ugh his face is just flawless



He’s just like, “Bae pulled through with a more than flawless performance and I know he did this all for me and ugh, I love you Yuri.”

mr. jawline ☾ isaac lahey

prompt: isaac overhears an unsuspecting y/n sort of kind of gushing about him to lydia and allison, and can’t help but tease the hell out of her because of his crush. 

word count: 1534                                                                                           

warnings: swearing.                                                                                          

author’s note: i’m trying out a new format is it working???? this is v new. ((also go read my fanfic on wattpad it’s gonna be lit alright. Broken Arrows.))

 Isaac Lahey was pretty much the ideal male form. 

 At least, that was what Y/N found herself thinking nearly almost every day when he would sit down across from her at the lunch tables or when he would squeeze himself on a bench, pressed against the side of her body. She couldn’t help but cast a gaze that could only be described as lovestruck toward the boy, her chin held in her palm as a small, hopeless sigh escaped her lips. 

 Lydia and Allison exchanged a look, shaking their heads and smirking at their utterly in love friend before moving to block Y/N’s view of the boy in question. She almost protested, but kept her composure, not wanting to give the girls the satisfaction of knowing without a doubt that Y/N had been staring at Isaac again. Not in a creepy way, of course. It was more like she was admiring him, as an artist would admire their model. 

 “Hmm, who is Y/N staring at this time?” Lydia asked, her green eyes playful as she tapped her forefinger against her bottom lip, pretending to ponder the question. “I wonder… any ideas, Allison?” Allison laughed, shaking her head and stroking her chin, her lips pulled into a smirk. 

 “Could it be Isaac Lahey?” She exclaimed, lifting her hand to her mouth and gasping oh so dramatically. Lydia and Allison fell into a fit of giggles as they sat themselves down at the table on either side of Y/N, who was blushing a deep shade of red and rubbing the back of her neck, a sign of how uncomfortable she was in that moment. “No, it couldn’t be the guy that she spends every waking moment day dreaming about, could it?” 

 Isaac, upon hearing his name, lifted his head from his textbook, cerulean eyes scanning the crowded cafeteria for the source. His eyes fell upon Lydia and Allison, a red-faced but ever adorable Y/N sandwiched between her two laughing best friends. He glanced back down at his book, placing his pencil down. He was no longer interested in mathematical theories or algebraic equations- not that he had been before- but in the conversation Y/N and the girls seemed to be having about him. He leaned forward slightly, concentrating on the sound of their voices. 

 “I do not spend every waking moment day dreaming about him,” Y/N dismissed, her flushed cheeks slowly returning back to their original pigment. She paused, her lips twitching slightly. “Only when we’re at school and with the pack,” she amended, laughing along with her friends. Isaac couldn’t help but grin, no matter how hard he tried to fight it off. Ha. The prettiest girl in the school day dreamed about him. Isaac Lahey, who used to be a nobody. 

 “Knew it! You have the biggest crush on him,” Lydia squealed, clasping her hands together. 

 “Well can you blame me?” Y/N sighed, running a hand through her hair and glancing fleetingly at him. Luckily, Isaac managed to look away before she caught him staring. He tensed a little, worried she had saw. “He’s pretty much the most gorgeous boy to ever walk the Earth, and I mean it. He’s just… ugh, so fucking cute. It’s distracting. His eyes are just… and his hair is just… I swear he glows in the sunlight!” Y/N groaned, rubbing her temples. “Look at him over there, being all cute, jaw all tense. He has the best freaking jawline I have ever seen in my life. Literally. He’s Mr. Jawline.” 

 And all Y/N wanted to do was kiss that infuriatingly flawless jawline and his infuriatingly perfect face. Not that she would ever admit that out loud. 

 “Aw, Y/N, you really like him, don’t you?” Allison cooed, patting her friend’s hand sympathetically as Y/N nodded, letting out another defeated groan. 

 “Yes, and it sucks,” Y/N said miserably, slouching in her chair. “He’s, like, this perfect guy, right? He’s really cute, he’s sweet, he’s funny, he’s sarcastic… and then there’s me, and he’s way out of my league even if we are friends and a part of the same pack. I’m hopeless.” 

 Isaac licked his lips, his smile even wider this time around. She was adorable. Really. The fact that she thought he was out of her league was utterly ridiculous, of course, considering he had been harboring a deep infatuation with the girl since she defended him to Stiles Stilinski, not realizing that Isaac had been listening to the whole ordeal. He had a habit of doing that, evidently. 

 Lydia scoffed, shouldering her bag and gesturing for Allison to do the same. “Oh, please, Y/N. Don’t give me that B.S., he looks at you as if you’ve hung every single star in the freaking sky. He’s head over heels for you. You should go talk to him, he’s right across the room.” Allison stood up, Lydia following in suit. Y/N furrowed her brow, beginning to stand up as well and about to follow the girls out of the room when Lydia grabbed her shoulders and lightly pushed her in Isaac’s direction. “Go. Talk to him. Tell him that you want to make out or something.” 

 “Lydia, Allison…! I didn’t finish my lunch!” Y/N called to her retreating best friends, who simply waved back at her. 

 “Go eat with Isaac.” Ally murmured under her breath, knowing full well that Y/n could hear her due to her werewolf-enhanced hearing. Y/N, her cheeks now tinged a rosy color due to the embarrassment Lydia and Allison caused, hesitantly packed her bag again and shuffled nervously across the cafeteria floor, setting her stuff down across from Isaac. Allison looked back at Isaac, nudging Lydia with her elbow when she noticed Isaac’s bright red cheeks and shy grin as Y/N approached him cautiously. “How much you want to bet he heard our entire conversation?” 

 “He totally did.” Lydia grinned, steering Allison away so that Y/N and Isaac could… well, do something other than gaze at each other from afar.

 “Mind if I sit here?” Y/N asked quickly, a part of her wanting to run away and hide and another, bolder part of her wanting to grab Isaac Lahey’s stupid, adorable, smiling face and kiss him fiercely. 

 She didn’t, clearly. Her fumbling hands were too clumsy for such bold moves. 

 “Of course not,” Isaac said, slamming his book shut and accidentally pushing it off the table in excitement. Y/N raised her eyebrows, causing Isaac’s heartbeat to speed up significantly as he shrugged sheepishly and ducked underneath the lunch table to pick up his textbook. Her eyes were bright with amusement at his screw up, and Isaac decided in that instant that if she was going to tease him about his book, he was going to tease the hell out of her for her little comments just ten minutes before. 

 “Why are you looking at me like that?” 

 “Do I have a nice jawline?” He asked innocently, bright blue eyes sparkling at her. She blushed lightly, but Isaac picked up on her embarrassment. He flashed her a grin, the most smug of smiles, that nearly made her heart stop. 

 “I- um, you… have a fairly nice- I mean… it’s sharp- no, but I mean that… it’s just.. you know, yeah it’s p-pretty, um, nice,” she stuttered, her face even redder than before. Oh, fuck my life, she thought, sinking lower in her chair. 

 “Aw, I kind of wanted the extended version of that sentence. The one you told Lydia and Allison,” Isaac pouted, staring at Y/N with a certain intensity that made her confidence come rushing back full circle. 

 “How much of that conversation did you hear?” She asked anxiously, the stuttering gone and replaced with something else. Something different. 

 “Oh, just the bits where you admitted your undying love for me and that you wanted to kiss me in inappropriate places,” Isaac answered cheerfully. 

 “Hey, I never said that-” 

 “Oh, but you were thinking it, weren’t you, gorgeous?” Isaac remarked, resting his elbows on the table and leaning forward so he was very nearly in Y/N’s face. 

 “Maybe I was. Is it true what Lydia told me? About how you look at me?” She asked, her arms folded on top of the table as she narrowed her eyes at the boy, leaning even closer. 

 “Maybe it was.” Isaac replied. “What should we do about that?” He pondered that for a moment before taking Y/N’s face in his hands, his eyes closing as he pressed his cupid’s bow lips to hers, deepening the kiss as much as he could despite the constrictions of the lunch table between them. 

 When lunch ended, the two walked to class hand in hand like any new couple would do. Isaac looked at Y/N, at the beautiful girl beside him, and said, “So, do you think Mr. Jawline could be my permanent nickname when we sleep together or should it be-” 

 “Keep walking before I smack you, Lahey,” Y/N said, but he caught her blush before she could stop it, and grinned smugly to himself. He was never going to stop teasing her for that little comment, even if they ended up married with kids ten years into the future. Mr. Jawline. Ha, he loved it.

Aftershocks Part 8

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Characters: Reader, Bucky Barnes, Captain America

Warnings: So much Fluff, ALL THE SMUT! Second warning for mass amounts of smut, Unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it y’all)

Word Count: 4979 (In my defense, there are 3 pages of smut)

Summary: You and Bucky find yourselves on an impromptu date, as the chemistry rises your ability to resist each other falls. 

Authors Note: So this is my first real crack at smut, it’s super descriptive so I hope you guys are into it. I personally love this piece and found myself giggling while writing the date scene. I know it’s long but I can guarantee it’s worth it, I will go back to shorter chapters after this one. As always thank you so much for reading this and all the lovely words of encouragement, feel free to message me with thoughts and feelings, feedback is deeply appreciated. Tagging is open, just ask <3

Tags: @crapythings @buckyismyaesthetic @endless-dawn @ckwylde @cambodia5, @wxnchestervevo

Aftershocks: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 8b, Part 9, Part 10, Part 10b, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Post Credit Scene

Bucky’s POV:

With a sharp kick to the middle of his chest, Bucky was sent sprawling backwards, coming to rest harshly 10 feet away on the blue mat. “Jesus, Buck, you alright?” Steve comes running up to him bending over him as he lays on the mat, returning oxygen to his lungs. “Yeah,” Bucky huffs, heaving himself into a sitting position, “just didn’t block it” “We should stop for today, you’re clearly out of sorts pal.” Steve insisted, looking at his friend, worry etched in his face. 

“Buck, what’s going on? Are you alright? There’s something… different.” Bucky’s mind immediately flashes to Y/N, remembering the warm pressure of her body curled beside him that morning. Every morning. He smiles quietly to himself. 

The past week he had been hearing her cries in the late hours and running into her room to comfort her. For the past week he had held her while she wept. Feeling her warmth, her curves, as her body shakes with sobs, wrapping his arms around her, helping in the only way he could, but still feeling it not to be enough. For a week he had laid next to her perfect form, fingers dragging gently across her skin, as she breathed peacefully against his chest. And for the past week, he had left abruptly as she began to stir in the morning. Wishing not to force his imposing presence on her when she no longer needed him. But for those few hours, she needed him and he was in heaven. 

“Buck!” Steve interrupts Bucky’s whirring mind, “why are you smiling like that? Bud, what the hell is going on?” Bucky’s face falls as he registers Steve’s questions, a deep sadness and emptiness creeping across his face as he looks at his friend. “Nothing” He mumbles, the heartbreaking reality crashing on him. As much as I wish there was. As much as I need there to be. She doesn’t need me.  “Nothing.” He repeats, shaking his head and turning away from his best friend. 

The memory of her shimmering eyes and full lips haunting his thoughts, her laugh echoing in his ears. “Buck,” Steve sighs, moving forward to clap a hand to his friend’s shoulder, squeezing slightly, forcing Bucky to look at him, “Take the day tomorrow, drive into the city, take some time to haunt our old streets. Spend some time with yourself, with who you were. I think it’ll do you some good.” Steve shakes his buddy slightly, Bucky smiles gently at his friend. “You’re right. Thanks Stevey.”



“Well aren’t you looking smart,” Natasha teased as Bucky walks into the kitchen. Your eyes rise from the paper in front of you and your breath catches in your chest as you drink in his appearance. He stands tall in front of you; his hair combed back. 

Your eyes slide to his chest, his perfect build emphasized by a seamlessly tailored pale blue dress shirt, topped off with a fitted grey vest. Your eyes slide down hungrily, drinking in his close-fitting pants, the taught fabric accentuating his long legs and thick thighs. Your head swims as you absorb his appearance. 

“Thanks,” Bucky responds sheepishly, rubbing his neck awkwardly, holding eye contact with you. “You look great Buck. You going somewhere?” you ask cautiously, “Yeah, got a hot date Barnes?” Wanda interjects; your head swims, as your stomach kicks at the thought, making you feel ill as a rush fills your ear. 

“No.” Bucky answers quickly, eyes still on you. “Nothing like that, just taking a day, going to the old stomping grounds.” 

“Ugh, Brooklyn.” Nat chimes in, pulling a disgusted face. “I don’t know why you and Steve are still so obsessed with that hipster-infested, reject of a neighborhood.” Bucky shrugs, hiding his hurt at her words of his beloved home. 

“Well have fun.” Wanda smiles sweetly, he smiles back nervously, turning and walking onwards towards his room. 

You stop for minute, eyes focused on the gorgeous man as he walks away, painfully aware of his flawless silhouette and perfect posture. You move quickly, following him down the hall “Hey Bucky,” you call, jogging slightly to catch up with him. “Can I… I mean would it be alright… I want to… I need to get out of here for a little bit. Need a break…” 

You peer up at him cautiously through thick lashes, you see his jaw clench slightly and your next words come tumbling out, “Can I come with you?” you ask nervously, heart pounding in your throat. 

His eyes widen slightly with surprise, his perfect posture bending somewhat, inclining towards you “Of course.” He smiles broadly.  “Get dressed. We’ll leave in an hour.”


“You could at least tell me where we’re going” you move swiftly beside him through the streets of Brooklyn, jogging slightly to keep up with his long strides, your heels clack at the pavement with the hurried movement. Your tight black dress with a sweetheart neckline forces your breasts on display as they rise and fall with your quickened pace, your A-line skirt flutters gently against your thighs, caught in the early summer breeze, as you move quickly beside him. 

“You’ll see,” he smiles, slowing up his pace slightly to make contact with your hand and take it gently in his, interlocking his fingers as his eyes scan up and down your body, “You look beautiful by the way.” 

Your heart quickens and not because of your accelerated pace. You move swiftly through the streets, Bucky trailing you slightly behind him as he weaves through the other people. 

He comes to stop in front of an ice cream truck, turning to smile at you. You stare up at the truck, Mister Softee written on the side. He beams down at you expectantly. 

You stare at him, relishing in his excited smile. “Dessert before dinner Barnes? Who knew you were such a rebel.” You grin up at him, savoring the joy pulsating from his face. 

Without further questioning you step up to the window and ask for a vanilla, chocolate swirl with rainbow sprinkles. He follows you; smile widening requesting a chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. “Chocolate everything huh?” you smirk at him, jokingly poking him in his hard abdomen.

“You know me, man of consistency. What about you wild thing? Trying a little bit of everything are you?” You laugh at his observation, “I like to keep my options open,” you tease, stepping decisively towards him, positioning yourself chest to chest, biting your lip slightly.

Every night for the past week he had slept in your bed, but every morning you have woken just in time to see him moving out your door. No more. 

Tonight, you’re mine Barnes. You think decisively, steeling yourself to your desire. When you want something, you never stop until you get it, and there is nothing in this moment you want more than Bucky Barnes. 

You gaze up at him, biting your lip as your fingers cautiously intertwine with his, pulling him closer to you, pulling his hands to rest on your hips. He stares down at you, unsure of your movements. 

You’re mine. You think again as you slowly begin to raise your heels, raising your face closer to his. “Here you go” the ice cream man interrupts gruffly. 

Bucky quickly breaks from your body, turning to receive the two enormous cones. He turns around grinning and you cannot help but laugh through your frustration, taking in his puppy like excitement. “Come on, I know a place” he hands you your ice cream, turning his back on you, he begins to lead the way to a nearby park.


Your stomach grumbles, as your abdomen aches from laughing for so long. You and Bucky sit perched on the bench, having watched the sunset in the park. The conversation was easy, comfortable, but every time you would slide your hand onto his or move slightly closer, he would respond with a natural movement that would cause distance, leaving you confused of whether or not he intended the separation. 

“Dinner!” He says suddenly, eyes darting to your stomach, “we should eat something. Come on, I know just the place.” He stands decisively beside you, pulling you to your feet keeping his hand in yours as you begin to stroll towards the exit of the park, slowly this time, hands swinging gently together. 

You take exaggerated steps, dancing slightly beside him, swinging his hand with you as your skirt swishes. He chuckles lightly at your joking action, pulling your hand suddenly and spinning you under his arm, your skirt spinning outwards as you let out an exuberant giggle, before he snaps his wrist again, spinning you sharply back beneath his arm, catching you against his chest. You inhale sharply, leaning into his chest. 

Mine. Your head screams, feeling heat surge through your core at the proximity of your bodies. Mine. You lean into him harder, staring up at him, his eyes burning into you. Your stomach rumbles loudly again. 

“Food” he smiles, moving you from in front of him to beside him, never releasing your hand, but beginning his movement forward again, pace slightly quicker. 

But… you whimper internally, wishing for the moment back. “Mine,” you whisper inaudibly, allowing him to pull you into step beside him once more, your heart sinking in your chest.


“Liar.” You smirk, talking cautiously with your mouth full of pizza. “It’s true,” he grins, deeply amused by your persistence in persecuting him, even with a mouth full of food. 

“I had my first ever slice of pizza in this very establishment. 1922. I was 5 years old and to this day I haven’t found a single slice better.” He continues, a smug look across his face as he settles back in the booth, drinking cockily from his wine glass. 

“You are such a little liar Barnes” You smile broadly, gesticulating at him with your slice of pizza before taking a ferocious bite, you chew quickly swallowing down the warm cheesy goodness, making content noises at the deliciousness of the food “But I will give you one thing, this is the best damn pizza I have ever had.” 

Bucky grins, basking in your relaxed and happy state, “I’ll prove it to you” he leans lazily back over the booth, pointing towards a photograph of a wide eyed, smiling boy, with a pie twice his size in front of him. “That’s me,” he insists, you get up skeptically moving towards the photograph, examining it closely. 

There was no denying those eyes, that smile; even with the age of the photograph you would recognize that face anywhere. You coo jokingly “Awww, Baby Bucky,” you tease, mussing his hair as you return to your seat in front of him. “You believe me now?” “I guess I have to, Buckaroo. You’ve given me cold hard evidence.”  He laughs heartily at your teasing. 

The kind elderly woman behind the counter shuffles over slowly, refilling your wine glass and Bucky’s. “Thank you, Rosemary,” he says gently, she smiles kindly. “How come you never come see me anymore James?” She asks, giving Bucky a gentle tap on the shoulder, scolding him in her thick Italian accent. 

“Aww I’m sorry beautiful, I’ve moved out of the city with work,” her face falls softly, “But hey,” he continues, taking her frail fingers in his and raising them gently to his lips, “You know you’re still my number one girl Rosie.” 

A toothy smile spreads across her face, “Good lord boy, as charming as the day I met you all those years ago. What will your beautiful girlfriend have to say about this” she laughs kindly, raising an eyebrow to you. 

“Take him!” you exclaim, raising your hands in surrender. “I know when I’m beat by a better woman.” You all chuckle jovially as Rosemary leans forward touching a sweet kiss to Bucky’s forehead before shuffling back to the kitchen. 

“Looks like I have competition.” You joke to him, his eyebrows raising back at you, “I didn’t know you were in the race.” You feel your face flush; you glance awkwardly around the room, suddenly aware of the stifling warmth of the tiny restaurant. 

“So… James?” you ask slowly, changing the subject, cocking an eyebrow at him, “you mean to tell me that your full name isn’t Bucknell?” you smirk, feigning shock at this new discovery. 

He smiles, shaking his head, eyes falling to the empty plates in front of you two, “No, it’s not Bucknell. Or Buckaroo for that matter. It’s James, James Buchanan Barnes. Bucky is a nickname Steve gave me when we were younger… There was a guy that had been bullying him named James so he developed a bad relationship with the name. Naturally I beat the guy up. But the nickname just kinda stuck.” 

You gaze at him, kindness etched in every line on his face, your heart beats a little faster as you melt under his stare, his gleaming blue eyes burning into you. “We should get going,” He murmurs tenderly, breaking the eye contact and turning quickly to get Rosemary’s attention. She smiles and flips her hand at him. 

“It’s on me,” she chuckles, “just come back and see me sometime, ok handsome?” “You got it, Rosie.” He gets up from the table moving briefly over to her and giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, thanking her for her hospitality. 

“Thank you” you call to her, receiving a warm smile and a nod in return. He walks back to you, leading you through the tables and pulling the door open for you.

“Thank you for dinner… for everything… I had a lovely time.” You speak softly, nervously, your feet placing slowly one in front of the other, your hands clutched in front of you on your purse. He matches your slow pace beside you, hands pressing into his pockets. 

“Y/N” he stops suddenly turning to face you. You halt your movement as well, looking up at him; even in heels he was at least a head taller than you. He won’t make eye contact with you, his jaw clenched, his teeth gnawing at his lip. 

“Buck?” you ask, gently raising your hand up to press against his cheek. His eyes close softly at your action, a small exhale escaping his lips. “Hey, what is it?” 

His eyes snap back open staring down at your gentle face, your expression rich with kindness and concern. “I…” he starts, the sky illuminates with light quickly followed by a loud crack of thunder. 

Suddenly the sky opens up and a torrential downpour begins. You shriek, laughing loudly at the sudden flood, drenching both of you as he grabs your hand and moves you quickly through the streets to a covered dark alleyway. 

You breathe heavily, laughing heartily as you shake off the water saturating your skin, keeping refuge under the cover of the alley. “You alright?” He asks, laughing himself, shaking out his hair like a wet dog, you squeal as his water droplets fly at you. 

“I was, until you did that.” “What’s wrong doll,” he smirks, pulling you closer to him, “Don’t like being wet?” he stares down at you, eyes burning with lust. 

You gaze up at him, tight in his grasp, your wet breasts rising and falling as you breathe heavily against him. His gaze falls from your eyes to your mouth, a twitch of his cock warning him cautiously. 

His eyes continue to slide down your neck, following a water droplet as it glides over your collarbone, slipping down your chest and between the perkiness of your breasts. His cock twitches more forcefully as he notices the small buds of your erect nipples rising from your chest. 

Your hand slides up to his face, wiping water off his cheek and pushing his hair out of his eyes. “You were saying” you ask teasingly, staring up at him, waiting, begging, your teeth toying with your bottom lip as you gaze up at him, imagining his own pout pressed harshly against yours. 

You feel a wetness form between your legs, knowing full well that it is completely separate from the rain. 

Another clap of thunder makes you jump, your heart slamming against your chest in surprise. And suddenly he releases you, offering as much distance, as the small alleyway will allow, his eyes staring at your feet. You both stand there, separate from each other, wet and cold, the space between you burning with the suffocating silence that surrounds you. 

You reach up, fingers pulling through your hair in frustration as you let out a pitiful, almost hysterical groan. After pacing slightly you turn hard to face him again, his eyes still looking away from you. You thump your back against the cold, wet wall, feeling your stomach twist in disappointment. 

Angry words rise quickly to your mouth before you can think better of them, “What more do I have to do Bucky?” You blurt out, your voice rasping as you fight the stinging in your eyes. He stares at you, confused. His blue eyes wide as he watches you blankly. 

“I…. every time…I… what do I have to… Uggh” you grunt out in frustration. “You’re impossible, you know that?” you continue loudly, laying into him, resuming your fervent pacing. “Every time I think you want me, you pull away. Every time I think I’m getting close to you, you put distance between us. What more do I have to do? I can’t stop thinking about you. So here I am, Buck, clear as day. I want you.” 

You can’t bring yourself to look at him, but you sense his body tense in front of you, the heat of his gaze pressing into you, spurring your outpouring of words. “I don’t know what else I can do. But I…” your confession is cut short, as he moves quickly forward, the firmness of his metal arm wrapping hard around your lower back as the warmth of his right hand flies into your hair, pulling you harshly against him, slamming his lips firmly against yours. 

You press into his lips, shock racing through your brain as the intoxication of his kiss seeps into your body. Then you respond with fervor, throwing your arms around his neck, locking your hands behind his head, using the leverage to press yourself more aggressively into his mouth. A breathy moan escapes your mouth as he pushes harder against you, forcing your back to the cold brick. 

He takes advantage of your parting lips, slipping his tongue expertly between them, rubbing gently against your own, applying more pressure to your head as he tries to deepen the kiss, his fingers scraping deliciously against your scalp, eliciting a small shiver down your spine. 

He growls roughly as he finally breaks contact, with your lips, pulling back slightly to examine your face, your lips red and swollen from the harshness of his kiss. 

You beam up at him, biting your swollen lip, “took you long enough” you exhale heavily your glistening chest rising and falling rapidly, he dives down to your chest, kissing your neck, biting gently at your soft skin before flicking his tongue over the marks, soothing the agitated skin. 

You moan loudly, fingers entwining through his wet locks, pulling him tightly against you. “Sorry doll,” he breathes into your ear, nipping playfully at your lobe with his teeth, “if I knew you wanted me like this, I would have broken down your door just to get to you.” 

You groan wantonly at the thought, your skin burning at his touch, the wetness between your thighs becoming painfully noticeable as your clit twinges, begging for attention. 

You pull him by his hair, forcing his eyes to match with yours. You drive another hard kiss to his lips, before whimpering into his mouth, “I want you. Bucky, I need you.” His face lights up as a mischievous smile cracks across his face, his eyes scanning your body hungrily. 

He kisses you harshly again biting at your lip before pulling gently away, sinking to his knees in front of you. “Buck?” You look down at him, confused. “Shhhh” he whispers, his hot breath gliding across the soft skin of your thighs, you feel a sharp pulse in your clit. 

His hands follow his breath, fingers kneading into the soft flesh of your thighs as he slowly slides them up under the hem of your dress. Your head rolls back, a soft moan escaping your lips as he blows a hot breath onto your soaking black panties, his finger sliding up and down the smooth fabric, placing much needed pressure on your heat. 

“Shit doll, you’re saturated.” You whimper softly, legs twisting in front of him. He gently slides your panties down and off you, helping you to step out of them as you spread your legs eagerly, thrusting your hips forward to meet the warmth of his fingers as they slide up and down your slick slit. 

Your eyes list closed, your breathing heavy as his mouth presses up against you, sucking gently on your swollen clit. 

You feel a heat come alive in the pit of your stomach at his contact, his cold metal hand slipping behind you to cup your pert ass, squeezing gently, before sliding down your thigh coming to rest behind your knee. 

You groan breathlessly, head rolling from side to side as his tongue laps at your bundle of nerves, your eyes squeeze shut at the intensity of the fire growing in your stomach. 

His hand jerks behind your weak knee, popping it upwards with ease and draping it over his shoulder. The new angle allowing his lips to wrap fully against you, incasing your clit entirely as he sucks harder. 

Your eyes suddenly snap open as he slips a finger inside of you, curling it forward towards your belly, throwing fuel on the burning fire roaring inside you. 

You whimper loudly “Bucky” you moan, as he slides another finger inside of you, moving faster in his ministrations, licking hungrily at your core. “That’s it doll,” he whispers, breath hot against your wetness as your single leg supporting you begins to shake, your weight falling heavily on the leg draped over his shoulder. 

“Bucky” you whimper louder, as his fingers pump in and out of you quickly, “Cum for me baby” he begs, your eyes snapping down to him, meeting the burn of his perfect blue stare, his metal arm pressed against your abdomen holding you up along with your skirt. 

With an undeniable curl of his fingers you become undone, unraveling in his grasp as his mouth presses eagerly into you, lapping up every bit of wetness as you cry out against him, the fire in your stomach exploding in a flood between your legs. 

Your leg buckles beneath you, Bucky moving his metal arm quickly to catch you as he rises up to face you, fingers still gently moving inside you as you ride out your orgasm. 

He presses his lips softly to yours; you taste the sweetness of your own cunt on his tongue, forcing a small spark to begin to fester inside your stomach again. He removes his fingers from your slick heat, bringing them up to his mouth to taste your juices. You groan sheepishly at your sudden emptiness, your breath catching again as you see his eyes flash with lust at the taste of you on his fingers. 

You wrap your fingers back into his hair, pulling him harshly against your lips once again, prompting a small laugh to rumble in his chest as you ravenously pull on his lips. “Not enough for you?” He chuckles into your ear as you bite at his jaw, your tongue dragging roughly against the slight stubble on his chin. “More” You moan hungrily pressing your hand firmly against the hardness straining in his pants. 

He groans as you rub your hand up and down his covered shaft, feeling it throb in response to your touch. You bite your lip as your fingers fumble with his buckle, aggressively yanking his pants just below his tight ass. 

You stare down at his hard shaft, taking a deep, ragged breath before hooking your thumbs in the waistband of his boxer briefs, pulling them down to join his slacks, his hard cock springing free. 

You whimper hungrily, biting your lip as you take in the sheer size of him, your core tenses begging for him to be sheathed inside of you. Your eyes flick back up at him, full of wanting.

“Fuck,” he growls as his hand flies back to your face, his lips roughly meeting yours. You feel his hands slide down your torso, gripping roughly onto your ass pulling slightly, you get the memo and use the leverage of his shoulders to jump slightly, his arms quickly pulling you up against him as your legs lock around his torso. 

Pressing your back hard against the brick wall he slides a hand between your legs, playing roughly with your clit for a few moments making you whimper, begging for more, he then takes his cock in hand, sliding it up and down your slit, teasing you. 

You buck your hips forward in protest, pleading with him to fuck you. Finally his hips snap forward suddenly, driving his hard length deep inside you. 

You gasp loudly, head rolling back as your nails dig into his shoulders. He stalls inside you, fully submerged, giving you a chance to adjust to his size, your chest rising and falling rapidly against him. 

“Y/N?” he whispers gently in your ear. “Please,” you moan, eyes closed, skin vibrating with the feeling of his heat against you, “fuck me Bucky, please. I need it” he draws back slowly before gently sliding back into you, letting you feel him inch for inch. 

Your eyes fly open, burning with desire, he continues his teasing movements sliding in and out of you slowly, allowing the gentle burn in your stomach to smolder and flare. 

“Please” you whimper, your head falling forward against his shoulder, his deep and heavy breathing hot in your ear. “I need you Bucky.” He growls at your words, his hips snapping up into you, eliciting a small yelp from you at the harshness of the movement. 

Your head snaps up, meeting his lips hungrily as he continues to slam up into you, fingers digging into your soft skin, holding you steady as he roughly thrusts up into you. You break your kiss, gasping for air as the fire inside of you flares, sparking through your whole body with every deep thrust of his hips. “Shit Y/N,” he growls, his breathing heavy, “You’re. So. Fucking. Tight.” 

He punctuates each word with a hard snap of his hips, you cry out, your hips bucking involuntarily against his, messing with his perfect rhythm, little did he care as his deep thrusts quicken, pumping at speed up into you. “That’s it doll,” he pants “that’s my girl.” “Bucky” you gasp, a strangled cry emanating from your parted lips as he presses his mouth hard against yours once more. 

As his pace quickens you feel your walls clench, the fire in your stomach reaching its peak burning point, your thighs vibrating on his hips as your entire body begins to shake with the intensity of your second orgasm. You rip your lips away from his, head reeling back gasping for air. “Oh God! James!” You scream out as your walls clench tightly around him, pulsing against his hard cock. 

Your last word causes him to come undone, his own orgasm following quickly behind yours, with a final thrust he lets out a hard moan as he explodes into you, every muscle tensing beneath you as he releases inside of you. 

Groaning he wraps his arm around your back, his sweaty forehead falling forward to press against your collarbone. Your hand wraps gently around his head, stroking his wet hair as you touch a chaste kiss to his forehead. 

He gently presses his hands to your hips, lifting slightly as you dislodge yourself from him, his slowly softening cock slipping out of you. He sets you on your feet, holding you for a minute until he’s sure you can stand, you smile up at him sheepishly, giggling slightly. 

He moves to pull up his pants, buckling his belt as you smooth out your dress, he hands you a handkerchief to clean yourself up, lips ghosting across your temple as you take it gratefully. “Rain’s stopped” you comment your breathing still a little heavy. “Yeah,” he laughs, “but you’re still wet” he teases swatting playfully at your ass. 

You catch his hand as he pulls you back into his arms, his eyes crinkling with the force of his smile, you rise up to kiss him, taking in his intoxicating scent. “Don’t start us up again doll,” he growls, dislodging you from his lips and laughing at your pout, “or we’ll never get home… speaking of,” he says, glancing concernedly at his watch, “we should be getting back.” 

You huff at him playfully faking a pout, “Come on Y’N,” he pulls on your hand, you stand there stubbornly, until he comes back to you, bending slightly to press his lips against your ear, “Oh come on, if I can do that to you in an alleyway, imagine what we could do in a bed.” Your stomach clenches at the thought, elaborate plans flooding your mind. 

You move quickly with purpose, passing him as you drag him by the hand out of the alleyway. He laughs boisterously behind you, allowing himself to be dragged forward by your tiny form, the sound of his joyful laugh ringing in the damp night air as you both walk back to the car

Do You Have To Do That? (6/?)

Pairing: The Avenger Team x Reader // Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: None so far

A/N: I have decided to re-write this for those of you who had started it, I’m going to start over I’m keep the first part and possibly a good portion of the second. But I am going to take it in a different direction. If you want to be tagged let me know, I’ll glad you add you.

(Sorry this has taken me so long with writing this!! I hit a major writer block with it till last night. I’m about to start part 6 for this today)

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Parts 1-5

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hi! for your new prompts, “Still want to boast about your perfect immune system?” with sick!victor and yuuri? :)

Victor is laying in bed, sniffling pitifully into the handful of tissues pressed around his nose. Yuuri is sitting next to him, hands folded and trying not to speak. 

The reason he doesn’t want to speak is the following. Yuuri is currently recovering from a cold, one which Victor swore he wasn’t going to catch, because, he said, his immune system was flawless. The four colds he’d caught in the one year since they’d started dating didn’t count because, Victor said, he wasn’t bedridden, and one of them was probably just allergies. Because flawless immune systems produce allergies, apparently. 

Yuuri doesn’t want to gloat. He really doesn’t. Especially not right now, when Victor really, truly looks miserable. His eyes look shadowed and hollow. His face is flushed and damp with sweat. His breath is ragged, labored–and now, hitching, his chest heaving, his nostrils flaring, and “hahhkCHH! Ehh’SHUHH! Ugh…” 

Yuuri wants to be sympathetic, he really really does. He knows that this cold is a beast, he just had it. He knows that it won’t help anyone for him to gloat. But Victor had been so cavalier about it, randomly kissing Yuuri despite warnings that he’d get sick, carelessly drinking out of random cups without checking who they belonged to, running himself down with excessive practice…he hadn’t tried. Yuuri wants to hammer home why this happened, but he doesn’t want to be mean, either.

So, while laying in bed next to Victor and giving him a shoulder massage, he says, “still want to boast about your perfect immune system?” 

Before Victor can say anything in reply, Yuuri mumbles, “I’m sorry,” into his hair, and draws him into a hug.

“It’s fide, kotyonok,” rasps Victor. “You’re dot wrong. Snff. I just couldn’t bring myself to ignore you while you were ill, that’s all–hkkCHH!” 

Appearances Are Deceptive (Punk Luke Imagine)

“Hey, what’s up ?” Your friend’s voice made you jump in surprise and drop your keys on the floor. “Wow, someone’s on the nerves today!” She tried to joke as she bend down to pick up you keys. You gladly took them and thanked her before opening your locker.

“Just had a bad night and a long day ahead of me” You sigh. It was finals week and you couldn’t be more stress or anxious than you were for the last few days. It got to the point where you barely manged to swallow anything because it simply made you want to puke just to look at food. You almost killed yourself from studying every day for the last months but it still felt like you didn’t study enough now that the moment has come. It was the first and you couldn’t wait for the week to end so you could go to Maccas and stuff yourself with food to catch up all the meals you skipped.

“You need to relax!” (Y/F/N) said, patting your shoulder and then she froze. You followed her gaze, peeking over your shoulder only to meet a pair of blue eyes staring at you. You knew very well whose eyes it was. Those belonged to Luke Hemmings. You didn’t know much about him though, he was the mysterious guy nobody really talked to. Did you ever hear his voice ? You couldn’t remember, he was always sitting in the back of the classroom, and all you could tell was that he never did his home works and just kind of sat there, not taking any notes and barely listening – if not having his earplugs in and thoroughly ignoring the teacher. He’s said to be a bad boy – and according to his tattoos and piercing and the cigarette which seemed to be glued to his lips, you believed it – and some people even whispered on his way that he was a criminal and already went to jail. Silly, right ?

“Do you know him ?” (Y/F/N) asked you. Of course everyone knew him, but yet, nobody really knew him.

You shook your head as a response, your long brow hair flipping along your head’s motions, then focused back on (Y/F/N).

“So, what are you going to do when all of this is over ?” You asked, trying to sound enthusiastic, but only managing to put a weak smile on your lips.

“Probably taking you to the SPA because you’re so tensed up that you’re holding in your breath.” She joked. “And don’t forget prom night” She winked at you, but you didn’t react. “C'mon, everything’s gonna be fine! You’re going to rock this test, you ’re the best student in English!” She only wanted to lift you up and reassure you but the only thing you could think about was that now, you it was absolutely out of question for you to fail this test because you had the best grades in this class and you couldn’t disappoint your family and teachers. You swallowed your saliva and smiled.

“Yeah, you’re right. No need to worry.” You lied.

“Great ! Now keep this in mind: at the end of the week, we’re free!” She sang the last part while walking away, giving you the thumbs up and heading to her exam room.

“She’s right you know” A voice interrupted you in your thoughts and made you drop your stuff – again. You never heard that voice before, but it hit you how deep and smoky it was. It sent shivers through your body. How could a voice be that sexy ? You turned about to see who talked to you, and saw the same blue eyes as before. Only inches away from your face.

“People need to stop doing this!” You exclaimed, trying to slow down your heart beat – the poor thing is going to fail you one day.

“I didn’t mean to scare you-” He scratched his neck awkwardly.

“You didn't” You trailed off, a little too fast to be convincing, causing him to smirk. “Sorry but… what do you want ?” You asked, inwardly slapping yourself for asking such an impolite question. Plus nothing prevented him from speaking to you, after all, you shared the same class since freshman year. He bit his lower lip, his teeth playing with the black lip ring pierced through it.

“Just- wishing you good luck ?” It sounded like a question more than an answer. “And I- I wanted to say that… your tattoo, uhm, it’s really cool and… well I think it suits you.” He mumbled, slightly uncomfortable. You looked down at your own forearm and trailed your fingers over the fresh tattoo. It was your parents’ present for your eighteenth birthday. It was a black rose intertwined with elvish symbols.

“Does it mean something ?” He asked, obviously making an attempt to start conversation.

“No- I mean yes!” You stammered. Luke took you aback by coming talking to you, and now he was casually talking to you about you tattoo ? Gosh, your level of anxiety just reached a whole new level.

“It’s elvish. It’s written Anar Caluva Tielyanna” You explained, though it most definitely didn’t make sens to him. Luke raised an eyebrow and a small smirk crept on his flawless face.

“Lord of the rings, ugh ?” He chuckled lightly, making your cheeks turn red. You couldn’t believe he got the reference ! It made you smile, and you stressed down a little bit.

“Impressive” You acknowledged and closed your locker. “I have to go now.” You stated, your hand put a strand of your insanely long hair behind your ear in a mechanical gesture. Oh no ! You did not just do that (Y/N) ! But Luke’s smirk proved you wrong, he noticed the move. Too late.

“Okay, uhm- bye !” You rambled awkwardly and then left.


“You talked to Luke ?! Like, Luke Luke ?” (Y/F/N) asked for the hundredth time in a row, causing you to giggle at how silly she was.

“Do you know another one ?” You asked, laughing at her.

“No but- wow, you talked to Luke Hemmings. Did he offer you drugs ?” She blurted out the last part. You almost missed a step from the stairs.

“What ? No!” You denied. “He just noticed my tattoo and said it was nice” You shrugged, your eyes automatically drifting to your arm. You pulled your sleeve up as today you wore a long sleeved black shirt, to detail your tattoo, trying to figure out what he liked about it. Of course, you loved it, but it was your tattoo, so it was normal. But what pleased him ? You were thrown back to reality when you bumped into someone as you turned around the corner of a corridor.

“Oh sorry, I-” You started but stopped as you recognized the tall frame of the boy. “I’m sorry” You gulped.

“(Y/N) what are you… ?” (Y/F/N) asked but stopped when she spotted the boy. It was Brett. The ladies favorite out of all the guys in school. He was the leader of the football team but he also was a smart dude – not like most of the athletes – and he’s said to be a sweet guy – the kind who pays for you when he takes you out but doesn’t expect you to take off you clothes afterward – and it was just really nice to know that this kind of boy still existed. And it was also really nice to bump into him – you’ve never been closer to his perfect chest that right now, and you didn’t really mind to proximity. He’s your lab partner anyway and you already talked every now and then, but only for school projects and every time you did speak, you were too busy admiring his profile to pay attention to the work.

“Are you okay ?” He asked, placing a hand on your shoulder.

“Y-yeah sure, I’m fine.” You responded, giving him a little smile before joining (Y/F/N) and walking away.

“Gosh, you’d look so cute together!” She whined. “Too bad I already have a boyfriend – but I’d definitely drop him like a used tissue for Brett” She sigh, half serious, half joking – but she was just another victim of Brett’s attractiveness, who were you to blame her ? “Who do you think he’s going to prom with ?” She dreamily asked, elbowing me slightly.

“Well, definitely none of us, so ugh” You dramatically clasped your hand over your heart. (Y/F/N) distractedly playing with one of her blond locks and waved to someone. You followed her gaze and landed on Jace, her boyfriend. He was also in the football team. She looked at you with puppy eyes.

“Go to your boyfriend silly ! I can go to my next room by myself!” You laughed but immediately felt your stomach shrink. Another final today. And after that, still three other days left. This is gonna be a long week. When you headed towards your room, you had a weird feeling of being stared at, as if someone was consistently watching you from afar – the pressure was driving you crazy you knew it, and you anticipated the look of your parents judging you if you failed. You tried to get rid of the paranoid feeling and kept walking.


“I’m so so sorry” You repeated again, sitting down at your usual table in the cafeteria with (Y/F/N), as she sighed.

“It’s no big deal I said. It’s not like we’ve been dating for that long.” She shrugged and then took a mouthful bite of her chocolate cake. The eagerness with which she ate it betrayed her though.

“Liar liar” You sang, biting your apple. “You know you can tell me how you feel (Y/F/N)! I’d be out of myself if my boyfriend ditched me for prom!” You spoke and your friend looked up at you.

“EX boyfriend” She corrected you.

“C'mon! He said he has an important family thing that night ! You can be mad but it’s not like he wanted to ditch you.”

“Pfff, as if.” She hissed. “This is treachery and I take this as an official break up.” (Y/F/N) was being dramatic over the situation, but you understood, she really was excited for prom, she bought the perfect dress months ago and had planned every single detail – though you found it a bit push to plan the whole night, it just showed how much she wanted it to be perfect. “What about you ? Any date ?”

“Nope” You casually answered,yet you were a bit disappointed that no one asked you out.

“Boys are stupid” (Y/F/N) trailed off. “Whether they are blind or they didn’t build up the guts to ask you to prom with them.”

“That’s sweet but I think I’m just going to spend prom night at home, you know ? Watching netflix and wondering what’s wrong with me.” You joked, though you were kind of serious.

“Don’t be silly, we’re going !” She said, as if it was the most obvious thing.

“You really want to go to prom without a date ?” You asked. What’s happened to her ? Of course, you didn’t mind going alone to prom, but (Y/F/N) always was that kind of girl that dreamt of prom night her whole life and wouldn’t consider one bit to go alone.

“Not alone” She said, a mischievous smirk on her face.

“I know that face ! What the hell are you planning to do ?” You cocked your eyebrow suspiciously.

(Y/F/N) reached for something in her bag, her smile not leaving her face and handed it to you. It was a pale pink rose.

“Prom with me ?” She grinned, pleased with your puzzled expression. You shook your head, wondering where on earth you’ve found such an amazing best friend, and took her into your arms. Never mind for the perfect prom date with a handsome boy, you’re going with your best friend. Your mind still drifted to a boy’s face though, a little dash of regret staining this day. And this boy wasn’t Brett, surprisingly, you thought about that boy, Luke Hemmings, who you always had a little thought for every time you looked down at your tattoo now.

“You’re the greatest best friend out of all the best friends” You laughed as you hugged her.

“I know” She teased you. “Now we’ve got to go shopping! You have a dress to find !” She giggled, already excited for the upcoming shopping day.


When you went back to your locker to get your stuff before going home, you pulled out the rose, a little smile creeping on her face as you inwardly still laughed at your best friend. At the other side of the corridor was standing Luke. He waited for you, since he didn’t know were you hand out, he’d waited at your locker – well a little further than your locker, it would have been creepy – and he watched you, hidden behind his own locker. You might not be able to forget about your strange conversation with him a few days ago, but neither did he. He never really paid attention to the girls in his class, though most of them were pretty. He felt jaded. Nothing aroused his interest – and really, he didn’t put much effort to find something he’d be interested in. Of course he had spotted you. It was hard not to. You were a smart girl, you had your little group of friends, though he preferred to hand out with the little blond girl you called your best friend. He never understood why you two were friends. You were so quiet and introverted and she was such an outgoing and loud person, he didn’t get how you managed to get along. But before he knew it, he got interested in you. The way you never styled your insanely long hair and simply let it cascade down your back intrigued him, and when you got your first tattoo, he immediately noticed, and he found it beautiful. Full of poetry and a little nostalgic. Your black clothes added a little touch of sadness to this view but you never stopped smiling, and he was fascinated. The question was: what now ? Everyone in the high school thinks he’s a serial killer who went to jail and robs grannies on his way home every day. He never did anything to deny it, he was content with the situation, nobody talked to him, they let him alone and he never tried to go against this. As the years went by, he got a tattoo, and another, a piercing, another tattoo and one more piercing, and he started smoking when he got bored of sitting alone, inactive. All that let to this day. Today he was standing there, watching the girl who managed to make him want to actually do something, to act, rather that watch life pass by from afar, smiling fatuously at the rose she was holding. And suddenly, Luke felt angry and stupid for wanting to change. He was the bad guy. He had tattoos all over his body, his lip and eyebrow pierced, he smoked cigarettes, went to parties and didn’t mind getting wasted once in a while, how could she ever like him ? If she wasn’t near enough to hear it, he would have kicked his locker rather than carefully close it. He peeked at the flower he kept hidden behind his back all this time, and sighed.

He dropped it on the floor and walked away.

“(Y/N)!” (Y/F/N) called you. “You ready ?” She asked.

“Yup” You nodded and grabbed you car keys. “Let’s go!” You headed towards the parking lot. Your friend, who had spotted something on the floor, waited for you to be out of sight and picked it up. When she looked up to see who could have dropped it, she glimpsed a sight of a tattooed arm turning around the corner.

It was a black rose, just like your tattoo.

“I’m coming (Y/N)! I just have to go to the bathroom!” She shouted to you, a smirk on her face.


As it was said, you and your best friend went to do shopping and found you a dress, and after at least a thousand different shops, you eventually found the one. It was a long deep red dress, with little sleeves falling off your shoulders, because you didn’t want to cover up your tattoo. You’re not going to admit it, but since Luke said he liked it, you couldn’t bring yourself to hide it under your clothes. The dress revealed your bare shoulders and collar bones, and it embraced your waist perfectly. There wasn’t anything special about this dress though, it didn’t sparkle, or shine in the spot lights or anything. It was simply great on you, because it suited to your curves and you felt pretty in it. (Y/F/N) managed to convince you – after lots of arguments – to put on high heels and to dress you hair. It was brought together in a low bun just above your neck, and a few stands came out of it, your hair hanging loosely over your shoulders, gently stroking them every time you turned your head. You decided not to wear any jewelry and your only makeup was a little bit of mascara and red lipstick, to match the dress. You and (Y/F/N) accorded to meet in from of the gymnasium, and you waited there for thirty minutes now. Slightly annoyed, you put you phone out of your bra – you weren’t really a big fan of clutches – and texted her. Im waiting, where R U ? You had to wait two minutes before feeling your phone buzz. It won’t be long! Don’t worry xx Okay now that didn’t answer the question, but at least she didn’t forget you. It started to get cold outside and you didn’t bring a jacket. In fact, you didn’t bring anything else than your phone and waht you were wearing, so she’d better hurry or you’d go back home.

“(Y/N)?” A voice that you now recognized called your name, and you snapped your head towards the boy. Luke was standing in front of you, in all his greatest glory, in a tuxedo which suited him too well for his own good, and you had some difficulties to swallow at this sight. Even Luke found a date for tonight and you were here, waiting for your best friend in the cold. Well ‘even Luke’ isn’t exactly the right thing to say. Luke was drop dead handsome and it was a miracle not all the girls were all over him, and it most definitely had a link with the bad rumors about him and his so-called stay in jail.

“Luke!” You said, saying hello. “I didn’t think you’d come. You’re usually not coming to school events.” You said, immediately regretting those words.

“Yeah uhm- “ He looked awkwardly at his feet. “I thought it was the last time I’d have the chance to go to prom” He dived his hands into his pockets, as he did when he wore jeans. It made you smile. Shivers ran through your body as it got colder.

“You’re cold.” Luke spoke, frowning his eyebrows. “Why are you waiting here ?” He started to take off his jacket to give it to me but I shook my head.

“No it’s fine. I’m just waiting (Y/F/N), I’m sure she won’t be long! I don’t want to make you late for your date” You shyly looked away, wondering who it was. Luke flinched but kept his mouth shut, his lips forming a thin line.

“Where is the lucky girl ? If you don’t mind the question.” You asked, trying to converse while waiting for your friend. You’re so gonna kill her for being that late.

“She’s right in front of me.” He breathed out, holding in his breath, waiting for a reaction from you. You gasped and looked around, just to make sure he really was talking about you.

“But-” Was all you manage to say. “(Y/F/N) ?”

“I was going to ask you to go with me when I saw you with a rose yesterday.” He explained, staring at the floor and then, back at me. “She noticed and explained it was from her, and she said she’d stay home so I could- well, you know, come here with you.” His cheeks were redder and redder with every word that crossed his lips, and if he actually looked up from the ground, he’d see that yours were just as red as his.

His eyes finally left the floor to look at you and he pulled out a rose from his back. He handed you the flower and gave you a hopeful look.

“Will you go to prom with me ?”

It was a black rose, just like your tattoo.


You gently took the rose. “I’d love to, Luke” You said, causing the biggest smile to appear on his face. His entire face was smiling.

“Let’s go inside before you freeze out there” He laughed, offering you his arm that you quickly looped your hand around. You noticed Luke’s red tie. (Y/N) even told him which color your dress was ! He still had a large smile plastered on his face, and you instinctively snuggled closer to him because of the fresh wind which was blowing tonight.

“It’s lovely you thought about choosing a black rose you know” You said as you handed your invitation to the teachers standing at the entrance – to prevent strangers from going in. Luke gave you a half smile that made you want to melt down.

“I knew you’d like it. I just feel so stupid for not building up the courage to ask you about properly” He sighed and you slipped you hand into his, squeezing it.

“I like it better this way. Normal is boring” You reassured him, amazed that Luke might have such a confidence issue. He always seemed to sure of himself and even slightly cocky sometimes.

When you both stepped inside, it was as if everyone stopped doing what they were doing and detailed you head to toe, obviously judging you. Luke for coming here, and you for being with him. It was a miracle the music didn’t pause right at that moment, leaving the both of you in the center of attention. You weren’t used to all that attention and didn’t really know what to do. Just when you were about to shout something like “What are you looking at you idiots ?!”, everyone went back to their occupation and you glanced at Luke, to see what made them react. His eyes were a deep shade of blue, as if a storm was raging inside them, and he gave deadly glares at whoever was still staring. When he looked back at you, his eyes were light blue again. The calm after the storm. And deep down you knew that you shouldn’t have found that sexy, but dammit, it was so hot that he tried to protect you from the prying eyes when he usually just ignores them.

“Wow, it seems like the atmosphere’s colder inside than outta there” You said. “People are so narrow minded” You sighed and his eyes went wide.

“What do you mean ?” He asked.

“Well, they all judge you without knowing anything about you.” You said, shrugging it off. Luke chuckled and offered you his hand.

“Wanna dance ?” He asked.

“You dance ?” You asked, raising an eyebrow. Luke clasped dramatically his hand on his chest, faking to be hurt.

“I’m offended you thought that I couldn't” He joked, and you agreed, linking your hands together as he led you in the middle of the room, owning a few glances, but nothing more. It was a slow and you couldn’t be more grateful to have an occasion to get closer to Luke. His hands wrapped around your small waist and brought you closer to him – probably closer than it should have but you weren’t complaining for that matter. You placed your hands around his neck and let your head rest against his chest since he was much taller than you – and than everyone else in this room. In this position, and despite the music you could hear his heart beat really fast and you smile against his chest, all flustered that you might be the reason for his nervousness.

“Thank you for not judging me.” He eventually whispered in your ear, his lips brushing against your ear felt like heaven. One of Luke’s hand left your waist to grab your wrist and before you could ask what he was doing, he placed a kiss on your forearm, right on the rose from your tattoo. It made you want to see his own tattoos, but they were all hidden under his tuxedo. It was then that you noticed he took off his piercings. You frowned your eyebrows. Being into his arms felt so nice she hardly built up the strength to pull away after the fourth song, and the two of you get out of the crowd to get a drink.

“Why didn’t you let your piercings ?” You asked, able to keep the question for yourself. You were literally eaten alive by curiosity, and you were really enjoying yourself tonight, especially with Luke.

“I- I thought it wouldn’t be appropriate for prom” He said, as if he thought I wouldn’t notice.

“Who can tell what’s appropriate ?” You took a cup of punch. “I know it’s none of my business but you shouldn’t change for the others. I like your piercings, they are part of you.”

Luke stared at me for so long I started to think I said something I shouldn’t have, when suddenly, he woke up from his trance.

“I really, really should have asked you out sooner.”


You and Luke kept talking for the rest of the night, way longer than you should have since you had a curfew, but you really couldn’t care less, because he was absolutely adorable with you. He was funny, and you spent a decent amount of time watching people and faking their conversation, or laughing when someone stepped on the feet of his partner or made a fool out of themselves after having a couple drinks. And – thanks gosh – he didn’t talk about sport or about himself! It started off when you complained about the bad music they always played at parties, and he asked you what kind of music you liked to listen to, and you spoke about that the rest of the night. Sharing your favorite bands, disagreeing every now and then, and getting excited when you had a favorite band in common, trying to guess each others favorite song. All this was perfect until some drunk guy from the football team showed up and started to ask for trouble, provoking Luke. You saw his fists clench and it was obvious he tried to behave in front of you, refusing to get you in trouble by starting a fight with this jerk.

“What are ya doin’ here emo freak ?” The guy jerked. “We don’t want you here.”

Luke turned his face to you, giving you a sad smile. “I’m so sorry about this.”

“Don’t be.” You were out of yourself when you heard him apologize after what the guy just said about him.

“Don’t you listen to me you freak ?!” He continued. “HEY I’M TALKING TO YA”

“And don’t deprive yourself from beating the shit outta him, I’d help you if I wasn’t wearing heels.” You cringed through your teeth before pouring your drink over the guy’s head. Luke smirked and when the guy reached for his shoulder, he threw his fist right into his jaw.


“Hahahahaha !” You couldn’t stop laughing with Luke, both of you on the verge of tears from laughing too much. Of course you were kicked out after the incident, but it was totally worth it. You were going home, Luke was driving. You looked through his CDs on your way home, and the drive seemed shorter than usual. You’d never be able to thank (Y/F/N) enough for what she did.

“Here, you’re home.” Luke stated, a hint of disappointment in his voice.

“You walk me to the door ?” I asked, trying to grab a few more minutes with him.

He got out of the car and opened the door for you, while you did your best not to tangle your legs in your dress and fall over. This time, he put his jacket on your shoulders to keep you warm, giving you a splendid look on his fit arms and his large shoulder only covered with a thin black shirt – black shirts are so underestimated. Your hands found each other easily as you slowly walked to the front door.

“I had a great time Luke” You offered him a genuine smile, causing him to blush.

“Yeah me too. And sorry again for all the… trouble” He apologized. The fact that he felt like apologizing for the others made you sad and all flustered at the same time, because let’s say it, it was sort of cute.

“There is no need to be sorry, I’d doing again without changing a thing” You giggled, stopping in front of the porch.

“But there is still one thing I am sorry for.” He said, a shy smirk creeping onto his attractive face.

“What ?” You asked.

“I’m sorry I forgot to tell you how stunning you were tonight, because you absolutely are” You didn’t let him finish and stood on your tip toes and placed a little peck on his lips. Luke was momentarily mute, but managed to finish his sentence “gorgeous.” He smiled so wide he had to bite his lower lip to prevent his face from tearing apart. He automatically tried to reach for his lip ring which wasn’t there.

“You really are something, you know that ?” You teased. “Next time, we’ll try and find a place where there’re less idiots, okay ?” You suggested.

The reference to your stupid classmates wasn’t what made him react.

“Next time ?” His eyes were smiling, you could tell. “Does this mean I didn’t scare you away ?” Luke asked, teasing you slightly. As an answer, you reached for his lips again, pulling him into another kiss, a real one this time. After the first seconds of surprised, Luke gladly kiss you back, your lips syncing perfectly as you felt his hands slowly make their way to your waist, bringing your body closer so that you were pressed against his chest. Your own hands were running through his hair, your left hand rubbing circle on his neck. The kiss went a little more passionate than planned, but neither you nor him would’ve complained, and though you were as tangled together as it was legal to be in the middle of the street, you still felt like you have to be closer.

“I take that as a yes” Luke muttered against your lips when you pulled away for air. You rested your forehead against his. You stayed like this for a couple of minutes and then Luke wished you a good night and walked back to his car as you waited under the porch.

“Don’t you want your jacket back ? You probably have to give it back-” You trailed off before he went to his car. He turned around and half smiled, causing your legs to turn into jelly.

“Who said I rented it ?” He winked.

“Luke ?” You called him once again, making him stop. You kicked off your heels and ran to him, throwing yourself into his arms to kiss him again. You got slightly carried away once again, but it felt so nice and warm being in Luke’s arms and kissing him.

“I can’t wait to kiss those lips of yours with your lip ring” You chuckled.

[A couple of weeks later]

“Well well well, what do we have here ?” A manly voice caught your attention as you sat on an empty chair, in the back of a Café. Your hand dropped your bag onto the chair next to you so he couldn’t sit down and you smiled slightly, just to be polite.

“Brett, it’s nice to see you” You said, yet you didn’t mean any of it. (Y/F/N) might not have come to prom she still knew everything that happened, being the gossip addict she was, and it wasn’t long before she discovered that Brett was the one sending his drunk friend to Luke at prom night. Causing the little incident that got you kicked out.

“You alone ?” He rose an eyebrow, glancing at the bag, gesturing you that he wanted to sit, but you ignored it and leaned back.

“No. I’m waiting for someone.” You smiled, knowing he would ask you who you were waiting for. You simply couldn’t believe Brett would do that at first! When (Y/F/N) told you, you shook your head and denied but you trusted her and if she believed so, it had to be true. It later happened that Brett was always kind of in the same area as you, and it began to feel annoying.

“(Y/F/N) ?”

“No, I have a date.” Your smile grew wider. It was sort of funny to torture him like that. Still no name. As delightful as it felt to annoy him, you still felt pissed off by his attitude. It was 10am why on earth would he be there ? Was he following you ? A month ago, you would have killed mother and father to get him to notice you but now you just felt a powerful need to snort loudly when he entered the room.

“Maybe I should leave you alone then” He furrowed his brows, a little confused since it was most likely the first time a girl didn’t want to flirt with him.

“Yeah you should probably” A huge smile appeared on your face when you saw his expression drop. Brett gathered the last pieces of his broken ego and left, hands dived into the pockets of the football team’s jersey. You would have laughed if the door bell hadn’t rang at the moment. You spotted the familiar beanie walking towards you and you put your bag on the floor.

“Hey there” You shot him a smile, earning a pout.

“Sorry I’m late, didn’t find a parking place” Luke apoligized and leaned in, placing a light kiss on your lips, before sitting down and looping an arm around you, causing you to giggle. “How long have you been waiting ?” He asked, concerned about always arriving late to your dates. It’s been two weeks since prom, and you decided to take it slow and just chill and enjoy the beginning of those well deserved holidays. Plus you just got your exam results and you did better than expected, which only caused to set you in a better mood.

“Pfff” You faked to be annoyd and glaced at your wrist, as if you check the time on your imaginary watch. “At least five minutes” Shaking your head to show him how inacceptable it was to be that late. Luke chuckled and called the waiter to order your coffees and pastries.

“I’ve missed you” He eventually blurted out, interlacing his fingers with yours and bringing your chair closer to him, so your legs were touching his. “Next time I’ll just swallow my pride and go shopping with you” He smirked.

“It was only one afternoon, c'mon” You laughed, imagining the face (Y/F/N) would make if you brought Luke along to your traditionnal shopping day. The waiter came back with your orders and you waited for him to leave before letting go of Luke’s hand and reaching for something in your bag. “Plus, I got you something.”

Luke’s eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas Eve, yet he still mumbled something like 'you shouldn’t have’ and 'breakfast’s for me’. You didn’t wrap it in gift paper, it was just a little thing you thought  he’d like, and you handed him, watching his reaction. It took you everything you had not to laugh when you saw his eyes widen and heard him gasp. Luke was fanboying already.

“I can’t accept that” The blond boy said, but his hands still reached for the cd, as he laid a soft gaze on the beloved object.

“I knew you’d like it. I hope you don’t have it yet” You said, taking a sip of your burning coffee and letting him examine the cd.
“I couldn’t find it, it was sold out everywhere. How did you get it ?” Luke asked, fumbling with the hem of his sleeves. You finally got to see his tattoos. He always wore t-shirt - and you’d like to thank not only God but also Jesus for that, because Luke’s arms were a gift. But aside from those on his arms and the ones that peeked out of his collar, you didn’t get to see all of them.

“Okay, maybe I didn’t find it at the mall.” You rolled your eyes, as if it was no big deal, but Luke’s smirk proved otherwise and his arms brought you closer, allowing him to whisper in your ear.

“Oh really ?”

“Yeah I might have pre-ordered it to make sure it’d be there the day it comes out.” You glanced down at the new Blink 182 album you bought and suddenly, Luke’s lips smashed against yours. Your hands made their way to his hair and pulled off the beanie, to ruffle through his blond quiff.

“You’re the best” Luke whispered in your ear after breaking apart. “And I want you to know that I accept it only because I really really wanted it, but next time, no present. It’s my job to surprise you” He laughed, wiggling his eyebrows which made you burst in laughter.

“What the hell are you doing” You kept laughed, lightly punching him.

“I have no idea, I guess I was trying to get your attention” He joined you in your laughter. You two soon finished your coffee and croissants and after Luke paid for both of you, you left and walked aimlessly around the town, eventually ending up sitting on the grass in some park you’ve never been before. It might have seemed a little cliché and such to sit in the grass with a boy, between his legs with his arms wrapped around you, but then you remember that you live in Australia and there couldn’t be anything more hardcore than sitting in the grass for a snake or a big ass spider could always decide to surprise you.

“You know what day it is today ?” Luke asked, his fingers playing distractedly with your locks.

“Friday ?” You guessed. Whenever you were on holidays you always kind of zoned out and tended to forget what day it was.

“No silly” Luke ruffled your hair, before making you roll on the ground, so he was towering you. “First of, we’re Thursday. Second of, it’s our fifth date.”

“No way, we merely spent, like, two days not seeing each other in the past two weeks.” You stuck your tongue out and pocked his cheek. Luke attempted to bite your finger but you put it away quickly. “Seriously, our fifth date ?”

Luke laid his head down and dived his eyes into yours before letting them wander down. He grabbed your arm and let his fingers trace the outlines of your tattoo. He always did that, and you loved it. It felt good.

“You know what it means ?” He asked you, still mesmerized by your tattoo.

“We can have sex now” You smiled as his eyes practically popped out of their orbs. “I’m just kidding Luke” You mocked him slightly while he cursed.

“Geez (Y/N) you don’t joke about those things” He groaned. “Anyway, I wasn’t thinking of that” He rolled his eyes at you. You stole his beanie and you were now wearing it,  letting your long hair escape from each side of it. “I wanted to ask you something…” Luke mumbled, avoiding her gaze once again.

“Go ahead” You encouraged him.


“I found them!” A voice interrupted Luke just when he was about to speak, and suddenly the two teenagers were surrounded by tall frames. Luke jumped up and helped you getting up quickly. You smiled, satisfied when you saw that Luke was a good two inch taller then every other guy. They were all wearing the same jersey as Brett, and speaking of the devil, he was there too.

“Now let’s see what’s the problem here” He grinned, obviously proud of himself.

“The only problem here is you” You hissed, already stepping towards him, but Luke’s grip on your arm tightened and you froze.

“Oh emo freak needs his girlfriend to defend him ?” A jerk from the football team mimicked a high pitched voice while saying that and you clenched your fists. You could easily tell Luke did the same. He tried his best not to ask for trouble when he was with you but part of him liked a good fight every now and then - and even though you were worried for him you also found that really hot.

“What do you want ?” Luke huffed, clenching his teeth. His entire body was tensed up, ready to react to any sign of aggression towards you.

“What I want ? I want you to go back to your junky friends and suck dicks or whatever you pussy like to do, as long as you’re far from here.”

“You asshole” You cursed. You knew you’d better shut up for they were about five and you were only Luke and you. Luke was used to fight, he often got into fights - usually not started by him - but he couldn’t fight five guys at the same time while protecting you - because that’s what he’d do - but you couldn’t stop yourself from being mad.

“So I am the pussy but you’re the one who came with your buddies to intimidate me.” Luke smirked cockily. It didn’t take more for Brett to gesture his mates to go, and they all reluctantly backed off, but not more than a few steps. Suddenly, Brett threw his fist in the air, hitting Luke on the cheekbone. You were pushed aside by Luke before he fell on the ground, wincing at the pain as he touched his bruised cheek.

“Luke!” You shouted, already trying to go back to him, but he gestured you to stay away and told you he was okay.

“Stand up!” Brett ordered. Luke obeyed but just when he was about to stand up straight, his fist flew into the jock’s stomach, taking his breath away and making him roll on the ground. His team mates looked at each other, trying to decide if they should do something or not, but none of them moved. He cursed and spat on the grass before shooting you a glare.

“So that’s what you ditched me for this morning ? For this freak ?” He hissed and you were just about to say something when Luke cut you off.

“This morning ?!” He exclaimed looking at you, questioningly. You simply nodded your head, and Luke’s attention went back to Brett, who was trying to get up. Luke kicked him in the stomach, earning another muffled groan from the boy, before straddling him and punching him again and again. “So now that I have your attention, you better listen closely 'cause I won’t say it twice. You stay away from my girlfriend, got it?! If I see you once again too close for my liking, I will beat the shit outta you!” Luke spat venomously before standing up, leaving Brett and his friends speechless. You quickly grabbed his hand when Luke reached for yours and both of you walked away.

“Let’s go to my place” Luke stated, still a little on the nerves. You obviously couldn’t go to yours, though it was closer, for your parents haven’t met Luke yet and you couldnt just introduce him when he had a bruised cheekbone.


“Don’t move” You said, wincing  slightly as you put a washcloth on Luke’s cheek, as if you could feel the pain. “You’ll have a mark for a few days” You dropped your hand and Luke grabbed it.

“Hey, it’s not your fault. He’s just a prick” Luke shrugged off. “Let’s not think about it anymore.”

Luke stood up and grabbed the cd you just gave him. “The first listen is always so stressful, you have to decide which song you like and which you don’t” He said, putting it in his laptop, and pressing play, letting the silence being replaced by the music. You crawled on the bed with him and Luke took his beanie back.

“So…” You started, a cheeky smile growing onto your face as you trailed kisses along his jaw.


“I’m your girlfriend, huh ?” You raised an eyebrow and Luke’s face turned into a deep shade of red, while you still strew kisses over his neck, slowly getting down, and placing a few wet kisses on his collar bones. It seemed like Luke was paralyzed and he let you lay him down and place his hands above his head.

“I- hum…” He mumbled, distracted by your lips kissing his bare skin and your hands that fumbled with the hem of his shirt, slowly lifting it up.

“(Y/N)” Luke stated, grabbing both of your hands to make you stop and look at him. “We don’t have to, you know” He said, and you nodded, smiling.

“I know. But I’ve been dying to see your tattoos since day one” You admitted, blushing as well. You leaned down to place a soft kiss on his lips.

“You could’ve just asked”

“It wouldn’t be that funny” You teased him, earning a lustful glare. “Now tell me, what were you about to ask when Brett interrupted us ?” You questioned, going back to your task, yanking off Luke’s shirt, allowing you to have a good view of his tattooed chest. There weren’t as many tattoos as you expected, he’s only got a few tattoos around his collar, another on his left peck, and from what she could see, he also had one on his back. When you were about to comment on them, you felt yourself roll over, with Luke’s help, so he was on top of you, looking straight in your eyes almost pleading.

“Will you be my girlfriend ?”

“Am I not already ?” You teased him.

“I don’t wanna refer to you as 'the girl I date’, I wanna be able to say 'my girl’” Luke stated, making your heart melt at how sweet it was. You nodded slowly.

“Yes ?” Luke’s eyes lit up.

“Yes, I will be your girlfriend Luke” You laughed, as Luke reached for a kiss. “Now turn around, I still haven’t seen your back tattoo” You said impatiently, pulling away, causing Luke to chuckle.

“I guess it’s only justice since I get to see yours whenever I want” He smirked, turning around and letting you admire the work. But you placed your head on his shoulder, looking at him.

“Who said I only had this one ?” You replied mischievously. Luke’s smirk soon disappeared only to be replaced by a lustful spark in his eyes.

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Kama, i totally agree with you! I also would prefer if Yunho (and Changmin) not wear make-up to cover their imperfections; that's what makes them sooo perfect. I want to see his scars and the mole on his upper lip that always seem to disappear when he has make-up on. It doesn't look natural. Have you seen the close-ups of them when they are at the airport or more recently a picture of Changmin's face when they attended their friend's wedding? UGH!

Oh Anonnie, I’m always 100000% here for their no-makeup faces!٩(♡ε♡ )۶ I have nothing against makeup obviously, but I just love their natural faces and their skin tone and scars and beauty marks and stubble - everything that makes them real people, someone more reachable, and not just some flawless idol out of this world. Always here for Natural!Shinki

There’s Nothing Sexy About Meiosis (part 1)

makapedia said:you should write “i fainted during the dissection and you’re the one who caught me” au for soma. you know who faints.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I am a huge science nerd and this prompt was made for me. I may have turned this into a multi-chapter lab partners au incorporating some other prompts because I am very passionate about chemistry and proper titration procedure. 

Thanks to redphlox and professor-maka for looking this over!

Lab I: Determining The Molarity of Acetic Acid Using A Standardized Solution of Sodium Hydroxide

Maka is furious about the concept of general education science classes, especially the blasphemy that is ‘mixed sciences 101.’ It doesn’t even fall under a normal department like any respectable class should. She’s already taken advanced placement chemistry in her high school – and has the transfer credit to prove it – so this freshmen lab requirement would be a joke. Of course, she’ll still try her hardest to get an A, and there is no way her dopey eyed stoner kid of a lab partner is going to get in her way.

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The world cup is making me realize that their are a lot of hot soccer players and my favorite right now is Mario Gotze.

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I mean his face IS BRILLIANT

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I cant hel but adore his feet as he plays is thast wrong? NO

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even staring at a ball he looks flawless. 

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even when hes serious. 


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