ugh his face i can't

i just wanna be best friends with my favourite celebrity, you know? like, not lovers, not significant others, but just plain, genuine, friends

being able to text them to tell them about your day, about your crush, about their new song you heard on the radio this morning

knowing their favourite food, favourite movie, favourite place to hang out

surprising them on their birthday, the look on their face when they realise that you planned everything out, a surprise party with their so

staying up till 4am talking about life, love, dreams, fears

yeah, i’d love that.


Tokyo Ghoul Week Day 1: Fool

Sex with JB

So whenever Jaebum was in the mood he would be very subtle like you guys would be chilling on the couch and then he’d just tell you to come sit in his lap and while you were sitting he would kiss you on like your shoulders and neck and hands while whispering how beautiful you are and showering you in compliments and he’d just casually slide you back on his hard on until you catch the idea


Dom/Sub roles
Hair pulling
Slut shaming

Dom/Sub roles
Okay everybody knows how daddy JB is like there is no doubt about it this boy would love to be in control and have you follow his orders like a good girl he would punish you which is something he absolutely loves

And speaking of punishing his favorite would be spanking, if you were to ever mouth off at Jaebum he would love to take you over his knee spanking would just be his favorite and sometimes he would he would want to change it up and use a flogger or crop whip with you on your hands and knees on the bed with him circling you dragging it across your body with a devilish smirk on his face

Hair pulling
I can just see Jaebum always loving to thread his fingers through your hair especially if he was taking you from behind he would wrap his hands in your hair and pull as he pounded you relentlessly or when you were on your knees sucking him off like a “good girl” he would thread his fingers in your hair to control your speed and occasionally pulling at your hair roughly to pull you back for air before shoving you back on his cock

He would love overstimulation but he wouldn’t use it as a punishment he would do it for fun bc Jaebums a little shit he would make you cum over and over and when your completely fucked out and you tell him you can’t take anymore he’ll smirk and lean down and whisper “C’mon just one more for me baby girl” and of course you do it because its daddy and you have to listen like a good girl Jaebum and how can you say no to that beautiful smile

Slut shaming
I’m not talking about the bad kind this is that good shit like it would come out in random spurts like when he was taking you from behind and his hand are wrapped in your hair and hes close he would say “Your such a good little slut taking my cock so well” and whenever he was right on the edge he would grunt “Your Daddy’s little slut aren’t you?” making you shout it or he would stop what he was doing

Rough v Passionate
Rough sex with JB is very frequent and amazing like it would either start over jealousy or you guys fought or just because you looked really good that day you never really now when JB is going to pounce and during sex hes very fast with his thrusts quickly snapping in and out of you til you can barely catch your breath there’s lots of teasing and hes vocal whether hes grunting or dirty talking and whenever he is close he slows his thrusts down so he can go even deeper so he can make you cum before he lets go 
Passionate sex with is soft and cute he gives you small kisses on your shoulders and neck and up and down your arms with a small smile on his face and of course he goes down on and hes very slow so he can savour every moment and he softly pecks your thighs and looks at you with a look of adoration and once he finally starts eating you out he countinusly tells you how amazing you taste and how beautiful you are and once hes done he kisses his way up and its time for the main event, he goes very slow but its hard so he can drive into you and his arms are pulling your body closer to his body as his mouth explores your neck until both of you finish together

Aftercare with JB is the cutest thing ever like he would hop up and get a washcloth and start to clean you up and if he were to see a bruise he left he would shyly smile and apologize and the entire time he would be smiling and you wouldn’t know why so you would ask why he’s smiling and he would say it was nothing but in reality he’s smiling at how much he loves and adores you and after he’s done cleaning you up he would run to the kitchen to get you a bottle of water and a snack and cuddle you while stroking your hair whispering how great and amazing you are with that stupid smile on his face

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Me after watching a substandard live action adaptation of a beloved manga

Sebastian always helps getting Ciel into his clothes as well as putting on all of his delicate accessories. Sometimes, Ciel, being the sweet little prince he is, would ask Sebastian to let him place the king’s accessory on him, which Sebastian always comply. Except, Ciel is very shy and gets nervous easily so every time he tries putting Sebastian’s decoration on, his hands would tremble a little because he wants to make it perfect. Sebastian, sensing the boy’s tentative actions, would smile, lean down and hold onto Ciel’s hand to guide him to place the accessory onto his head. Sebastian would then thank Ciel for helping him dress and Ciel would feel so proud of himself and wear a big big cute smile on his face.