ugh his face is so damn cute

Chapter 441

Can I just say that I’ve never related to something in a manga more than this moment right here. This is how boys have been flirting with me since puberty because of my height. They still do, and this is the exact face I make every damn time. Trust me Levy, it will never change. Gajeel is every guy who’s hit on me.

Heh. Yes. More flirting. Also: KICK HIS ASS LEVY!

Oh snap, Cana, you totally called him out on it. So many ships…ugh.

Girl power. The Spice Girls fan in me rejoices in this line. Lucy is Baby Spice and Erza is Ginger Spice. Omg Gray is Posh, Wendy is Sporty, and Natsu is Scary. 

Also, Natsu, you are so in love with Lucy right now, look at your cute little face.

Still a better ninja manga than Naruto Gaiden. 

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Chanyeol ran across the stage like five times and I can’t even believe how much energy he had like omg
Suho’s VOICE damn man how can he be yall’s least fav cuz he was sO good
Sehun is such a cutie potato like everyone was yelling bloody murder anytime he appeared on the screens
Chen’s high notes are illegal and I hate him and UGH SO HANDSOME s o handsome…..
Xiumin is SO HYPER ALL THE TIME like you’d think he was the youngest!!!??? Also illegal cuteness and over all pretty face it makes me so angry how can he be so perfect
Baekhyun’s piano solo made me cry he wasn’t as focused on dancing and playing around buT MAN his voice is so much more pleasant live than the recordings
D.O. Is so cute he literally THREW Chanyeol down to the ground with one GLARE. I feel so blessed it was so cute and Chanyeol asked him to dance if the pit took one step back and he ended up just shooting love at all of us and it was great