ugh his part is so freaking good


The movie is really fun, I enjoyed it a lot, but not nearly as good as DOFP.

I always enjoy the X-Men movies (except for Last Stand, that one doesn’t count as an X-Men movie), but I always walk out feeling like they didn’t quite get there you know? I always feel like the most important parts happened off screen.

But anyway, I never expect too much, so it’s always a fun ride no matter what happens, so I’m gonna stick to what I liked.

There are no words for the Quicksilver scene, it was inexplicably amazing! They topped the last one. I didn’t think it was possible, but they did!

Jean was another highlight, although her introduction wasn’t as well handled as I’d like, but she shines later on so it makes up for it somewhat. I always feel like the character introductions are never so great. We got Jean, Scott and Storm being introduced in this one, and all 3 lacked the impact that these characters finally showing up should have, in my opinion.

But anyway, back to Jean. Oh man, when Charles starts telling her to let it all go, no fear, it gave me chills! We got a small glimpse of the Phoenix and it was already awesome, if this doesn’t lead into the Phoenix saga it’s going to be the greatest waste ever.

Jean with Charles was particularly amazing. Their dynamic has always been incredible in all the movies and one of my absolute favorites. They’ve always had this unique connection and trust in each other that I absolutely love! To see the beginning of that was truly amazing!

Jean and Logan guys! My shipper heart!! Their scene was amazing!!! You could feel the connection and the tension immediately! I thought it was gonna be weird given that she’s still a teenager, but it wasn’t at all! They handled it perfectly and beautifuly. It was just truly special!

Charles guys, CHARLES!!! My love, my life, my reason for being! So proud of my baby happily running his school, shaping young minds, making plans for the future, wanting to include as many people as possible! It was so freaking good to see Charles being the person he was always meant to be, being the beacon of light and hope that Logan told him he would be. After everything that happened in the last one, to see him back on track and so strong and whole, he’s so freaking strong in this movie guys! UGH! Perfection! He’s the best part of the movie as usual. 

And everyone’s ultimate motivation in this movie is Charles, even the villain’s, I freaking loved that, it was amazing!

There wasn’t as much Cherik as I’d like, but we got this one scene that completely makes up for it, I was not expecting it at all!

And a little side note, JFC James McAvoy looks so good in this movie that it’s actually distracting, it was like looking into the sun. Seriously, there are no words!