnt out. but instead of sleeping like a normal human being i’ve decided to fuck myself up further so i can finish this long-overdue birthday gift to you!!!! 

anyways this is the full almost-sin version of this post, now chock full of vercalyn because this is a good OT3 to have lmao. they’re vaguely aged up probably and established dating between all of them, and right now the running headcanon is “living it up in a shitty apartment together”

“Happy birthday.”

Vera narrows her eyes at the boy and girl standing before her with mirrored mischievous smiles, and folds her arms together. “Okay, what did you guys do?”

“Why do you assume we’ve done something, V? We’re just happy for our gorgeous girlfriend whom we love and adore and totally didn’t make a plan for her birthday,” Percy says innocently, her smile only growing bigger. 

Vera looks at Alyn expectantly. He just tilts the corner of his lips up further in that infuriating crooked smile that always manages to send a shiver down her spine, but she can see the hesitance and adoration in his eyes, and so she puts on her infamous puppy-eyes and pouts. Out of the three of them, Alyn’s always been weakest to the girls’ charms, which Vera plans to fully exploit, because just what do they have planned for her birthday, she does not like surprises

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Looking at you now, my heart tightens in my chest, just like it always has, but it isn’t the same

There’s something different in your irises, that place where I once found my home

The last time they looked this dead was when you were twenty two, in my arms, in the mud, no longer breathing

But you’re breathing now, sitting next to me like you always have, and I’m relieved, goddamn am I relieved, it feels like I can see color again because you aren’t in the ground, trapped in the cage made out of infinite rage and broken wings, you’re here, beside me on cracked leather with the windows down, in the seat that was always meant for you

It’s just–

Your stares linger too long
And your hands are always cold
And you don’t knock your knees against mine under diner tables anymore

And you’ve lost that smile, the one that stops the breath in my lungs, the one that reminds me of how my reason for living was never a concept, a thought, or a religion, but that it came in the form of a little brother with hair always falling in his eyes

You replaced it with razor sharp grins and a smirk that’s never suited you because you are not hard edges and silver knives, you are dimples and soft worn hoodies and nervous ducks of your head

You aren’t here

It’s just taken me too long to see it, blinded by this cavern in my chest, the one that digs itself deeper into my ribs every time our eyes meet

You’re sitting right next to me but I’ve never missed you as much as I do now

for @buttheyrebrothers, who wanted Dean missing his brother while riding with soulless!Sam ♥️ I hope I did it justice